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Brad Faxon: Phil Mickelson can quit right now

Jul 20, 2012|

PGA tour golfer Brad Faxon joins Butch and Rob to talk about the opening days of the British Open. Faxon discusses why Tiger would benefit from some nasty weather, why it’s so difficult to predict a winner, whether or not this is an easy course to play, and what the story behind his odd Tweet schedule is.

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I gentlemen it is Dennis and Callahan here this morning on Friday without John Dennis or Jerry Kelly and I'm what Stearns in for John Dennis and rob Bradford has alongside John -- -- in charge here also time to talk some golf. Right now. And merry old England at the open championship. Brandt Snedeker. Six under for the day. He is ten under for the tournament he has a four shot lead on Adam Scott. And Tiger Woods and others tiger still 300 is not teed off today the talk all things golf let's go to our good buddy Brad Faxon hello Brad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brad either. In two or are they go out about how you don't. -- -- -- did an awesome what are we need to know about Brandt Snedeker Telus the few things we need to know about this. -- -- -- W dot too hot start today and there are one shot up the course record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of these guys that everybody like in super hard work and unity really dry climate change any. I'm a guy that's played well the British Open I don't think you made a cut and all of a sudden you -- -- surely you'd make a mockery. So Brad do you think that. Awe of all the things he said do you think this is the guy who cannot hold on here. You know we want a big tournament he elevated his game you know he. He's he's played well in a lot of big tournament apple won a major but he's been close -- few -- He's he's almost won the masters a couple uncle yet if you -- guy that they can all. But you know we're a long way connection I think you've got lucky today that -- out early to courses saw you know typically don't. The British Open plays very very fast the -- and they gotta order after -- elaborate bunkers -- you know waterlogged. There's -- a lot of wind yet so you can pretty good shape. You know you talk about the rain that happened over there and all that will talk about what that's like as a professional golf corner route to to me I would think. You almost welcomed the softer course because you get came from for pins notion. Light you don't expect that over there you know -- -- of the British Open you know. It's one of those things you can -- fairly tropical or mutual -- -- -- -- And and this year you know they've had record rain and England computers are too cold. You know whatever we wind up just a matter where it is. It Peter control the ball when Atlanta on the fairway and went lamp on the green and -- -- tiger made a comment yesterday -- Never been able to it my all back to British Open -- You know it'll -- -- -- the course play a little bit longer you know a little holes. Like a second or third -- typically played downwind there and you're -- iron off the tee and shorter irons into the greens are gonna -- a lot a lot longer. Clothing old which normally back into the -- a lot easier. Brad 205210. Pot bunkers that seems just absolutely ridiculous today did you mean it's you guys -- criticized. Jerry Kelly today. Had a shot -- it -- no idea to do. How do you stop when you're there how to get out. Well yeah -- I need a ladder to climb into those things are climbing out of the man you. And yet it backward or side guy yesterday actually pot want to keep this industry and we could have all -- I play I've played my first. Incredible British Open at royal welcome in 1988. And my first she shut on the. -- so whenever we talked majors we always talk to major names in tiger and left a year to them. Tiger is not teed off yet today teased often about fifteen minutes. Phil Mickelson had a horrible day yesterday. -- Mickelson and Oprah are -- if he could -- right now he would let. Yes so you know I think it's time so liquidity is really played poorly the last couple months for -- You know. He may have to question what he's doing with the short you know you -- a couple different short game -- and gave -- Dave -- I don't know what's going on but he he's tried all that kind of -- style according belly others. Are -- And you know he's not -- a lot of fairways I don't know what's going on with -- mentally. You Aaron. You know. Tiger had a and kind of an unusual is currently because he won greet kind you know top of the line -- But he missed a couple cuts should never dug up and compete well in the majors you know use some kind of alt -- Weekend at at Buick Open at Olympic club but. You know he shot a great round yesterday what kind of -- altering condition you know he's just about to start at around here but you know it's an -- -- -- At ten under par you know I didn't need other artists they wouldn't -- About it. You this did you view of OPEC that you pick anyone. Tradition. You know what I I I thought Padraig Harrington would be good at you know Padraig played pretty well on the -- before. Eight yard -- the last week pretty well in on it. All countries so. I don't pretend he's kind of anger and even our so he's gonna need to guard a little bit but. It I think it's always -- the British Open you know it it seemed like. You know you can never figure out who's gonna Lynette and favorite ever seem to land in a lot of I'm the American played pretty well in -- -- collapsed pretty. British Open champion Bill Stewart -- three years ago -- A lot in the playoff. And turn Gurria met Louis 801. Year ago you would have picked him out so you know it's a target the British Open letter. -- a couple of techsters wanna know ten under. On day two of the British Open is this course too easy. Well it's it's it's not too -- and you know a lot of players right a lot of media on it that it's not a great course it took and after all -- it's just got. Literally epic and seaside a lot of people discusses -- links course and if it. That. You know train tracks and -- out of. Not a question how hard is it mentally -- adjust to a soft course. When your brain is programmed to play in a fast one. Are there. All current players see all your -- you typically. You know major BC greens speed of twelve on the immunity by each and are lucky. You know a player gonna have to avoid -- -- seem -- fit the -- look at -- call all you know what he. Bubble Watson seems like a candidate to fall back big time today -- surprised at three under estimate. You know she's the kind of guy I think that will do better when the conditions are soft. When the conditions are too windy I would say he could do pretty well a day like today he's about start around. You know he really can play and win a major won the masters -- It could create a guy you know get a lot of different Scott are stronger. Oh I'm sure yet they would all be content back but -- -- full -- which is something you never any players do anymore. Brown I've. Through questions number one do you think Tiger Woods has has run and obviously he's not that far back as he said he's very consistent. But what what also has been very consistent. Is that your Twitter presence. You consistently go to sixteen days between posts to the thought I'd do us a little bit. It's almost almost to the to the hour. So much I guess my question -- does tiger make a run here and what can I -- or doing. Like any more. Of our promise you'll be more today out. But I got you troubled by John -- a few. Oh about a year ago tweeting like kind of -- -- let you grow -- And yes tiger and certainly when that thing I know he's spoken to comment yet but it really surprised me that it British Open. The British Open favorite major. You know I would it's set for sure it was a master. You know he won three British Open. He I think you to win a major and I keep. It's not gonna abject. Record you don't only 36 Jack won a major 46 and I think tiger played better call. In shorter period of time and got -- well -- be on the watch. -- -- is a guy who played on the tour for so long when you look at the British and the US open to a lesser degree or to a different degree because of the way the -- routes and everything. When the elements are such a factor when it is such an equalizer. Do you look at. Winning this turn command and admire and respect guys even more. Or would you rather did you know your plane perfect conditions and and guys did that it's not a factor is like you know the people that say well football's better when it's played in the mud. -- of one of those guys that -- to British Open and I love. What it was really windy year olds are whipped and rain. That you know you. Yeah did you survive any kind of a -- you know maybe. To retreat extra -- up to attitude to put into survival mode and -- aren't -- for tiger that. And -- daylight today I looked at a bold prediction but it did come. In -- -- in the tradition or more. Aides say American like. I don't know that's an advantage tiger I think right now if things start going. You know the weather gets bad it's probably better for tiger will -- a better chance to chat guys. But it it's perfect condition I don't look -- it is able to wage lately. When's your what's your next opera at. What's your next stop on the -- All I'm going to senior British Open on Sunday we play at termed very. We choose one of my favorite place is the -- place so. Machine area to of the chicken or they call it never played a week but majors and get it over. I'm addicted use -- I appreciate that idea played well last a long -- agree. Not to give out oil well. Will be look if -- tweets today Brad. -- -- -- I -- do you -- Brad Faxon on Dennis and Callahan British Open underway it was it just showed lefty on ESPN get up there might administer an approach shot and it was one of those bunkers like. Like when good times stock and there of course Eagles right in at seven over on the day you we should mark that moment down that's the first time meters -- Champions Tour winner. Since Chichi -- way and I patented sonic the dead or whom the moon in 1971. I.'s Dennis and Callahan more to come right after this.

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