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Why would the Marlins want Crawford?

Jul 19, 2012|

John and Gerry open the show reacting to the trade rumors involving Carl Crawford. The guys discuss the police officer being suspended for calling Crawford a racial slur, the money the Sox would need to spend to make a Crawford trade possible, and the opening of the British Open.

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Gerri at all by your Dunkin' Donuts coffee this morning if you can identify. G milk assaying and fungi -- oh yeah another ball -- -- Irish open -- I think they -- area that their -- what they do for eleven. They please call they find themselves playing well in the opening minutes of the -- reversed guy the first she's Eagles say snuck in with his performance in the Scottish open yes corrected him Scottish open panel like Phil. And and you'll -- -- gonna apply for a few minutes anyways that it tigers on the sixth hole in the lead. At two under par tiger -- was hit still legal. Take a league again as the leaker that's right he was 101000 day allegedly dug devils to just goes that way ever use the men's room it's about 75 years old right that's going to be that he's not in Tiger Woods birdied one and then Houston on the Birdie Putt. It was a wonder to fire proof from five -- keep -- updated on all morning long. Now turning to baseball via I'm figuring on the TV behind and just doing aren't -- remains the yeah its quality you originally surfaced in the rough -- -- Feeling -- not folk rusty Ali rough today. There are 205 pot bunkers yes 200 and by most in any open. To assist do it on the list is just whom it's just I mean -- -- -- seven -- some of them are just stupid like hidden and then not like. In there in the middle of fairway and I understand they have little yardage books and all that but. They're not supposed to be like. Water where you just -- -- shot yet is over there it is over there that they Saint Andrews only has the let me agree that it principles knows you were bunker that you can see every word that. They shouldn't be like water -- -- mission the punitive but it shouldn't be automatically. You lose a shot particularly when Roland on the fairway and just. It's a little slope in the -- Bump and that's too tricky that's too tricked up. I don't Michael -- like them or not tricked up jerked it means something you had to make it more difficult this is the way they've always done and that's the latest they are more difficult than -- should be. I understand this was to be difficult I like the links golf liked watching the British Open. The big deep pot bunker as we get like one foot hanging out of the bunker and you know elect is just to get out or maybe smack into against the wall and -- Stupid go backwards yet go back backward too stupid they shouldn't be that punitive the mistake you made. Wasn't that egregious that when you win them -- they're -- off to the side. And that relief in these dangerous spots when they're on the fairway. To make it. Little tricky. It's stupid the principles knows most famous bunker in the World Bank baseball I'm figuring. It is only a matter of time probably a game or two. Until Cody Ross either up pulls an oblique. Get to crick in his neck or suffers a debilitating case of the premise of the blow hole yet and goes on the fifteen day disabled list and up to its -- -- right. That are just goes in the big slump but he -- -- Thirty in I thought I got the third one when he hit it a budding Hendry yeah so that's usually the DO now announce that he he said he's. He doesn't get cheap I was gonna say and swings his ass off and the and when he hits it you know you know when he hits it yeah I assume he puts on a pretty good show and BP as he can put a charge -- and -- not a very big guy but. Today. He's not the he's not the outfielder we're focusing on Knoll who dollars and I'm surprised Carl Crawford made it up to the plate last that would have liked Harry and the player. Let it be like this emotional wreck or have a passenger -- mobius mouth and got to -- gonna make him feel better to be like -- people on the airplanes that that pilot who flipped word after all the non important -- -- Christian economic Somalia and to restrain them that the have to do that carry him out in the field all you have to hit now. Talk about the -- because they are Monday -- me on Monday. I love to sit down on the air I said Monday on the did you get that you yeah I know that god pool. I know who's in slow or slow to act on it never heard the irony that anybody know have you heard of anybody -- -- -- I guess African American people Michael -- hasn't guys not well and my Everton have -- He's and he sits here will we do for at least -- machines. And gets instill public we do yes -- heard a lot lot of stuff -- stop we haven't heard yet and he'd never heard of it and I guess. -- Crawford had. Like and he's not say and my age but he -- to meet. At first I thought pursue this Monday demeanor was that even a slur. And but then close the bingo and -- had -- at witness alleged witness on who made it sound again I was really belligerent yes -- on parole was really belligerent and it might be making and it jackass on the right right right wasn't just the you know smaller Rory said it you know like mechanism Monday to his friend or anything EU elderly gentleman at Crawford walked by and Crawford took note. And may be Crawford asked somebody else is talking about. And another caller so he set. Crawford civil -- from Crawford just the second. He said he didn't he couldn't believe when he heard so he already knew it was probably get -- go check with anybody and so what does this mean. And someone told -- what the urban definition was of that particular work. He's that I heard it could not believe he -- quickly Carl. You know you didn't get. -- you don't pass that comes. When those things. You know the last -- How about number seven -- says the -- being used in 2013. Or 2012 -- vote just like. That's the last. You know you didn't get. -- you don't pass that comes -- influence. This himself he is he is an area flustered as the I'd think -- maybe. If if he took offense while them in on -- line if they investigated. And now they they looked into it and they determined. He did it as a racial slur right. And so there was fire -- clearly if they talked to witnesses. And they -- this -- yell yeah Colombia Jamaica and a scene itself sounds like a racial -- slide side he was in right was -- He was belligerent he was offensive you know Crawford's walk by and for the minor league game -- -- -- again. I mean I I don't have a lot of confidence in Crawford as a player here Boston. -- by all accounts he's a really nice guy -- and a hard worker trying really hard yes where does that come from we wanted to is brewery. It's work comes from is a lack of performance after signing -- 142 million dollar contract suspect. And and this guy and most people don't know who Carl Crawford is I mean in terms of -- is personality is what kind of guy is how party wants to work Orlando Hudson I guess as one of -- best friends. Talks about at length about that insist nobody tries harder than Carl Crawford and infect and his high school coach said this last week everybody's -- Bit that he he's worked too hard in the off season. And set himself up for failure because the rest enough in the offseason getting ready for the next season. Well I mean he looked. OK at the plate again last night I was worried about that and I -- instructions on the trade rumors of if you if you -- sensitive fiesta Zach. This isn't gonna help this trade proceed in the trade rumor on top of that racial slur and we heard the press conference on his locker lives. It's really not that hard to do know Crawford handle -- fine I didn't. The answer the questions they asked them to three times -- about the trades in the about the rehearsals learning net and we heard he he had he's boring but he. Handles -- fine he doesn't get snippy he's not -- you know called Josh Beckett on anybody. And any moves on but. You know we are what other conclusion -- we come to have to last year than he's -- -- a lot of pressure of these feel the heat in Boston and he's really not comfortable. All these giant sensitive guys -- -- another one of our level -- I thought that may be the case that may be what Orlando -- talking about biggest -- shy and sensitive. Maybe it's the boy with the sounds like UG Simpson defense maybe he cares too much maybe he tried to heart. Orlando Hudson has been his best pals like fifteen years the White Sox infielder but talk to him yesterday. It's of them at the minor leagues are called up to get this -- meet the text each other every single day either their best buddies. Hudson's that he never saw Carl Crawford more driven than last winner when he increased the intensity of the workout program and its agility drills. Designed to racist -- based totals quote. If he didn't they may ask putts and that Carl Crawford ever say to him in this last offseason he made a mistake is unhappy with being in Boston. No he never said that to me and he tells me basically everything that he didn't tell me that it didn't come to mind. I don't believe I do not believe Orlando Hudson and I don't blame Crawford -- -- of course he's more comfortable in Tampa of course Adrian Gonzales is more comfortable. In San Diego I mean that's that's no knock on the guy it was. Each -- the plane -- that may be the case but Orlando Hudson's bigger point is -- people don't understand Carl he wants to do so good so bad. He wants to get 600 and get every clutch hit I have to say. Ain't gonna happen CC big pop -- -- -- happened Carl Crawford big poppy. Doesn't hit a home run every bad Ted Williams struck out sometimes to -- -- Boston wants him to do what he did in Tampa he wants to do ten times more in Boston then he did in -- but trust me on that. That's why I believe that. But tell me this is not a good thing. Good thing well its its clients even harder than ever artists that are really really wants to do I mean that's the problem I mean he's not relax and play in the game. Is trying to Franken Harden and I think that's not gonna change I think. Quietly. After you know he talked to the media after game after he went home he probably. Go on line. And looked up these trade rumors that we go through them and said that be okay with me be okay and and via. Now. Easier please don't play tip of the National League right you've gone to a place like Tampa. Don't the National League in you don't know much easier place to play with estimates are bad guy Whitney -- to determine if -- is a jerk around like Tito did in the lineup. Sure that's after Hilton after just to go down there. While it's. Warm all year round acute from the Houston appreciate that. It's it's not this is an easy place to place. As we hear from as we heard from you Kalus. Who's pretty tough pretty mentally tough pretty driven guy we heard we heard Youkilis in his own in the inarticulate way of the other day. I was just so much drama here. From now every day and and Crawford's in the middle of dramas right now would you blame them -- if he said to be turned around said. To Orlando Hudson to someone -- to a friend just said. Out of that and go to Miami -- Still -- twenty million revitalized -- -- of the real world it's Youkilis and Miami particular attitude. They -- we -- -- don't do that baseball. Which makes -- much heart rate which is why you have to take a Jose Reyes and and the merits plus even more and and we can go for this a couple of good. Rundown on the trade rumor I think it's true amid the trade but the rumor that you the concept tree is just too much detail makes too much sense -- holly -- very interesting adventure and wasn't. An associate. And the merits when he was a Big Brother they were like this and he meant toward him he helped him and Jennings loving -- Robert Wright and he loves crop -- Hanley. And and you know at least problem is to he has like thirty hasn't but it -- like -- now. You look at him and you say that and it's a strong -- that -- ago did you take mine. And they'll have -- and doesn't that mean if you've had at least coming here Iglesias has to go there. Well if you and what Hanley bachelor back and let -- -- short. Well it's it doesn't have to -- talk about a prospect right in the car. He doesn't have to but it makes sense that your makes sense. You're in question is is is whether Karl is distracted by the tree. And others go out -- -- Those first two games and knowing where about this stuff you know is not the first time I've been involved and then we'll. -- I wonder how run of the mill pulse standard operating procedure this is when call teams call I guess it happens all the time. And check on everybody that they might be interested in and through that and maybe Miami called them. The Red Sox and says it and this is what -- turned it would indicate. Red Sox general manager bench Arrington said. We have not offered -- to a single team we have not pursued anything on Carl Crawford Karl is our left fielder and we're glad to have them back. And and I understand that it's got enough. Distractions now -- and how much did it -- like it would Carlson my elbows about the pop yeah it's he's talking about as part of a but. And asked to say that but when you read the story and whatnot on music or music -- -- was pretty good does. He says. Two of the officials who from the Red Sox told USA today. There have been trade talks but they were initiated. By the -- and the Marlins who sent vice president and genetics to Boston to watch Crawford. And that's probably where nightingale forgiveness thing and says the talks are active but -- trying to determine whether to abandon their post season hopes. Before pulling the trigger on hatred the Marlins were 44 and 46. And during last night nine games out there when -- -- four point seven loss that that losses or games out of the system that's good that's good I'd tell and it would be great he would be great if Terri did do this show that these. In a clean and up the -- mess me no matter at this matter home well Crawford plays he is never ever panel about the contract. Now it's not happen. It also comes close is it gets traded somewhere else and then you'll explode bit about this does that make sense for the Marlins pretender Jennings -- the Marlins and this guy as Marty said. This is going to blow out and I'm going to need surgeries so you're looking at some point maybe middle of this year to spring training next year maybe the offseason to all of next season. -- guy have a Tommy John surgeries for your acquire this guy and essentially know at some point in the next. Four and a half years you're gonna lose him for one more year would that make you all warm and Fuzzy about the straighten -- why would they want him. That and that's that that that's the pro that's the question is why they want a guy who may know was gonna miss a year in the next five. They don't want on the just wanna get rid of Ramirez and or Reyes and or any -- well off likes and -- one of the Red Sox want Heath Bell they don't they just wanna get out from under this. -- this could be. Keep this in mind Crawford is guaranteed twice as much money is as J. D. Drew. Stole from this organization all the modern -- after this year correct that is 102 but the good news is for the Marlins are just auction pay a hundred of that site that that is what maybe -- well does the fox sports economists and says. -- talk about the deal the Red Sox would need to include a ton of cash Kalish. To make this deal possible from Paris is earning fifteen this year fifteen and have next year. Sixteen in in 22014. The Red Sox some focus save money all the better advocate re direct those funds toward a push to sign -- very. I mean why. Why would the Red Sox to. They were at such would they would have such and the only res two in the Marlins would do would is if they could unload some of their bad contracts and get the -- to pay some of the money you know what. If you could get him their mayors and and get the best out of him maybe put a mature. You should definitely put a short. War. What about Reyes Reyes was pretty damn good would -- have like 2000 it's like coming 200 does some minutes here -- now the -- -- -- up a little bit. I guess she wouldn't take both of my only issue included middle Brooks in the deal. And to. I would do it takes some snow just a homeless would go to Crawford and Iglesias you look at Crawford's contract and you say there's no way that can ever move. You know we talked about it a written about you say. Is this five and half years left. He can Aiken never trade -- they could never move -- and again protecting credit he's trying to think outside the box and say how can we make this happen. They're not high on in their merits he doesn't like planned third turn to inspect and maybe this'll work probably won't but given credit for -- 6177790850. Toll free number 888525. -- -- you'll run all of this and more. Passed Larry Lucchino 8 o'clock 92 time -- to Ozzie Guillen has to say about the trade in these trade rumors when we get back and we'll take your phone calls as well.

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