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Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider, on the Red Sox and the trade deadline

Jul 18, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the trade deadline and which players the Red Sox might be interested in acquiring.

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Trading deadline now thirteen days away but load on a 37 WEEI nobody better to talk to we do it every week -- -- ESPN and buster. As always on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds -- to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible if he had to guess right now buster thirteen days out. Going to be a busy are going to be a slow trading deadline here 2012. Relative to that you're -- going to be slower. I think that you know a lot of the teams that are vying for the and division out of five for only the wild card and I you know I mean let's put. Just for example Tampa Bay might be in that category. In -- Toronto might be in that category I think there's been sort of more of -- thought now would that that the wildcard edition of the wild -- team and it. Diminishment of the value of making the wildcard. Has actually back some teams -- -- they're saying you know -- People -- guaranteed it one game elimination. Maybe we're not gonna go crazy. To go wide and -- so. But I do think that recent they'll be continued to move out of players move because. There are lot of teams that you know in their right now authority have you know bet heavily on this year I think the follow up on them. You know Theo Epstein a few weeks back talked about the monster giving it to the pressures and I was surprised because in your article. You talk more aggressive trade deadline team's number one as the tiger's -- we agree and you know -- the -- there and search for that guy behind her Lander. Which you have the Red Sox number two is that because of just the high payroll the high expectations -- what's what's best for this team. I think that's part of it I don't think there's any question about that now it has to be the right deal in other words I don't think you're gonna see them swapping their three best prospects for a rental. But I think they have an opportunity to to go out and you know at a starting pitchers who can help them this year and maybe help them in the future. Or maybe it's that you don't nicely priced rental. And I think that that would be something that they're going to be interest it and but I thought I don't think there's any question because of all that they have its stake. You know because of that last year's collapse because of all let them talk around the team in the fact that they look like they have a great opportunity to make the playoffs. I didn't think they'll extend themselves that way that you're not gonna see from the rays. The blue jays and Orioles. Is it is it's starting pitching because I got like Franklin Morales who's been notable role -- and student rotation he's already -- today at the ball and is it isn't subtraction I mean you subtracting governess rotation to get a better upgrade that your body's vitamin. Had -- distorted opponent and how they evaluated -- think starting pitching is he's going to be their focus. You know it's I mean we can you can't assume. That the guys you -- necessarily gonna go at that level and I do wonder. After watching Lester pitched last night you know as they go through this process. And -- -- just me speculating I don't have anyone telling me that there are out there shopping Lester but I got to believe that there at least you know having a conversation. Look at -- we talked they can -- that deals -- -- do we have a conversation about. You know do we -- buy and sell. Another -- -- if we have someone who's ready to give it's really good value for Jon -- team like the royals for example. You know that's something we consider while going out and adding starting pitcher and again to repeat touched me speculate. Booklets and speculative buy our callers last couple of days here buster for sure what could you get for Jon Lester in terms of the value right he's. He's the that the contract is very reasonable he had four really good years before what is been. And normally bad year this year out suspect if they dipped into that market but Jon Lester would still be a highly sought after chip for some team. If the Red Sox dangled about -- at the deadline. I agree that I think it's not to the point where people are saying well he's done that good enough like right now I'm -- giants -- it and Lincecum. And he's getting twenty million dollars a year the next you know that for -- this year and for next year. -- and much but I think Lester would. -- the fact that he left handed 28 years old he's got a body that bank you know the people are gonna believe and in terms of you know him being able to maintain his stuff. Like Lincecum but the -- I'm sure that the red -- wouldn't entertain that let's say really felt like that they can replace him in the rotation. Most of the big names that are out there Cole Hamels sect Frankie Justin Upton coast change the landscape especially other teams in the American League lot of room was really up into Texas. What are some of the names you see those guys being dealt. Well patent numbers days there last night I think it's. It feels like it's more likely that Upton is going to be an offseason deal because so foremost the conversation that Arizona had about him. Have been would not contenders and note that the case -- -- can feel really push to get a deal done. I think this was Arizona probably. I mean first off without a doubt you know for whatever reason their frustration level with him is built up to the point that -- they're willing to talk about trading him. And I don't necessarily think that right now. There's a contending team out there. Really pushing to get things done saying you know we gotta have this guy right now and in less that changes here in the next two weeks. I think Arizona is probably gonna be more inclined to -- into the offseason now Cole Hamels. And the Phillies. It may get a feel like a longshot. Because of where they understand ignite -- happen on the wildcard. Thirteen games out in their division but again I think they're gonna play out a little bit longer because. They -- lot of tickets for the last few months and I don't think they're going to be attained that predispose. It is blowing it up now I don't know what they've actually. -- given Cole Hamels or offer they talked -- parameters exactly where that stands. But I know the plan was at some point to put something in his hands something that was gonna open his eyes a little bit. And they can strongly consider accepting it. And that would be the first step in the process can be -- now I think -- at that point it probably say okay. Well then we're gonna go out and talked attitude about a possible deal in the Rangers in the I don't know question probably the -- Most likely to be aggressive -- any kind of -- straight talk. But the Dodgers I look at that team is. Are we under spent given what's happened that the last couple Beers -- got to believe that they can spend a lot of money. What they can't read ahead -- have a lot in terms of prospects. And they'll they get the Phillies and you're gonna be convinced the trade Cole Hamels. You're gonna have to do feel like it's worth your while in terms of prospect they don't really have a high volume of that network against them and that's why. You know some like it Dempster is probably a better fit Ryan Dempster the cubs. Because it's not gonna take nearly as much in terms of prospect that part of the reason why I think but it can view the Dodgers is the most likely landing spot for -- and but he probably going to be the first big name -- ago here in the next you know maybe -- the next two or three. Buster what about -- teammate Matt Garza he has a great tracker in the American League east he's arbitration eligible next year makes -- affordable. Is Theo get a deal ever is that a long term peace for the cubs. They are definitely gonna talk about dealing him that is part of the reason why they're gonna push these Dempster trade talks here in the next few days that they wanna clear the decks. To get a lawyer would be the first one to tell you about in The Herald that having two -- in the two players who -- very similar talent. And how that can be worked against you during a trade electing that's what happened to the Padres last year when jet was there with that with heat spell. And Mike Adams and I think that's part of the reason why they can push that. And I think if you're asking the question you know -- with the Red Sox potentially be the best fit for I think that's that would be placed -- watch. You know in terms of is that going to be guy out there that the Red Sox could conceivably especially if state you know found some sort of the lesser deal that they like that they wanted to pursue because -- Garza's history in the American League east. But what you know keep in mind as the Yankees anything and horizon with these guys and where they look at the -- anything. Well Eric there not feeling and knowledge of the -- look at the standings and and and deity you'd understand why they feel comfortable because it got such a big gap between themselves and the rest of the division. But the one thing to really watch for is his situation -- Brett Gardner. You know he is. Had a setback with the elbow. As -- can -- today the Yankees probably not gonna feel like they can count on anything from him for the rest of the season. So I think as we get closer to the trade deadline. You'll see the Yankees monitor the -- market -- don't necessarily feel a big push to do something. They feel comfortable grow by -- as. It -- -- Jones. But it suddenly the prices on -- like chain victory know dropped precipitously. And I think you -- the Yankees open. How many abduct any GMs around the game that may be kicking themselves now when it comes to not getting involved -- Kevin -- deal. I haven't been typically heard -- I mean let's face to -- out performed. You know far away what do what the white judge gave up to get them. And I you know I'd be curious that the good question -- -- -- doubled back with some of these executives and an ethic question. Bailout people in hindsight look packets they are you should've got a lot more. Is that a reality now I don't I don't it's. I don't think -- -- I think they were in the position that they were and and because Kevin didn't play as well I mean -- That's when people at the reason why and they it was a release of the body that was the reason why. The reason why they traded him and we headed the time and it can be repeated with because he -- played well. And any punitive. Red Sox he had middle -- coming pro. And you had this big logjam of players he was the most. You know most logical got to deal because his contract situation because of his performance. So they move them out but didn't get much form and you just kind of move on now. That doesn't mean that at the moment and I'm sure you -- felt the same way that I did at the moment that he was straight -- you know what he can go someplace else. -- a high adrenaline player. He's totally self driven and he thought it was a good chance he's gonna go someplace else with a big chip on the shoulder and play well. -- last one for me I know that. Our players become kind of on the radar of a Boston fans their texting us about a national guy and a -- never played a game in the big leagues at all. Billy Hamilton were getting text on the fastest guy in the history of baseball apparently. Every day the last couple days you baseball executives look at this got a hundred stolen bases et Al all star break the minor league level for the reds. Is he one of those next big things coming in Major League Baseball. He is that someone who is clearly moving up the radar you know the other day -- a conversation. With -- nationally general manager about. Potential packages for up and. Justin Upton and and I asked the question okay let the red got involved in the guide to. Well Billy Hamilton would have to be -- deal in other words he's stock is really written I talked to on the few weeks ago. You can tell. That he's and it's hard stuff unbelievable. -- great arrogance on the basis and he told me about want to early this year when a pitcher threw to first base. Seven straight times historically played a parent. And Billy made up his mind -- that run the next pitch he did and stall. You know that that -- mindset. Yet -- think you guys when you look at Billy Hamilton. Check out his on base percentage it's clear that he's a rare example the guy. Who as he played more baseball. That he's learning how to take pitches he's on base percentage is skyrocketing it was over 400. I think it was about 420 when he left -- say he's learning the strike zone and my god. AP translate that is the big league level as well as being a good hitter. He could be you know something off the charts special because of that you know stability in the basis. The big question here about them is. Is it physical frame -- compare a lot would be Gordon. In estimate that immediate days hunter he basically look like he's 150 pounds soaking wet. 109 steals in 87 games unbelievable at the minor league level he's -- are -- late trading deadline couple weeks away imagery -- locked and loaded buster thank you -- you next week thank Basra only ESPN. Joins us every single Wednesday on the program buster joins -- he brought to you by Toyota of Nashua. Give them a try before you buy hit a home run on your next new or pre owned car truck or rescue V visit to a go to a Nashua dot com. And by generations asset preservation keeping your family from losing a lifetime of savings the nursing home -- generations asset preservation dot com. And by our -- insurance here for your car home and business. Here for new englanders here for good get you updated top the hour lunchtime hour mark little going.

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