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Jerry Remy: It’s been frustrating watching the Sox keep losing guys

Jul 18, 2012|

Jerry Remy joined D&C this morning to talk about the ups and downs of the Red Sox. Remy gives the guys his theory on what is happening with Jon Lester, if pitching coaches have anything to do with Boston’s poor pitching, if Ortiz will end up on the DL, and whether the Sox will be buyers or sellers at the deadline.

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Our weekly conversation -- Jerry Remy sponsored by a RS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on ARS to cover all the disaster bases. When it comes to 24/7 emergency services swing and ARS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. And by dragons speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use computer you -- it types visit get dragon dot com. And of course by Alexis Watertown inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go Lexus morning Jerry how Loria are I don't know how are you don't very very well got any answers or theories of the mystery that is Jon Lester for. You know the -- just upbeat about that night I really don't I mean it's just that he's not -- his spot you know leaving pitches up in the zone which he doesn't normally do. It's got that well you know to the haven't been as -- we've seen in the past. And guys just not the guy that that you're accustomed to seeing you know now I don't think physically there -- anything wrong with a might think it's just you know maybe a mechanical -- off. Well I just. You know going to about slump right now but I mean you know he's not making the quality pitches that he normally makes and -- that was a good example to Youkilis you know probably tied for the NL. Couple fastballs down the middle of the one that was up in the zone and -- -- picked out of the ballpark for a home run so. I mean it you know you got to get ourselves straightened out you know and then. You know how he goes about Beckett goes -- buckles called. Got to kind of depend on how the team goes through the rest of the way right. I I I hate have people. Look at body language. And and try to draw any conclusions from it but it's just me or does he -- something doesn't go well maybe a seeing -- single -- score -- -- may be being squeezed by an umpire on a -- you wanted to Al. Kind of lose focus after that and and and exactly focus. I would not lose focus but he does get that up there's no question about that at midnight but he's always been that way. And you know I mean he's you know you've really got his competitive and he's he's always he's always been that way when when things don't go away he wants from the go for the win -- open. Hopeful for a and you know becomes more obvious when you're losing you know you're you're. You pay attention to things like that a little bit more than if he was winning games and but you know that -- opted body language I don't see different sides and I just you guys that. Right now -- frustrated because he's not getting the job on the way he. Expect to get it out of the way everybody else expect to get it done and I -- you know that frustration boiled over to a point where you know. If you're right you know up episode and -- -- certain non call you know we get exception conceptually that often you know whether they -- over the next which I couldn't idea. But the fact is that it's you know it's not going his way and that that -- -- -- -- but he's always been that way I mean you know he's he's one of those gotten very -- and himself. And you know he's just you know right now just frustrated. How important is a pitching coach to a pitcher's success and I guess were -- with that is is a possible. He doesn't assimilate what he needs to do with this pitching coach vs his last pitching coach John Ferrell -- -- relationship there's no question about that in the it's it's it's always the building relationship. I mean you gotta think you know these guys have gone through -- pitching coaches in the last couple years. Who probably have completely different there and and you know you can't it's always you know when you do -- one prolonged time liquid -- would you have. You know you gain gain -- respect for -- -- Confidence in him and he can pick up things that because he's seen you so much. That you know maybe someone else can and so I think it's a learning practice like this whole year has been really. You know with the coaching staff for the manager I think it's been a learning process for everybody. And sometimes. They use. You know take a little bit longer to get there to get to know each other -- dissenting as the hitting coach. You know they they have their own theories they have to learn what you do what makes you -- and present them with a pitching coach and you know whether that relationship there between both of them only they can answer that -- in it that I don't know but but the fact is that it is you know -- has built kind. Of the bills and right now you know. Is that they -- a well formed late at stake you know maybe they don't have. Did they don't have same page with things but it's it's it's tough it's tough to tell you know what I mean you incited so what -- talked about a bullpen sections where they talked but you know what to look walked. They get so -- videotape that you go back and look on from like last year result. You know I would I would get to do that pretty much on the same page you know they know about what they've what are you gonna do to be successful you're not getting it done right now. Do you think they considered putting Lester in the bullpen and leaving a morale us in the rotation. No I don't think I don't think Lester would be would be you know a bit out of the bullpen I think. I think Dudley they've really had to struggle between morality and all cook going to the bullpen. And the way -- come up to pitch they feel like he'd be better off as a starting pitcher and about -- what always wanted to guys in the open anyway always got right now it and develop. And that's the that's quite morale going back -- -- I don't think you could put Lester in the bullpen well what do you look for I mean you you would you know. A long guy. I mean I guess I just it would just -- in the making the determination the morale -- is better as a starter. Well right now you right now he is yes. There is no question about that and if you know it's something happens he'll be right back in there but. I. You know I never anticipated that move left to go -- the bullpen over. All rubbed off Beckett or Buchholz of one of those who was going to be somebody else and it just happened to be morale right now and they who you know when they have come out there they had great success they end and then hopefully none of the that'll continue but. One thing they do one thing they have found out what you said -- I mean -- out. Can be a very good product and if they need him again I'm sure he'll be able to do the job again. That's why I find you know we're talking about Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza and other starters. I know we laugh over you when you say you have too many starters but don't they have enough starters right now don't they have other priorities. They built Evian you know it seems to me that they do I mean they've got to get straightened out. And and pitch well but they do have a lot of starters in the you know he went with a six man rotation. Right -- on the all about ready to give these guys at the rats. And you know -- that -- -- backed out backed up five but they built one in the bullpen but you know I I guess you could say you never have enough starters. But the fact is you know what will it be looking for at the break you know if I think a lot depends on Ortiz. You know if it -- he's going to be output extended period tired maybe look at for another bat. That this slide into the eighth spot so. You know it's going to be able let it this way and see what happens but it's so frustrating. I don't know how you guys still but you know you you got to get excited on Monday night when Crawford came back. You know you know Pedroia was right -- the corner come back on Thursday he got Ellsbury back -- all the sudden boom Ortiz goes down the minutes just as I was frustrated that you'd think he sees the you know his stuff happen. And don't get the sense it's gonna be closer to like it. DL length as opposed to two or three days to let it calm down. I would think so yeah I mean the guys that have -- you know he woke obviously said the pain was worse than the night before I mean it also -- that up to disabled list. And you can't play with a revamped bench the way you know they plan. But like -- played with last fight -- can't do that. So. You know my my guess is that he's probably gonna end up on the DL. And you're gonna have a DH by committee and until. You know that. Until we get back. And you just hope is that something that that's gonna keep my output. An extended period of time and you know. Right now they go to the top spot of the schedule a very pivotal part of the schedule where there. You know the play at first place club and and in and seems that nobody got to beat the move up in the standings that mean we look at that crazy wild card playing and it's it's. You know there's so many teams have bobbled that right now that they do have an opportunity that's why you gotta you know I was so excited Monday -- -- quote -- come back. Now they can make their move all the sudden you lose another guy right. -- looks different to you about Carl Crawford at the plate. I've not been really devastated at. I you know I just think. You know -- thankfully get up to a good start and I think that's what you really need because you know we know -- struggled election. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know hopefully that that could continue you know you keep one about it though that that I'm not -- out. But the fact is that I think was the year that was developed yet that you know. Pretty much more what to expect out of this place. It and you know. And all -- -- -- -- needed to get back the result you know about the guy gets up in eagle eagle at fifteen. He got different guys out struggled with confidence again you know but to get a bit early I think really helped. -- based on his elbow injury and and make it important to the fact that he said at some point he's gonna need surgery exit things is gonna blow out. Other teams know this other teams scalp the Red Sox do you think other teams will try to take advantage and take the extra base when Carl Crawford is fielding a ball left. -- well lately are they -- you don't the Red Sox as a group. Really do not have a lot of strong arms in the outfield. And everything he takes advantage try to take advantage of that would Valentine has done because of that. Any diplomatic and spring training. Is he changed his cut up routines. To where he then you know you. Normally a heavy debate in the cutoff man you know -- -- -- home plate from left field right. He had brought to the short stop in the shortstop -- insult that there's not gonna make a big difference because. Of the way that -- you know they anticipated. Visit early in the spring and we're working -- and spring training. And we -- to Colby and eight Crawford it that this special. Relay system that they used so they've been robbed and not expose. What are you -- around dog isn't going to be a big deal they gonna make a trade they gonna get. David Jerry -- -- -- really not I mean that I think -- that let things play out here in this division you know these next few weeks before the deadline. See where they are in. You know I I don't expect them to be solid -- -- night. I did that with a second -- cut the number that that they didn't get a chance. And I think if anything they may try to improve the ballclub so. You know I you know I think I think they've been waiting all the time to get guys back you guys back and see how this team produces -- Everybody that they've got and then that -- -- that they believe that they can make a move and and I believe that I I I honestly believe they can do it and but you know you can't you can't. Just keep -- guys. You know like what he's going to deal Pedroia go on it you know you just can't captain -- that and expect to be consistent. And that in the big problems so. I have not heard about any big deal -- and you know I mean that the obvious you've been working behind the scenes -- -- probably try to improve the ballclub but it's Salazar I don't think they're going to be so. At all if they are to make the postseason they can't continue to play 500 baseball that's safe to say what coverage duties -- I don't what are two or three these other teams are gonna get -- win like seventeen out of 24 games. Yeah yeah I mean because somebody who would get hot you know it's gonna is gonna take that second wild card spot though that's for sure I mean that is of this so bunched up right now it's active but it is played pretty exciting because he's he's eleven opportunity. And -- be like right now sitting here at nine and a half games behind the Yankees. You know without a second -- cut. Admitted these kids to be. You know more open around is already and it's only July so. You know they got that opportunity and end they have to think about the baton. You can you know anything that was the other two good weeks. You know is gonna kid that does that get that thing so I mean they have it it makes it a little more interesting. But then you know that you go one game playoff would mean -- -- right. That little bit tough. Final question Jerry. Is Youkilis the only thing he knew it was a change of scenery change managers. I think so yeah I think so I there's no question you know he's been like Bobby. You know you're getting hurt. Certainly didn't help him. I didn't help his timing and he was the Kevin Youkilis that we balls you know come beloved -- Boston. And you know you could see obviously the last couple of night that. If he's back to being what he was and I think it I think is much is the probably you know hated to leave here. There's probably the best thing forum and we've seen it before with other guys you know get another little opportunity. You know you think they've done all of a sudden you know they have a good year and I I never never expected nucleus to be done I thought you know like but he had plenty left in him. And I've now he's proving it was Chicago at that price got the manager. He's healthy with you know the which is the most important thing. And it. Because he's healthy he's getting his playing time and when he gets his playing time he's done it is to succeed as he has -- shown in the last couple of night so. No I'm them I'm glad for him I mean I'm glad that he's got that opportunity and because it was miserable seeing them you know miserable right on yeah. And you know he's just he hated to see the guy a wobbly was going out and -- let -- go into opportunity. I would guessed it nothing or very few things in baseball would feel better the -- he was able to do last night come. And I have no no question anytime anytime you're ready for the ballclub you know. You wanna come back and what a putter not -- and he's -- certainly did that last but I was out of private but the got to walk and yeah with the first base open. And you know done on the left hander but they you know they elected to -- -- -- and it looked like Leicester was try to walk until we fell behind three and relevant then they came back and of course the home run game so. Yeah out that that feels good is you know there's no way around back in and anytime you found out. You know an issue with a ballclub in and then and you get traded and you know they the at some point they question your. You -- that in and all that stuff you know -- -- it feels good. Our dog could talk a good catch and apple talk to down the road America Jerry Remy on the AT&T hotline for GLT he sponsored by a RS restoration specialist. Property managers and insurance pro depend on heiress to cover all the disaster base is -- comes 24/7. Emergency services. -- -- 28 RS serve dot com to see what they can do for you and by dragons speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use a computer you talked it -- Visit get dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go --

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