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Dennis Eckersley, NESN, on the Red Sox

Jul 17, 2012|

Eck joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the return of Youkilis and the Sox pitching staff.

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Butler got 37 WEEI Red Sox and White Sox to a four tonight on NASA. See him on -- all the time and joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LT he. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible. The man with a great lettuce is Dennis Decker -- joining us at month low what's going on. They act you know we we talk a lot about the calvary coming back you know you see Crawford and there you see Ellsbury and their -- coming back. Does it does it's still come down the victory as far as this rotation as far as doing anything this season with distinct. Yeah totally you know I expected to -- deep in the playoffs but we are getting ourselves. -- the night -- they would bond on me where Gonzales it's a bomb. And it perimeter around this -- -- thought as a marker. What -- disk -- let this guy goes up the second half. Gonzales I mean they're a bit and and that often is going to be acknowledged that George compact and -- well looks pretty good. Clobbered this is not legitimate I don't let Courtney that's almost -- This until we don't want about offices in the game and obviously organ talk about pitching. And that's what it comes down to but it suddenly got the most depth in the -- thinking in the -- Well and I'll go one more offense on here because you mentioned Gonzales last night -- I -- Miguel's -- and he came back on Friday. To start the second half the weight up top line up is now set as an opposing pitcher. Before you had novel somewhere in there maybe he was leading off Mike Kabila's now it's -- Barry. Now it's Crawford that trickle down the way you -- to solidify that top line up I don't think can be overstated. Not at all not at all I mean didn't -- that we don't -- we're gonna have. And we've been you know we've been talking about it good all around the world the last three months every. And that there there that it's starting centers whatever you know all of -- sudden. This in his position the next couple weeks to get off. I'm not saying they're going to but there's that side of -- building its right now and they -- for good reason I mean. Has good starting agenda you want to carry what -- brutal. Lineup. But. You know there are picking complete somebody's got to come out this thing to be that they -- at some point. And I have all the world and Lester I'm -- guy and he's got it. And good -- and you get it great be adding a guy like we're -- And cook and Eric are the six member patent gonna go but. I mean all of a sudden everything looks each urgent racquet change in three days. Ever asked you about Jon Lester -- I'm with you I think this has taken a step back here this year. The early on so let things snowball at things affect them have put up a lot of crooked numbers in one inning couldn't kind of degree you know reduce the damage here lately it's almost like. Week after game two hero you know I mean it could pitch just bad luck is -- a mindset going into the game what are you see with Jon -- this year. Or haven't that you don't wanna show your frustration. You know but he can't get around it that dated men you know you -- a press conference after the -- So let -- you're gonna come across like that. You know I'm not making excuses for -- -- I figure that do you have to have. Yep that'll always here -- not -- complain. You know until -- -- his vision and that they were -- not real that's not a good thing. But beyond that. He's effective competitor. You know I mean I'd rather have that. And some -- just you know Okie go convenience -- properly so I'd love I love blasters systematic anti get a downward if I'm not. And how much that those maturity you say that it's got to be a focus right is that. Is it assigned to you would all that a lack of maturity he gets so frustrated by an umpires call or yell a strike ball not going his way. You know. I'm sitting here like he can you talk about strikes the ball and I was able -- How -- I thought we think. And that you know you think that he has short. There's no doubt he has matured as a surrogate. So like a much expectation for these guys -- -- a lot of pressure. And in her element you know it come out in frustration -- -- -- accurate picture trauma all credit report -- out. But the only thing report got from Jon Lester his whole career. So he's got to get over and I think he will I think he will meet better. It at -- -- Aaron Cook and what he's done his last four starts and it was -- Nationally team and Atlanta and in Seattle clinic okay well this is a pretty good line appeared Chicago let's see Elvis goes. And he really what -- evidence one walked only two strikeouts and he's got a 167. Digit drop those stickers. The group that particular. Yeah it's no -- against duke trust anchor it is ridiculous. Equipment and then he can get it blunt the same -- get easy out. You know it's like a knuckleballer by big. It can go on and hurry up I guess this Skype credit system or god it's gotten their hunt around. Got hurt at that -- more you've got to give credit. And I no longer the last. Let's that they the clutch rescue effort starts in Franklin -- -- after a couple of starts singing on that power raw means he's what you want out of -- right come out of the -- -- 96 starters throwing 9060s. I think there's a different level with them now. Don't -- absolute it's going to be at it it's got gotten bigger gap. And it also hot come out there they record over the -- bought it. I don't know -- it's harder we'll evaluate him you know could you -- -- against a good ballclub there's not a whole lot of great offenses out there. But you get excited about morality and he'd be that got a this -- are half or are you guys. You can put the ball and could bite my read on him was probably afraid. That a guy -- those artists like it comes and goes. But maybe doubt -- slot in the -- take unique better commander as in the bullpen -- and now. I'm gonna Dennis Decker sleet and go back to last year acting you look at that the fall apart there in September Redick allotted a deal with that the top of the rotation and one guy wasn't there. Was clay -- he never came back the four starts before he got the stoppage ideas this year and the start on Saturday that comeback starting -- Tampa. Are you start to see in your mind the guy we saw before he got hurt the guy ever projected as -- top of the rotation right hander for this Red Sox team. Oh absolutely if you if you look at his last start he was docking corner. He'd gotten quarters with gas. You know he's got a great changeup. Once again doctor care where it's capital but how can you not. Are going to be you know gone that long and and -- control of the match that he against Tampa. The guard to help the offense and you know it -- if you're looking at Parker weighted club. And radio every guy including -- to achieve this wild card. So they're taking it just too bad bad the Yankees are so far has. Everyone askew but that the pitching coach situation here you know Randy -- assistant pitching coach Bob McClellan goes away for three weeks names in the dugout but -- comes back -- stays in the dugout. Now the Red Sox have formed -- team is gonna go back to that bullpen. How important is that the one voice have you ever seen this is the pitching coach. The local. They're rather. Available we're all that was done to put their coaches called ticket that was as bad as I've seen it. I'm Eric barker having who's the guy. In it'll bring the time you peer into the target. You never really seen in outbound. Or anyway I mean I know everybody's been looking lately. But -- have to tell them some you know are out of that is seldom that we need to go back or whatever it is. It just plays into that all all this communication stuff which to me is I mean it's already at whatever. Let's move Auburn gonna win. Gary talk about the two pitching coaches act I don't know which guys talk into home but. They got a taste on the Daniel Bard -- you saw last year one of the best eighth inning guys in all of baseball you got a hall of fame career. What do you tell a guy like Daniel -- it just seems mentally right now can't put together. Back to back 23 good consecutive outings there -- -- Red Sox. I have no answers I mean I'm not gonna hold my breath anymore you know because I have I have. I had competence and art the Q when you watch and what he's been taught him a packet art and it was -- -- update on Daniel -- you know every day you know. I mean a wild pitch and what have you it's like he needs to focus to get away from him. Hide this guy for a couple weeks. And you know because it's it's about mechanic and he throws so hard. That -- -- attack. Yeah I mean I don't know what that's like Luke you know Africa where. And so I haven't got the answer and I'm not Johnny -- go to over here well. Are you say hide a couple weeks act is that meaning your mind the Red Sox to better serve setting into Florida get a not a productive games altogether just letting him work. It kind of extended spring training to fix those mechanics. Well I'd buy it outright mean maybe they should have done that early on. Sort of made it but. You know because there's too much focus on him I think. Maybe little -- I did the -- advantage. Because -- -- -- or quarter I want him to come back. In the end it in I don't be surprised -- just can't find it will. Thank you all you all right I -- the beach. Isn't it somewhere below -- to background. You have I've got to be up there I'll be there. They wrote a quick of the the six man rotation -- -- doing I mean. Dickie -- that was just the public be that -- how long is that you stick with better -- north Lester Beckett box standup you want them go on every 67. Day. Yet another idea goes -- -- I do all the sudden the -- six or seven days and it helps them there'd be straw the double there won't have that bad you know with command and because it works against and so. Mean this is not an article on that much longer I would thank. But it got that such a bad thing right now especially the way morale and and cockpit so -- called but ultimately you've got to get out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we get back get it tonight with the White Sox get back to the beach where Greg Jack and I got to ask you this could you talk so much of -- salad moss lettuce right. We had Jarrod Saltalamacchia don't get your opinion would sing -- go one on there. He can't help but it. It got it all were what you ought to do. Straighten out stuff. Ticket tired joke meant to insult but then you are you can't I didn't I think you like that god does yeah right they're gonna. He's got cut that he let that let us flow he had Dennis sectors like C a -- NASA and very very -- act thanks skip back to the beach meant. Area and it's actually joining us out on the -- at the outline the good job and you. He does that that -- to remind him is that it could talk a good Java texture than you could take the credit for that but he does have that lettuce is always talking lettuce -- -- Ottawa. It is the head and shoulders FaceBook page. They got his vote up who's got the best main main men challenge you actually vote for hacker sleep on the best. Let us the best main. In all of baseball at the head and shoulders page -- on -- tweet that out today. I'll know he's not on the list I you know topple the full Lister during the break while some chance look at that all the chance talked to Bob Bryan at 1245 and a chance. Roy your phone calls Smart well.

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