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Tom Shaer: The White Sox are absolutely not going all the way this year

Jul 17, 2012|

Chicago sports media insider Tom Shaer joined D&C to chat about all things White Sox and the possibility of the Cubs trading one of their starters to the Red Sox. Shaer talks about his reaction to Youkilis joining the White Sox, if Theo Epstein will make some big decisions by the end of the month, and which player will be the best fit for Boston.

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Poem I hate letting us creates -- he outlined AT&T forgy LT ER mad and Chicago. We share -- good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- No complaint fellow -- at that and lesser liked like and they -- for a little bit more than make outlet. What you lost the game which who won the trade with the U local situation didn't show. Yet -- -- by the commodity storybook. Three hit and run scoring single and scored the first run you know the only run but after that ovation he stopped and it capped by means he's not Hollywood -- you know but the guys should be in the. Fifth fifth fifth that's a we. Are attributable rugged good looks as we call. Rugged handsome. Eight. Obviously they stole loop announced that school Youkilis. Four for next enough and from -- -- Chicago -- -- to Chicago to mom thank the White Sox are a World Series caliber team they think they're going all the way this year. Absolutely not but White Sox fans in the -- baseball fans in Chicago who like the cubs but don't hate the White Sox at the whole separate category. They think that this is a nice story that the White Sox are probably going to make the postseason they have a shot to do some damage in the post season. But I really don't think anybody think the World Series not telling you put him closer to the title Jerry. There and first place. Yet because Detroit stinks. To play them. Yes they are now and I don't want to disrespect of the white structure doing they've. All the expert publications that they're gonna lose ninety plus games I personally didn't think that was true because they have more talent on their roster than the cubs. Who had a shot to win the pollute the idea it'll probably -- close to a hundred. But. This this is the team. That needed things to fall right to be in first place they have and -- also earned it by playing very very well but it colleague other dominating the division it's it's basically the great flounders so far nobody. Nobody other than the white -- to show they really want. I'm sure what was your initial reaction when you heard Youkilis was coming to the White Sox in exchange for a little bridge and Zach Stewart plus the Red Sox gonna pay like 90% of the salary. Well I thought that Jesse James used the gun yeah. Yeah I think those -- great deal it is the second best trade. The best trade was going the other way between Boston and Chicago. The -- the most one sided trade before this was policemen to the Red Sox were basically a couple of buckets and use batting practice ball sure rob the kidnapper and that was a great deal for the Red Sox. This is a very good deal for the white such vivid -- different set of circumstances there was no guarantee you -- would play well. He hadn't been doing much in Boston they wanted to play middle -- made it to the trade that made perfect sense for both sides the only. The -- aspect was that didn't cost quite like any money for accurate they'll protect and all that out. -- -- jerk ever be worth anything to the big club. I don't think so he didn't do anything for the whites actually tried they have very good good instruction that organization the -- effective great coaching you really do. Of one of -- -- perfect track record with a lot of guys have a good track record with others. And that he didn't really respond I would be very surprised to -- let's not get anything out of I still don't think it's a bad trade for the read that to -- you've been great. He has been fantastic but I think the resurrected -- they had to do. -- can actually get worse for the Red Sox since they have of let go live coverage Michael White Sox bring him back. Oh absolutely. Packed. Absolutely love this guy you know is there would be a trade involved because he's he's released but it'd be like you're getting traded for yourself with the right -- a good kid and it. I don't remember denounce it or anybody show the highlights of -- bridges to great catches the Yankee Stadium. In one game he had in one inning as -- -- what he had two great -- as a Yankee Stadium want to end the game there and they don't play those pilots on the video board in Chicago I mean. He's he's that he's a fantastic role player and he's done well for the -- I would be shocked at all they get them. A dog does and we expect both Ryan Dempster. And Garza Matt Garza to be dealt by the deadline and how do you think Theo is gonna do and all these under the -- he's on the suppression. You think you'll make some big bold moves by the end of this month. Yes -- -- definitely and I and I think you're -- something about both guys getting traded. It's not easy to do these -- but I don't see how he won't do these field. Is under pressure but not pressure from ownership they're giving him his time in his plan. But I think he's under pressure because these opportunities don't Kabul on all the time mean -- is a free agent at the end of the year or so there's obviously you're a reason for doing. You wanna make sure you get it to game of chicken you wanna make sure you get the most what you can overplay your hand than you gonna sit there with nothing. I think he will trade -- I think the Red Sox have a real good shot to get -- they're basically competing with the Dodgers and you know I've got to feel pretty reliable guy and the cubs organization telling me that Atlanta has really stepped up by the dumpster thing. I think Garza could very well end -- a Yankee but I people will be treated yes. And who amid if you were the Boston Red Sox another different contracts deals of the dances up this year because as an of the year. Who would you prefer -- -- -- -- proven in the AL east who would be a better fit with Boston -- -- willing to give up the top prospect. I would run run to the bank. To draw that Dempster. Cash out of the account so to speak -- -- -- to get Dempster and he's a much better -- -- -- I think he's far more consistent. Standing in the clubhouse I can't emphasize that enough I think sometimes we in the media over -- Or a little upset here though -- food -- no doubt it looking for that here atomic. We might overrated sometimes that I don't think we're operating in the case that this guy is great. And eight is going -- -- you do you're ignorant unifier who bring you bring WEEI together yet. What what's he gonna do next year was Demps is planned for the future. Well it's gonna get the best deal he can. That that's the tricky thing guys because I I don't Dempster absolutely loves pitching in Chicago and he's he has a home there. He told me three weeks ago that he was really hoping it would trade at the White Sox but the cubs trading with the White -- almost never happens and I don't think it'll happen now because they're they're still competing. In that market for retention marketing dollars and everything else. But he'd like to stay in Chicago so I think that he is going to prefer to be somewhere in the midwest next year but you know what. Lot of players feel that way Mark -- is from Saint Louis he wanted to stay with the white actually couldn't everybody assumed he played for Saint Louis or Milwaukee. Maybe Detroit in that he went down to Miami at the end of the -- -- these guys go for the most money is that's out there -- them still do that but at that the wild -- the financial -- the. Tommy we had with this no Derrick Rose for all the next year and at the entry that is just what does that mean. I mean my son should not renew his season ticket holders for the bulls. That is season tickets yet either. Don't we know it's going to be tough that it's gonna be it's it's really sad because this is the team that was awfully close to the NBA championship this year. Certainly Miami would have would have been -- not a problem. But they weren't even in the tournament after he got hurt it's a shame it really it at this -- They're they're trading players they've decimated their bench they're trying to maneuver they're trying to position themselves by the the end of the day. Those Derrick Rose Bowl victories. -- share from Chicago joining us some AT&T hotline always good to catch a -- -- Tom -- the time this morning talked on the -- -- well I'll share with the NC on the AT&T forgy LTE. Things overeat and possibly exceed the second statement that it Kelly. You know look at everything -- The restaurants. Old range you know look at what the coolest thing did one time ago. Nearby hotel needed. In this beach. Recently. It's -- CEP is life there and -- frolic in the water. Literally a quarter mile from a done I didn't know I think of water and Austin right. Shells that he could go to the beach that's cool. And back them. Swim trunks on. Went to the beach so maybe it's -- Chicago. The minute it is it's. The goodness if you for a weekend just to us and New York like. Love like New York for a week or weekend capsule on the train for a week and -- and I can walk Ronald -- walk around. Mean just look at people. In the madness. Which is similar and -- can go for a week and he can go to the beach and come home and think that was pretty cool Orange -- of the best restaurants in the world that teaches. World yes in America. New York Paris harassment you. They're better New York would be. -- -- -- enough to elect the pretzels and there's trees and to demonstrate a -- district or. Right.

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