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The Red Sox take one step forward and one step back

Jul 17, 2012|

John and Gerry start off the show talking about the uncertainty of the Red Sox and the seriousness of Ortiz’ injury. The guys discuss what was disappointing about last night’s Sox game, the D&C show being ranked #7 in Talkers Magazine top 100 sports radio shows, and the MLB trade deadline.

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Have you noticed that with a Boston Red Sox it seems to be one step forward one step back. One good thing followed by one bad thing he played 500 baseball I suppose as an example. Over the weekend the Red Sox won two of three from Tampa Bay to start the second half of the season. Right after that when that feel good moment which just sinking and build James opened your japs and -- and drags the organization down last night the -- Oscar Carl Crawford back they beat the White Sox they spoil Youkilis he returned. David Ortiz injures his Achilles it's one step yet but at one step back. I'm not Willis that was that Beckett that we get the results are -- arrive because asthma follow -- says there's always someone worse off than you. Look at the Toronto blue GA yeah but he's a Cincinnati Reds. Three stars yes and race sluggers got hurt last night. If you missed that on on sports center and the kind of problem altogether. And it looks like two more much more seriously than the other yes I think -- we don't know we don't know yet but. My take on on Ortiz its Achilles or he'll. If it's bad he doesn't even make it home plate if the Achilles pops yes and I've seen one or two of them -- my mind that old man -- it's -- it's a regular occurrence. You don't just -- down like your shot right down like -- like the you know they're gonna boldly asks at the weakened state to and -- it was memorial yeah. And and he made at the home and calling that priesthood and hung out talked the media sort kinda and walked. Gingerly of the club house here's what -- satellite can't be a blown out -- for the 22 seconds that he stood and talked to the media last night. In -- story you know when. I didn't feel any parts of it's that's that's a good sign if you. Want. Europe and I axis of it's not a question wounds. -- them tomorrow and an optimist. That interview -- my right. He didn't really pop she Adrian Gonzales has been saying that from days of the year but that doesn't get the injury expert here on the pan -- does that sound like a serious Achilles -- know it sounds like a recurrence of the heel injury where the Achilles attaches to the something he had 2010 -- the ice that. Maybe you'd take 23 days god knows they got. Plenty of replacement the ages and not as -- -- he has clearly none going to be close but. You know what. It could be one of those deals like Clemens used to have like they did for packet with the fake whatever -- collection of flu. -- social turmoil other -- ultra. Right and it. Given to keep strong for the stretch run and gun knows that worked well. So I think you're ready to go September I think it could be much -- she could beat Toronto who's gonna lose Posey put these to to it. Undated GG it was a year it look worse than that though what what I saw it it looked like it bent the wrong way like it broke like use wrist broke the blue jays say. There is no broken -- -- a tendon issue right which switches which we also are out Omar what apple does have an elegant to warn them -- That doesn't look good now and it's one of those things like no one that linger. And the auto love auto. He's up for four weeks or really what -- was to get seven knee surgery Newser credit that can't come back Corey Hart weeks. In his left -- of course is or anything else what else could be that he can have surgery in during the three weeks he's an ACL yeah. So they're gonna clean it out to you know but he will not be ready in three weeks if he is he's Russians is rushing back not that I care give -- -- about the red yeah. A lot of all the things that I've read and all the things that I've seen and all the things I've heard in preparation for the show one thing stood out. To me more than any other it was nick -- lead. In his Red Sox notebook peace in the globe. Slugger set for an MRI Tuesday is the headline about Ortiz Achilles tendon. Lead. Owner John Henry and general manager bench Harrington both raced. The Red Sox clubhouse after seeing David Ortiz in pain walking gingerly. The owner and the general manager. Raced to the club -- Warren. And I write -- that. Question I hope. There you know they'll racing Ford that ice pack and David can't be expected all that on all -- major sell seats respected. David is it they'd always the field disrespect it. They wrote she beat him to that their first yes and and and at the -- -- view and often times when guys proceed there. They're tall and if they notes series veterans. So grim and now this report Carl Crawford's case you say my elbows going to blow up any minute now. Could happen in a minute it. He made it through the game beef up the Morgan and Crawford made for the game yeah you and people are expecting. Another injury arm to fall off any minute now I don't know whether it's armor ankle -- years something buddies sticks he's one of those guys it's gonna. To be tough for our style -- field. The David Ortiz situation aside set that aside 'cause that was certainly disappointing. Did anything disappoint you at Fenway Park last night because most of it turned out pretty well. Nice ovation for you can. Acknowledged the crowd tipped his -- to -- skeptic is capped at a big night for himself didn't make any difference. Red Sox win the game took pitches welcome solace it's a home run out analysts future June 24 was the last already get up almost a -- pretty close to a month. Was -- disappointing about what took place at Fenway Park yesterday yeah. -- Pointing about what took place. No this is a trick question. Well the owners came out and denounced -- Jane they needed to do that that wasn't disappointing it would have been disappointing has gotten so that we -- they waited as long as they did and it kind of in a press release. Disappointing disappointing I guess I was hoping that that you quote fight back. Lou he didn't carpet bomb Bobby Valentine. On important. And the hoosiers really expect him to do that and I expect him but he wants to he'd like to. It's Bobby vee hello speak his mind. -- -- at this point he's too Smart he's moved on these and he knows that it would help in the big enough story and come back. In -- feud. With Valentine's big story without him during the plan might have been. He's he's not a bit of a role for you compared to the first part of the season when you read books. Is on -- -- to distract himself from this is all fired up does it out of his you know the good place that he is in an emotional guy I. Body was strikeout this first time upbeat he took two took one they swung and missed I said. He's he's -- route to ramp up in nice to have them you know heart is racing. And get that cheap single against it and collect -- progress she singled and both got off the option night there with a little cheap single. What you polish you know his heart was pounding innings and just don't win -- -- -- -- to bat on the ball. Reporters he have it is if you ever in your life watch baseball and -- -- 1943. -- Have you ever seen a guy. No battle harder Whitney jet that they always used that expression doesn't give away at that -- it doesn't take an app that lightly doesn't ever give up. I mean just -- it just makes I understand why he gets hit by so many pitches I wanna throw pitcher Adam when I'm watching and sometimes just chop and follow. Grind. Grind like no one I've -- -- -- his averages 89 pitches that audits that we can find that well whose job emotional pitches in the game last night of all the position players who came to bat. Who saw the most. Pitches by far. It has to be -- Kevin always and I believe he had 23 in the next closest was I'm not sure who. But nineteen or want we can look at the -- what -- three pitches he saw last night by far the most ancient battles is -- Slovakian twenty and and you want. Wanna be negative cause you know where were rose negative here that's how we get beat number seven number seven world. In the world -- are number seven in the world and indigenous -- in wolf between the bosses we've heard about congratulations. To. But Ramon -- and then Mike Nolan Dennis and Callahan all finished in the top 100. No mention of the show the finish in the top and on top ten top setup seven yet that we finished number seven he -- assume Maloney finished him for a but just right get hot it's just don't follow its team building yet. It's a team built like chuck I should do which I've walked a blocked off -- -- block block them. I was waiting for the next week to say they know highest. Ranked show in Boston. Amazing beat. I mean I'll look analysts shows we -- Joseph Morgan Tony court activity. -- Joseph Moore -- which shows he got some made. No I did have -- area at a talk show. It's like at the elite talk show and if it is -- Leo why don't we have sound from -- vehicle -- I've heard. Well won't get online and find out because if he has a daily talk show. The you know pass to beef Bosnian riveting and I used to be funny in in the man show that's just a it will hit 100 and and and they show all the shows and and generally it's it's like Mike and Mike Dennis and Callahan my -- it was a picture of Joseph Borg. So he's he's flying solo that's a good royal assault assault logos that JT the brick on the number nine eater so -- joked about Africa and important. Good question if -- -- -- -- who we need sound. Assessed to be performance art James you gotta get this for later today but honestly I've read a lot of stuff about the media have now and there's a mention of Joseph Moore who could still -- -- all over you know hole. Whips the awful announcing is he does afternoons on Randy Moss TV. -- -- -- -- -- -- priceless that has to be just. Vintage Joseph Morgan's stream of consciousness or. I hope that -- chimed in on Joseph Paterno. Now a -- he does them -- tax. And we will get that will do that must have been ethics bill -- wasn't that far off we got to be number seven by being negative -- moment keep -- right -- -- let's just -- You know what we're missing here and no one reason misses is. It's one of the pack in the race. Is only DC is only. 12345. Teams in front of now on the Lanka and it was six the other -- -- -- at times since they don't let them. And -- and made it really allows great. Kevin Youkilis. For next enough and they just. And the F aid yes -- little bridge isn't -- -- I'm Zach Stewart. I subjects -- protect the game amok -- mud buried him but. -- that -- they'd trade Kevin Youkilis three time all star who's 33 years old I know he was hurt. And though he was miserable so he started the season portly. They got 25 year old Zach Stewart and -- the -- they just cut and Red Sox also picked up. Five point five million of the six point six million Youkilis has left on this contract this season would be he's proud of this deal. -- -- would say way to go bad but -- about it just -- and we haven't thought about it we will wrap up the EU clueless and Bobby V if you and we were look at Ford will metal works here and girl for them to get it in itself yes these are all. Issues with the Red Sox or issues with the other when he -- know you tell me the only thing you get firm is these. -- nobody's one of mortgages cut. And you pay its entire contract this teams teams are desperately in need third baseman at first base and right yesterday goggles topless but others. He's retired almost he is a great -- A good OBP guy's guy that we -- last second. Battling his ass off playing good defense. In -- last year was -- generally. As we see with with Ryan Dempster motivated that something. Not always motivated -- you know but teams like that right it is off the books to this year there are a hundred teams in the race. Every cricket team that seems like -- -- Minnesota. Is in the pennant race. And the big question come up with is pay almost all the contract and get exact Stewart in exchange. And Sharpton. Did a really lousy job with as you close because he could've done in the offseason he got a lot more. Archie could have done in the offseason and got a team that whole thing now. -- or at least gosh -- I'd say at least 85 option up. It's daily news and it's that time where. -- -- us guide you you can explain to me all right guys from a market throughout this I don't number -- oversight when we are tight. But here's what I will say. Go back and read this -- analysis Kevin Youkilis when -- -- whatever -- body was done it was hurt everyone thought when he was hurt when he was miserable they thought he was done but it did anything you do let me give us -- anything he -- it's -- surprise -- -- do you think he was gonna -- that I -- an illicit. -- did -- did this I thought we would see from Youkilis out of the -- based on how he looked and acted and and he conducted himself in spring training. Here's what Uga Uga and we know it was an emotional guy a little too emotional for some people you know patiently to minister smack across the faces -- -- down we know it was hurt. What was the injury again -- him back back. We -- -- -- is very. But you're like -- with the we'll Carol Carol just peace. ESP -- industry. But we know he was hurt and we know he was not happy. Now you've played golf -- -- -- California couple times you know say you have a really bad thing. Snap on in the woods just happens and you throw down. If you blogs Boylan hearts race and you're generally not the best shape to. The next shot swing free and easy write or play the next hole Presidio fight with somebody on the course. You know somebody. Then there's that somebody hits in the U yeah yeah the next shot it and -- not -- incorrect -- test. He was pissed he was seething. This reasons he struggled here. And that's not prostitute to gauge that's for bench Eric in the gauges baseball people looked at the strategist the world trade again. As the guy looked at last night that you course. He's 33 he's not supposed to be washed up what I would say this don't you think Ben did his due diligence don't you think you burned up its iPhone. Calling different people saying how much what I have to pay of this contract eager to take. Yugoslav my hands and what to like get back. I mean I don't think he only talked to the White Sox not a thing to do that I don't think I've bomb should pretty moderate talk to Pittsburgh and some of Cleveland's well Cleveland again and again and kind of brought it may be all upset all of it. If all of them and and maybe the White Sox at. Almost all of it well. A couple things which could have done it in -- to much and gotten more secondly. We're not even close the deadline yet went two weeks away more than two weeks weigh in now had to get -- not -- Two weeks from tomorrow right from tonight. The -- first. Today's the 6070s. At my -- -- Appreciate it certainly -- to June to July I become still on. On the Lisbon time I have the world watches proposed to Lisbon as the Lisbon Lisbon time you do the math that's five votes ahead. The priest who's and three -- -- within a it's a spot so it's often held on the home. Why why didn't you and Bobby weren't getting along right -- things that the general manager has to handle. He has tips he has to forty didn't he was distracted in the offseason he was battling to get his guy in there when Larry was telling him and had to be Bobby -- -- literally maybe he didn't know Youkilis was the snitch or people thought he was this may -- didn't know the -- Acrimony between Beckett and and Kevin Youkilis may be was unaware of all that stuff pitcher right to the amount should -- -- gotten -- should've known. And I just think he was new and he was nervous and he was. Afraid to pull the trigger on a big deal. Is east my question then is EC -- deal because Boston Albany is tweeting that they have real interest in Ryan Dempster. That's a big ticket item. And again he's the last year was contract a -- You know he's on an unbelievable role are you buying and high for a guy who hasn't pitched in the jail wasn't listening L -- new York and Boston. Is is will that be a Smart mobile. I don't think it's going to happen think about this hot or they going to figure out. Get Ryan Dempster here when it took them the better part of what four months to figure out what the -- compensation would be so I think there. They do have a pipeline of the cubs though eminent to have different needs if there buyers the cubs certainly sellers. I think they will be that relationship it's going to be like the University of Florida and yet patriots it's going to be a pipeline. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- -- go somewhere. He's definitely some -- on somewhere why wouldn't they be favorites and doesn't the don't know what's in bands plus yes or should covered. -- -- this right do they know that and he knows he says -- for the goods in Zander Bogart's. More or someone that Barnes and Jackie Bradley. In name one stupid deal I think -- -- -- would be. Because it you just at the known to have the whole National League syndrome that's right that's the word about art Garza would be your choice but it wouldn't it. 61777. -- 0850 toll free 888525. Series fifty we'll talk with. Media maven from Chicago Tom share in the o'clock hour he can Phyllis and what's happening with the cubs and the White Sox and Youkilis and all things Chicago Boston related. Come. Text makes a good point we earlier said we were disappointed about one thing last night. Ortiz injury aside. Kevin Youkilis not carpet bombing Bobby Valentine action to the -- -- text -- -- your forgetting he's a Brady. Now. He does things -- raising my way now yes these media savvy media wise now he's a Brady. Is yeah Brady he's a -- may have something to do it. It almost in the house was. Not wearable items in Russia now in the L weird that you coolest thing that's not and up until but 92. Time out we'll tell you about Joseph Morgan's radio show week.

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