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Sheppard is not Happy About Penn State's Refusal to Remove the Paterno Statue

Jul 15, 2012|

Reports are that Penn St will not be removing the Joe Paterno statue on campus any time soon. Pete is fired up about it and thinks that is pathetic. Pete talks Paterno, his disbelief at how there could still be Paterno supporters out there, and gets into more Sox talk as well.

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Our first throw our -- -- -- -- Toyota clock tonight on day. WEEI sports Saudi Red Sox went seven to three early today -- game over 500 again 617779. Jury deputy. 03888525. Missouri effective Verizon sell -- how WEEI. And tweet me as well he shipped three to six Texas City 5850. Lots of ball golf lots of -- to get to with the Red Sox big series coming up Kevin Youkilis. And the White Sox are returned Fenway Park tomorrow night a big four game series against the team that can actually. Hit the ball a little bit in the Chicago White Sox not like Tampa Bay. But awesome adjusting pitching matchup as I said as of right now as far as I know -- -- against. I'd -- axle rod Leicester vs Philip. Number of jokes to Brock -- or ticket tax and Franklin Morales against Jake Peavy so. Very very interest being -- -- -- there as well I case you missed it earlier if you missed the ESP outside a lot report early today. The university's trustees at Penn State to decide to keep -- Joseph Paterno statue outside beaver stadium standing. At least for the -- preacher over some trustees hope to never tear down this is from report just to throw this out there as well look at that the discussion with a Red Sox in this. Because having a lot of people mysticism not a part came out today this is new new stuff. Quote you can't let people stampede you into making a rash decision trustee said. The statue represents the good that Joseph did it doesn't represent the bad that he did. Although some trustees said the discussions Thursday -- body board meeting it's great NPA. They believe the statue eventually would have to be torn down or almost quickly. -- consensus that should remain standing in the coming weeks and months trustees and a person briefed on their discussions said. Now some trustees went even further and insisting that Paterno statue outside beaver stadium state college never should be removed quote -- -- to stay up. And another trustee quote we have to let a number of months past and will address it again but there's no way no way it's just not. Coming down. I'd just I'd think that is absolutely. Just awful should have already been torn down already. So what parents they want this for months and months and months have passed like the years like decade and and several years went by before they actually did something about. A man and his who who raped. Children for over over a decade. Recovered got up another want to wait if you want to help you forget about it no one's ever gonna forget about -- Folger WEEI Angelos and -- Angela. Yeah I don't -- -- out my to have a government that wanted on -- we all know. That the management and the all in the ownership over the plains to the play the -- is gonna get what goes on that in that locker room. Valentine never going to be himself. I -- guarantee it. Well I mean that's not actually true because Larry Lucchino was the one it's one of brought John Valentine -- -- John about the Bobby Valentine and not bad -- debt charge it -- it was. I felt I wasn't destroyed so I disagree the united dealership like Bobby Valentine. We're delighted to be able to me is like deal. It's that's good question. It's a very good question that's that's we've been asking ourselves bill all your -- that's why this team is still a 500 team in one calendar year dating back to last July 15. Exactly my next point. Josh Beckett yeah at the stopping him -- seen it before -- -- got one good stat but it goes Doug rose three clunkers. Okay this is just the I think it's important to him and let that. You know buckle was good last night but I wanted to little -- him I think it's a -- -- mobile what anybody says and you know. Lot longer ago thanks for call in July mean like I said this is a very weak hitting team one of the worst hitting team to baseball. That they face these last three days I wanna see what nicoderm now now let's see what happens against the White Sox against Toronto against the Yankees against Texas against Detroit. Right because -- the creep up pretty Leipzig -- way now gone off a little while here's Tom and put -- up next here on WEEI it's up. What what I'm all right thanks Donald and bring bring it -- glad. Bet you that they should be director in the foundation of -- and eight and well. I agree it's and I totally agree but -- -- a lot about normal walk on this around this. Reggie because you get these delusional board of trustees over there that's still think that the stop talking about. All the good that Joseph dead that's stuff has all this good has been in race. That. That they can they keep. Paul all spoke little -- get dagger in it and walked albeit indirectly. Well I'm in thanks -- call -- -- just just that they need to do the right thing and then you could talk about my other thing was. People to put the big gray area should -- at Penn State get the death penalty as well and the way I look at it is two ways one. You give the death penalty you gotta give a -- for at least five years of football program. Wore my other solution is fine you want a football program to continue that's fine. The next fourteen years because that's all along we've known about this scandal this coverup that went up fourteen years. Probably a hell of a lot longer than that of what we know now fourteen years. The next fourteen years every single ounce of net revenue that comes into that school on that football program most directly. The families are the victims and the families. That's all I see it. If you shut the program down to five years in my opinion the death penalty have to be at least five years or you'll every outs of revenue. From that football program the next fourteen years rose to the victims their families and maybe set up some legitimate. Legitimate. Charity. Where the money actually -- go to -- -- -- that a cart next here on WEEI Kevin. Although I do you know to get back and then thanks my friend. A little upset about have -- -- eagerness I was additional -- -- let and I hit it to be trusted that's one thing but. In boulders so publicly announcing it thank you know -- upset everybody you know and have to come down eventually right. Well not according to them as one board of trustees says it will never -- quote there is no way no way it's just not coming down. But I think eventually. The -- tools some students will just take it down. I think it I think it has to -- -- it's a disgrace -- -- off any parent. Send their child to that university. Or they're young adult of that university right now the first in the AC is that statue of Joseph Paterno. What the number one finger held up I mean I I just on the high you don't get six years comic. I hope you can look you can -- -- -- program down I mean that essentially what I would like to see happen -- -- the idea that put them on that video that we should fairway. And then they -- to -- the money out that's the next fourteen actually opened and he wanted to go and there's no doubt about it. All right I agree I agree but I -- I I really die I have my doubts that the NCAA is gonna step -- shut down the program I really do -- I really do what's on for it's unfortunate. There's a lot of gray area there and all the arguments for invading -- the innocence of -- all that stuff but you know what the death penalties happened before several other schools. For help a lot. But I would close these kind of violent atrocities of the current apparent state okay and it was shut down approach has been shut down two years in three years at a time. From four for you know Ricky -- violations this is. The most heinous. -- That you could ever. -- -- happen you know the abuse and the reaping of of little boys over fourteen year period I was covered up allowed by the most powerful man. And the most ball command on that campus and Joseph Paterno one of the most powerful men in the state of Pennsylvania Jerry sequentially up next here -- WEEI Jerry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- this home culpable the is does this does reveal. And -- paternal camp. Put. 23 considerations. Are you don't have to take in consideration at the you should both people simply go look at the whole bowl X-Factor. That he -- solemn. In his late seventies. And the fact that. The people world. What are the these. -- they did these these tar him. And I'm not picking up ground saying why -- why should everybody be worried or should he be reached total responsible people posts on. Also what Jerry sandusky is ultimately they're the biggest jerk and not a jerk he's or he's gonna burn in hell. I'm Joseph Paterno is the most powerful -- on the campus and I go to an -- could have prevented that from a long time ago. A long time ago he did he stood by because he did not watch his own reputation. And the bad publicity of the school all factored in. All factored and so -- he sacrificed. The rape of little boys over over a decade for his own ego and and for the the the reputation of the school it's pathetic. Do do do you think as a his problem believe me I'm not to come up -- Joseph Paterno I'm just saying it is small possibility that is some sort of command should it. It was sitting in with him or else something about this -- funeral that. Jerry and go on for a four year for over a decade it's -- it's only that since 1998 that we know about. I think we'd all be a little naive to think that all of a sudden Jerry sandusky started -- of little boys when he was era in 1998. I mean I started a charity a believer 1977. I think that's I'd I'd rather stark there. You know the fact that it's a will be what we know about his 1998 just it's just absurd -- in Quincy up next here on WEEI Chris. -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't agree with you ready for that -- particular Tibetan saying all the atrocities. Are no longer are capable company. If that's their call it to keep the statue up. About the fact that we're just produced an object that. It's not there -- That's that it's horrible I mean that's -- this is why I think we were always in the early stages of all this stuff because I think. Politicians are gonna step in whether that's good -- bad probably bad idea. But they already got 209 million dollars in donations are not specifically for the football program watcher of the money is doled out at Kent State. But they've already gotten 209 million dollars what the donations are much sure. -- -- when I understand the actual number of people that have donated. Has that gone down and a one have been a big part of that donation came from the Buffalo Sabres owner and it was like 89 million. But -- it is just the fact that this mentality. Even the slightest residue of that type of mentality exists. On that campus with people of the board of trustees. And that they they still are in denial. It's still just coming out and just saying my god. We sat around for over fourteen years and this guy and his -- Joseph Paterno and the top people top brass at Penn State knew that little boys are being molested. And we didn't do anything about it. And I agree that you think about that the display scored the technically a government agency app that's been a -- station -- the child that they care. It kicked out. Absolutely. Element here here slave that. That dominate the step they take control all or what sounds like a delusional governing bodies -- -- you but he didn't find your pain of course I'm. -- -- -- You want everyone you know any but it sounds like to me that some of the constituents at. -- -- -- Don't realize the crime to -- that if they think that we that the statue like a first down at everybody that they now at eight at -- budget they shut. They keep using the word missed I hear people Matt Millen people like Bill James that idiot. Who made those ridiculous comments -- -- picture be fired on them and -- the Red Sox haven't publicly mates and kind of a comment yet about the ridiculous statements he made yesterday. To Doug Gottlieb. On ESPN radio I'm just I'm blown away by it. Supporting Joseph Paterno just -- living in denial. But people keep using the word that a supporting Joseph Paterno once the -- and it's a small minority but that's still up there that keep used the word mistake it's and I said that yesterday just aggravating. A mistake is two plus two is five. This guy. Let. Again we all know he did he stored around because did not want to -- his own reputation the reputation of the school as stood by. Knowingly knowing that little boys were getting raped by this freaking disgusting. Metafile Jerry sandusky. Stored around for over a decade I knew about it and they covered up. And there's still knock heads a -- state. And guys like Matt mail delivered in denial another guy should never be allowed back on the -- ESPN again. They'll still supporting to some degree are still leaving Joseph Paterno that he's not ultimately ought to blame after sandusky what everybody in the planet knows -- -- years.

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