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Joe Castiglione with Bobby Valentine before the final game of the Rays series

Jul 15, 2012|

Joe talked with the Sox manager about Scott Atchison's trip to the DL, and about last night's topsy-turvy loss.

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Well -- it's getting to be incredible. Another day another roster move necessitated by yet another injury. What's not quite an injury you know Scott Atchison. Well played catch today as he did yesterday just felt a little tight and you know we probably can use and in the game today and tomorrow and I just don't wanna go assured there's so. You know we'll give him a nice two week rest where will make sure he's -- ready for the rest of the season and says. That is always up to take its take his place. Better news Adrian Gonzales gonna try it today yeah agents. You know in the weight room right now -- -- matter of the medical room. They said that the spasms have bowl. Left and he's gonna take batting practice that we have to make a late scratch we will but. As it is right now seasonally. How about Ryan Sweeney years who we were surprised he was not available to pinch hit last night with a hamstring problem. Well yeah he came up with hamstring yesterday and says when I talked to enter any game he says it says. It only makes quick quick movements it spasms. Campbell island. You know we we can't afford for him to pull -- hamstring so. You know again we're gonna mess to begin today will call Crawford be back tomorrow. I've heard that there's that she -- he he's in Boston but I haven't done any official notice. And course I wouldn't assisting other roster move probably with a position player. Well I think you know you keep people employed when you make piece of paper moves and in all that and we're just trying to help about the economy the best that weekend yeah. Or what Bobby last night certainly a tough one a Clay Buchholz pitched so well and it was a shame that that. The walk and hit batsman ended up costing me game. Yeah I met a couple walks after that but. You know he pitched extremely well that's the best command of his fastball and he says he would be a good changeup and -- blow it and you know as it turns out they they hit Batman lose another one of those who really hit the bad it didn't hit the hitter at all but you know that's that's all in the Academy Awards division of MLB and and they get away with -- Keppinger yes and the walked -- we -- sleazy -- really hurt the Red Sox in the past they need that did set up a double play with -- softly catcher. Yeah units then he needed there's no way you play the infield in and and have a and RBI producer. You know and take your shot -- I don't think and and you know what that did the at bat again at 22 pitch is probably strike very in the instead of his -- and then. We got -- or read that walked in around so. You know it's just a game of inches and my little things go your way. You get a streak to really get on one today. Josh Beckett goes today do you think the extra rest he had that will be helpful well he's pitched well -- cigarettes in the past and you know going entity. Last week of the season. This is what it is looking forward to -- he immediately get an all star break plus plus days and you know we're looking forward to a good performance we need him to. As James Shields is pitch very well against. Boston although he has given up a lot of hits -- leads the league this year. Yeah he's you know he's crafty pitchers securities. Very good out there. I think we can that be patient in his off speeds but it if we do that -- will get -- Army said he's -- question of the day for the manager Bobby -- grocery Arco. But it on his own in the eighth inning last night popped out that what daily Wadey giving hitter in regards to Bunning for basis. If it's part of your program you know -- He's the guy tries to ten times and gets four hits out of it that means he's 400 that are. You know you gotta give a guy an opportunity to do it for. You know ten times and NC. You know how how old efficiency is a mean it's part of his program and you know with the third baseman playing back users man on second base he can't charge -- one papers seized the the -- If he puts it down we're gonna have a first and third situation -- up to the races as it turned out eight the. To elect today about a -- thank you. Our question with a manager was brought you buyer Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers that Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers were limited time lease and finance operating. On select models on the web at MB USA dot com but hurry because just like summer these shoppers won't last. John.

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