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Bobby Valentine with Joe Castiglione before the second game at Tampa Bay

Jul 14, 2012|

Joe talked to Bobby about Clay Buchholz's return from the DL, and about in-game strategies.

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I think they buckles gets the ball tonight that what's the corresponding roster move. Moral Gomez who played so well Boris. At third base and -- -- will be sent back to triple play it and you know he's a real pro he knows he has some things work -- and then I would be surprised to see him back here for the years over. What did you expect from play buckles in terms of the pitch count currently. You know when you have these things in the middle of the season. Blakely publicly and he has three weeks off it is a little doubt of what he he gave you but. You know he gets on a roll at not like the first game spring training you can you can leave about their two. Pitch some innings and hopefully you will be able to do just that. Adrian Gonzales out of the lineup again and it's a back issue this time. That's what it was yesterday actually and yeah what are you gonna try to keep the spasms of -- away from them. From -- occurring in. You know rest them a little tonight and hopefully before long he'll be he'll be fine line. And it's Brett -- little -- first base what are some of the other options while Adrian is out and Gomez on Welker -- -- Big Papi out there. He can he can Lakers. You know it aired this Saltalamacchia is taken some ground Boston days and Nick Punto at some. Supporters. How do you look at this Tampa Bay club their little banged up 20 but they can still pitch and I to get that are real ace David Price. Yeah he's been pitching extremely well to -- just coming back from the all star game and you know we got to hit pick out of pitcher to -- centered up and see if we can bunch bunch of hits because. They're used Leah. Only a few in the game and and hopefully we'll we'll get a mall at one time. Joseph Maddon sometimes that makes him unorthodox move yesterday walking. Ortiz with a runner at first entered out of that a first and third intentional walk out with Gomez behind -- but you probably anticipated those engine. Yeah you know and it was -- -- behind him one time we had. Adrian out on -- as a kind of a deep attuned to see what he would do and he started to pitch to David he threw two pitches and then. Decided to lock them -- Adrian on deck. He left his lefty Ender in two did to pitch in the game and and I thought I really had the upper hand would that would that -- cemented though plays so. Tuesday and Allen seemed to work for Joseph. Do you like going against the guy another manager who is unorthodox in this and things. Thanks and works outside the box. Well absolutely I think you know I think you have to be. Unpredictable. Went when you're doing things in and flip side of that is. Every player wants to be predictable and you know every sports -- wanted it. And do everything according to detail -- so it's it just think Joseph has that. You know an environment here with a bunch young players at that he's developed and then they kind -- like to do it his way in and it's a good look actually. -- Arco is defies logic what he's done that. He. As the second highest batting average of all time personality through 35 games at first Red Sox player with three straight three hadn't stolen base and each game. How do you believe in spring training that this is incredible. Yeah I I didn't think he'd be getting three hits a game but I think he can still basically. You know his butt which was a bang bang play at Peppers basically that those things are always going to be around his at bats have been good though and and you know when he uses the whole the whole field is pretty good player. We had opportunities there with the Pirates and was. -- Arizona before that what do you think -- has changed that has made him so much better. Well again I think we're seeing Amanda's best so. And we saw him hit 400 spring training so it's not just a fluke. I think he's just developed into a little better player than that he was in the back. Last night day use the bullpen extensively in that it worked well and same thing tonight everybody available. Yeah ruins of. Global. You know that's out there and all we'll have some. Additional help is needed with says some of the guys that since we're in a six man rotation. We have guys who are well rested. And body that's our manager's question of the day you Mercedes-Benz question of the day yet. Is it a five man rotation to six man rotation or something that. Will be decided -- Belonged to the way I see it right now we're. Pitching six people out of out of the chute but I don't think that will rotate. You know we we have to get another arm in the bullpen. Before long and you know after after we get through six will. Decide how to filter that out. All right Bobby good luck tonight. 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