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Pete Sheppard calls for Bill James' job after Paterno comments

Jul 14, 2012|

After Bill James appeared on ESPN Doug Gottlieb show and supported Joe Paterno, Pete goes off on the Red Sox senior advisor and says that the Sox brass should fire him - immediately.

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-- here -- what what Bill James said too adult ESPN radio said Doug I believe dubbed Doug Gottlieb a little bit. A little bit later on. Stunning stunning. That the only person from the Red Sox up on offers are. Wherever -- like to say he's he's the as senior advisor on baseball operations for the Red Sox it's -- outspoken it's about. It's about sandusky and defending Joseph Paterno and absolutely embarrassed himself a firework. The Red Sox ownership by tell discuss the shut the bleep up immediately before dodger team even more damage for PR standpoint here's -- -- Quincy up next here on go to Riyadh Jim. I don't want Jim how are you. Enjoyed what idiot this week and I'm gonna -- I would sure like the guy -- -- While that they doesn't mean it is a great job and I just -- this guy -- take it day by day Jim just to invest that Kim what's on the mile. Blah blah that's why I cited by you should take that job but but anyway yes I have to stick up for the the Red Sox ownership. Anyone and I had to say they didn't -- -- -- get a note I don't upbeat prospects. It brought -- to World Series. Number Jim Jim Jim Jim this is let let's we don't have to do preamble. Every time one -- Red Sox ownership what has been done in the past we all get that. I've we've done really time they've done as much as they can't put that ball park. I had that brought championships yes I agree. I'm talking about right now it's great to have staged a show up and they sing praises that since we Carolina Evans on. When they're waiting they had this organization -- has not faced this kind of -- season. Like this. And they are they are shying away from it. They're gonna sending out letters to all the peek -- France embarrassing letters. -- on the topic I don't know I know. Well -- not to say that. Like I know about or they they they the other -- make a lot of mistakes lately but I wonder at what what does he get rid of respect Dustin Pedroia chimneys of that well. It can be. -- Iraq should be elected at least not like. Are now combined -- c'mon let's be realistic c'mon Jim. -- Orderly and her I don't look he's been hurt but he's also been the tradition is slow start has come on strong the second half via what are just been -- Jimmy has been. Eagle -- every cabinet -- you're lately he's been years that he can rightly or wrongly. Draw. But that mop he's look at this he's got -- -- that -- and quality product. To me in the bank like the airport and -- I -- -- don't ought to get what the apple. Meanwhile though you're as you -- -- get a thanks for college get back wishers and he says apparently -- is inherently -- the herd is aback leaning over. So. But it out Dustin Pedroia you know you could say which is that the guy is if there's if there's a heart and soul left -- team it's -- -- -- -- like some things you said this year no. But these the last guy I'm worn by as far as playing hard. And all that and and all that stuff. Let's -- Dustin Pedroia. -- to doubled in 2008 to 83 eloquently of the numbers. Glitzy. 2007. 317 2008326201990s. To 2010 to radiate. 2011 Treo seven I mean it's just say -- bad years of rumors is that crazy. Our -- guys wanna play. We got it now from. Book was -- -- the last -- missed -- yesterday or earlier today how much are trying to -- exact date but it was in the last in the last 24 -- Bill James. Was a guest on ESPN radio show on Doug Gottlieb ESPN radio show and talking about. Jerry sandusky Joseph Paterno ago. It's very hard in fact I think it's impossible. To explain why Paterno. Should have been first to go to -- I -- Paterno didn't see anything. Paterno would not reporting authority. But it send rescue did not work for Paterno Paterno had no supervisory authority over and -- it. It is extremely difficult to explain why it was the turn those responsibilities go to please. He was he knew less about it and it everybody else there. Oh okay well here's where I would dispute that -- James joining us on ESPN radio two things one. No one is -- in state college then Joseph Paterno thanks so. Well there it would do all job and I -- -- All actual event that sticky thing. You're saying everything revolved around camp it's total nonsense. He he would not be he had very few allies. He was isolated. And he was not. Nearly as powerful as people imagine him to appear in any airport sources. What are you know they kept this thing quiet for a decade he was -- yeah. These corner then that's what the free report says is there anything you know there's there's there's built in if there's a correspondent. Free report concludes but that's that's not what I concluded based on the information to conduct milieu. They kept it quiet because they had no idea what would happen. And it was a mistake. They should have got that staying here at the university president made the decision not go to the recent that was in the state. The but. They made that mistake because they had no concept of what what's after they didn't suspect it was happening they didn't. They just thought they were dealing with a little misunderstanding at. -- now. I stand by my point. It wouldn't -- overly harsh and maybe. -- James should be fired. Right now fired. Fired. Bill James. Fired. Those comments. You talked about a public relations issue yawkey way with a baseball team go to major issue with this guy because. Delusional number one wrong just absolutely. He talked about. There's never been a more obvious cover up entry well known for a few months. But Joseph Paterno absolutely that was one of -- the highest -- and state what the highest what was one of the highest public officials in the entire state. Some people said more powerful than the governor. All my goodness gracious. And Red Sox are OK with that. Is that I mean I'm sure at a much simple James street rescue organization not -- that at all. But. That is suggest it's just push those remarks go -- and argue. Shame on you what you do lose a slide -- to figure that out Muppet those things I mean. Unbelievable. Just gets worse and worse -- PR standpoint from the Red Sox. When your senior vice drug baseball operations goes on national radio and humiliate himself by defending Joseph Paterno. Who I at least a black over a decade and knowingly. And I know about. Many many children being molested and did nothing about it. Disgusting Justin made up next here on WEEI Jeff. -- I don't wanna thank god I'm thinking Vietnamese and not at all it's cracked by the supplement our guys the guys lacked. Anyways I speak about it and gusty. Become yeah he's got a long time to -- president. And think about this stop and I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised. That a story can get dust off and even open up another can of worms mark my word no somewhat stop. It's gone on there. And entertainment from the -- -- not why didn't anybody say anything because they'll start the -- asking you something more like whatever. And I'm I'm not that there's out of stop but he knows. It probably rat on somebody open your debt that aren't quite well and keep and company. Well I agree I agree with your part about and I said this the last couple weeks and the New York Times this is just the beginning. This contract this contract that was being a negotiated renegotiated during the source at -- at the buckle. The fact that they were gonna give him in over three million and have the Jetta -- was spam -- and all this money and did have to pay back loans. This stuff is -- only the -- believe me and it go ahead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple was going on them besides conducting door he was too little boy. Pretty much know some of the ball you know turn all and all the other item launch or there that you saw the body -- just not missed. -- on down. And who knows what is. Why don't I don't know just something on a specific except to the school and the program and that's where all this wise that's why they demeanor is all hush money in the conspiracy to keep -- quiet because there were more interest it. And reputation other own egos and the schools and reward the safety. Of young men and boys were being molested on a daily basis for over a decade. Exactly directly and I agree you got to -- I just repeat that he knows there's -- public didn't stop but he knows. That never actually got to Kamal. But I don't I don't disagree to Jeff affects the call to get the rest of that stuff from mark Gottlieb and this is that the last part of it with the Bill James for the yeah. Would dugout -- ESPN radio. The child in shower with a man who was previously investigated for sexual improprieties isn't that enough they wanted to go -- -- and it's not. If you ever -- inaudible it. And he had bad you don't deal anyone who showered with a young really young man who they were not related to was that there's was not their young son. -- yes that was actually quite common in the town where I grew up. And it's quite common in most of America forty years ago. -- it's at forty years ago this is 2001. -- want to -- and I. While. On believable a couple of Texas 617. Glitzy. -- -- This is discussing the rest suction put out a statement distancing themselves from bill james' personal opinion I don't want this creep -- and a talent armed with via. I'm with yeah they should he would talk about a letter bishop put out a letter. And -- a much sentence antibodies in the Red Sox organizational themselves I looked at you perfectly clear. But the fact of the matter is. The team that is so PR conscious and paranoid but the Red Sox are bought every little thing this. There's a huge black guy in my opinion on your organization. To not have some kind of disciplinary action of what this fool. Who goes out and defend Joseph Paterno any way shape performed there is no more defense for Joseph pot. That's stature should have been Dow and the and demolished already and it hasn't been. Unbelievable.

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