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Larry Luchino's open letter to fans misses the mark to say the least

Jul 13, 2012|

Kirk Minihane and Michael Holley dissect the Larry Luchino open letter to fans and wonder if the Red Sox really think their fans are that stupid? At least Kirk does anyway.

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One of those who do you work goes Saturday generally ask you at the end of the day -- Yeah so all you gotta do bullets or. Live view hours on Friday. To get out early colonel you're answering machine you should feel pretty good. It's a really good idea. You don't have the love your boss if you doctor actually love your bosses about your boss. You know her boss comes in and sit. Actually do wolf. That are. Currently it's at times I'm okay. -- those Tommy bahama shirt and light where it was a bit of Bockwoldt. If Jimmy remuneration are ordinary Wear and he's wearing sandals. Wears sandals at the polyester pants and these -- these -- goes through direct. Those -- -- go to -- -- -- he does like you're sweatshirt that oh yeah. Oh yeah I can have tricky right to your rated. -- furloughs wardrobe all. -- And you know can -- can own this place I could of owned. How would be cool boss. I'll be cool. Every day weeks can afford it. Long hours on four days no work on Friday Mikey would be outraged by. That situation or maybe. Because I am I am maybe -- work on -- Anyway. Architectures are coming over some ideas here are free floating Friday call it open bar Friday. Call it three base Friday if you're dealing with some people who now. Replace for an prepares for a rebate that is that's a vote. I have been under the influence. -- cocaine on the mile. I can't do that so the Red Sox don't like Bobby Valentine and we'll talk about that would top -- Gordon needs and we'll also get into a few other things. One I can't believe how much traction in this dream team story is getting. We're dream team debate or talk exactly two verses 2012. But sort of rest to yesterday to make sure -- But all these guys wearing any Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley is weighing an idea from Kobe Bryant now in his past Cuba -- throughout their. Those guys and I can understand why are really protective -- that's that's the greatest team ever assembled again -- understand. You have to work that hard to be protective of it and most brands are protective of them for them. It's young generational generation I think the younger younger crew in the twenties I think one lead this team has -- and beat UT which is of course Ludacris. You to watch that game last night. Owner of the Dominican Republic. It's really watch the game and we really were fired up about fifteen minutes US vs Dominican Republic. It's been that they -- watch orbit of the dominance of Hollywood to we'll talk about that if you want to. Also available. For discussion. Larry Lucchino has sent out a very passionate. Well written letter. -- season ticket holders get you off fired up about the second half of the season. Yeah look at joint. I don't know well out of a period beginning. As across the midpoint of our 2012 season we thank you for your loyal support thus far. -- -- The -- already or what do we met many of you what our new spring home jetBlue park that was shot out already. Promotion -- jetBlue park -- fairways out. Every -- more acquaintances as he opened the 100 anniversary season at Fenway Park. We sense that from the stalls to touch you. And we hope to continue to celebrate this special anniversary from time to time throughout the year. Our play on the field has at times tested the mettle of the faithful. It could be maddening one day and -- the next day along the way. We have seen our bullpen jail. That's it's gonna go at. Sign me up the ball -- Richard. We have watched the team -- lasts. Into a close group. CE SPN boston.com. Of the united their hatred and Eads -- Gordon. Just on the big show at 305. Personalities are enhancing the chemistry. What does that cheerful Cody Ross. You actually. Cuts that aren't edited. The friendly. I've played. -- -- ago and the inspiring story of -- -- mama. Gerald Saltalamacchia. Has -- power in the clutch worthy of an all star. And that's good talent -- -- middle Brooks forced its way into the lineup. We bade farewell. -- gratitude. The Kevin Youkilis who helped us win two world champions of -- goes on we'll get -- more of this neighborhood can have Robert Kraft. And for a special reading of the rest the rest of this letter. Oh my -- these guys the -- no angry -- somebody come back on one of these shows here and talk to -- -- because this doesn't work this is again. Treating fans like their absolute morons I mean do any fan Michael -- ticket holder with a baseball IQ over forty. Read this thing -- -- are you aware of and you -- earlier IQ doesn't matter dammit don't go to our Q as a measure of intelligence because you told me. Low IQ people are not that not necessarily diamonds sides to note that if it infected partner -- If you're -- -- you're spending how much is an average season ticket a lot of money. You read about be cheerful Cody Ross. For 4343. Team in the -- of the bullpen in the friendly might they -- -- You wanna throw. No pun intended brick for a television set your -- depends on the -- but to me and the number I mean at treatise on a I even think Larry's -- -- -- I can't stand Larry adding that. I can just and Larry. You can't stand it why -- you stand -- not to Bosnia that you just don't like your bosses you. All mean a whole Larry stuff like this with Larry dressed like I was what's the -- like Cody Ross I would sure I'd like Cody Ross a lot of again as economists cheerful. I liken -- when a column dirt dog humanoid in May -- that that -- belongs to somebody else you have to pay to use. Cody Ross is the kind of guy you like to watch play baseball means got a little slack to. Cody Ross. Got that -- that the dirty baseball player he's a little grimy he's a grinder quite cheerful guy coming out -- cheerful but that's not really liked it it was friendly. I don't know I if he is Emmett Pugh works differently based -- your friendly baseball player means if you try to -- the under the heading. No we get the last get the last out he tosses the ball into the stands that means that ire at doctorates are excited a lot of autographs usage yet or 4343 -- you know what. And you park chip itself at them jetBlue park at them myself -- that's been said that they appear. -- -- -- That's all the fans here is hundredth anniversary jetBlue park myself. And cheerful Cody -- about some believe god let's hear from you guys six point seven -- organizer 52038885. -- 550 let's talk to Chris. Chris is in Connecticut was our Chris were. -- -- -- Hey good afternoon guys meant -- -- -- by the Red Sox and then sent out if you don't mind. That's okay. Okay Red Sox -- just glad. The access code you're you're -- of a percent correctly you said that and turned -- corner and they are not at all in the player's corner is that possible since. What's but also the sense that. I. Mean it is at the ball and could choke and and why they decided that it liked among talk about the core players here are pictures but you go console port. And I am both eight and you know not agree with me I'm using the war anchor OK let's stop and say look at them they're perhaps app for. Because literature into Bob Beckett and Lester with the track record -- -- -- over Austria or years of -- -- -- located -- -- Like you know cabinet at the season that there -- which is -- sent -- and they don't have any major injuries -- You did you call the other -- say this you know but some of these things that you. Yeah I had -- time and again it didn't I just think. I think. The issue I didn't think they're at in the net when they want to interview coach I'm tired -- They -- yeah I just think this I think that. If Josh Beckett tanking it is he just selectively tanking and I'm off Beazer is because that -- -- little -- -- just -- out there it says today he gets up in the morning and says. Today's of them go out in tank it in trying to lose in the -- of baseball. How does that work well. I don't know what they're all right I know they're -- -- who I look you know. Be found and shut it I'll open it's obvious. You know in the market it would guarantee contracts. -- going to panic. You could I -- I know you are being the only I'd be ten years ago things that your -- got these multimillion dollar guaranteed contract. And we can't a court reporter shot -- out. And that's what it epidemic and pick it. -- come up with another. Big interpret -- point -- them and get right now is to understand don't -- but I sure. I didn't say that they should not do anything -- Penn State for all it's the most so ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Hussein. Hussein have for the most part again -- of you who originated -- Go to that gives moreover contrary I think most people on this have. Have endorsed. You like yeah like I as as a contrarian opinion observed for the most part I think most people of the doors. Shut at least shutting down Penn State football for a year or two. I think it should be to hear why and then again we'll quickly. You know into it thanks. I -- -- -- partly that they want the public shouldn't come out because of the money machine that they the ATM machine they have run out there it's an effect on -- then in effect recruiting. -- lot of motivation. Of the primary motivation. It's Google Agassi ED YE -- beats paying but he also. Are on the record all along that all time record edu and haven't. It was named him a statue behind every bill that I -- it would you name it. And you want to beat you at the all time NCA -- What what are called actress I think I think that's correct that you wanted to do that and I think he wanted to have the job forever we clearly want the job forever. Yeah I mean was 85 is an -- he -- -- they would let only the only reason not even lung cancer. May made him say it's time ago. In lung cancer. And he was gonna stay on the job until he died. -- noticed this earlier is only last November we're having debates about whether or not turn should be allowed to -- the final games of last season. After -- broke it's amazing we're actually having that debate at that time Natalie Miller. -- uncle Wayne Wesleyan and less to do -- it did there's more good stuff. -- -- -- To set the table there with -- would be looking at all. You know pros there's much more. Good stuff from Larry Lucchino you've got here including. A great reference. You the varsity. And varsity squad that's -- there's the -- the varsity is coming up the calvary the varsity. More beautiful -- warming up to. Well the first thing Monday morning. It. And. I'm sure glad I taught me. Zoom -- Now most of its players. I'm still -- want to think. We will explain how effective and we'll explain these references. And a second I mean this is. It's just him it's just. Mind blowing it really is mind blowing you never would think that. Monday it would be a slower. But in some quarters Monday we believe the word Monday. It was like I tell -- this. As a black person. I think electric insular Morgan also just assess progress. -- I it all these years if somebody was saying Monday to get a thought they were talking about Monday they're actually talking about something else. We'll explain that later spoke. Somebody. Pointed out that -- -- -- put all these phrases for what we're gonna call this reform Friday. In -- it is. Just call it what it is it's a free ticket Friday. Three ticket Friday a chance to win free Red Sox tickets next hour and next hour as we told you before. Gordon needs will be joining us to talk about the story. Where everybody in the Red Sox clubhouse players and coaches allies alike. Apparently can't stand Bobby Valentine. Now we have -- the topic out there on FaceBook whose idea take the players Bobby sees an overwhelmingly so far on our FaceBook page. People are saying Bobby V -- no one really -- the year. Athletes complain about their boss or these -- yet -- but the boss after. What happened last year correct when when you have a September you had your 4343. You die your manager fired nobody Bobby V could be running a sweatshop in the players getting that fifteen cents a day. And most fans would still say flat but hey there's and that's the way it is Tito yeah. They don't wanna hear about any kind of entitled players complaining about the workplace. Now we get back to more of this email before the phone calls more of this email from. Larry Lucchino to season ticket holders of good stuff here. And the government -- thank. The one constant on the field has -- our beloved. Big Papi David Ortiz. How thrilled we weren't that are gregarious leader reached the 400 home run plateau and a career. That we hope will forever be with the Red Sox. David Ortiz said can -- get out and put some more zeros on there and I give me some more years and now you're the Red Sox forever. The one costs and off the field is that we have a we have had he veritable all star team on the disabled list. As we begin the second half we look forward to the return of the varsity. Including Jacoby Ellsbury Carl Crawford Andrew Bailey and that ever dirty Dustin Pedroia. While this infusion of such talent and late July may make other general managers green with envy. You can be sure that bench Harrington and his baseball operations that will approach the July 31 trading deadline with their tireless work ethic. If someone can further help this club in at the deal makes sense we will be aggressive. We want to play October baseball this year. Meanwhile as -- come to Fenway Park throughout the season we hope you'll come early. The secret to fully enjoying this -- me. Now a living museum Fenway Park probably leads the league and bronze plaques in commemorative displays along the concourses. Enjoy that match your leisure early well before the escalation of excitement. As game time approaches and as always if you have reactions suggestions or ideas that meet the ballpark experience even better we invite you to send him to. Fan feedback at Red Sox dot com by the way cartman yeah. If we are your neighborhood were visit. During acts of kindness month this month this is acts of kindness that's right now please come over and say hello nobody told you -- -- -- up -- -- We enjoy listening to you and we enjoyed talking baseball -- we are your biggest fans. So on behalf of John Henry Tom Warner our partners and our entire organization we thank you again. We look forward to seeing you at Fenway park at the very. Larry Lucchino. Yes we think you really stupid if not always your biggest fans felt right -- Specter your phone calls talk to Brian -- since it was a Bryant. But -- I have to ask a question. It's I know you gentlemen are you witty. Your -- You handle copy very well. Do you not tackled him -- little. Strangely. -- not seeing a lot. Released from a it's a -- subject. I was afraid that because what this means that. Larry Lucchino was. Either. Government now a grip on reality. Or. Face guard leaning towards the period relative there are. Maybe alternate dimensions where. That might be true but not here. He is. Planning to spin doctor. Yeah oh yeah that's what they don't think that's accurate sure. All might go -- my bet is yes. I've been a Red Sox fan since the fifty. It and let's face sort of go on tour wad of less than stellar season. Plus it's just to ask you last year and the first half of this year. Almost. Made me ashamed. -- Red Sox in. Because. I don't. I don't think trying to. Well having you know I don't wanna say that we had to another caller earlier who. And Chris in Connecticut he's been on this for a long time to think threats are taking I think that -- It was a release are taking as you do is you you don't wanna win now. I think they want. Do they want their Bobby Valentine out sure and the way try to get Bobby Valentine out. Is going to bench -- in just complaining about the boss that's what that's the way they're trying to handle and it may work. It -- have a lot of guys. Who just can't stand the guy in charge. The boss or admit that the middle manager in the theaters because that's of the jury in the middle manager and he's not the field guy and he's not a guy -- -- the decisions as they're McCain so you go to -- and sharing didn't. You try to say this guy is terrible what were 4343 right now we're a much better team in this and trust me. I speak for a lot of guys at least ten guys in that room a dozen guys in that room if you get him out of here we're gonna play much better maybe that's -- That's a way to try to do it but the fans don't wanna hear according to our FaceBook page. Faced a question we ask you ask your FaceBook dot com slash WEEI yet take aside Red Sox player vs Bobby V whose side do you take. Most people urges that you know Bobby Valentine. Jeffrey says I would have to -- I would Bobby V as a player you are paid to perform if you don't like it and Boston there is a door. A couple of guys -- Bobby V is the worst ever was open to be gone by now but for the most part. What you guys say about 75% of the fans. They -- 6040. I've got to be a 6436. Trader program. He got your official number yet to 6436. If the fans really seriously you're a practice from the fan and I read this. This letter from Latino I would say this guy thinks we are the biggest deal swapping God's green earth. Just please nobody wants to hear about the stuff they just -- we don't send anything sent to your season ticket holder we are going to try really hard to win the second. Larry Lucchino a -- plaques don't want your jetBlue one here ball. Acts of kind this month I just want to win baseball games -- don't want your players complain Betsy can I get after three months. About spending every zillion dollars on tickets and fifty dollars on chicken fingers and 900 trillion dollars the park just shut up and win such a tough task. Now it's out of I don't think so I'm kind of barrels and billion dollars that's the script by Kent Connecticut quickly was a Mike. You know I might. I was funded you're always loved doing the traditions -- -- -- lot of fun the family reunion a Boston sports. I -- actually I don't think. Why why these players and -- aren't so much. -- a great question I'm not we said earlier at the top I don't have a specific example well I understand is quirky. I understand -- we -- about to hit it I think they hated him before even -- they are said we're gonna hate this. I'll you know I'll I'll I'll put mr. Gordon needs -- And he can say at them have to worry about protecting players right now and enough to name names. I'm gonna guess they think he is insincere. The biggest don't think he's an ease in all of the above but I -- bell has -- to -- about what. It's in general I just think he is a pretty easy fraud he is just being what does that mean in what in what. Well what it's like a -- if you think somebody's a phony it got me up but what does he do this fraudulent idea of -- -- never met anybody like that you say he's not real -- a phony shore OK so that's what they think it's so I'm just guessing I'll just grab what I got sick what is the fact. I played baseball for your form has yet to -- the guy all the time that affects agent Gonzales facing in 96 mile an hour fastball he's thinking all of my managers Foley yesterday that's three hours today about the other night all around good guy. Out of all the time of baseball you don't quit your next to Bobby got he'd get a 21 hours a day you're -- got 21 -- with Dustin Pedroia. On the road. -- he's been here at the ballpark from -- 2 o'clock until 11 o'clock and I think the president's office. Office all time. What does it all likened to contemplate Robert what the guy. And Mike you're you're asking me if you I don't know what it is under is taking a gas. That you you ask me why don't the guys like come on just guessing and posted self portraits -- past. -- -- -- like I I don't like Bobby Valentine's week. The players -- and it all the time I'm guessing maybe that's what it is. I don't know -- may be legitimate reason public to hear it may be Gordon I'll tell us how Gordon Telus you'll be Obama does. In about twenty minutes Gordon needs from ESPN boston.com before that more phone calls and don't forget next hour. Free ticket Friday your chance to go to Red Sox game where apparently all the players and demand.

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