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'Monday' is a racial slur? Who knew? Not us.

Jul 13, 2012|

We discuss the term 'Monday' used against Carl Crawford at his minor league rehab start, and wonder when the heck it became a racial slur, and what the heck that slur means. We find the answer, discuss it and play the audio.

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And today it was Friday. Thirteen and the big show who is sitting around in their aloofness reminding their own business to 222. A and suddenly become knock wizard at two duo are. Rumors true. -- horrifying terrifying. Jason return on this day. Friday. -- Jason. -- WE BI program to. I received Jason -- today. Friday this Friday the thirteenth and Jason is off where he's up today and he's also off Monday where for -- he's off my lower. Did you say he's off Monday or did you say he's off. Come on Monday he's talking he let you decide monogamy. Now now -- we've we've made references to this obviously. Is not funny if somebody is quality racial slur. I never knew Monday was originals are being -- skiers here did not know that is what Carl Crawford was called. In New Hampshire. So. Let mr. police officer who's being investigated obviously. He's the guy who said Monday. It took Crawford. I was wondering. Two things. One. If you don't have those -- that you have heard. A number of slurs. In my 42 years on this planet I heard a number of them why would choose that was. There are ones that are much more offensive. Ones that provoke. Animated discussions provoke fights and things. Now now we have. He really really obscure you for mystic racist does that. And that's what's happening now a I've ever heard it ever in my until I saw was the globe this morning -- never heard that ever in my like the racists are camouflage their stuff now much more than ever before. I have never so how how did he come up with that and I guess it's been out there you look at the urban dictionary year. There -- five definitions of Monday yeah. And and that's a term. That's offensive. But -- I can understand why can't somebody Monday are least favored in the understatement. That's an offensive thing an offensive -- back against to put down. Becoming racial slower. What is it about Monday and black people that. McKenna I don't get that you're asking I imagine asking me not -- our story out every kind of if you're gonna use that on a black person that what is it. I -- boy what that he urban dictionary. Urban dictionary says lots of things so as one okay. On the let mr. policeman. Who said it and then secondly Crawford know that. The other thing is how did he just must -- I contacted the guy just said the word Monday in Crawford knew -- meant and mr. policeman who would have meant it seems complicated. I don't doubt that is intent was racist or in in Crawford felt that way. -- just strange story. You said earlier out of -- -- it -- that the paperwork and now. And all the tax exam because everyone hates Mondays I get that everyone hates Mondays. So. If you're Carl Crawford maybe the guys calling you in Monday become. -- contract and because you haven't really performed. But we must have something artists like he had that's I have twice column on he had to say something else. Had to be. Monday and some more recognizable. See that he gave the the newer version and the older bring you why would you be given -- just opened just go for the weather but he knows connect. -- racist -- I have I have learned something today. Definitely I've definitely. Learned. I've heard all sorts of but. Never. I don't think. They've been big always talk about a -- Monday is a lot there. Excuse -- conference -- All season. -- -- man you -- Seles opened on Monday and start laughing. So you know. Maybe calling me what I think you culled. Oh no it's I'm I'm saying which you've called me over the years I didn't I am Monday. Nine and Monday. I asked him if you might hear -- strategy. I mean this is bizarre I just assumed and that is what gives them. When he heard the racial slur. -- the racial slur in New Hampshire. I just -- okay that's me you know it's. Maybe two or three things electorate -- -- got out of the big one but I thought it was a big. But that all kidding aside if that's what it meant that the back I said the crop. Obviously for injure and -- it's amazing it's. And it's straight guys o'clock using some sort of code -- Put me. I mean you -- -- I gotta get out more. I gotta get more I guess. You really wanna get out more for that. I guess. I understand where people are saying to -- -- is no. I just thought it was a day of the way their -- the songs about Monday. At the references the Monday by. It means something else apparently I just did note that I've just got to be more aware. Things happening. Evidently. What are Carl Crawford and adults -- reading about -- how offensive that's globe headline Boston back on Red Sox operator. Now Red -- offered -- Carl Crawford. Stands by allegation of racial slur that line. Here's another headline. Crawford ready or not to return and what is Crawford coming back which is one. Monday yeah Monday to sit on the radio. What what can -- see you say something like that on the radio. You can't do it but by the way here's the here's -- cliff. From Russell Peters this is where I guess this is where it all started. I'm I'm -- -- -- you -- -- I was in Boston last week and I was talking as white dude that's when I mean about why -- begin real clever with the and racism. Assad is why do this a way he would not in LA now right a million acres what are you don't -- me on TV or anything like that -- -- -- actually I'm doing Def jam. I'll rarely met for the Monday's. -- -- That evidence and days. Ago I don't know when they aired. On Mondays and day. They call black people Monday's. You do notice. Jonathan's and I'll -- money than -- should've -- regular trying to figure out where the -- comes from. And I was that's not what the and the and Monday why do you call black people Mondays and I swear on my father's grave this guy goes public likes Monday's. That's when it. And about you need to be good today. Thank. You do. Good morning to bond. And having Lego and Monday. -- that's where it started as Russell Peters. And Carl Crawford obviously watched it and sort of the policeman in the -- SO and obviously it's an incredibly stupid thing for him to -- guys that know it existed I didn't know. Notes or write me being one of the biggest Russell Peters and don't even -- he's gonna lose. Lose his job is gonna lose money. And I'm quoting the Russell Peters that they'll you don't want to. Wrong -- you wouldn't -- of people. Anyway let's talk to Paul pulls the cart with the ball. They got by you -- doing a great. On home run depleted that unless I'm bid is a few years old and once that I heard that. I've always listen doubtful of that comment from my coworkers the -- but you know caucasians around the it is -- -- throw well you're more than you guys think. Obviously -- jeez I'd had no idea. It'd be really old. The statement united -- show. But it really been something that their been trying to pocket dot com I'm Indian and parties involved and really stops. While low block it out of the city had a hole but some one -- -- idiots can make it. Seen that the whole city. Races and that's where are a different ball in and and especially what Bruins and everything like that happened a few months back. -- in the playoffs right. -- -- But besides that got you got doing a wonderful job I think you might love your books might keep the comment and it. I know you know little little little but you've got -- man that. Okay Paul. Harper government. What I mean. Was obviously know this better than me is is is means is that terrible place which he says. Was Boston a terrible place. No I don't find it to be a terrible place. But. Even with the slower. That was director Carl Crawford he thought it was whistler he knows what happened and so what you really wasn't into details now. I talked about denies. He was asked about yesterday on property he want to move on from it even from a guy that this happened here. Crawford has come out and said many times well it at least a couple of times he said in a proper from a Boston. Have a problem. In in this city that is have a problem with this guy. -- Easy easy for me to say obviously but it seems are morons. In the right oh absolutely Nevada -- -- again. You can look at in -- look at any state any city. And you'll find somebody who is saying something -- doing something that is ridiculous. It is it is a cliche at this point in his very convenient. To make Boston. The capital. The capital of racist activity which I don't think is the case mean there's unity there's either racism. Or there isn't racism and so to say there's an old little little racism in Los Angeles but a lot more in Boston that just doesn't work from. Yeah I you know I don't I don't exist coast to coast. Your reward your phone call 617 some seminars or fifty toll free 885250. You know I gotta get out here I think I'm gonna lose it. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the -- days.

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