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Thursday, July 12th Whiner Line

Jul 12, 2012|

Disgusted by the PSU revelations, we move beyond them and end on a strong note!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these cars like these -- TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now -- Laura you're live at 546 argument to our brand new lovely studios. And after my animals. Fifteen minutes and now bear arms. Here he is twice and they burn their harsh not Iraq's. Various phone but WEEI. Who Maureen you're lying there are handy wipes their hard papers there are doing all there are scrambles. There are print outs and dial 6177793535. You might just when you show -- sort of OK I'm going to talk now yeah. I don't when he goes whiner line I'm serious judgment I want -- open -- office. And our first long commercial break. I'm gonna take this pile of stuff that took be fifteen minutes to collect the clean up so Gerry wouldn't commit your rant rave like I am right now we don't I don't know -- -- I saw this ad I don't. Pacman Jones. Make your complete and rain and now on what is fact. You missed it left continues tissues look at that yeah yeah. I. WEEI. Problems for fifteen minutes is wine. There are tools have mutual could've ever -- show one Mori whose duties and unicorn on his notepad like -- totals. Kirk what a missed opportunity for WEEI dot com video of John Dennis and making it rain anywhere not just Mike Adams office anywhere. But -- and I think we all would love to see I just one of Renault goes where it's not race. The journalist Michael Kenny Adams junior obviously the water by this -- -- -- -- -- To strip bar. But what a lot of power hates -- it's never. -- ever -- but here he's got a lot of available in your iPhone android or Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up -- your opportunity including 1010. Times faster than three GMTV. Rethink possible anti romance don't get up. The next if that ceremony -- and -- why -- we take all of people whose lives ruined by the more and let them I wrote but that. Drag -- not to the -- let it backfired and urinate. That would be. And they just do it to send ASCII content. That would that be more and more appropriate on him. I don't think they've picked the kind of back there are big big turnaround. Don't look at the other way that would -- good. Pretty simple. And as -- -- if you're that is broad idea. -- -- Definitely at the moment so it's got that. He couldn't control the there -- go -- couldn't get a lot of good to. That's like bill. And -- -- rare criticism of -- -- in an interview in Lou I guess to be kept a journal about criticizing anyone I try not to and the judge in my judgment to solicit you. Did you listen to that interview with -- -- I didn't. Date they were pretty critical before it came on incidents that come down this and that asked the question he says that they'll follow up and look at this face about it. So you wanted them -- it eternal after the fact a little bit and we'll open it now. Mr. Parker's banking -- Matt -- Walked -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't manager on the planet ever Ricardo -- candidate it's fine. Walked Juan. And how to how how did he stay on that job as long as -- did ten years now. Each on the force and earns his -- for them very very. It's a president have a paternal family. Was not brought in combat. But the football -- at a little boy good Apatow bit. Rot and help stop defending it is that we are. This correction and I've used writing in helping and are resilient and it's already happened has begun. -- -- They have W Harvey Oswald ever Olympic spirit western Dallas back big break I was just work -- very polite. And he would shoot Kennedy c'mon. You conspiracy guy could solve windowless Melvin are hardly know he didn't make the easy taxpayers accuracy about Mike Adams bookshelf all the deepest. -- -- like he's got like fifteen different books and I don't know what the archdiocese of presidential sex I was insurer that was that's different that's about Bill Clinton but this I do I am one of the leading most knowledgeable experts on the Kennedy assassination. I am on a -- and just telling them are not well at all. Not five words or did I take what it takes me three weeks to read you know Kennedy assassination book as opposed to four weeks it took for war room for weeks and -- for poor -- -- and. -- not -- you -- them live right about what I don't know. And you had my bread and -- red -- Look at that Betty and I got to talk all right Brian. -- school -- And elevated. 75 dollars. You can find out -- right justified if you didn't want to lie about like you morneau won't require about. But -- stop Auburn and I knew it would get a good look me. -- puck away from all the money. That might not go to the government that the that the government that we picked up by the it's. But I long sad story opposition deputies to teach. -- in order to let his eulogy yourself out of Panama. It. Don't want to thank my cat first -- confident and competent reds thought have a couple guys. So it publicly buckles had an opportunity to get that's the case that -- an awful lot. And Beckett like lackeys. Don't carry. That's what kind of problems. And it did sound like caller said that I had I stopped to correct things that it is let's just suffer guidance okay yeah. I mean of course they have played it sounded like he said but that's carriages -- he says it. Like. And again that. A lot. Of mark and and that was that -- -- you'll. Yeah. Even thought I was gonna stick up to you are I haven't -- relevant that I loved that it. -- But if I didn't see the segment. Plus Cold War and they have been exported during the mid -- over a week. Stocks are built like that. Aren't that. This -- -- Joseph or use our own planet Mikey news. Please don't -- From the eighties and help them opera. It's like he's. The taxpayers to tease the season club out or those guys a couple of young guys like mud lose. Him music that sort that. -- these thirteen -- Twenty Euro zone girls -- girls thirteen your happy opinions -- -- our no they don't put up numbers they won eleven of fourteen. Footer for. -- No doubt about it there's a bill that has not been to me don't tell me naked images brought go to these the victims. Get single -- about losing it. And that message. Do what's with the nudity trend lately everybody's that you would think that is the is pioli Ilia volleyball teach -- those shots. I know I saw a lot of -- have not not much you know all about the somebody scream and a larger -- your -- -- -- course not my -- But. That you backed -- -- would not gonna. But that's what you -- up the -- I -- -- that bad etiquette and like I would want. Shot so don't inferences. It's just -- you know I mean there's. He's gonna go on TV with your lines I think -- -- they could beat the 92 team -- anyway except maybe escaped rape charges. -- I can't believe that we yesterday in a -- I agree -- -- he's you know that the I do that. Today he's been good and -- football program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean listen you're gonna have right now to play in -- and dismiss all the trapped -- true. All the people the program those turned a blind sided as they fired woods is definitely due to her let's go forward. Do it tonight. Okay yeah the rather -- -- nickname for. Didn't I didn't good -- And it's over reforming Achilles -- it separately. And good movie. -- so the first person per second most in the worst of it as harassment or leave it at that. I. -- back there like I thought it was like Britney. -- -- -- I would speculate and become you know whether every morning -- have like. You're going to be Gordon got an idea born don't expect the vehicle that ball is going to be hot at -- I've got -- and then back but whether. And that's lift got to exhaust has to be exposed he talks like that and realized I don't talk to my. Mountain I don't know if it's on the Ryder Oilers talking to stand. -- Want you know. I've been pretty bad. -- Got yeah. It's. I thought our and I realized that what it does -- Didn't come up. And -- -- I'm gonna happen it's gonna take a one anytime. Anywhere as he'd like 69611. 611. You're gonna explain -- turnouts all you. Pop and nine six -- -- -- if I met that is true and honestly anywhere else. Guys white and black eye off that begins Olivia moon wow I'm me. -- And that -- change. Com about Harris -- -- do some research on the Internet -- her cellphone was -- there's a lot revealing things out there about just current report sounds nice but I've seen it sounds like Harris has figured that out before you make a phone call. They tell us a message out well. -- ask us about. It. Wonders. And it it sure it. Is too bright and he she's. It may be some bad we'll be missed -- -- no problem from my husband's been. This. I wonder if she snows that's maybe the president now. That was good enough now that spears and British shrine and. Yeah. The -- right well. Our game is thought. I had thought I thought -- -- and I am able don't have the Papa bought or none of them have the ball. The state penitentiary -- bad days. Everton forward marijuana have been more on compare our old flat tax and these are great human respect. And -- coming seconds. Pretty quick 120 about seventeen looks okay. Yeah I don't let you Peter Kate Bobble head. But my bubble and a hazard had about the rocket propelled Bobble heads down. But -- after -- Bob can really help her walk off -- there's a lot of firepower by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster. The three GA TT -- costs.

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