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As the Red Sox prepare to start second half of season, are there any reasons for optimism?

Jul 12, 2012|

We look at the problems facing the Red Sox in the 2nd half of this season, and discuss it with Michael Holley, Kirk Minihane and YOU.

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Are our number three of the big show -- meta headers here. And for the vacationing Glenn short way short way will be back. Next week we talked a lot about the free report. Came out today Penn State football confirming what many of us thought months ago there was a cover up the Penn State. On this report goes over. And exacting detail 267. Pages. And promising baseball. In October Terry Francona and about a half hour. Before we get to Tito. Talk about this team now Kirk I know you're a guy who's in to report cards. They like to write occasionally. Thumbs up thumbs down. Eight birdies one through -- and whatever. Cracked a job to mossy. We are on TV with last night Wallace Johnson -- as a report card. In the Boston Herald today and -- the Red Sox. It'll hit me you know -- look at his report card and a few writes well and but the problem here -- problems. I was looking ahead that it really start to finish discount jumping around yet what players that was really interest venture. Problem is not really interest to know and -- -- place on knelt on the Red Sox just able to blowing up the Red Sox know who's performing who's under performing. Really there's really not much to blow up were for several reasons I mean. You'd like to move -- from Carl Crawford and the death spectrum. Like to move -- from John Lackey that's not gonna happen for for an answer reason right. Jeff some people would definitely like to move on from Josh Beckett but that's probably not gonna happen because of financial reasons. Adrian Gonzales if you feel like he's lost didn't you cut your losses right now this second half and got six home runs to what exactly are you. Blowing up there's nothing there to blow up. Moving up from Scott Podsednik in Ryan Sweeney and Cody Ross says not really a blow up -- more of the as more tinkering. Ya know I mean you can. If you think organizationally the Red Sox think listen this is poisonous in there with. Beckett and Lester -- everyone to get rid of these guys who eat some salary of a Michigan do that but they're not gonna do that. The team looking at right now is going to be the team -- -- -- month from now they're gonna get rid of the moving health field here rebels very Crawford coming back. This team is going to be team -- the rest of the -- the core guys the guys making real money are going nowhere. Terry Taylor one guy who's making real money who does that trade value. You can move on Jon Lester if you want it to. You don't want I don't want to do it. And I'd I still refuse to believe that Lester is the problem he's one of those problematic if I don't think you. Data which had a got. You can convince me that Josh Beckett in his -- I actually yet to convince me that he's not the problem -- because I'm just I'm I'm kind of settled in I think he is a big part of the problem. But Jon Lester is one of those guys got a large contract any views that are. He's -- market. Coming get on somebody were coming get. I'll definitely offers a solid games three earlier than analogy and culture -- ten. A couple weeks ago restaurant said it keeps it in it to win it doesn't -- -- can move restaurant. Whatever that's -- I want trading guys when their guy -- about what was -- in right now Jon Lester he uses -- was like. Most are well. You're another team right now you're saying you know let's -- journalist where it's -- pitching bad you know the attitude -- September how angry are they. Our rational or the right maybe we can steal Jon Lester but he just dining Edward just to do. And that's a bad position to be in the Red Sox I think I can understand Beckett data can understand because maybe just crossed the point we can't come back from. If you're their Lester just don't I don't believe. -- -- -- I don't think they would make any emotional decisions -- Lester and if they did make an emotional decision it would go the other way right. I've -- -- and is known Jon Lester his entire careers of big Jon Lester fan. So I think you'll be reluctant. To move Lester and he might hold onto him just because. I I I've known as guy you know I've seen them overcome so many things. I just don't wanna I don't wanna put a -- -- you one thing that's gonna just thought this is the bottom before the show -- usually works but I didn't. Every year. After the trading deadline or before the trading deadline -- what -- always have the -- story you won't believe what guys on waivers right. Last year down the stretch. Red Sox were on waivers. Listed as they always do that they were put guys on data put guys on and sometimes is now we'll see if we get lucky and if he claims got to tell Alex Rios got out of Toronto. Right is actually claim so oh really yeah. OK CO later take it behind. Was Josh Beckett on waivers last year with the Red Sox. End. Was it one of those that you ever -- Jose Canseco way back in the day. Was on. Was on waivers may -- was Toronto and in the Yankees picked him up -- Torre was upset about it but George Steinbrenner said right graduate anyway. That's a way of figuring out how the rest of the -- seizure players. If you put those give those guys are waivers. In where they don't waivers last year and were there any claims. On Red Sox players. Yeah those guys that we've talked about moving. -- you know I think. As we talked before me I think Pakistan example you're not Josh Beckett it was a pick up missiles out -- the way you look at the injuries. The production here this year they're not doing it -- look at Josh I is that I still think that until. I got the -- those -- shocked. And in his name's Vernon Wells that's what is right when I saw Vernon Wells traded. They took his entire salary is okay. I will never say never again or ever get a -- effect it's always a -- him out there I guess a Boettcher argument okay yeah but but most of any more than one yet it's always -- one. Well maybe get a team desperate for starting pitcher I guess but yet I just I I don't see it and seeing packets the Easter because they can't move it eats them aside maybe in the off season. The -- maybe last off season should've -- -- -- -- to be here the rest away at least this year Beckett is a guy and by the way in and. Give me give me time a bit there eventually gonna eventually get their talking about the grades. For two -- so Beckett is one of the guys -- wanted to see. How he saw yes. Jon Lester is another guy went to see we gave we gave Lester. Lester got a day after I gave everything I did. It's based on expectations outside the -- grip expectations. Yeah I mean the guy should be better than -- at all yet he hasn't been close for -- happier I -- Mets that year. Josh Beckett got a Jon Lester got a I've -- energy for Beckett another guy wanted to see it was Adrian Gonzales and I've seen as I've seen this player before. Injuring themselves. Actually reminds me too. They both have played here that they both are former Red Sox they both played third base. He's a combination of weight boxing. And -- you transferred. And -- yes he's a hitter. He's just a hitter with with no speed. In no power what happened well for us never again how how I was waiting to compare what I wanted to make him. Then the next. The next Mo Vaughn he's gonna excite people like -- did it. We -- -- from -- B wing blog we -- -- -- he was always way over 4400. Dollars 320s let's obviously -- -- notion -- a big guy. -- and who knows how to hit yeah. But even during his hitting streak gave you know power. Nothing it's it's it's the mystery of the year that guy we -- forty home runs a pet -- with an awful lot of hitters park. Pubs in question the first half of the season at home moms like crazy is done nothing since power perspective nothing but years of fifteen home runs last year six this year. I don't get I don't get it can't believe these hurt I just I don't know what it is now. Yeah if they knew he was heard -- unless he's hurt and he's not telling anybody you know maybe that has as that's hard to believe that's a stretch. If they knew. -- Gonzales to deal with some kind of injury there's no way they would put him in right field where Islam and away they went through a natural first baseman now. In right field and then bounced back to first base knowing that not 160. Million dollars guaranteed to know they would do now -- Last five years 30364031. Point 76. Months this year. Typical example guy in his prime smack him -- his prime having a year it's particularly to get to twenty. Usually twenty home runs this year I don't think so that's fourteen in the next. Seventy games I don't mean -- in the past I don't Alex. I think he's -- because I'm based percent of -- it may -- I mean it's weird you know as a guy who always walked -- because walks record numbers pitchers walked 23 times. He struck out 64 times it's strange in the eighty ninth walk and close right -- to discipline issue -- strange. And they don't that there's no fear of injuring Gonzales -- you look at that series last weekend the Yankees Red Sox series. Was that a great deal of respect and fear for David Ortiz from the Yankees. Day and part of it was a one game Adrian Gonzales leaves the game early he's got the flu. But they clearly didn't want to pitch to David Ortiz they felt like this is a guy who can beat -- haven't seen that type of respect. Given to Adrian Gonzales. The last month and a half even during his hitting -- you -- another manager Jim -- here for -- Ortiz or Gonzales yet this is the these are the things we need to talk to Tito about Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford what would you do. What are you see the Red Sox doing in the second half this all come up with Tito in about fifteen minutes Sports Radio WB. Our darken a big show -- Linehan is here. Gonna be back next week with try to fire -- fire through some of your phone calls before Terry Francona comes on. In about fifteen minutes to talk to Brian Brian is in Portsmouth subprime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- difficult Beckett afterwards and kind of assure him that they're gonna resign him to. But they they did more than ashore on the side of sixty million dollar and I did have a -- to the offseason same season. Well what -- Trinidad and -- hoping kinda led to two contract now that our. And pretty much you know. Two big onus is on -- under a salary cap don't think. Well Lackey for sure I had no pun intended but I mean about but Beckett but better Beckett is is. If you got the normal Josh Beckett this year for the -- 449 which it is you're talking about 39. Or four ERA from Josh Beckett. -- don't have any concerns about them well it's not that no one's talking about the contract is the combination of the contract. In the way he's pitched. That that has him you know in a position where you might think he's on tradable but last year. Josh -- with the same contract or worst contract because you don't have you know at the time the time hasn't passed last year traded Josh Beckett. Who. Bloated -- in I just think that and I mean unfortunately nobody figured that. John Lackey didn't turn out we have -- we know gonna Beckett -- so a little disappointed but they'll hopefully. You know he'll turn things around. Now it was a Beckett fanned -- and then things changed. He says things change with them. You can tell a different guy you know people can say in the that are in the locker dated that that we -- -- -- it's not true gives examples. I'm sorry -- doesn't look the same attitude is not the same. Talk to Mike Martz in New Hampshire was a Mike. -- All of it right here you extract and quality Gonzales. Never. -- -- -- -- There -- dead drug testing you don't think he had will. Now I don't know I wasn't you know even. Why you get well because he was it was an invasion at the time. He wasn't in Major League Baseball. Are -- -- but -- but Mike listen what I'm saying he wasn't a part of that errant no look it up your tickets rookie year for not mistaken his rookie year was 2004 worked and it is yeah. -- -- -- I think the worst part of the era has ended you'd be completely naive to say that nobody is. Doing performance enhancing drugs now guys are getting caught now still might but there there is. He he played he has played an area and in an era in which there is drug testing. Arab before him there was no drug tests on Mike but yeah I guess and we saw many taxes said the same thing in -- and probably be foolish to say it's not a possibility is always is. It's a gynecologist stopped doing PD's at the all star break -- just kind of stuff I mean how does it work. I haven't already beer BI think that -- a lot of shoulder recuse myself and I can see that happening and what would -- say something right. It's been twelve months at home run derby cup final element derby screwed up major Gonzales thanks so much that a year later stoking it lets you can't be entirely dismissive. Based on what we saw. Are starting in -- The of the biggest examples homer chasing 98 Sosa McGwire back and -- but it started the -- started. In -- five years earlier in six years earlier bash Brothers tell you saw a lot of things so you you can't just dismiss this there's no way there's no way in the world. But. There is you have to you have to factor and testing now and have babies -- something that can't be detected. But I just. Maybe maybe that's a factor. But it's a little different -- now then the Arab ten years ago. Yeah -- -- -- too I mean you know it's not you don't want these guys it's a Sammy Sosa typo when these guys it's 65 home runs -- it is a guy you can walk. Guy -- it was hit 300 before a street 338 this year I mean this year he's not giving me the eighteen game winning streak but. Is operation just three point nine dislike Vista -- hundred points -- -- -- percentage. He's been terrible awful -- the power of the lack of products. Bizarre -- Greg Greg Greg. I thought on some. You know a lot of rumors here for around -- Red Sox meg gonna push for Felix Hernandez bought. We need to really look at this -- I mean I can't help but think this team is absolutely screwed. You need a number one pitcher. They cannot they have so much money devoted to their starting pitching are ready. And if you bring on Felix -- that's what you got the European retardant to what at least 21 billion dollars a year. Re on the way that I can see it happening at the people who. A Lackey. Or even a packet right now but just not happening. Why -- I gotta get I don't chaotic and you know what Greg I don't see how they gonna get Felix Hernandez. The contract is that is the least of your worries that maybe you know if you're gonna trade for Felix Hernandez gonna pay a lot of money. But I just don't see them. Having the chips to come up with Felix Hernandez data do. All the finger exit before -- but on the other hand helping you. Mean this team is not a who would inspire anybody says they're not a legitimate championship caliber Q what they addressed the pitching so are you. How all the money spent on these additional players award did. It's just gonna let this pitching staff call on the other hand we can't exit because they can't dump that you how could dump that a lot of money. You Greg here's the thing you here's -- finger right but here's the thing they've invested a ton of money -- pitching it just hasn't panned out. -- sixty million dollar contract -- be resize buckled the recital Lester. Lackey has an eighty million dollar contract they've spent money on page sums of money out wisely. And -- a lot of taxes are. Are are following up on our caller. We're saying. Agent Gonzales was who's doing something. You can't. I guess it has to be part of the conversation. Based on all the things we've seen in the past. Can't prove that he did you can't prove that he didn't. It's what we're we're ready to go we sell like idiots you ever say if we say he's doing it that's stupid as we don't know her essays actually not doing whatever you're doing it because right if that's what either way it's irresponsible it's irresponsible to say he absolutely is doing it. It's irresponsible as he's -- -- It's a piece of information for you just look at. What the guy has been his entire career in what he has now. So his entire career. In the era of testing as flawed as the testing in the Arab testing he has been a home run him. He's been a home run hitter in hitters parks he's been a home run hitter in pitcher's park home run hitter in the National League he's been a home -- -- In the American League in the minor leagues -- -- before the wreck so I just so at least that's what -- that's what he has been instantly he's not that -- -- and that maybe the reason why me I'll be right but again I would just cities so we just stopped doing it. Last year at the all star break to you know -- -- done. Our conforming anymore that's why powers I mean aren't fine that's why fine. I suspect it's more complicated. Wallace talked to Tony Tony's a Boston Tony. Big guy who or talk about the had among other things -- -- -- in the time it is -- -- I took them not an approximate science a little regard impeach her all the ten years. And I actually have pretty tight end who -- you don't win. You know at the accent you could eat just can't flop America. I think it's forced I had film is on. The quality and he had a particular well in these fifteen that they'll. All at a after the forced -- each kid has an accident. Without scoring -- one armed. And the other thing -- -- -- to the index -- -- that was the picking out you know we have a lot of which talks outfielders Carl Crawford and art in the callable wireline yet that seemed to all he's doing. All of those very issues obviously. Be part of what this team could be. Odds but with Scott sports you know get a look at the future we don't know if he's about. So ultimately. Went to come down to -- it was guilt feel that we Hal. Armed. In in trade the prospects for the UT. Get a really good pitching. The prospects. Well thought that the action on that all ought to come back healthy right away he was playing I can do that don't bury. I wouldn't if if they're doing that I think they're crazy Tony I don't think you can you can say well you know. Carl Crawford gonna come back he's eventually come back and be the player he was. I'd be I'd be deathly afraid of saying that we've been taken that and -- -- he's come back a few games and beat -- he's talking about having Tommy -- -- three bank on the guy what was gonna talk about what was the report you mentioned earlier from MLB I think after -- hasn't Corbett is Carl Crawford told the espionage and having some issues it is -- -- -- come. That. Often devolve house a lot I mean McGraw pain in the elbow and then the wrist in now the ice. He's fallen apart. He eats its. Told -- -- he's had ice had trouble recently and he was the united doctor leader today. -- -- so I would I would not I would not make any move especially with the prospect that you think highly of I would not make any move. With the with the with the thought that Carl Crawford is going to be five by the way. I was happily listening of the command I was looking at ESPN because Jay Paterno was on just recently -- it's -- -- -- -- at the AT&T text line. And admittedly I was happily listening to the caller I can tell what was this whole thing about the -- I've annoyed I was half hours ago. Our guys you guys -- listen to of the time -- Yes candidates -- was anybody paying attention. Any description on -- -- rooms. He's not. Sorry mrs. Jackson has what was his what was his pay off. AT&T. My -- I always felt like I do them in what was referenced. Yeah it's kind of missed -- you guys get it. If you did just -- let me know what he was trying to -- a Stephens and harper was a student. It they seem -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we get them. The news. You hear all. Of the doomed it at the line. And it. -- -- -- Arnold's gonna make it through the strait proposals Stevens -- -- get their -- about doctor about go ahead. But the pirates are doing good this year today. Yeah it didn't shape the debate you really get it in Pittsburgh. Is there anyway the week it may be. Package. You know now. Are in couple culture stuff prospect. That the Mets trying to. Santana or they keep and then they have they go to the pirates were actually played well. And maybe have a three -- richer than it is anywhere that it maybe. Okay. I would not trail of RA Dickey is he that he's having great years going to match veterinary -- -- and repeatedly all the it wouldn't trade form -- -- been around for awhile as well footballer he's in his thirties and his mid thirties in trading on the outperform cupid c'mon. But that's the best you can do Jason Bay's gonna go to. What's Jason -- contract with four of them odds expert Patrick for -- I don't know that the you know what I need. India need to hear from Tito Tito. Is coming up ESPN analyst former Red Sox manager run around.

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