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How big of a loss is Ray Allen going to Miami

Jul 9, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder talk about how Ray Allen joining the Heat affects the Celtics and what might have motivated his decision.

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Back to our planet Mikey show us a text messages and a 5850 commoner and the reality is this guys says the Sox at the -- 618 mauled to get to ninety winds of 4729. Tough hill to climb that is they could do it if again if all the players there. And the pitcher's -- tell a lot of things have to work out. Carlos from Springfield Mikey why are you trying to make him the nickname for Pedro Syria Arco. I thought he had a good series on the biggest stage where she did you like you like security so far is Jonas. Not afraid to afraid to be the big leagues he's eager to be the big least like to see some eager nest. Michael more than going -- and I'm sandals Jamaica Lester. -- trying to do. He's a power pitcher just come come Adam and it seems everyone's baffled by everyone no -- has an answer for tries to get cute is locations stinks he's making thirty pages 28 years old it's not like he's thirty pitches in the first inning. I mean what kind of start is that. I says it's honestly I'm so -- to watch and many. And that he gets he looks out and we can't go into his head and bring on any of his emotions when someone makes an error. But it -- that course off your face you know he's always been one of those guys there was say a perfectionist he's the extremely competitive trying to be too proved perfect I think that's it. Unbelievable. Let's go to Ben Ben isn't Needham Massachusetts hello Ben. They god you don't -- So I had a question about Ray Allen. So early on that show a united. Said -- that. Ray would not be booed when you come back. -- -- -- I can say that I I you know what I think is dubious smattering of boos boos when I say I hate that -- -- -- if he came back as a clipper yet they get as a rousing ovation get a standing ovation. I know I don't think he's gonna used video well I mean he might you like there's still some -- -- people Leo thank you -- still think that that's fine you know whatever. I understand that but. All of the guy I -- because they are vacant. But I I didn't hear you like why he might not get an innovation I. Tell it also it is blamed for Miami this and that's my that's my theory of mind to. Think a lot of payroll -- and Johnny Damon. -- Johnny Damon. What the end electorate not swept the Yankees for thirteen million more the F -- for more money -- what relaxed. There shouldn't. Sure it is like worse he he's patriotic. On the public in the track basically he even lately saying that. Yes all of our Internet yes -- know what he's saying -- That really are -- because if you take the money into consideration and I'm not sure the rate enemy race 180 million dollars his career he went three. Extra million to him compared to us. Yeah I don't compare to the learn how to -- compares science and I don't think he's been one of those guys it's been. Spending wildly throughout his career nobody here's -- thing -- is also very Smart guy he knows damn well. Going to Miami Heat new gates. A lot of the goodwill that he would have permanently. In this market. By being a Celtic that it was a part of a championship team and by going to that team in particular that it applies to that anybody -- the Red -- to the Yankees they know. That it's gonna be oh boy it's like jumping from the unions of the confederate forces in the civil -- the same thing I mean Miami's definite clear to arrive on have been -- you know. Couple years but. Lakers to me you're still. The main rival yea -- he evidently that really only impacts you one time during the course of the regular season and if you get to the fine I know the -- right so you don't listen to Vietnam right. I'd been -- me read in the playoffs. I think. I think -- get -- I don't want to get -- I think. Well don't they just -- is a question as pigs can tell by the by the read -- text messages that he will get some groups. Yet so Damon did note that a rival. Rick went to the rivals are you say that second rivals like. Damon didn't come he would. It's Utley tracked it and I'll put a lot of merit. And -- -- pretty you can say your case there were rated even worse -- -- less money that is like what your what your reason. As well don't get on it certainly understandable if someone makes that much more money that be easier and -- decision in favor of the rival yet restore your right. There's and it's not the money it's half the money's not the money at all it's about him wanting to get a ring and I think maybe an easy ring. Wonder he knows is going to be. As relatively easy as any of these well done what you're screwed either way if you're Johnny Damon or your Ray -- it doesn't matter if you'd taken more money less money whatever the situation is. You're going to the arrival team you're gonna have so that help deal with Sony doesn't care. Doesn't care but he he knows what's gonna -- he doesn't care. Clearly there's it's not against the he can't explain away -- money. He can't say they offered me twice as much or five million more not up. They offered me half as much multiple multiple layers here with the yet rated spot one of the Yankees is hours -- I think -- war. You know more or something like death and and anything else -- in Quincy all -- Hey how are you mic row I was -- -- today met. I wasn't an -- by February and they'll. I'll -- that my call by the way I have learned a lot about sports on the semi new listener. And I am I mean new basketball and -- blame you all thank you very much good. It will take to. Respond quickly it would Jeff Green. Not familiar and it. Every lightly would play it but when he went through the past year at the exact same time I went through. I'm back. I'm back on the commercial real. Have you had a you had a heart is -- The exact same -- let's not put you in nordic route. Be -- sending it or not was one of those in your resumed. They went and opened shop at the split with a it would cortex and come back -- -- the twenty year old. And it just -- a lot whereby and before you were doing with forty year olds. For a period and that it well that's couldn't -- we're happy for -- we're happy for you and grabbed just -- go back because. You know I don't need anybody ever he says he really good guy you know. Don't worry about it physical what have you because it on the bike and goal besides -- -- I'm -- each yen. Yeah outfit and you could call him back a little better and I and it it one year. -- -- Wow you're you're 51 to -- 120 euros. It they can keep up the -- quality and quantity baby -- deserve our back. Mom and that's that's unbelievable that we're going to win a link yeah always. -- so so as far as Jeff Green goes so what we do know is just three years in Oklahoma City he averaged no fewer than fifteen point one points per game. Okay he averaged about 37 minutes played per game he averaged fifteen points again so that's. That's the player you have not strong defensively John right. -- Let him but he's got a hell of a coach. Who put -- if there's defensive game now. And he's going to be asking a lot more than than he's ever been out for -- war. Now when you thrown in with the. The. -- don't see where we got all it got leveled. Seven time and one don't know rod well the porch but yet yet it every Sunday got the ball. -- just part of the play out in the way out he got the ball in Britain and he had no one else you teach you a quick read it -- One of them yet the slow -- circle around so everybody else got a walker they're McCain. Limped up. Got in the position of minority and a half court game. Now with it it brought this ground search Europe and run a lot proportionally get up we get calendar we get everybody else the challenges not a burner up to now he -- run a I Andre. Now the Celtics have always been. A lot. More of the players and they ought to get themselves initiative come forth with. That's okay. You gotta get your point is gonna break coming up -- -- point -- -- can run with -- and it's a good part. I I love the Rondo and the question I'm wondering where you think we're going on the search -- and we got Rondo well. You know it's hard to say now it's early were still trying to piece this all together but I will tell you this. You know that these are the these guys you talk about here the new guys Bradley. Bass is re signed you can look for a little bit of a different approach as far as. Options recovery first or you know who's going to be shoot the threes now. Right. Yeah well of the only tears and Jason Terry Anderson and Terry right exactly. -- navy and hopefully -- and it's hard to to picture has yet -- -- just really getting -- pretty much the same team would Ray Allen god and and Jason Terry here -- idled the weeks coming up a little different element you know defensively certainly Ray Allen you know it had wasn't great defensively down the stretch here of his career and he won't be for Miami's well.

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