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Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics co-owner, on Ray Allen signing with the Heat

Jul 9, 2012|

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Ray Allen going to the Heat, KG resigning with the team, and the new draft picks.

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Well no disrespect so to Seattle Milwaukee. You know it -- when we first came together seemed like it was. You know up to this point five years. Who's gonna quickly but it seemed like his last forever you know cause we've we've played in a lot of big games we've we've. You know we want to listen together. The things that we do off the floor together. You know assistant has been a special time of the special moment. You know will remember a lot you know even then you know -- tell them myself and our past situations. You know we bring so much wealth of experience into Boston. You know and the young guys play here. You winners. Minutes. It's been a privilege it's kind of deficit that. That's the voice of Rleal soon to be officially guess remember. Of the enemy. An enemy number one around these parts -- Celtic fan. The Miami Heat it's much -- not a 37. WEEI joining us on the eighteenth the -- -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up -- ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Celtics CEO managing partner -- growth back on a Monday after the holiday quick call BI good fourth. -- weren't that -- for. Little surprised by this news coming out of ray's camp. We can but says he went okay thanks. It will get to that but I mean last that we talked. You know you are all about KG want to be a big part of a what you're -- was gonna do this year you've got to locked up for three years that third year -- surprises you guys get into the offseason here. Thought the way we wanted to go we wanted to make sure that we -- the chance that he wanted to keep playing long. You know that you'd be in green. And he's obviously been a focal point of our off season and once he was. In place with an agreement enables us to go out and really aggressively build recipe and that's pretty excited to have that. We were talking about that on the use a -- the first guy had to get down -- when you hear vote -- maybe a little upset the guys went to him first that it doesn't make sense to law so I want to get that have to Ray Allen. How did you hear about the news. With the the I got a call from -- or text from Danny. -- raised just notified you that you go. -- -- -- How surprised were you -- that decision. And if -- -- off for two years. At least surprised I I knew. And there was emotion involved and I I respect -- you know it will. I'm already thinking about the video we're going to put together -- when he comes back. It's probably include him get that couple would keep up with a couple of key gulf matchup at I've won a little money off frail but we -- much better golfer. But. A number put a couple missed putts but they're but it it I mean he's been a great Celtic and we'll never forget that but I what. I was surprised -- what an utterly shocked. But that they could. He was. Not necessarily going to start. You would not necessarily. As -- put it he felt somehow that he was related possibly in in the recruiting process in this -- season. Got into -- -- are designated. On tech people with -- someone not in the middle with agents -- -- I can't think who would like it or what but it. Stock report is correct. -- felt like you -- second fiddle you first if we Bradley then Kevin Garnett and you know so we decided to go to our archrivals for less than half the money. You know so be it. You say you're also surprised but what's coming out of ray's camp is it is that kind of the story line that there was a rift here quick that surprises you about the last. Couple 48 hours that's come out of that Ray Allen camp. Well I don't know I guess I'd feel like. What -- Red Auerbach. Told me personally. Involved players in front of me is the name of our manager of the Jersey that. I think -- always put the -- first. And it was never about himself. And I think if we're going to be successful we have to keep doing it that way and so we're gonna have been together we're not gonna. Let them ring on anyway it was a mistake in the immune from -- users to change. But there I felt that. And I know nine or ten years as -- NBA locker rooms and the eighteen playing in NBA off season and playoff runs. And I you know there's a lot of stuff that goes on it -- But eventually can be would you put it behind you and and and make that both ways to win games and and we're gonna keep doing that your your your cup. With let me ask about one part that's come out the -- camp the apparent rift between -- your point guard Rajon Rondo was that something that. You knew about was that something on your radar with this team. Well they get. You could take. Any pair of players just about. I just about any roster in the league you could say that they haven't sat down. And it came out last year's you know Rondo -- -- went on -- -- on. I will say there's a strong bond between KG. And Rondo right now and that may be like if he came back. So you there -- a lot of strong. Also -- quality world champion quality guys on the team and it worked assessment of but he got along and let's put this way if -- had come back. And he was available. To what it was just for. No money we could pay we couldn't -- the kind anybody else. If he had come -- you would click on. You're in there was a there was a number put out and who were also. Emotional issues out there but there was the price they put up they're just what one we get. As reported to think. Rock market today of three years point seven and it's sort of seems that that was gonna take me to come back the Boston -- three years nine point seven. To go -- out of Miami it's almost like he knew that that the offer that he put he put you guys in this position we couldn't accept that offer. Well I just think -- a different way -- this would say that you know. Obviously. The -- the what the price per Wafer and come back I suppose for maybe you wouldn't take that but I guess. -- -- Let's leave it like this we played very well as if he's the last five years with guys together and I've. Just about as excited as they're about that your team. The wage is enough I'm I'm excited that we're going and that and he it's going to be worth watching. And what less than a ball ball raise. You know I know you guys is report out there that you're willing to put in a -- trader tree -- would -- did -- -- and go up which would take care of one of the big issues apparently I think -- him feeling that he was the guy. That was expendable and tradable at the deadline the last couple of years and but he said he was a professional of the first -- he gets to make the choice being a freeagent. Do you think that was part -- through the hurt feelings about him being again. And if so what I've not pass phrase that I would not blame him and -- let's face and that's it there's. Friend of -- of people I worked with over the last few days that the trade deadline. And the fact that he was almost created. That would bother me -- race and he has every right to go to Miami and we have every right to you know try to try to beat those guys. And so we're going out right now we -- points or seven trying to make the team you know. Dominant and I will say the one thing that is really got me. Smiling right now is leading people saying well we'll have a better since the -- -- -- Miami. We've added some talent we've lost some talent but I don't I don't know anybody who can predict what happens he's sincere I think we've gotten better. I want to ask you up a healthier shooting guard -- for just for accuracy across and t.'s dot semis is it accurate to say that. The Ray Allen. Post kind of a three year 27 million dollar deal with Celtics. I've not often talked about contract proposals that didn't get done in the in the media format and start now but I think there was a number out there as we get them. I think he would have taken it you know fighters -- Mac. You know Smart about it and the what the number up there which would come back he would've been fine. The report on your shooting guard is that he's got a right shoulder surgery and now left shoulder surgery either today or tomorrow -- what -- you heard about Avery Bradley and as there were chants. That he is not ready for the start of the 20122013. Season. This is exactly what we knew was happening in May. But I guess it hadn't been out there were exactly in detail. But we we knew this was the case you do. He had injuries in both shoulders and he's gonna get -- vote this -- much less. Severe than the other. And so easily the second one now you just do one time Childers uncles and we always knew that -- you goes on Friday. Well -- that's one of things the importance of and the guy like recount to go with. Jason Terry you guys have locked up there seems to be need. At that position now. Now would because of the mid fall mid level -- gate the Jason Terry there's actually heart -- for you guys it's 74 million exactly where are because -- -- kind of confusing to a lot of people out there as far as. What you have to go out there and acquire so a couple of new bodies and fill some holes financially. Right well we're you know where we're under. We have room beside ray because we have bird rights and race you can go to with either. Point with a player. But we still couldn't have gone over 74. We've got some other guys in mind we've got some hand shake and and hope with other guys that we can finalize on the eleventh. But there's room there's still the bi annual like two million dollar exception or minimums and there's also sign and trade possibilities we can pretty. Guys going out and then be able to pay some income a little bit more but it all has it 174. As it. We're talking -- -- specs CEO Boston Celtics in terms of Jeff Green where -- a guy that. Lot of expectations come out of college -- you guys for really small stretch of games and had that the health health ailment. Reports he's been back in the mix a four year deal what are the expectations and how much if any with a health concerns a part of this contract extension with Jeff Green. Well we're real excited to be making very good progress -- and agencies -- David has chronicled. So -- you Jeff were just rambling about treatment with the Celtics. We're really happy with the way they've handled it on their side and we're really glad that he's becoming. It's a it is it's it's not pressure expectations I don't think it's much. As hope. And make the investment and the future of the game and get younger more athletic disparate skills. Is body of work that phrase that they -- -- with a group we use them without the body of work. And -- the league has been has been very solid or you know essentially. Fantastic is is work with with limited. But wouldn't see we've that you were really excited about what was going back. On the day brought back to Britain bastion on the season is over it's -- quote I would love this city loves the tradition of being an important games wants to win a championship. You guys in the bringing him back how port that what was that for you given how important was to your team late. They listen we we get close to the final. And it was not usual here and there were injuries Derrick Rose and others. But we brought back our starting five in a -- Jason Terry and that green does that a couple of good draft pick may be yet another player. In the next few days so I'm pretty happy that -- You know we're pretty weak arm -- best -- you -- what Jeff Green and and KG he was outstanding last year that senate position but even. He would admit even on our show one day they -- doesn't like playing set to -- it looks like he's being. Pushed back to that position. This sets up and you guys view his opening day be talked cagey about it like you we view you now is a senate. You know that's that's really productive and candy and haven't talked I'm sure that that was discussed as -- discussion about -- coming back. Exactly what his -- would be. And we can go out -- have -- just as an example. In the first round to the -- a center project in the -- press conference. That he let alone -- you know what you re saying a little bit there. At that position. Side because at a premium in the NBA he gave us good minutes. Last year he's probably put injuries like an -- toward the end but you know quality player as it. So it may be center by committee. But. But we like we brought all -- and starting prospective logically which is a huge flow. And but brought -- and hopefully this series and just couldn't you know -- what can. I'm content. -- -- KG in three years always be in the plan where there's a report out there that it is a sort of a known thing -- local behind the scenes that since about may. You guys knew KG was coming back is that accurate and if not when did you kind of finally say okay we got our guy back he's back in the fall for next year. It's not accurate that we view from the best. And they. And we did not want to have detailed discussions with Kevin. During. Play Oakland which became a little excited -- on. It was it's it's it's up with him always certainly earned enough money enough clean and ethically and everything else is -- not come back and same with racing with Paul because you know they're they're the champions. And they've done very very well they're very quiet and sure with their finances and you know it is a question of whether you wanna come back and we've talked to him -- season that would to a combat and you thought about it for -- and he says yeah I'm back in the back in -- that's the way it was that was not done in -- we could have. Legally gotten -- we're allowed to possible. What you talked about Ray Allen get that video together -- missed a couple of putts and chips. This. Couple drives. In an eighteen year -- -- it may be some golf in the air. Yes. The you know this fan base pretty well I think at this point will that that video -- with chairs and in Iowa that video be -- with some cheers or you think some -- around. Oh yeah I mean the video we put together with is there's no point. And and I don't think it was -- who felt that champion when he comes out on the court anyway I won't be. And we're we're thrilled with what he gave -- we respect. Is this is -- I mean. I think it's fantastic because it just riled me up -- went down to our -- for half price. Justice you know what that about and I wanna make it. Not an easy pat to ring on the make it over that raid five and. They've every talked to rate personally and you put a talkative. Oh I'm sure we will haven't talked yet there's been. You know camera contacts we'll be back for my wife actually thought it was. You know that if it's very friendly relationship and we respect rate which. But who witnessed that we wish him any difficulties in Miami. It's spice up the rivalry where I want. Can be fun -- prospect joining us out here on the show manage part of seal the subject Rick thanks you're time they'll -- and got. Now we talked Celtics basketball which grows back on the -- hotline AT&T forgy LT he. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible how deep and the video is the missed the second thing. That quick throws like the third thing that a slice drive of their. TPC Cromwell Connecticut somewhere desperate woman. You'd -- the first vs -- it's going to be some -- some theories of if you're sick stuff for a quick think quick break reactor do you guys at 6177790850. Told free it is 8885250850. Lot and -- not -- seventh.

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