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Stil trying to quell the Ray Allen riot

Jul 8, 2012|

Pete starts off by showing his concerns about this Red Sox team heading into the final game of the four-game series against the Yankees before diving right back into the Ray Allen debate.

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Back your talent ever to -- sharper with you live at Fenway Park until 722 died in the John is Dave O'Brien at Jokester -- Take over your Red Sox baseball -- close out their four game series so -- the Yankees tonight at Fenway Park. Looking for the split. Libya Jon Lester on the mound against him on Novoa. A should be very very interest in game one the Red Sox and -- -- -- not a must win but man I mean if they get embarrassed tonight -- it did. Game one yesterday in and for and and moves in the -- did our game three yesterday issued says. I don't know -- just. I don't know how people feel about this game tonight it just I just have every time Lester and and buckled to Beckett take the mound I just don't know which -- good yet. I really don't know hoping salads with an idea great -- in the also break. We're with you know with the two with a two game win streak. Should be interest at 61777. I jury 5888525. Jury fair to look at the Red Sox liberally -- to talk about it if you like there's lots of numbers to go through with the Red Sox in there and I think people. A lot of people getting carried away with the madrassas are yesterday came true. Because there's a -- -- -- -- you talk that touched on today and Harold the that I haven't talked about the three weeks which is if you're relying on a number four. 5585. When the big previous starters Lester Buchholz and Beckett are ten in nineteen combined. -- Ted in nineteen when that when they're on the mound that's the team's record read socket and and nineteenth. When Beckett Buchholz -- Lester start that people. Pitcher overall issue right there. But back to default rented the car waiting patiently Nixon WEEI Brendan. Don't know with a -- expecting -- call please call. I wolf I united thought we that in Vietnam it's getting ridiculous and all the way down action. Yeah arguably with the -- patriots come in there. You know and everybody that doesn't it look at them party and a couple name it people you know you -- -- -- The gag about retired. Try don't anybody think of the patriot pins are electable in north article -- -- and now. -- without one but didn't think that that's -- think about -- think. Well we don't want I don't think gonna chant the public -- the next in -- -- whoever they want. Once that like -- outlook. We got lucky this year going note that there it will put all the Arab fighters can't that we need period and got our. It was a great run. But next year I mean. It's far -- they've -- it in the right you're saying it doesn't. One not out there aren't taken note though that we thought pat might know it was. Nick and James Jones was let things. They're going to be bigger and you're happy birthday. -- -- certainly are less money that -- label people even think on opportunities for less money to win. Which candidate I want to do -- actually him when he left Seattle. So we -- -- -- what it would pay up or don't you wanna comment art until they knew of any -- and Garnett all I have you're wondering I'm out. -- know what actually every game and won a -- we're gonna. Not at the same legacy with the LP are unreal you help that's unique and engaging it it and we haven't had a wild. And anyone. And appreciate it. In -- I will respect the man they'll regardless that yeah people to -- they grow a lot letting go into dark blue on the only reason he left. Where they've sold it and okay anyone that accurate and. Law that it wasn't just one reason why he left let's let's agree let's let's I mean as it was just one reason. In this would be much more easier to dissect and analyze it wasn't just one reason. They're -- and they're right about that I didn't maybe look but don't want to -- me. Sitting at the plank I think okay -- NBA low in the record -- -- these are not repeat in the area where you let -- -- about. Forty minutes a night you know twenty minutes I play and I met by the big difference from eighteen and nineteen that's. But it was best for the team at that were called -- was best for the team that he came off the bench they were better team we came off the bench of Bradley starting at cagey move into the five. That's the bottom line and that's why -- -- -- was not to jeopardize his principles by. Telling him any differently I don't think even with Terry sunny here and I think doc also knew that Bradley. Which probably going to be missed a bunch of games which it looks like he's going to we can have surgery next week in his right shoulder Boston. And then he's gonna miss training camp he's gonna miss. -- no. Good chunk of the first part of the season so. A -- -- saw all this happened for no reason why you want to rate despite Sonny Terry. I still think it would have been placed for Ray Allen on this team he would have been a significant contributor is another -- in the car next here on WEEI printed. -- the other dog back to back to answer that very often if I now. But. But. Probably eight -- to promote a day today outback replicate it all those. People call optimal Ray Allen let you passed and all the absolute non. When -- -- the player is there always know that they're at. He does it took what money what we're -- -- -- Well for the business decision when it's taken more money and stay with the Celtics obviously wet this was not about money. We kind of violence -- not mobile -- -- doesn't matter about the -- this this really this one really didn't matter about the money has been dead EB here. -- point -- did that basically what happened it. This team he did he -- but -- you all. All -- no question it's a great point. There's no question this was a big -- season ago I don't think is any doubt about that that -- -- a significant partners. Unfortunately had to but it did. I think you coordinate -- -- -- to let you call it unhealthy. Don't -- don't say well you know you probably wouldn't it this year. Famously missed a lot and but I mean. -- he might be Augusta helping you. You know I mean and you don't let me what I'm not that I would want -- that I -- on the bench. But Jason Terry but I think it is at a to a where he is probably the -- well I that was the -- priority in in it even should be looked like that. -- eagle like directory. But I honestly why he would understand that of course kept guard Kevin that would be the top priority he. He should under and he should realize that and he's a very Smart man I mean I don't understand why he went real again we have not heard from Ray Allen. We're going by you know self reports most of Yahoo! Sports and and what's been written and Harold in the -- and ESPN. Over the last over the last you know few weeks here so. I can't wait to hear from right hopefully he made me decide never talked about to be honest with you but. It's if if it goes. Way past. The money issue and way past cool breezes in the ocean in Miami. And all that stuff this is not about all that superficial crap this is about. I'd I'd I'd believe first and foremost playing time for him. Putting that to me. He -- he did not want to take orders anymore from -- what you want to start. And not that he's gonna start a lot Miami if at all. I think he thinks is playing time there would be is going to be is is significantly and be better for him and he has a better chance to win a championship. Did you -- up next here WEEI Dave. But. I did. AP they don't want my friend -- you're good you have a I think that that he has pulled off are really good I'm back yeah I'll move. You get everybody -- Ray Allen when he's you know basically sort in the bill. Abnormalities show on the door of like offering a plug double what you're gonna get a Miami -- a bit you know that's all part. That's all are now that's not all talk they would agree that we give them double what you -- in Miami. Everything is not the did this happen between notes to write that didn't you know that didn't that you know we know that -- the friction it's an old man. Okay he's he's he's got maybe a year or two left in the NBA. And that's a lot of -- that ain't now to work where we get someone else. I don't think I don't think. -- wanted to come out to the Boston media here and say. Yeah you know Ray Allen not a man anymore and we get plenty of people levity time and that can be comical and and and and it it and now I'm on our -- that you know he'd left a lot money. And well and how much are angry about I don't strike grief about getting its idea and he just that I think the any age really want him back here I really. 100% in my heart I believe that I believe -- That everybody else that he wanted to back here may be Rondo didn't but even even Rondo I think. Which they can have in other like there's some recorded so it was like sandbox you know differences and and I agree. Especially with Bradley now going to be out four in -- -- the early part of the season. In I think ray could -- significant minutes here and have been significant contributor but the money reason and they'll question you would make more money -- -- different. You know if you if they -- -- terrible on defense he was -- -- you know you know and the guys I mean these great guys that you know great professional. He you know gave a great time we wanted to you know help the one championship. But you know his his you know he's hinted -- -- time he's not as good as he once was he's you know he just can't do -- I don't know which thanks for call -- shot 45% last year and -- three point -- when a best shooting up from from three point O line as well. Now we had a some opened on games clever and I don't think he was horrible horrible on defense either. I think there were times weren't sure looked that way I totally great and certainly Bradley is much better now that's an age thing privately put terrific defense. But I don't think ray was horrible horrible like atrocious like you know you can't -- if he's out there on defense. -- launch on a lot of people keep saying that -- I disagree.

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