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Pete Sheppard taking in the Ray Allen backlash

Jul 8, 2012|

Pete opens up the show from Fenway Park by examining Ray Allen's jumping from Boston to Miami and the subsequent wave of criticism from the Celics fanbase. He also looks into the dreary mood that's prevalent throughtout Fenway these days.

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Good afternoon it's a big -- alive at Fenway Park and it feels like Harvard -- northeastern consolation Beanpot games about to be played here I mean this area is dead. Dead. Dead. And I know we're three our four hours before the game but my goodness you -- I talked about mr. -- on Friday he was joking. He thought it was joke and overseers restrictive monetary but I turnout to be right everybody's writing about it missiles series. Fans getting here late leaving early and I understand the frustration believe me understand -- restoration. Lots of talk about today Mary -- such a hot topic obvious and when to begin their organs in the Red Sox as well. I thought -- -- what a great piece today in the globe were at that you just nailed it for the game last night to please everybody please. As a nice win last night but let's not get carried away by the mirage. A couple of minor leaguers to Britain you know. In Gomez and Syria to great story will the continue to do well and all that stuff but this is this this team obviously. It goes much deeper that the person the first two games in the fourth inning. Of the nightcap last night my goodness I mean it looked like they're about to get annihilated I give the credit for fighting and coming back but tonight. Is another big test of for the rights Lester against the Toronto we shall see because that talked about all your long. Look at the big number which is Beckett Buchholz and Lester stocks this team is and and nineteen. During -- Republican to let's not to look at later Ron Richards are we talk about whatever like believe me there's a lot of talk about his Red Sox yankees series. Let's get into reality I I -- be honest written and this has nothing to talk about the -- when I -- the picture with him on Friday yesterday or two days -- were talking about this. And I said you know Cadillac -- again I said you know arrested you think ray -- gonna get. You know people will be upset the way you will need to be left out of Miami Heat -- non you know everybody's going to be. Hunky dory and everything he bought admitted that they would -- that you know he thinks that while on an island I can't believe somebody comments that I've heard today. -- I really can't I mean I'm hearing trader. No -- good riddance. Things like that I'm I'm really blown away -- I understand. It's the Miami Heat that it was the Memphis Grizzlies nobody would give them at all. And I like you guys are most of -- I'm I'm a little upset with some of the comments that he made. About why he's not stating. It sounds like a lot of the so called election and -- up with Rondo which I agree with. But as far as the recruiting of Doc Rivers vs Pat Riley. You know I think and the part the bothered me today more than -- terror watch sports piece of the globe. In Adrian. What's -- you had a first with with Yahoo! but -- Washburn you know it seems to me either -- was a bit upset that KG was used. You know that they were more -- Determined courting him -- -- as opposed to Ray Allen of course they -- Of course they weren't I'm -- he doesn't understand that. Mad -- Danny's allegedly for not enough for dangling in trade talks about the tournament mr. real on the that didn't go through there again none of this has been. -- hasn't really said anything yet so we're just going by what we've read and what we've heard and you know sources from from all these reports. I just can't sit here and an income demery a look at what's the reality of the situation is 99.9. Percent of the people thought. That Ray Allen was leaving for Miami anyway. -- -- And inject a little more excited last week when I heard docs say or ten days ago whatever docs say -- he thought maybe it was a good chance rate which day. So I lowered my expectations from like 99.9 percent to maybe like 5050. Remember having Paul Flannery on. For a from W I dot com covers the Celtics were saying the same thing maybe it's about 5050. -- hoping. That all the factors KG coming back. Signing. It looked like you know Jeff -- going to be assigned a very shortly. Or maybe raise upset that they went after Tarek and signed him. You know let's apartment but all these reasons you're here and by me I get it. I understand. Why he might be a tad upset at -- it's a -- debuts to be honest with you. But. I get it and I an honesty I think most was not expected to be -- -- I mean -- the vicious and people you know Kerry comparing him to all sorts of things I don't get it. I really don't understand it. The guy's been nothing but a classy guys since he's been a year and except for the usual -- -- little locker room quibble like a lot of time in sports who cares. But that any but I think most of residents that most of us thought he was not going to be here Morse was thought he was going to the Miami. Now how come a couple of weeks ago -- what he was OK with that. Now all of a sudden. Everybody's a lot not everybody and that's probably it but there are a lot of people I cannot believe the people disrespect in this -- heads out of town. And I expected to report some of the people -- understand with Damon and -- even though we get thirty more million dollars to go with the Yankees. But the people feel betrayed because. He's going to be enemy the arch enemy for less money because it made double that salary here. And all because you know people -- the -- -- that is this all because he really couldn't get along with Rondo -- tech topic is Danny tried to trade -- -- and -- During you know during the regular season. And that he feels disrespected because the Celtics went after Kevin Garnett first. To stand for it being frustrated at those three points I get it but I'll be honest we're -- Again what went we clicked we -- we didn't get rid of all the BS okay did you. -- Celtics nation whatever when I'm mark however nation -- rated did you not think when the season and it. Debt more than likely -- was headed to the Miami Heat. I mean we talked about it during the playoffs that that was probably going to be. The that they would probably end up there. I mean what is bothering most is the fact that these it is the fact that he went less money. I mean we knew we was gonna go there what is what's bothering people. The comments added that allegedly his cup -- come out like I said talk about the friction with Rondo. Talking about Danny Ainge you know disrespect for human and you know trading and try to trade him during the regular season KG getting court forest over him a big -- thing. Is that what's bothering people. I understand -- I get it I understand I just I never thought I mean it was vicious today some of the comments I heard. Not only until show today we would block but also we know with which he struggled earlier. 61777. I jury Trippi told pre 888525. Cherry creek -- beat jeopardize Derek Fenway Park. And could be here until about the seventh when he tonight in the Red Sox baseball and luckily tubular Romans is rushed and over to the -- sucked into that -- -- in tonight's pregame or did you route wishes. -- is doing double double brash. Does that that's -- game today. With with Bob Montgomery. -- buckled by the way two thirds scoreless innings to get that the second. -- for the pos socks. And he's going to be doing via the pre -- stuff from the updates at tonight -- such with the Dave O'Brien -- to -- that for you went to 720. But you're right apologize that we take a break there but I also many people so passionate about the subject. And about the Red Sox as well and -- certainly does this last talked about this Red Sox team I still like I said now you now you get an issue. Are going on here with with pitching coach possibly with -- cooler because the ERA for the team in the first inning is over six which is about run and a half more than league average while -- -- Bob Montgomery I'm not not saying that I'm not saying that he would not be doing that but he might -- -- yet. But Montgomery's most famous -- remembers where he said it was Lance -- for the tigers Lance. And he said. That it was it was a rookie he got it pop Montgomery says that market. Net that -- -- -- look -- tree trunks. And in Paris. We expected and deposited some. A blast. That they give him play golf tour with a -- Jerry altering and don't hit that ball he gets kinda can't. It cannot by the most catchers can. Most of these -- it was great guys great guys but I always remember him saying I'm not not saying. That I mean you are in out of double negative quipped let's Monty isn't you know -- had a lot of -- -- -- -- -- is the best thing is -- like he was like -- Yogi -- a lot of ways but -- and -- some great -- you compare. Players -- to flat Jackson pancakes in breakfast -- as it was hysterical. But they were John Grisham -- it was 61777. I jury 5888525. 051. Up is Stephens fall over race -- All YE a gutsy value. Amare right -- to get back I can't fly this is really impressive that that -- outlasts. So much I can't even -- In my recollection evening the bowl week also to. One apparently the so that only misunderstood. What was going this guy mine and he thought formerly outlook to -- -- was -- Apparently whatever. Riley told it was good but shall I can't it'll look I'll. Doc Rivers couldn't keep it here and I period an -- brought as there she. Celtics -- that the biggest mismatch. In the whole series was operated against Erik Spoelstra. I don't understand how this I let it happen money went -- -- -- spoke at our record. Now. While that equation is much deeper than that through coaches O Steve if you threat I mean I know you know that you've heard all Leo. The stories you read everything you understand that's just one part of the equation. Each is what the bottom -- finally be diseases are out there repudiate that -- -- they. That the biggest mismatch in the in the LPG series was. There's diplomatic -- mobile dash and if you are what you would say that was it sure I meant by whoever made. I don't know -- was -- com and I think if you ask 99.9 percent of the players in the NBA who that wanna play for a beat Doc Rivers over Spoelstra 99.9 percent. There I -- any thought that we figured out. -- But as usual speed you're not looking at the whole picture looking at a part of it that -- make your arguments that the entire picture. -- about Ray Allen was upset that KG was being courted for such epic that's that. -- that's a little over the top ranked. Well it would obviously a bunch of fact it probably bought that and. It roll up achieved it was such a -- -- KG got there or he doesn't like rod go watch it a better chance to what did you actually where. My point is all a -- op. I'm that I used all of you I'll need to be put it polite as Otellini Dick. I don't think -- boy you're the only one might think it's totally ridiculous like you said if you ask 99% of the NBA players they tell you Doc Rivers almost balls were not at US than by any heat players off the record they tell you Doc Rivers in the second. -- -- -- rather have Doc Rivers of the current as a coach and Spoelstra. Even the case that still doesn't need this statement that that was the biggest advantage in action back but the comment. But somehow. That was one of the -- can make a case at Avery Bradley not being in the game was what was one of the biggest factors in the series that bosh wasn't boss -- and held it for the whole series that they lost I mean there's a lot of things that went well -- -- -- out of a crazy about stuff like that it was won't comment made. By by a couple of reporters I mean it -- what let me ask you this Stephen because -- got to move lobby got a call -- ask you this though did you not expect Ray Allen to go to the Miami Heat. Before all this before everything was sad for all happened. Truthfully -- I didn't always been about him being happy at all like it when they -- I thought I thought also about money right at the ought to be able. And that he would. Well only at half I can help could be at eighty. Here let me tell me off and half the amount of money -- -- -- you go about they had -- that you. And I got I was only blown away which should result was that got. A little bit let. -- to -- a -- -- gonna move on to undertake a quick break through that quick studies at Brigham and welcome back but and we want to tell me also about the Red Sox and how great they looked at that they wanted 500 and the natural -- dory but however I -- refuted that as well. With a lot of numbers that back yup 61777. -- generate fifty told pre.

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