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Ian Thomsen, SI.com, on Ray Allen, Avery Bradley, and Team USA Basketball

Jul 8, 2012|

Ian joins Butch Stearns to talk about Ray Allen signing with the Heat and how he fits into Erik Spoelstra’s system. Ian also gives us a health update on Avery Bradley and discusses the 2012 USA Men’s Basketball team.

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I would encourage you first of all the go to WEEI dot com. Four Paul Flannery is take on -- some excellent articles. From Paul Flannery great coverage and is giving you some insight on our Ray Allen and some things. That have gone on also want WEEI. Dot com on Adrian or -- -- appeared on the my Maloney show last Tuesday. To discuss the Indian attention to go back in here that. In light of his column and his. Thoughts after the fact after Ray Allen Simon Miami in some insight into it and to get a another national perspective yet with a local twist would bring in our good buddy Ian Thompson. From SI dot com I'm -- Stearns here until 4 o'clock PM are you my friend. How you doing here you inside not outside enjoying the states so far. I -- Vegas actually able. Look at the Olympic team he's -- yeah last yes. Sitting inside as much against the Japan. The price to pay for a you know big time national reporter there's you that's what happens right in. No idea what you can't expect at. The sort of a Ray Allen why this happened why did he leave I mean I'm I'm sure Europe. Got your own opinions and you read everybody -- that they said but -- -- summing up why is Ray Allen member of the Miami Heat today. That I really think big you -- -- and everybody knows it you know. He's had issues with Rondo I think if you don't the last three years she's -- has made entry groups especially the trade deadline and last year you told -- straight that that wasn't. Speed -- to enforce the law places and I just think that's -- they know progressed going to be greener. You can't get a shot and Miami as either of -- I think it will need to do so -- -- look -- -- the future you will. If they didn't didn't couldn't post on the went there. I think as a result of that indicate that they don't -- great -- and be really committed to it. And you know it's. I don't see Miami Dolphins being that structured. The way the way LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played a controlled whole lot of these people play. Feel of the game in the game. In partner Shane Battier journal poll out people who helped of course was for instance on the country to have those guys continues to. The traditional post offense you can you can put your spots know where you're going to be good when you're playing it the product away. They're always on the move and therefore you accept beyond book and you never know where you're gonna have to be in -- to -- or around there at all what was the pictures. So so well there'll be an idea so well there be an adjustment period for -- I'm an assuming his health is gonna be good in that it you know hours he said there's a lot left in these legs while there be an adjustment period. He should be a good fit there offensively -- with a couple of guys that demand more attention and probably any two guys that he played with on the Celtics for periods Tommy and other which he should get good looks and more open shots and eventually fit into that system shouldn't. Well I think you -- without. Because thought -- in the three years that the Andre was -- just to get them on the floor state support the defense had to pay attention to him and that -- these. Don't go from LeBron and wade and Chris Bosh as. My point is that it is a great that you're going to be validity and how many shot actually gonna get. And if you look last year for Miami during the regular season. Look there right now LeBron averaged nineteen shots -- game tremendously and we seventeen -- fourteen. And then the port I was marrying a child at some point eight. And all the way down and how many shots are there. In the game and are they gonna run structure up and -- make sure that he's made it cuts around the the screen and then cut and screen and run in these flags went around back out the top. Have all been waiting for. Or I however all is -- -- get it allowed them. In transition that's -- he's been blunt talk about it now of course that's where he's really made his money needs to. Well and it's interesting because it seems to me you're painting a picture. That he if if Ray Allen is going to be a significant part of another championship there. He probably need to do what the Celtics did win Garnett pierce and Allen came together. -- understand that in off the championship is the main goal. Check Kyrie goes at the door and more importantly structure an offense where ray's gonna get his dozen shots again if that means two or three let shots from LeBron and wade. So be it but that's easier said than done as an. Yeah because it's not connected to other such an injury goes door it's not it's about actually committing to structure right. Enough neither the past when they're not structure. Wonder if they're passed the ball move it on LeBron and his. When the great playmakers in the game. He's the best. Combination of Ashland -- that you won't see. In the modern -- Larry Bird. And and so that's what they've played Augusta but -- says it passed -- Play another structure. And when they went these grand themselves wouldn't that the all the blocks -- it will complain about Heatley and yet it erection and are quickly after so many case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's code for we weren't gonna -- all the -- and and so I I don't know it's going to be a real interest rates saying. You know worked up about they go work out and some -- -- have to deal. So I don't take too much you timing and a couple last things are the Celtics better off. Without the Ray Allen from 2011 with -- Avery Bradley seemingly. -- -- being equal. Taking his place being more athletic he's not the jump shooter he is. He brings a whole different skill set the Celtics are the better off -- David Bradley over Ray Allen in the starting line. -- Real is it oh yeah I know Larry the help he really is better the other healthy rate over the last year the last half year. He knows he's a defensive liability could guard anybody. Right ray was not. In at defenders and it's one of the great shooters older and when you need to win the big game which rather have you re Bradley on the floor Ray Allen. And I'm telling you like it here and the Celtics in the last four minutes but the tight playoff game that the -- so we have to win. And that it's Americans can come up with a big basket you can ask every span. In that arena who would you rather have on the court right now who's gonna make a big play you. And then not get these things you regret. And interest. Well you bring us back to the debate remember when the first when they first came together in 07 about Allen and pierce. How are they gonna call exist who's gonna take the last shot if I remember correctly. And the first twenty games. There was actually a I think on a road trip where'd it manifested itself very quickly and re dating game winner in Toronto and and your city game winner. Like two days later and ended the discussion was over was like allowing it to guys that take the big shot. Right and the Miami yeah actually that's always been a problem as the news gets a shot and no. Now raise that we've the guy that should be taking on. Then and there there's going to be no criticism abroad. This is lot of criticism for passing big -- can -- obsolete zero PP passage of the big shot if you. So wanna go back tier regional point about the trade rumors and how they bothered grey he's human. But but we play devil's advocate here why this guy's been in the league for sixteen years knows it. Better than anybody is a class act I mean could EZ -- just not accept the business part of it -- -- didn't understand that Danny wood shop him around and or or did he look at piercing Garnett and say well why not them why is it me when it comes to. This part of it. You know I don't think like when he made this decision belief that it. As you can do go up punishing them where are getting back down it just to trust. And I understand you know when when they're coming to him now and telling them how important. We you'll artwork. Right now we really -- you spoke at the Miami we've really we're really gonna do things you'd be so important. And that it was all true it is so important to. But ESP thinking to himself really well how important was alive when you wanted to get OJ Mayo has -- -- can you told me and I would have to play in Memphis. And what you guys try to win the championship without. I think it's not about like policy aimed at retribution. Or any of that stuff where. You know he has now for the he's saying it I think it's just. You have to take -- all when when consultant succumbing to them making these offers. Tried to resize them sticking with a grain of salt members the other side. You know I helped to win the championship -- one another that I discussed in the last year Memphis last year in. You know I -- look like that idea. So Ian final lock comment about ray and his legacy and Boston I felt compelled yesterday morning when I got up and of the news. To write every -- blog and thought about it in this regard. Have been a lot of legendary. Big name athletes that have come here late in their careers in Boston. But -- kinda unique few that have done what he's done to help deliver. The championship and I think we all agree that the championship is -- one without Garnett but let's not diminish what -- did team. Helped put banner number seventeen and when I. Say legendary athletes you know better than most vote you know -- marriage came to town Dave Bing came down. Andre Dawson -- a subpoena mean Randy Moss none of them delivered championships Curt Schilling did. Ray Allen did so when I look at his legacy. I think he needs to get some credit for his part in delivering a championship considering the legendary status he had. Before -- got here because that's an exception not a rule. That happens in a lot of times. Pay -- they'd never connecting done without rail. You know when the championship. By. -- -- -- -- They cut Garnett so they're not made the trade for Ray Allen in the first place that he had not been great -- was from the Boston. And Garnett doesn't get talked in the Boston member he didn't wanna come for street that he had no future. And then they trade parade and that changed everything for the southern rail and there. They go they go ahead and you know. I think that stand on the result of a difference for him going forward out -- can be remembered insult and I think this can be. Important for him personally. Somebody that did you know you can still -- new Englander. How can be remembered going forward I think it's important for him to make sure that he doesn't. The people -- five years he's as opposed to that that you left because the Miami because there were recorded five years. And it says a new modern standard for a franchise that really was lost for twenty years this'll be said that nothing. He treat their own legacy. -- there's a lot of hope to bring them back up again and now they know who they are against franchise and ray has a lot to have one sounding obvious that this you -- It's -- important for him to try to remind people. What he did and they could have -- skyward he soaked uniform not the kind of treaty and for the Miami. -- here's the final and this is a classic Sports Radio question I have four hours talk about Steve Buckley raised at this morning. The boo -- cheer when he comes back in Miami uniform I think you what I would both agree. What should happen will happen might be two different things I think he should be cheered. Obviously for what you just said his legacy in Boston. But this while this isn't the New York Yankees and Johnny Damon this is the Celtics bitter rival right now they've just won a championship soul. We'll he'd be chair what do you think will he be booed when he steps foot on the garden floor. You know you'll hear a little bit cheering but he got he got -- -- Absolutely he's going to be. And this -- You know people look into and there are and the Celtics is still going to be trying to beat them and and you don't and -- -- because. Paul Pierce -- to stick it to them on Twitter and make comments when you get shot eleven. And Rondo and Garnett. Didn't. Two gradually Miami at the on the conference finals that shows you. Real of the security feeling between the two teens. And and you know and -- comments yesterday and and another step we're reading is clearly. Bad feeling there and made about it in can call that. It's gonna be that's that's what makes the Celtics special you know and a lot of other NBA cities since about the players. And with the help exit about the uniform. The team so. You know and in the others in another NBA cities. Fans -- -- -- the player and the player leaves little to do. But it Boston. Fans offensive team. And so raise going to be a member of the MVP balloting and people there's no doubt about it and she. -- open it feel like this which when LeBron left Cleveland. -- no idea he truly he had no idea the abuse. But he you know they get over real quick can he be able go back here and it appreciate everything you know he had no idea. And the same thing. I think is going to happen to -- a little bit he's he's definitely going to be yet. Is Ian -- of SI dot com you can find him on Twitter. At S I underscore Ian I AM Thompson TH OM SE and com you can find all of his columns there he's in Las Vegas right now. I'm reading your column here in the break about the dream team around its come together the new one and the Olympics it just came out Saturday a pretty uninteresting. Give -- quick comment about what you covering this weekend considering Dwight Howard Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade or not there and the news of Blake Griffin. And others have been added to this team should we. Can give me give us a reason to care about this team Meehan. You know there's a lot copies last normalcy in the Olympics and after the Olympics we're gonna go to a 23 and under. Format. Like they haven't suckered into politics that's not a sure thing doesn't. It's definitely up for consideration. And so this will be. The last one we see you know last time you see all the great players -- once seen each other. At least Olympics may do a blue in the world championships and that the other thing is I think there's going to be real life interest in pain. The boycott one true centers that Chandler. Abroad can be played some center Blake Griffin's could be exclusively. Senator and they don't be like this will kind of athletic. Almost Miami Heat kind of style we're we're and they create pressure all over the floor and there can play here and what would we be tried to open court. But I know what I say okay they're like Miami and nobody bought one watch it. Anyway. They're going to be I think I Annika. In May and -- -- -- in close games. There there shortly to tackle. Well if you're right and you usually are about to understand one of the last -- teams to have LeBron Carmelo Durant Colby. Chris Paul Griffin to have them all playing together. Petitioning to see because the dream team concept either works wonderfully or fails miserably when you get a bunch of all stars together. Not exactly it's yeah and it all depends on to make up what they're trying to accomplish and -- that that's the real. Cool story about what happened here -- took us over two years ago. It was and it was in -- -- like it was all about selflessness and building -- a personal brand of players and all that stuff and and now these guys. Are committed always. Playing team basketball. In spite of visitors gardens by the celebrity so. I think. That's a cool thing this is the third straight Olympics now sort of LeBron and Carmelo. And two guys and for much of -- of terrible reputation in the under the selfish guys all the investment. But they are getting money for this and can -- Summers and all the rest of that. So I -- -- I I think it's because I think. Index meantime out of Las Vegas Ian -- of SI dot com covering the US men's Olympic basketball. Team what's going on there offer instruments on and to Ray Allen Ian thanks. Okay Ian Thompson of SI dot com nice job Stevie. Nogmanian on arguments him inside and to Ray Allen. I'm -- take a break when we come back to your phone calls your thoughts 617. 7790850. Ray Allen member of the Miami Heat how do you feel about -- Really be cheered or booed sure he'd be cheered. Or -- 8885250850. Public the Celtics roster currently. And how this team will be. Without Ray Allen and while you might wanna look at the 2011 Ray Allen. Wow he couldn't Ronnie couldn't defend they'll be better off without him I you can bring up prospective. I understand it. But remember the healthy Ray Allen. And a guy that despite his age on his birth certificate can still shoe with the best shooters in the history of the league and is now on your arch rival. They better with Avery Bradley. Then Ray Allen getting significant minutes and he better -- Jason Terry in the sixth man role and with Ray Allen added to that situation. Pound WEEI if you have a Verizon cell phone against Jake Corwin when you're sports flash is -- Stevie is Donald. Taking your phone calls texts they're flying in at 85850. Yeah. There's a Red Sox yankees series rapid rate of what -- this weekend and want. The phone calls and more next year WB yeah.

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