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Ray Allen decides to join The Big Three in Miami and help them defend their title

Jul 8, 2012|

Dale and Buck talk about Ray Allen’s decision to leave the Celtics for the Heat and his torn relationship with Rajon Rondo. The boys also discuss what kind of reception Ray will receive when he returns to the Garden in a Miami Heat uniform.

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In the middle of Red Sox yankees weekend the Boston Celtics seized a large part of your sports section and probably continues to I know in today's. Papers there are some follow up stories as well. We got word late Friday night ironically from Twitter again Micky -- the owner of the Miami Heat it was actually in London I would assume group to watch Wimbledon. And he said he got a call at 2:30 in the morning London time which would be what 9:30 at night. Eastern time. And he got a call. To say that Ray Allen was joining the Miami Heat. So Micky Harrison actually broke the news. It was ultimately confirmed by the agent for for Ray Allen and you know things have progressed from there even though technically hasn't signed contract. They can't until July 11 but the deal is done. A Ray Allen as a member of the Miami Heat -- LeBron James actually tweeted out a photo shopped picture of Ray Allen wearing a Miami Heat uniform number twenty. And said you know that looks looks good -- And we get Paula California waiting to weigh in on this before we do. He does beat she when he -- that the Gordon correct absolutely not really it's his ass booed off really yes. What Johnny Damon yes absolutely that's fascinating is that I just my opinion now I've been. I've been mulling this in the comparisons with Damon really good Damon out the Red Sox won the World Series. Became an enormously popular player. Who went to the Red Sox are trials in was blue because of that Ray Allen the exact same thing -- Whitney ray -- going all of may not so sure would Damon. Ray Allen helps them win a world an NBA championship. Do we agree he was an enormously popular player and absolutely. And I -- huge part of the community impact right Harold has at a news piece on page three of The Herald today. About his testimony at age you know if you have one newspaper -- -- on -- -- -- -- but I knew was that you pick up the -- open it up the -- -- pastry that the money paid. Well they have a piece in there about Ray Allen and his family and the impact they've had. And there is nothing bad to say about ray Allen's tenure as a member of the Boston Celtics. Perhaps something bad to be -- about the end of his tenure. As a member of the Boston Celtic yet what we find out and we talked about this on Friday. And there was a piece and I believe Steve bull pat wrote it and the pace said that that Allen had made the Celtics an initial contract proposal. And that if the if the Celtics had accepted his proposal he would already be a member of the Celtics he would even be in Miami visiting with the heat. And I said at the time -- that's the case then perhaps the the Rajon Rondo stuff perhaps. The playing time stuff the role on the team is all over played because it's not just haggling over price. But we find out that the contract proposal Ray Allen made to the Celtics was nine million a year for three years 27 million dollars. Three times what the Miami Heat -- paying him. -- you know how sometimes teams get accused of making offers to players that they know can't be accepted. In some attempt to gain some public relations. Round nor in -- what the -- -- exactly you know well of course we made him an offer of -- we tried to keep them. And then we -- what the offer was legally didn't try very hard. Op Ray Allen obviously made the Celtics and offered that they could refuse. And that's what the courtship was all about -- Doc Rivers -- If you -- Doc Rivers quotes Gary Washburn. I got a hold of docket Rollins College last night there was a practice session for the summer league and he talked to dock down there and -- hurt by this. Because among the things that's been said about Alan. Is that you know unlike Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers Pat Riley treated him with respect -- -- think that would hurt a little bit appeared Doc Rivers or Danny Ainge. Apart the doc said it shocked me. And he's had discussions with Alan Ball before obviously the contract is agreed to any -- talked to laughter. Ray Allen was apparently miffed by the fact that the celtics' first offseason priority was signing Kevin Garnett. And not him. Help me out here outrage or anybody else on the planet. If you have those two offseason free agents and they're both high priorities for -- Wouldn't you have ordered them in the exact same way as well. Would ensure order have been Kevin Garnett one and Ray Allen -- Yes I can -- some -- -- I can't imagine anybody who would disagree with that now. There were apparently other things that the -- Rondo. Our relationship was apparently a huge part Dario because as we -- -- absolutely bigger than I expected bigger than I gave Chris credit to. And apparently an irreconcilable relationship. There was nothing that could have been done to save this relationship based on the fact that Ray Allen took half as much money from the Miami Heat to get allies here. I also think it's it's not adjustable basketball Rhonda we talk about looks at who's getting dynamic there which pissed off -- And part of it IC -- -- point I think Rondo is it if it's it's easy to call Rondo the cry babies upon that this that the other thing. I -- an alarm punk but the other part I'd agree -- I -- well I seen enormously talented player. And you can't play in the NBA image you have boatload of moxie -- we use that old fashioned word attitude of on the best guy in the room. And after the after serving a subservient role of the Big Three for X number years and Rondo was stepping up saying you know what guys might team. My team now which. Apparently Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were perfectly willing to allow him to do. And Ray Allen was so so it's not just -- it's eat what I guess I'm saying it and I'm not the room saw -- not stating facts here. It's it's it's easy to see you know ray our regal has all his stature. And he's gonna go hall -- who analysis to Iran go to push him around and given to -- except that. You can't play in the NBA if you don't have that kind of attitude and I think Rondo stood up and said my team. And it didn't go over all of rail and by the way I -- on the rare guy who who actually didn't want Ray Allen back. Because. I didn't think he'd be comfortable with fewer minutes on this team because he he will always be a member of the -- -- three on this team. India for a few minutes is -- gonna go over well with him he goes to a different team he's no longer part of the Big Three he's not part of the team that won the championship Miami this past season. And he has to kind of earn his bones and find its place via four fewer minutes. In Miami will gore better for -- Boston agree or disagree. I've now apparently I'd have to agree -- what happened I know I mean I mean I I didn't believe that on a I think if you did agree with all over the table on and on and on Friday I didn't. On Friday I thought what's the difference if your if your sixth man coming off the bench in Boston or six -- coming off the bench in Miami apparently there was a difference. I tried to come up with would equivalents and I can only come up with a couple here. As I thought about this. If if Patrice Bergeron. Who helped the Bruins with Stanley Cup championship was an unrestricted free agent. The Bruins offered him twice as much money and he took his talents to the Montreal Canadians that would be an equivalent situation from. And how Bruins fans would feel of Bergeron did. And by the way Bergeron reputation. In the locker room and in the communities as sterling Israel ounces and he has that kind of person that that Ray Allen always what's -- -- -- it's not quite the same because they didn't win a world championship. But -- Wes Welker not the most important player on the team but certainly a hugely important player on this team. Was an unrestricted free agent took half as much money to go sign with the giants. And spurned the patriots I think that's a similar feeling the patriots fans would have to what Celtics fans feel today. It is the reason why in my opinion I may be wrong. The first time Ray Allen shows up in Boston wearing that Miami Heat number twenty Jersey he's gonna get his -- booed off. Because Celtics fans feel -- The Celtics made a a very competitive offer. Back twice as much money is the Miami Heat signed Ray Allen for -- can't fault the Celtics for not coming through here. They made a a very competitive financial package they offered him a no trade clause. -- Ray Allen was apparently very miffed about the fact that the last two years he was dangled out there at the trade deadline. Impact this trade deadline he was dealt. He was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in the grizzlies apparently backed away from the deal. And Doc Rivers had to go back to ray and say you know we told you were traded earlier not anymore. I think I think Celtics fans will feel spurned by this. And a lot of the goodwill that Ray Allen built up here over the years and very correctly cell. -- kind of leaked away here in the last 48 hours very interesting I I can't wait to the bristled with -- gave that very reason now we'll see what happens let's not take quick break let's get the call with the guy 6177790850. Text right there says is simple two word text wrong dale. 61777090850. To hold free 888. By 250850. Verizon cell phone users get a free call pound WEEI you can text this if you'd like at 85850. Or you can send your comments -- questions on Twitter act. -- in Boston all one word or -- dale. We'll get right to the call with you coming up next.

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