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Paul Flannery gives some insight into Ray Allens move to the Heat

Jul 7, 2012|

Paul joins Mustard & Johnson to talk about Ray Allens choice to sign with the Miami Heat and how that will affect the Celtics and benefit the Heat in the coming season.

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Our number two mustard and Johnson sports Saturday mostly occupied by the Yankees and Red Sox date night doubleheader that begins. Right here the pre game around 1145 meanwhile we've been discussing Ray Allen is the fraction. Pulling a Benedict Arnold not a Dale Arnold but the Benedict Arnold a quiz -- like trader is move. By heading to Miami from Boston here to break that down -- us is Paul Flannery from WEEI dot com good morning Paul. Pretty good we've -- not talking a lot about. Adrian would you -- east peace and Yahoo.com about many of the factors. That contributed to ray Allen's departure I would get your take on it. Adrian says you know trade -- issues. Dissatisfaction. With -- playing time -- Jason Terry coming in of course the relationship or lack thereof. With Rajon Rondo what about you're taking your perspective on that does. Is that really add up to Ray Allen leaving the Celtics from Miami. Yeah however -- this morning on our side I think other things for the factor into it I mean. Re always knew he was gonna be the one who went and he didn't trade it in trade talks to the last three years. And he would not happy about it and he did was not happy about getting demoted from the starting lineup. And it says his relationship and Rondo is a complicated one. Because back Erica a few years stated that we've -- tension between that between those guys as to when you add up all those things. You know look. -- chose the time when he was gonna end it which is kind of an up that we think about it because everywhere -- kind of thought at some point he was gonna get traded for something else and he made the call as well. So the first. That was -- that -- Miami offered a lot less money I'm not sure where it rolled going to be there to be frank with you because. Breakaway in the front it is still there it's latent period talk about how you can do that you'd be that. And there are questions about his role here often but there's a much better understanding of what his role would have been so this was -- was raised the rate play rays move all the way. And you know on some level is professionally tip your hat to him because he -- they'll call. Right W think professionally you think money he's making considerably less money with the heat that he would with the Celtics and had to be. Some maybe a little dissatisfaction. More than a little dissatisfaction. And him wanted to take control of his own situation gas. Absolutely and that's yet and that's that that's the point of making event. I think -- I think if all these things I don't think it. I don't think that Rondo brand re at a -- necessarily I don't think that gaining almost -- important for years ran Matta town necessarily I'm not even sure. You know being being dropped from the starting line -- recommended amount necessary -- when you add up all those things. I think it was time to tell you what -- -- think guys when the season ended you would defense can meet people and had it already was gonna be back right. And for the Celtics surprised me a lot of other people frankly by making an effort to bring them back and so I think that raised expectations to a point where people were sort of assuming or thinking or hoping that he was gonna come back but look by the end of the year. They had moved in a different direction from the Ray Allen. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. Nuclear -- playing for the last four years it's that it did a different team now it's -- -- team now and I'm not sure where -- deal with it in a basketball that. Are you also mentioned earlier Paul that I think from a Celtics -- in perspective there's a degree of hubris that. Like how could anybody gonna reject the Celtics. It int -- and I think in a way that's the way I feel just a little bit out and now that I read the outcome I understand raise perspective better but. Do you get that at all that like the with a great mighty one of the greatest franchises in NBA history of like. We should be the ones determining which plays we want to bring back they shouldn't be working out on us. Well I mean you know those I hate that it but the days are long gone I mean. The perspective and bought from the perspective and arrest the NBA. -- are two completely different things I think there's a lot of respect for the Celtics throughout the league. What they've built -- lot of respect for Doc Rivers but. You know I'd -- wanna go to Miami they wanna go to LA Boston is not necessarily not a nation anymore. And they'll they'll from that employ its. It's it is it is what it you know and the topic still get players. You know it's it's interesting people talk about how people how they never get free agents but they -- how to create and they get veteran free agent. Who -- away. That's how that's what they've got in the last few years and the rays actually go to a team let's face it they had a better chance to win in the top fifty right now. And I were talking about that in certainly can make a case for the Celtics being contenders next year -- the way -- he's certainly played. -- once they liberated themselves from the Celtics in that NBA finals series. If you're he -- you got to feel pretty good about your chances. By next year you said it was interest thing. You didn't you weren't quite sure how Al one -- in to the scheme of things down in Miami. It's the -- is if there were a lot of guys like Mike Miller and Shane Battier in Mario Chalmers. Or wide open behind the stripe and inside the stripe when not wade or LeBron. Up penetrated and kicked out wouldn't that pretty much what what would -- be doing down -- Miami. I'll let the abuse that you mentioned three guys is going to be competing with playing time these guerrilla combat or shot I don't know why should it. They're using now I haven't I don't know I don't know I don't know. Well yet I -- and I've been -- on that I mean I think that's probably. I think whether he could back it depended on whether or not he can play physically with a back right so that that. Both of those four guys right there who are going to be competing for the but those -- for those those driving tech bill. I'm you know. That there is competition here playing time competition here for shots in this -- this they've -- going on that a man. One thing we do know is Danny Ainge is never guy who comes to the table not prepared. So he has to have a back -- plan and I'm sure he you know he he thought maybe Allen would come back. From a salary cap standpoint we know alum was one of their own so they could've offered him more. What can they do now -- I know preachers was are certainly on the roster performer but where do you think they can do and how much money -- they have left to play with. Well not much is created is that this is all part of the plan and bring ray back. -- worked because police say they can they can go over the captive to restart they don't have six million dollars of reality money to go to create that doesn't think that. Now that they've brought back Garnett now they've brought back -- about -- -- really great deal by the way pretty bad deal fantastic Garnett deal looks pretty detailed. Absolutely do you think greens Steele is stacked Jeff Green if they sign him and they said they got do you think that's back more to the third year or do you think it's bit of -- fourth year or it's going to be ten mil a year. What that there may attributed that that's some sort of build luckier here is that you don't add -- those contracts plus the date and hairy deal. They're not gonna have any room to do anything but bring back their own god. Now with -- at the picture taken they can get that Jeff Green -- done and they can still have room to re sign of futurists. Resigning great scheme -- and they would have something that's called the bi annual exception which is a two year deal that's worth around four million box that the -- a lot. But when -- -- of -- -- got these these veteran guys looking for one more job one more chance to go -- championship. That's a little bit more than the minimum invaded Iraq and yet she's so what one of these got a detective Chris Wilcox back here though in an interesting -- -- -- -- -- way. Not having Ray -- actually allows you the freedom the flexibility to kind of fill out a more complete team the issue -- that you really can't replace. Way Al and you can't get a six million right shooting guard in here that's what you had Jason Terry for the people keep that we can they get Lou Williams can get OJ -- the answer is no. The case. Let's talk about that Terry just part of sir Paul we'll sort but Terry just a bit how is he similar to Ray Allen and how is he different in what will. He contribute to the Celtics next year. I love this signing guys he's. He's not reality he's a very good three point shooter he's a great. Driving -- three point here if you like stealth play SP especially because Nowitzki -- so much tension. You're like how -- Jason Terry you know why he's hitting their wide open he would knock out shot after shot after shot. The difference between the two of them is Jason Terry can also play the point. And he can create his own shot off the dribble he can take a guy off the dribble pull up for a jumper that's not something Ray Allen can do. That something they desperately needed and I love the fact. That he can play the point because Rondo -- never really had a legitimate backup point guard in the last 45 years it's taken a lot out of them. And he can do a lot of different things that the the only issue Jason -- debate she's you know he is 35 W 35 and see the start. It's not a guy keeps itself in great shape never misses -- so I love that signing up but that was that was an -- brilliant -- Yeah and I guess the case can be made and it's been made that Alan has been in tremendous shape and so the the spurs in the ankle on at 65 you might be older. Play the shooting guard position a little bit longer than some monitors what 6162. But Terry does have other skills to bring how much point guard I think it's really important the Celtics. Well I think I think you'd be you know there 812 minute the night -- sort of backup point guard and that's what they're thinking with ray was you know when they go to the bench. They can have Terry and -- Play in that and that second because well I think they're they're really trying to do that they try to do laughter but they couldn't get the all the injuries and Jeff Green situation. What they really would like to have almost you know. They would like -- ten deep at least so that pierce and Garnett can survive the EQB. Sure that's a big difference yeah a big difference from last year the 66 and you're really gonna need a deeper bench next year so. Where did the two or even three rookies want to stay with a first round picks mellow and sellinger. How they gonna fit into this equation. I think the islanders hugely important because a -- pelted. But B he gives you something you didn't have which is the back the -- low post score. And right now if you look at their rocket their you know the debate tactic they got credit -- And the backup the backup big man right now our military and fab -- in July Johnson so. I think the islanders got a play I think you've got to be an irritation he can give them some offense I think he can I think he's that good. Will say you know what I'm going that is normally go to Monday we'll see how these. How he does against bigger taller guys -- just in the big problem for him. I know is probably more of the development prospect which is why I think it's important get a guy like Steve Smith back. You know if it worked out he's just seven footer who blocked shots and take charges and that's that that's that's a pretty good thing to have to back -- better at that right now. It's funny you mention that his goal this argument to the summer league because I'm very I've always -- that when it was even here UMass Boston but. I think there -- so many interesting. -- questions in maybe somebody will slip through The Herald another piece today about Sean Williams and he's gonna be down there and indicated this Craig Brackins who was the number one pick. With Oklahoma or into ten. The 21 pick in -- just don't know with some of these guys -- is still Liang. And maybe they just wake up 1 morning and all of a sudden they get it. Do you see it is that kind of for false hope on my pop that maybe we can learn something from the summer league. I think -- in the one god the public and or -- pixelated E'Twaun Moore. And I think you need to have one cupid contract not guaranteed to get now with a -- on. There's a chance for him to grab some playing time and to grab meaningful role I think he's good enough I think he's confident it up he's smaller he's a little bit on the smaller side. But I think E'Twaun Moore forgot what short dark need to watch -- Why didn't you -- -- interest saying you're hyper tropic he's only played in fact X seventeen games and two years was he injured. A little bit injury and just you know he was stuck Oklahoma City and in Philly got a deep teams in this position itself. But but at the chance for him that I have a second chance -- -- the connection pretty -- I remember got a couple years ago. Sit out -- -- assembly in Jeremy Lin comes up because of contact for Golden State thanks to one game against John Wall. Gerald Green. They have stopped there yeah G now why I -- an actual mention him and stuff wall. It would he be tomorrow of the interest not only to the Celtics but I mean resides somewhere I think he'd be deemed himself a little bit don't -- Oh yeah absolutely I mean Gerald Green got a cup career back with his play it would the net. Again the Celtics don't have space to go get -- -- I mean they could possibly bring them you know bring him on these these smaller type deal. I was just gonna ask you do you think -- You know and demand that much. Well I mean I think he'd demand a little bit and I think Brooklyn probably gonna bring him back because their their way there are there any way over the -- so. Egypt they have to bring back -- play that that would be my hunch. You haven't yet are probably yes the thing about. Bar Brooklyn bit the NBA's ref might mean 'cause they got a Russian -- who doesn't care about paying thirty cents on the dollar. Now -- That. That. And I don't agree that -- staying I mean I don't see him coming back here to deal with the I think it I think he's more likely it is Brooklyn. Are well we appreciated the Big Three -- is officially over as you point out. In your piece today Paul Ray Allen always was a control freak on and off the court he controlled his own destiny by heading down to Miami and we shall see what kind of impact he has down there. All right we'll be following your coverage on WEEI dot com your summer league coverage I care about it all right thank you Paul Flannery and we gonna get back when your telephone calls if you are just waking up with a better early last night you had a nice long sleep. And that Dario is our -- a race. Well I try to avoid that like to play gotcha I don't like he told games today I don't see why your regular season games should matter the Red Sox are now hopelessly out of the division race at a Fellini -- Half games don't however packed with them beating out the Yankees I don't seem to recall that has not on.

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