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Miami now has the Big 4

Jul 7, 2012|

There is a certain amount of anger and disappointment among Celtics fans upon learning of Ray Allen taking his talents to South Beach.

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Does offer from Jordan. Just. Going to -- some time. They're about to go tomorrow -- tomorrow. This problem among my main concern right now is -- take care that you know my body feels good. That's been my only issue in. After that. You know it's hard to say. As Ray Allen after their game seven loss Celtics go down they heat down in Miami Heat of course go on to take the NBA championship in five over OKC. Ray had his surgery for the spurs in his ankle. And last night around 10 o'clock the news hit new wing land like a bombshell Ray Allen. Will spurn the Celtics better financial deal go down to Miami for three years nine point seven million. And Adrian -- now ski over Yahoo! dot sports says other than being disrespect is always being threatened to be traded. Ray Allen had another issue we've discussed this a couple of times over the last couple weeks Larry for all the indignities and reading from the article on Yahoo! dot sports. Wheeler imagine Rondo. Was the issue that hadn't gone away that would still be there come training camp they don't like each other speaking of Allen Rondo. It became a bigger and bigger drag and -- sources said each had culpability for why things are gonna -- And each was better on the court because you play with -- each other. But for some reason re just wouldn't deal with there was no confrontations. There was no knock down drag out arguments. Verbal physical or otherwise. These two very different personalities. -- Rondo hinted that he would rather start. With -- Avery Bradley. And have -- come off the bench obviously that rankled -- there are a lot of things. That personally these two players had a hard time dealing with and we said this last week was a couple weeks ago -- Allen did. Actually leave the Boston Celtics for a deal that was last seven days is financially the reason would be Rajon Rondo when it turned out to be the case. Here's the reason the MBA now holes should worry about -- going to Miami not just because it did you know to get an outside shooter we sort Miller did. But what Alan brings is they ran as a day of professionalism. And believe me in I I don't know about wade but I think LeBron is still young enough that he wants to learn and he wants to believe and I'm not too bad our. And can you imagine him tagging along with with them Allen and how Allen gets ready for four -- men in the shooting to roll from the foul shooting and everything that he's gonna bring down there. Or anybody who's interested in learning the same -- got that's going to be with some of the rookies appears so. I wish him nothing but the best you know. Cabrera let me finish are now there's a difference. I respect him as a player I respect him as a person everything that we know bottom I I Billy -- and I just saying from me Celtics prospective. He's he what he's saying to -- -- in peers in dark in company is I don't think you're good enough to win another championship so I'm going to Wear. He's -- what is equal right to -- -- it easy and I think he's ticked off we've got one -- I -- I think he's ticked off. Because of all the things we talked about -- in trying to relationship. Was less than ideal lobbying you -- domestic here. With version -- Ron let me just finish a couple of other points I think it's react to regale we got a -- call all right all right enough about your packet take over this year in my dominated dale or are gonna -- hard -- -- -- right again. Let me just let me just read this and I know -- read it already but not to write an article that is -- it is right now. That's a good words yet to use for this Rondo didn't chase -- out of Boston which announced he writes -- the relationship did become a drain in the locker room. Their Cold War or something Allen discussed & Associates something that became a concern. Of management and coaching staff when it comes the basketball Rondo is the smartest player on the team one of the smartest players in week one locker rooms were sent. And -- considers himself a Smart guy but at some point it became hard parade be corrected. By a guy so much younger than him and the other problem was mortuary at Pat's making more money than he does. All those combinations. Feeling this respected feeling the least of the Big Three now the least of the corps for not. Getting the money that those guys are getting being constantly on the trade block and now you have a chance in your right Larry little revenge year yet the difference. An animal -- of the -- promise but here's the difference. All of us in our lives and working conditions. Would've liked to have made changes would have liked to have -- you have a term that you use that I won't use it the last lotteries you. The first letter begins with a -- officers think. Everybody think about is on the -- -- minute if you could change certain things about your working condition -- boss or whatever. -- -- -- -- So say what you will about Ray Allen that he is in the position. Of course -- do some leverage. Apps currently -- that ethic that's a great weren't at the number one worry that we use in this industry. And he could say no if you can say you know it's the greatest thing I was watching. What are your heroes Larry David on the show about comedy. And you know you love Curb Your Enthusiasm I when I -- it is in Austria a year I urinated on a pitcher Jesus of and I stopped while -- -- care but anyway he was talking about how when he descended into television. Fame and fortune with Steinfeld. He found out the best thing to say was now every time MBC games and got to change -- got to change that we don't accept beckoning every time he said no gain more power. And in a -- -- how the only way you can do that though you go back to your worried you've got to have the leverage to say if you don't like it that are quite. -- -- Ray Allen could say -- to the Celtics I think he wanted to say -- to the Celtics on the other hand he might have been too warm wanted to say yes as well. But he is on his way bottom line to Miami. For less cash but maybe a little more satisfaction and you guys were talking about -- when you wouldn't care resigning also was another -- yeah probably if if you're sitting there and pondering your future. And you find out the Celtics are essentially replacing you have -- Bob from a continental the other -- don't worry about it -- it -- favorite Bradley comes back from double shoulder surgery bad news if he starts as Rondo would like to say. And -- coming off the bench what role exactly as Ray Allen gonna play for the Boston Celtics action that's another factor. And that just the other question is -- will put this out to you at 61777908518885250850. How much does Ray Allen in a vacuum leaving the Celtics then come on the issue it's double jeopardy -- only is he leaving. The Celtics are -- losing some offense and some great shooting may be will be compensated by Jason Terry. On the other hand he's leaving the Celtics for the Miami Heat your number one rival right now. So I mean he really has come and being the issue. By going to the team thinks of the fans would least. Like to see him go -- like auto -- a signing what Miami I mean I've met tumble I -- that's a perfect is his record like that obviously the Paris that you made in more than a few mentioned Johnny Damon leaving the Red Sox after the 05 season. And heading down to the Yankees for five more years of winning another championship with something that out was less than pleasing. To many Red Sox -- -- Red Sox on the table and the Allen -- again I've already -- a couple of polls and ESPN has a national poll in 6965%. Of people said no hard feelings. The -- 34%. Said Allen can be replaced. There you go -- how do you feel about it after we wanna know -- lets us start with Eric in Brookline. Who begins the mustard and Johnson -- Saturday show. The morning are you guys them -- to be the first one but the doctor -- -- You you -- to directly on I mean it's it's not about. When you leave me. Ray -- respected guy and and he was approximately guide but it's we -- -- you go and it's the difference between people. Not being gay community block of people being game create Johnny Damon. That's a that's a good call ray Bork PepsiCo one where there are a lot of people I remember. Talk a lot of Bruins spans ten years ago. Who really as much as they love ray. They did not want ray to all -- lord Stanley's cup anywhere but in Boston a what's the difference -- Allen had a championship. It's not like you didn't have one right. And and there was an and that number was did accommodate. Ray Bork. Harry did everything he could descend ray Bork to the team that was in contention for company worked out in his second year. And -- rival also though I mean they're yeah they're caught on Iraqi. Now that even the day and parallel I think works pretty well so what was your immediate reaction when you heard it will use so we used to have or were you angry. You know I was well I mean I was I was said that that a player who I admire it left -- Bee -- He's the kind of guy who wanna have it now a well spoken intelligent. Back guy in and its debt to the any guy like that leave but I was angry. Because he's going to my arrival I immediately went to -- but I wouldn't have been as angry -- you went. The XB. We connected and it's not that good but my enemy is that arrival now. Yeah and you have to think that even though they look pretty good against OKC. A Ray Allen playing for Miami against the Celtics. Might have made it a little bit easier for the heat of that seven -- -- we -- also say he has Celtics fans that one of the grass and agreed is dynasties in the history of sports. It is a degree of arrogance here. Also to think it's how by air how would hear right read write the prowl for increase in -- -- that did the story franchise and all of a pianist and stuff. I'm a little bit of that feeling like because you do for laundry I don't know Larry do you know I don't Jerry Steinfeld. And these guys I was at least in my side. They're professional. Basketball players. They don't care about what color of the uniform as. They really don't care what's -- front of the Jersey they really do care with the back of the jurors all they care what's coming out the window the only green any -- cares about believe me is is the greenbacks. -- game -- -- he should work gregarious than what I'm wearing -- agreed to integrate. No really that's the bottom line but I don't like to think that way because that -- venues. If you apply logic entrance into the conversation sport stimulant that turn off the -- and a gradient right you feel like Canadian rightly whoever is no logic you have the right to feel betrayed I as a warning I fear -- are actually Euro but. I think Ray Allen. Really need to get out of Boston in what after reading and it's not -- -- theory -- in Georgia announced he's -- Yahoo! dot sports it was inevitable yet leave. And you know as soon as people started to be a little bit more forthcoming. About this fractured relationship between Rondo now on didn't it seem like this was bound to happen -- about four or somebody on a daily basis. But Riverdale where he didn't really work let's hope for a -- -- grinding my only again and I am trying to just giving it just to the other side of this. Is it when you say that Ron -- young -- -- he Aaron I don't get them touches and it's a Matt Williams having his re how long have you been a McCain man it. It's time to let the young -- come in now. You know but but no one ever feels -- -- ready to let the young box command -- that accommodate -- Jason -- out -- -- 839 years -- -- Roddy has a certain role in the next now are brought in Jason -- is in mentor for land as much as Houston gave a -- very nice academic authorities said the -- -- -- match it -- won't be sleeping on his reference count anymore.

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