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Chris Mannix: Jason Terry adds depth and will benefit Rondo

Jul 5, 2012|

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated talks with Mut and Merloni about all the potential moves during the NBA free agency period. They also chat about the Celtic’s two first-round draft picks, Jarod Sullinger and Fab Melo, and if they were the right picks for the C's.

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-- welcome back Tom Karen Maloney here DC filling in for much. We'll break it down -- Thursday -- for the July we talk all NBA hoops and leading up to demand Sports Illustrated Chris medics who now joins us Chris. Pretty busy times so far this first week -- free casino. Dad usually is being this is usually the big big time a year and couldn't trade deadline a week so it's. It's it's busy but it's not all that surprised. You wanna ask you both vs Jason -- signing you know I look at this team and everybody. And we -- talk Lester blow it up we gonna get younger KG 36 years old three year deal Jason -- -- -- 353 year deal Paul Pierce will be 35 is that two years left. And I still don't have the rail was thirty session the possible two year deal not a second of the game plan that is not much else up there isn't just gonna sign your own and go from there. -- really if you look at the -- -- forgetting -- than an appealing one because it wasn't like the Celtics. -- days that I KG goodbye and that are right you know -- good luck to be inside no one else. It will bottom out I mean what they were going to be neat is it seemed to finish in the 678 sweet spot because they have talent. In Rondo Bradley and Paul Pierce could you ask any general manager. Finishing in that area is much much worse. And finishing at the bottom of the lake community for the Obama leading going to lottery you try to rebuild -- up potential star in the draft. -- that's 678 spot like purgatory I mean you don't really get any better you don't really get much worse. He got stuck you know be a lot for Stroud Sabatini when you don't really have much direction now. They even think out think they have they -- really extended as we know for say three more years maybe to kind of decide -- played two of the three year of the deal which I suspect. And they keep I think I'm I think that the -- they've made so far been pretty good and I like Jason -- would this team as far as that goes because. If you -- -- -- Bradley as the starter to guard. Now you can tell he was completely comfortable coming off the bench in any role again you'll play either guard spot I got the former sixth man award winner. And technology leadership experience and I just I think that's a great addition this team and only limit them medical report. Hey Chris obviously when they bring in Jason Terry your initial thought is why didn't think they'd go -- this offseason so that's a little surprising on the -- front. But you get what they're doing because the thought of not having Ray Allen that's a huge -- Does this mean they're sort of resigned to not having Ray Allen because they're not got the jet. Well they all publicly shame because publicly they still courting Ray Allen but I would admit this significant -- Parts the celtics' chances of landing -- back because -- got a look at this says. You know my opportunity to Boston diminished anyway. -- able to grab directly about the decision to start him alongside Rajon Rondo didn't read my chance to play even more diminished. -- adjacent areas there and they think can swing to the one spot at times. But a lot you know 45 years he's basically been. A full time to guard off the bench without so he's -- -- that the -- to -- -- it's a great familiar play in the streets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If he adds to the certainly diminished the appeal of a potential playing time I'll play them opportunities. In Boston up for re how to -- -- Miami today. He'll probably of the -- -- tomorrow -- I think there are emerging. And more likely can't separate. Out the Boston is now I bought her -- that money in the table I've not heard differently their campaign the two years and twelve million dollars. All the tables totally want to go for the almighty dollar. Then opera still to be out there but if you look at her -- time clearly does the possibility involved and diminish even further. -- look at some of the guys -- signing you know obviously the KG and Jason Terry thing it's really not official yet and the Jeff Greene apparently -- verbal deal with him when you look at it both 58 million dollars now because they gave up that. Full mid level the Jason Terry they actually having it cap -- right -- -- cap of 74 minute they can't spend over is that correct. Yes David if the deal would carry emerged that the full mid level at this -- -- out. -- and we four point three million dollars. So now all we said look at looking around and this and Brandon Bass obviously is a question do you bring bet Gallic Pietrus. The what I want to ask you both Wilcox because I just felt like he fit real well with Rondo moving around. The deal what do you see coming back now guys like best guys that will cost guys like Beatrice. Well well look I should definite possibility that many -- he's sitting pretty decently at Boston if you look at Chris Wilcox is career. -- he had prepared very well at all and are many places continued in New York for a couple copy that I saw. I believe it's gals were starters career I mean he's he's all about from the league. Like the ultimate vagabond but there was. Any definite respect for him immense help to block -- appreciation. For what he can do now I'm not sure that he's on the celtics' front burner right now as far as priorities -- they clearly were focused. On Garnett then moved on to Jason tell you -- to probably wait to find out. What happened to lay out what are actually out there I don't think is going to be huge demand. For his services decoded on traditional five and not quite that quick enough to play -- -- really anymore. So let's put it in the bottom line -- incident decently and give them some minutes buying Garnett are behind us starting five. You know rotation that they could be something. That can help them adapt stopping just. You know 815 got them from some suited up there he's got you know for my team that I believe I could laughter anyway. Were sent to be an MRI would not expect. Him to be back -- you know he enjoyed his time in Boston but everything I'm hearing about Michael Peters is back he's got it generate some significant that your interest out there. On the free agent market brand ambassador -- -- just as well the -- I think after that experience with Orlando where. He just couldn't find a way to on the floor which Bambang Gundy he's going to find a way. Can match without lineup after an up and down tenure would tell us as well I think about seven appreciation. Portland Boston and what they've done for his career and how it won't nineteenth is clearly defined in how he knows what he needs to do and how to get on the floor now. And then my good Turkey but I think that if if there's a way to make it work financially. And about -- -- do whatever he can't get back about them. Chris is all Brooklyn thing has been adjusting to wash this off season so far are they darn I mean is there any way they get Dwight Howard Brooklyn. I've never done you really can't use one or more enterprising general managers think the public by the way toward. And I doubt seen I guarantee Leonid assistant Bobby Mark Kirk. -- officers tried a couple ways to make you more creative. I didn't play our but the they got the opportunity -- that -- paid by the debris no other reason mental energy and Robin again. So why haven't told as a very little interest in what New Jersey is offering -- basically Brook Lopez -- And -- popular Irish really what you're talking about mean Marcel I'm -- should it be simple habit not quite a building block player. Yeah I'm offering to interrupt except it's great -- like -- To the -- the draft picks are going to be in the twenties. Every single year so it's not. A great offer which is why from what -- told it does the magic and made it clear that you need to do and that the media -- -- fourteen involved. To get a few more drop considerations. Or give us another player certainly in other teams take Chris Humphries -- that salary. Is going to be needed to make the numbers -- recommend in the magic I've been told I have no interest. In Chris Humphries so that they can take some time to look. You have to think that the -- signing him in LA. Gives the -- a measure of hope now Dwight Howard to my knowledge and not added a lakers to lift a potential gains -- -- push comes to show on the brink immensely would have. All the time and if he had done that. Andrew Bynum blacked out swap we belly. He needed to do it belong in the lakers actually draft picks with a gala that -- -- and it's -- really no way to get Steve Nash. From up from Phoenix can who have the most to first round picks -- like -- don't have personal pick stop Orlando. That final offer gets sick -- really worked so. I think the -- just only hope that at the end of the day this draft considerations and you can get thirteen involved that brought another young talent. You know windows direction may -- that might be enough to get the job done. To some just tells me it -- are some -- and end up in LA and I know. Big city give up the draft picks but he did give up any players in Bynum is still out there with what would take that he said he gave up there what 2013 and 151 rounder. Would -- be Bynum and -- to get Dwight Howard. Well I would probably -- bond film and an iPad in a swamp boat but Turkoglu who got that god awful contract. But Toronto gave them to put a lot of -- -- little dishing out awful contracts but doesn't Turkoglu and not contract it -- her heart has been on my big would be the principal players. I certainly didn't drive -- -- from fringe players could be involved. Any deal like that the big you -- Orlando is track actually it will mean that they're trying to get. Then over the long time and even though Bynum what -- -- and in rebuilding process because he is -- port 25 years old. He is arguably the number two center in the NBA right now they don't wanna make sure they have some pieces. That they can either use the tropics. Or -- another deal that they can you know -- elementary -- -- and and get better that way America have been putting with a non that they weren't doing Otis Smith barracks and Alabama told nothing changed in Iraq and -- few weeks on the job. I'm in Orlando so I think that the the lakers and they're gonna make you feel like that work -- find a way to get at least one draft pick -- -- thirteen or somewhere else. All of the next guys don't like they -- you don't the next couple of years to make that deal by appealing enough. Properly and to do it. Records so when it's your thoughts on the celtics' draft but before that it was Thursday MLS showing here. Before I tell you whether I like -- -- -- -- a little bit from our show on Thursday before the draft was I don't I don't doubt as a bunch of guys relevant named director and a certain area. Well you know this I love sellinger and they don't. I don't know if you beat him maybe the best thing. Beyond that may be dropped him down this -- a little bit and I think you know another guy that I live like we've mentioned before people know fab Melo. Just simpler credit to protect the rim and those of the president called. Well that was Thursday they got both of those guys. And baseball guy basketball guy here respond wrong so lost when I'm right I played again a little what are your thoughts -- most of well I got highlight this -- strapped him when I was doing the obligatory winter it was this column about for the web site itself is as clear winners. Industry out while the mock drafts of the magazine a couple of weeks ago I fab Melo go to Boston and 21 iPod -- the right pick for -- team -- yet. Fab Melo had a project to mention anything about YQ. Isn't exactly busting through the glass ceiling by. He's valued at the other political tool it is simple to block shots. The ability -- of physics to be a good rebounder. -- with the proper coaching and he'd only been playing I think in the US for about four years so it's not like he's got that wealth of experience. Playing in American brand about two I think we coach them up a little bit. And you might get a couple of years to do it. But he culture not yet the potential. To be a starting center and -- they're asleep simply don't grow country he is not able to get those dominant five men who can defend the rim on a consistent basis they are -- And they are sought after look at -- underdog last year Joel Przybilla was basically playing on one knee did not play the entire first half of the season but they'll help the team in the league. They are trying to coax him out semi retirement by the comeback and places employers are important. I like this soldier ticket -- between one I would hate to admit anyone the lottery I was -- In -- in the back issues that trouble me guys it was the fact its soldiers had no lipped and very limited athleticism. I don't know sixty minutes I like to blog -- people looking to pick him up again a lot of guys. The catalog in my college too much with a much higher skills that at least from the perimeter. Any Kevin Love it let's not forget worked himself into a great player all the they'd like three years get a lot of single handedly made himself the player you today. We don't know -- Janet Folger has that they can drive but -- polemic 21. In a situation where you're not gonna have pressure he's not gonna be Huckabee is starting in India to play big minutes. I think that was awarded -- Eminem is a legitimate top five -- top six talent. In the body keeping just somehow unlock it if he can make him a better pick Colbert and Eric is beginning create economic and -- all the people out to -- increased the players themselves that some way. All the time there could be a starting NBA can't afford insurance Saunders just -- they did not know Miller taking a risk on its very early in the draft. By Chris we appreciate the time it's Chris man XSI dot com will be -- do you assume buddy appreciate it. I got -- I was.

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