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Paul Flannery: Ray’s the first domino

Jul 5, 2012|

WEEI.com NBA Columnist Paul Flannery joined Dale and Rob to discuss the Celtics offseason strategy going forward, his love of the Jason Terry acquisition, and Ray Allen’s upcoming decision. Flannery also talks Dwight Howard and how Nash to the Lakers came as a surprise to him.

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Let's talk some baseball here to start the show but we began in the first -- way back when talking about the NBA. Apparently Steve Nash has now reached an agreement -- sign and trade agreement to go from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers today at some point today. Ray Allen will be in Miami to meet with the heat supposedly I think tomorrow will be in Los Angeles to meet with the clippers. Joining us right now from WEEI dot com is the superb Celtics in NBA beat reporter Paul -- good morning Paul. Mario. Were you shocked at the Nash to the lakers scenario that played out yesterday. I was surprised that there was surprised I knew the possibility all day long I -- -- -- it was probably going to be the nick and they're -- -- pull this -- and -- if did you know I thought you -- Shumpert who will who was the knicks' big trade piece with a better it was a better with better trade for Phoenix and these 21 round pick and USEC are picked they're gonna want to get it. But you know at the player what -- what ultimately go there feeding wild card said -- there's so. This bit of a lot -- the lakers they're really does I don't know how defensively it's gonna work but this really help them out offensively will be fascinating to watch him Kobe played together. Do you think Paul do you think this move puts them. Into the stratosphere -- the Oklahoma City. The tip of the discussion yeah sure I -- I mean that it looked big problem is is that they don't have to guard guys like Russell Westbrook Tony Parker. People like that and we -- the big issue hasn't dropped yet somebody's gonna get Dwight Howard. And it's either going to be the lakers are going to be the net or could be the -- and maybe there's another mystery he battled the right now but the bit that seems to be the play. And -- the lakers couldn't can blew by them if they wait they really wanna try to do it and the net. Are still a possibility of a little while what they had to give up to get to wait however somebody's gonna get -- Howard and that commission the ballot completely. I kind of have joked about it earlier on but but I'm I'm more serious -- -- kidding when I asked. Went to Brooklyn become such a destination spot for NBA players. Well you know the ballot in united in Brooklyn lately yes that's why I ask first time the with the word rubles were mentioned exactly. And got the Russian billionaire who I know -- Bradford favor it's it's I aspire to be the Russian billionaire. We can't -- it and didn't -- you got a new build saying you've got a lot of excitement Colin and let them got money you know for sure and you got there and Williams who is a very very very good player he had never really gotten attention they deserve Munich is as most of his career in Utah. But you get a really good point guard out there like that people wanna go play with -- so. I think that's what you look at that and you know look it's New York City it's Brooklyn it's all the rest of itself. That's -- -- they're going to be applied right now dale they're a good team they're probably a playoff team right now communities some of the things they can do. And itself Activision just got a lot tougher. You're you're on the Jason Terry -- -- you were with me. I Aetna life and AM these -- does a good set. It's great that I mean the issue which it carried the years they're giving him three years which that the cost of doing business in this market position. There's there's four -- five shooting guards in this six to seventeen the -- though three years this is. What caught again. But I love it rob mainly because first or he can score he's in the office which they've not had. He is a bench guy who loves coming off the bench with loved doing that he's got championship pedigree top we can also play point guard. They even had a guy who played point guard behind Rondo had like 2008. So I love it from that standpoint I think it's great. What does this contract mean for potential ray -- signing here or somewhere else. Well delicate question because they have insisted from the very beginning that they wanted to do well. And the reason Miller -- what do reasons they want to -- that Avery Bradley is coming off double shoulder surgery. And that's. That you know there's no guarantee of when he's going back I'm actually trying to figure that out myself right now you know what's what's a reasonable timeline for Avery Bradley to come back. They need depth there and so that after the talent right. Now whether or not rated yet okay yeah I just saw you at the height of the played thirty minutes together fifteen shots tonight. And does the morale is up to -- -- but they are insisted that is what they wanted to. Parties see the rest of the celtics' roster shaping up there if you had to guess right now. A couple weeks from now what would we be looking at in terms of committee contracts Celtics. Well I think you know by the greeting a decision on rates soon hopefully -- mean with -- Miami today. I don't know about that -- thing they've they may have offered Jamal Crawford a contract and if that happens then they're out. So I think great the first domino and then in short order you'll see Jeff Green handled. -- the bad commute the wild card rob because. I'm not sure they can do all these things and he is also the one guy you can actually sign and trade. That there may be symptomatic numbering about here before were upset about. I think that's what you're looking and then he'll continue that Mickael Pietrus. Probably presumably maybe schemes but giving given all a big offer from somewhere else. And you pretty much traded gal who want to reservation I have the big concern I've had with this team is. When you -- -- -- that rebounding from a loved cared fell under the rookie I think he can help a lot in that regard but I think you need a bigger a bigger -- -- hard to get. That's why I think you might be looking at select an actual brand -- -- I don't think there's any doubt then and as we watch this thing play out. There's no doubt in my mind Dwight Howard can't go back to the Orlando magic's next year I mean I I -- that ship has sailed. Presumably. They never this league but yes I would expect. So then the question becomes of the options that are out there in the Atlanta Hawks have basically pillaged their entire roster. Apparently in some attempt to try to -- Induce him to wanna go there. I mean isn't it. Brooklyn. Or that or the lakers and really nobody else. Well yeah I think I think a plan that would like to be players that and they can offer Al Horford is a very very very good player. Then you have yet been -- the -- -- was they are getting off the treadmill mediocrity that they've been on for five years. They're stuck in this you know 4550 -- -- -- they're completely blowing it up but they still have some good players but. Yeah I think -- Brooklyn. I really think the lakers anytime they want to put -- by the into the offered they've been very very very reluctant to do that but anytime they want to do that. I feel that immediately make him for the front runners and maybe that the -- net today -- -- -- no no keep it only got to keep those guys that but I still think at the end of the day is Dwight Howard you have to make that play. The lakers they've been there from the beginning kind of hiding in the shadows they would -- a guy. Via the -- -- The the MBA power structure seems to be shifting a little bit but not a whole bunch and I'm just curious. If you look at the Celtics associate Terry they get Rleal. Where do you see them fitting in and is it as it tests hey you know -- -- hoping for a second -- third place or do you think it legitimately. -- to say that he really don't do much of anything. Do you think that they could make a run with a Terry addition with -- Avery Bradley come back and maybe was Jeff Green. You think did they can then that's a legitimate combination to do something there. Yes I do because this fall matchup. And they matchup better with Miami than anybody else there that believe that. You know Chicago. Chicago's probably get a loses seats and that makes him a little bit smaller than they were before they're still huge the -- could lose Roy Hibbert. And then they become less huge -- the two teams they're really Bob -- look at Dwight Howard goes to Brooklyn and that immediately become the major concern. But right now today there's still the best team in their division. I still think over the course of ABC game that they are atop the -- yet worse seed in the east. And you be if you play Miami and you have all your guys healthy they wanna take a shot that and you know they can get knocked out the second round against the team that they don't match up well against but -- they played -- they feel like they can beat him and that's what -- -- looking for right now because maybe it at this stage here for the next. Three years. That they're gonna be the team to beat the you can either go crawl under a rock. And you know try to try to get lucky in the lottery or you can keep competing and after they've chosen to do so. I salute the report honestly and the fact that they're getting these guys on reasonable contract. Make that a lot easier to do something else if it's -- golf ball park. How strained is the relationship between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. And if it is as strained as I believe it is how much will that factor into ray Allen's decision. -- I think that's the million dollar question right now. From below the team stated that they did it's it's a relationship that evolved and changed over the years -- to be very tight. You can -- -- court on occasion I don't wanna make it seem like that's is that all the time thing the people who watch team saw what happened on occasion. Rondo would stared through ray when he was open. Ray would occasionally get a rebound and tried dribbled the ball court without hit the ball to Rondo -- guy who did that he defeated the little things. How strained is the it is difficult question I'm not sure that can be the deciding factor for Ray Allen. I still feel like it's what my role going to be. How defined as my role going to be he did not like coming off the -- If he can be a starter I would not put that out of the realm of possibility if he came back I'm not sure that the best place for the Celtics but. I think there about five or six different factors related to the front of factors and that I don't think it's the overriding decision. Do you believe it to be true that Rajon Rondo went to dock and said we should be starting Avery Bradley -- -- Ray Allen. That no reason to think that it's not true and it was the right play it was the right place for the team. And I think they probably would come to that conclusion underwrote. If doc is the mediator that I sense he has. Why has he not been able to mediate this. Well you talking about two very strong willed people and you know doc is great it is a great mediator but -- did he can't do everything they'll. It's it's been a great question -- I wish we could sit down and have ray and Rondo. And put them up there and and and really thrilled right now but we can't go I it's it's a lot of speculation and dangerous game speculated how deep this goes. I did think the factor I mean you know it's it's probably a factor I just don't know how deep it is right. And final question hey you said you don't know how long this Ray Allen thing will will take do you expect this could be decided. Literally by the end of the weekend type of thing. I think felt bad ex Soviet at some point the -- could be more teams left the bed. And you know I don't think either sitting go to Memphis. I don't think he's injured -- going to Minnesota. No you're looking at Miami and possibly the clippers I've always thought the clippers for the best -- for him frankly. But I'm I'm sure they have a GM working right now though that. Total. -- Elgin Baylor is not there anymore. I'm sorry Elgin Baylor is not there anymore and -- -- up Robbie meant just ask the -- the clippers -- truly the clippers. At that attack and -- You -- like it's I think it's about being go to Miami and the Celtics and I don't think it's actually gonna come down to money over the Celtics and offer more and will be a very interesting decision that he comes well. And I said this was the last question this is more in the lines of a comment I was surprised at how how. Positive -- sounded. In his comments to ESPN. Boston early in the week in and how much those comments changed just in the course of 2448 hours he and sent anywhere near as confident now. No no he didn't and yet it it's funny we both got. I've got to believe that they can they can we talk anybody back into the fall under that there may have been some unwarranted optimism there over the weekend that that may have cooled a little bit. Because what the -- they're making it it doesn't want to let him beat Miami without agree. And so he doesn't then maybe they got shot again will they. -- get rid Paula -- comes back to we've talked about free agency before people. Cost understands that these guys feel -- iron in the right to do this so I'm gonna take advantage him. And they have yeah absolutely -- you know I can't believe it. I I I heard they were the Celtics do it here and it's probably the best course of action to try to get both Jason Terry rail back but -- go somewhere else. That opens up a lot of opportunity to do some different things ending can definitely. Bring Jeff Green back in Brandon -- back and stay underneath that luxury tax line. And maybe people can help so it it may have been the worst thing in the world because of some. Always always appreciate your time thank you very much I got I think there. That is up Paul Flannery WEEI dot com -- as good as there is a parent breaking this stuff down. As our buddy DJ being just waited a few minutes ago he said listening to Paul plans on EI right now. He breaks down that crazy NBA so well that even I can understand -- -- that's how I felt I was listening to even I can get the things that he sank. Quick break right back to the calls or even just implement -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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