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This list proves baseball could use a salary cap

Jul 3, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder continue with their list of Red Sox contractual busts.

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You know you have -- what what a I you don't OK good good good yeah -- lead to right John you know good good good good. So is Deron Williams he just. Tweeted out that the re signed with the Brooklyn nets I don't know how much money Max contract obvious. Good for him 55 years 100 1000000 am happy for him an Oscar B can earn them money like some of these guys on or injury -- and it. Red Sox baseball and I -- until then your -- 617779. Series 5885250850. Just when you. Thought this attacks from western -- Just when you thought life couldn't possibly get any richer. We trot out Mike Adams to compile a list of guys we can drag on for not earning their day. That -- and content indicates that it is saddest part of that is that is true but no. The most important part of that is John of course these guys get more for one inning that I get for a whole year yet and I give you credit for reading that excited -- when -- -- that we're at 820 minutes wonder my house that's not true phobia about lately not know what we can you hear that you hear that from Glen -- way in Michael -- and their their obviously kitten rag on me for -- are -- -- Because there are days when I -- here. And I'm amended production studio do re doing commercials. Again here for -- some days I worked till 10 PM. Course I'm talking to the wrong guy -- writer gets here 3 AM leaves it to. And if you saw my contract is a big time bargain but no it's all about I'm talking about now again relative money for what -- what -- -- -- the world of baseball is that you can't talk to meet. About what I make to it when these guys make more in a game or not or in an inning today everybody's throat so it. Not only were his Curt Schilling Abbas finally you're confused too fat. But then look how he invested it past him as well let's see that's different ones that -- in his hands. Yeah that is becomes a different thing. Which you know you can't retard it -- text Jim Palmer made less than two million dot Palmer hall of fame pitcher you tickle back in time. On back aways to Greta stormy one time he is the highest -- -- the Red Sox and 65. And made 52000. Dollars Isa. -- even made more than Yi heads. And he -- Considering the times. -- to make more than yes it was pretty big for him. Well how much -- that -- 2000 dollars. You know 52000 dollars and 1965 board that equate to today well it wouldn't be a -- what it wouldn't be it would be in the millions there. You know. I don't know. Now 52 -- -- none of millions no not like that don't seem particularly minimum. In today's money. Right everybody I was -- -- back hundred grand EB regularly you know these may get here Curt -- changed at all well and here's this telling stat ball. In Major League Baseball. And this is this is true ten years ago I heard Paul Harvey says it's ten times more true now. The average fan pays more to go to a game and Ty Cobb learned to play in one right. So that made their touch what's going on enough in the world of well you you can conceive of the thirty okay 32 million for -- think about that now. 32 million so he gets 600000. Dollars a week. You know all this delta where it's giant of the people that don't like you know. When I was growing up extra gallon of milk costs you know it's true but still proportionally to what you read translate these numbers to. It's -- Regis. Money. 600000 dollars a week on Obama Jordan in Marblehead hello Jordan well that. Jordan. Jordan at all about Jordan. Are still there. I like when someone calls radio station amid indulges in -- conversation with somebody else. The whole time when we don't want waiting but on the other hand I'm not sure Jordan would have that it -- -- from what I was hearing -- -- at the same guy just texted back and it takes -- even because. -- life does get richer now we have Mikey lecturing Ryder about his long hours but at the thought that at. Yeah. You know again it's not about. You know it's from a specialist yes Gloria elect a lefty like Darren Oliver the left -- in the judge didn't bring in deface one batter the end of the day. Our Chris in the car you're on the radio I think hello Chris. That's gonna see -- there's a guy who knows how to talk on the radio Chris in the car. Remember. -- -- -- -- -- Circuit Court but the -- -- want it but it's Jerry I -- credit. The judge Jeremy Giambi indicate he's now what was this -- -- it was a horrible -- it. Both of them are busts in their own right AJ JT snow memory of that great glove at first ever talked about right and he thought he was what was odd about him. Wednesday was a switch hitting. First baseman who threw left handed him. And yeah right he didn't just some of Jack snow -- And he wore his uniform number that's a decent years who had started out well the -- -- some decent smoking years with the giants and cents. -- -- Really I really want to say look. The big EE and the -- insight in my opinion. You make sure I think he's he's usually Arctic here. And they re going to buy a six year as Korea we knocked that's when you sign up. The Red Sox you're getting a tax that the good times or you're just at the beginning at -- And that's not. There -- -- -- direction the saudis are -- even courts will now. For every Kevin alarm -- effort and cheap money and who really produced for you or Bill Miller or even mark Bill Horn for God's sake. You know as much bell -- used to frustrate the crap out of me swinging at balls in the dirt and then watching beautiful strikes go by. He came up with a big hit in the playoffs. Right yes he was clutch and I doubt and now you can't hate the guy he didn't make that much. Now so he's not the kind of guy if causes category. Although there were a lot of those kind of guys in -- time. They contributed. And you give you got placing your heart for somebody of course Bill Miller -- to Borland. The guy was so good for what they've paid it was steady he was solid -- Diving for the ball on the dirt. His head's up a ball player in the you know he'd he'd -- a single he'd be satisfied just drive and get the job done you know and then not be in the know lawn. About pleaded no -- A kind of humorous that when -- make become an -- -- West Warwick, Rhode Island. They look a lot I want you all right one player. Out think and -- Arnold what you're played out right because you don't want to go into maybe 2003 it was quickly understand I don't know what exactly what that was -- But. When they don't coordinate do when it does not require honest and all these -- they they suspect it'll use steroids hotter here. Yeah he was around long enough to either -- do much damage derby you know cause any waiting to happen and he does is kind of an afterthought they're -- portion of one seasoned. Rickey Henderson and and by the way you know we talked about Darren Oliver. With nine teams in in nineteen years. I mean you look at Ricki Henderson's record our army and army -- he played for. It's not exactly. That Terry Mulholland. You know when it comes to move it around but Rickey Henderson and after the Yankees in the Oakland days. Had a whole bunch of different stints with the Oakland oh my god we have he had needed two or three were vocal but -- let's look at Ricky just for fun because Ricky is. In out as he says the greatest of all time that once he got into his mid thirties after that yet five and a half years in Oakland. They had five years it in and a half years of four -- with the New York back to Oakland. That's what it all began. At the end of 1995. -- to the Padres 97 Anaheim 98 back to Oakland and that 99 the Mets. 2000 Seattle. Back to the Padres to the Red Sox into the Dodgers coming years to the plate he played a grand total of 25 years well. I'd -- in the big leagues but in -- B obviously it's like it's like two different careers you know you look at him after after he left Oakland the last time music forget about. What about almost sort of I expect that he was -- sort of. Yes oh yes and you know when you talk about the member of the 130 -- had Beckham was 8082. At the -- -- 330. Steals. And they had a 108 the next year and then from then on you know his peak was eighty we had 93 for the Yankees mediate. But in the end and all steals he got I mean obviously had that ability to steal bases but. A lot of people look at his guys and ought know he was built like a running back I mean he was as younger player but you know you you're covering the -- Baghdad and her. Knowing those -- -- -- Oakland I mean he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And recuperate or acquire certain. Sony deck I was ripped -- -- Jack newbies too Smart to -- their pocket. Three he made 350 grand respects the by the way that was great the class or -- some say it's not true some say it is with the John Noble route that we had again. They'd with a guy that wore -- moment like -- yeah it. That's him. Anyway I was going right at the holiday -- -- tomorrow. -- all -- it -- it. No fireworks for you. What do you do -- vigilant. Security. Aren't you at work -- it would hold the whole -- thought -- -- Rory OKV thank you are.

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