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Kris Joseph: Can learn a lot from Paul Pierce

Jul 3, 2012|

Celtics 2nd round pick and former Syracuse standout Kris Joseph joined Mut and Paul and Flannery to discuss what it's been like being drafted by the Celtics. He talks about his family ties to basketball, who he compares his game to, and relives the epic Syracuse-UConn 6 OT Big East Tournament game.

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Butler not a 37 WEL -- your phone calls lined up get -- -- 6177790850. To all free 888. 5250850. It has been -- not a sell this conversation a start I liken it to Jeff Green. Is interesting stuff yesterday with Danny Ainge basically -- on the air. Are saying that the press conference. -- watt greenback David Faulk saying our work up the parameters right now. How important Jeff Green -- X-Factor he might be the Celtics team next year and we will do that. But first joining us on the ATP hotline it's AT&T -- LTT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible the Syracuse product as UConn guy. Let you know is Syracuse guy -- -- celtics' second round pick joining us on the program a Chris -- and Paul here Boston Oreo. There are ignored their soul which is sick congratulations there it's just cannot you guys assigned your deals today correct yes sir yeah they actually. Congratulations Chris is Paul. I recovered -- lot this year for the effort WEEI dot com some -- -- get to know each other and and generally there are you planning on going to playing in the Orlando summer league and also the Vegas summer league at this point. Yeah it definitely. But it won't what what do you do we think you're gonna be able to get out of that when what are they told you what to expect that. Are you notice get a chance to experience different being you know what are the biggest gainers. On the college level in view of news 24 the shot clock so there's a lot more consistent at a basketball game. You know those are doing things that you're gonna do you use and so being able to play book summary is that significant chance at stardom a couple of them refuse. Chris what was the draft process like for you we talked to Jared soldier about yesterday talked about -- teams and asking about his back in terms of you you had a great four year career there at Syracuse -- the draft process for. -- was no interest in that was part of something that outlook for for the door and as a kid growing up so. Being able you know just start start that from me I think it was may twenty. Six or so my purse were so then knowing just on the plane traveling from city to city. It was exciting it was fun. -- you come from a basketball family. Your brother your your brother Maurice -- player misty -- University of Vermont and if if if I'm correct. Are you cousins of Cory Joseph with the spurs. Yes sir and go to vote goes there what Dorgan who also ordered shooter right so so first I have to ask you -- Tibetans the best ball or -- who's the best place. Our new boat covers half. You know we are doing certain things very I think we're all go to who the heck -- trouble at this point that we all you know got -- -- things -- career Barbara is now. In -- our director of medical corporation at UW. -- corn -- can disperse the vote. Still find his way to be in you right now on the Celtics so we are who we are just increasing figures we are right now. And you you urban Montreal. -- -- -- -- -- how does that like because I'm assuming there isn't a huge basketball culture much robot could be wrong about that now -- Lou it was it was like grown up playing ball in her. Your Internet he wrote that -- coaches that green cars it is -- -- -- -- on the social struggle sometimes just because. Talent level in the ties and would like to be so no -- one of the main reasons I was able to leave their merger -- I scoreboard DC. But before that though OK your basketball. A fanatic you're junkie like we argue play in the game. What do you do get your hope this that is not a lot of -- on a Montreal eagle on the Internet to watch YouTube are you watching dvds -- VCR tape -- You're still your basketball Jones Chris. Are you know a lot of VHS that third -- garner Michael Jordan confirmed the and all of those all of those I have a lot of record. In Dutch. He can. And an eagle stressed on the back forward in the book and I'm more recently. Children garbage can. We have programs. That are starting to -- -- -- -- from her. That's that's admits -- -- actually haekkerup what's in the the Jordan's come fly with me you know that stuff that does occur it. Which you went down and a archbishop Carroll in DC which has which has a terrific basketball program. At what point did you say to yourself and no more reasonable -- older but what point did you say to yourself I can be a player here packing. You know I can go to college in any NBA might be realistic -- -- opportunity for me at what point does start to click it. Followed that start or good recruiting process and I realized well it will be schooled her interest in America must be you know do something really. Don't good out here on these courts and our current so. Once that happened what the book got -- a little bit of CC in the DC area. That's -- start to believe more and more. This district of -- become or could become reality. We're talking to Chris Joseph second round pick of the Celtics out of Syracuse your coach Jerry MacNamara Chris on this radio station today. Was talking up your game big time and made big knowledge meant that he believes you're one of these type guys at 67 on the wing. That can be better in the NBA because more spread out you can go by guys and a college in the big east everything was clogged in that lane. You believe that can you believe what your coaches say nice things about you to believe that to be the case that the NBA better suited for your game. I do believe that he says -- outlook based -- which would give me -- more of a chance to create you know in the very into the basket. And that's that's a big part of my game market last. Why do our Miami booted outside shot but Obama actually heard of leaders. No the court being sold out -- give you better opportunities to do so articles and college. Yeah Chris I I heard joking yesterday with -- about playing defense in the NBA and saying you know there is a 32 rule. Can be can be Eddie didn't have a college. And it up -- at the quick how to make a little bit of -- too much -- big deal about this you played zone it's -- he's -- -- like you've never played man to man before but what do you expect that adjustment to be like for you. -- you know. Opening -- governor -- on -- And it's gonna be it's not going to be very hard to play in their commenced just more so they'll guard and things are you know going to pick and roll don't know when you're outside. I'll Google Archie speaking -- differently in -- basics on the -- side and denied the ball in oil British Columbia just like everything else you know -- to be part of the game. -- -- of the biggest and oldest supports over one of the best courses in the game so what investors in the in the league. Let's get a scatter report for you Chris on your teammate fab Melo who was again. Not your teammate -- what did you see because a lot of people talk about the improvement teammate Chris -- freshman year to a sophomore you can you talk about. What type of player you saw from year one year -- with that Mel. Certain start and stand to gain -- you know really worked hard -- it is. You know you know one of the best seen you know come and autos from sort of transition -- the first -- sophomore who has tremendous. He's able to cut down. Of his body will -- his body. And was able to get up about a quarter a lot more soft more you know he was able to block shots run down the court and don't go get it back -- -- given and so. I think is there's room to room right it is really exceptional. And you'll be able to do that level you know -- a good. 1215 foot jump shot and not -- people -- C. But he's very capable marketers Gartner -- I'm really occur to him develop and blossom as a player. And yet -- it's inching your go into a team that obviously has a future hall of Famer your position and Paul Pierce. Well what are you hoping to it to learn from that also. You go to your go to a spot where it playing time will be difficult to get how do you how you approach that in and what's what's your approach as the summer goes well. Well and just -- -- -- -- -- they have been you know what Syracuse and you know playing time didn't happen so that I wanted to. Either so in order to sit down -- to watch -- to learn and that it continues to recover and that's what good this level and you get a chance to learn. From there elect you so talkers -- controlled -- And he got control in coach in that room so me being able to be on their bench or just being you know in the same building as those is this going to be that much better. On the court to -- is great. And on this very good work in the under the enrollment. In terms of play with your teammate fat -- joked about it that you guys gonna be doing a lot errands to get out work out cause whether it. When KG or Paul sent you out to do some some rookie -- you got a guy RD now. Exactly so you know that we're doing together. -- home in the movie is going to be -- -- I heard that those guys like. He's been doing -- thing which is so that might be. Run into -- you'll -- yet to get loans could thing bread and peanut butter. So will be the order together and that's before. Chris let me -- that you will be getting a lot of peanut butter and jelly for their -- -- -- -- they live on that but. It. We view as -- the draft process when were you happy to go where you went to mean -- -- where that was -- -- it was there it was their place that you had in minder or did you eat it at at that point Regis okay good let me get to a spot. Let me get settled how did that work work out for you. Of the draft process you know draft night -- -- before before the veteran -- worked out a six I think it has to be. I was in doing so important that lead early June and you know -- -- that I -- my mom and who better America Exeter. You know how do you think -- looked and felt the green in a true story you know just to try to work sudden talking with you know. Sustained. And coaches that particular -- I think he has really positive about. So those are an outcome my agent there would be a great situation -- -- being one of my favorite players. And in being able to learn from him you know would be great so once -- passes you know our own. A battle about books and what is in the best situation or the liberal for. In terms of grown up we talked to Jared soldier yesterday mentioned Elton Brand -- a guy just mentioned Paul Pierce played your position any other guys that you're grown up watching -- and comply with me. Is there -- guy is sort -- game after Chris that. Might still be in the league right now. Like later people appeared my leg in a little. Team that -- corridor. You know Joseph Johnson did a lot of guys that I used to watch for you to look washed -- -- -- Volcker who deftly when Google -- watched more closely. -- -- -- on this it was a big -- your freshman year you played fourteen minutes off the bench in that game you were part. As has taught me to say is a UConn grad but you were part of that six overtime game. In the big east tournament as a freshman is that still a game that is talked about their because his basketball fans go I don't remember. A better more -- game in the sixth overtime throw you guys play in the big east term. Yet -- still very well you know that. That we're being told them -- -- just because of you know world wars you know if it was a big east tournament. It was it was UConn Syracuse UConn had beaten not by by about twenty points or even a year at their home so he -- it was hard you know. After the second kinda think this can be done in the cat gore kept -- so. -- regard we were left to jump in order not to call a draw at some point but it was a score and also. Six overtimes the final that night again it was 127117. And I had to bring it up as the one of the great games of all time he's Chris Joseph. A second topic of the Celtics this Eric you sky and headed to Orlando will some -- basketball Chris thank you so much retired that invest a -- can report talking you down the road. Are you -- -- Chris Joseph joining us on the AT&T hotline at AT&T forgy held the with speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink --

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