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Cedric Maxwell sees a bright future for the Celtics

Jul 2, 2012|

The guys talk with Max, who is very optimistic about the Celtics future, they discuss Kevin Garnett staying in Boston, the Celts draft picks and how this team could look in the 2012-13 season.

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Back to bake show -- white Buckley filling in for around Michael here today. Said your actual body spent the time I would think down here in Charlotte probably do when NASCAR talk over the last couple weeks. Did notice him on television last night at fine -- out there -- in some. Celtic -- and we figured we do we check in with -- actually don't. I'm not by Joseph Murray got -- -- that the Beck's. Good good good so you guys chief the other night the great things were good and that he was terrific -- I'm I'm happy did use you know in the polls right now on the fact he says he wants you back your radio broadcasting them. Television can you -- legally. Yes okay. I can replace you and it just thrown him in there with your permission. -- Other worked out or. The -- Roberts yeah. Articulate their stories there. There are stories between those who we are at what. It will look -- Satellite radar satellite radio it that's not working working here all right. It looks like -- bans all coming back did together here KG looks like he's ready to come back. It's probably gonna be a three year deal but you know how that works is probably gonna be here for a couple it matches up with the money and doctors talking very confidently now like Ray Allen is going to be here. Both. They are good move. You know if you consider what happened over let go last year the team was that are close to wind. May be able well. You talk about health problems that you Atlanta this year -- consider you. You -- Miami without deep regret that you did not have much of a pinch. Eight and took in the senate gains with the possibility beaten. And now world champions that means I think is good and -- -- infusion of Bradley coming back. PP Jeff -- coming back. I think it's a good situation which is to -- What's the best case scenario for this team next season assuming rate has backed Garnett. The rookies that they mesh with the Britain's. ILP Bradley -- LP green LP Bradley -- Best case scenario to win the championship. By Miami. If -- if -- useless yeah I think they have not to beat Miami I -- you you can look at it this year you. You know you did not think that and then you play them into play also well. The wild kingdom Miami yes that's the opening pitch you know -- -- -- they have a look at the -- I'll would be good also so because duke experienced me. Bring him back debate has -- new ads though my you can't not think that will be remotely. I -- said as some fear in Miami the Celtics under that scenario. Are so. I don't see it because. They they beat them twice now in a row and in beat. LeBron can never again be painted is that -- can't win the big game he's at depending NBA champion now I think that team is gonna be even deadlier next year. Well look think that you if you look at -- -- -- normally when the temperature. Normally have a kitco. And that is that that's the case scenario also in every sport. You know also so would remind Europe. Never repeated because we're always at it and that think the same thing oh my they'll be hungry they'll wanna win. But a lot things so -- played some really good way it did not have the great Chicago I think it was a good with a bit itself full war. And I think that they've played itself. A team that was not it's helped either took the seven games so I still think the best case scenario -- -- it will be -- in the championship. The only thing I would disagree with that -- -- debt picture -- pain it is that I think Miami's pick up if it has one next year will be in the NBA finals not the Eastern Conference finals. Long well I you know and that's where you know where you're back in disagreed on the I think that if you'll look at Miami Kuwaiti war and -- member of the suburbs when the chairmanship. And it turned around a couple of years later or a year later -- its -- battle. So I think sometimes you have in the jealousy. Not playing well together. If you think a -- happening -- not Britain that's. Not only that which you talk about injured. So want 13 got gold medal there in their health so I I don't see it bit you yet so it's very healthy I think that they seem to win the championship. Well one of the guys went down they still beat the Celtics by. Well -- with bell but at the same -- we did not have greatly if you want the -- day you did not help. Jeff Green he did not happy pitcher got. I'm not sure you would be a much they would beat the Celtics have botched you know for the entire series by him coming back changed that series. It absolutely be a bit off topic that you -- me. Little -- Max we've please and move on. -- saw some flaws in your argument consultants and William. You look at the beer or both teams than you think that the ball well over the last thing. There they would have got -- -- -- portrait of -- bridge yeah they'll support gay broke rat problem. I mean are acutely felt. I think that's what -- -- have pretty change what it looked who have and that's what they damn you look at it is and I'll do a bit like the budget young people. You know a single people like myself you look at refrigerator in the day cease opened them it might be a little green that. -- low low -- you look what look sugar to look at some outlook also did not -- their good. This is what it's all people who interpret Arab group in the -- app -- fusion. Also you thought they get. So you think when you hit -- you can see that clean that you were the trader anymore. Open Victoria oh I have other weekly -- out of the green elsewhere. Best of our Beijing lamb did you notice that should be taking care of a local lovely Sarah coaching keep developing. Read your protectorate of the does -- Just because I'm too fat -- at all so there's nothing left -- it is not clear that goes beyond the expiration date all right when you look at. We're now in year six. Of a three year program which is hard to believe. In what is Ray Allen coming back the Celtics can offer virtually more money than any other team up here and yet the six million. Really is important to them because it's one of their own players and look at other guys out -- and I think we've got a lot of calls yesterday you know about a legitimate element the element that. -- -- -- -- -- With Chicago Houston signed him to wait three -- offer sheet. Almost 25 million bucks a million packs -- three. When you look at the money that's out there. It really is I think of a big part of this is they can't get somebody better at that role for less money than Ray Allen right now. Well I absolutely agree that they it's also no brainer to me if you're ready because what you are culpable in this situation. Is these are comparable -- he's played extremely well here or alphabet. You can you we know re notoriously not been any money -- the policy is -- -- more money than anybody else. And up top of their look at the medical conditions this child. Indian very comparable with that boxers here in new England and the county -- -- -- It opens a lot of things took over the -- that they Ray Allen all all the sudden also look at our optical most of the jobs that I think they'll go that that put itself. I let me ask you about -- and -- all the one thing that concerns me the most -- a couple -- -- right bank. Is one of those players that understands gets to gain but he 69. Doesn't play above the rim. Not the most athletic runner out their mellow and not a great runner and athlete and yet I look back at last year. And one of the big complaints we had during a portion of the year was Rondo is running nobody else's running with a my thought that's why Wilcox. Was so promising for them because he could run the -- fill the wing. And Rondo finished it off form inside. Are you a little concerned. With Rondo running this offense that you've got two guys that may not be athletic enough. To be able to wrongful. I would agree with Tudor and I'd look at the funeral soldier and I don't know much about inaudible what about seeing. You -- all life. So let's say the -- ground all of it he's not playing them off the rim and -- let this that the -- doesn't have it -- -- a little looked great but. Here's the thing I like about. We know that the public will break you down they will teach which shapes were able Kevlar that is going to be a newspaper so. I think you're completely understand it gave you know without waiting game. But does that translate into big bodies in you using. One important -- evil that Holland -- you made a point. Rob -- -- eight the or -- Rondo you know more than laughs so -- Afghan rob problems could score if you think that you thought they -- all of -- good local -- -- Lots of good point at the bit about sellinger is a lot like big baby don't think -- -- Now. That's the one thing that worries -- -- when you look at the league. And you see how athletic league is not -- over the last three years four years it's changed an awful lot. Eight it it's the one of the concerns because I think if you put him in to gain ten years ago. He's such a a solid. Player understands how to play the game. You got something it worries me a little bit right now and it's in the way the games being -- Well I think -- sure correcting your assumption because. He's a very Smart lawyers must live look at the doubles there may be about seventy years ago in sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lol -- along what you think so it wouldn't call interest in the city would be wouldn't but you also -- that it will look opportunity because. Here's the thing I will be worth about how much your particular. -- looking -- him if it did in local soldier -- I advocate might be signing off the year on network. It thank you not to use either. That that's what I feel I'm I'm looking at him and I'm thinking warlike. Seven and hey Al idol is I was there. It's an app you'll be like public that it's got it maybe you're there you go public does not -- well let it be at all. That's what we call media guide I cry because the PR gal had a couple of inches but I was at the thing in Austin this morning he was that and one of the thoughts in my head -- was -- 69 but you know whenever. -- -- -- that presents a problem if you're not a great -- for you get lost underneath and you see a lot of guys -- great position because they got the wide body yet they can't do anything with -- when they get. Down deep where it Leo with the fact girls hang out because they can't get up above the rim where he is solid don't Max. Is as the face up shooter away from me away from the -- so maybe. They had a change what he does a little bit you know. Well that they escort -- equipment deployed because he's not going to. Without seeing over the Ohio State would replace fuel power most people -- it that you played against Egypt with rubio. Indian BA he will not go -- you do after all around them he would have to. Be a little bit quicker in the look at -- so I think you'll have to understand that position. Oh it'll play in the game with or change in that way. I -- hopefully we'll see a real sound have a good one. Next coach dirty -- ready to go to NASCAR. -- them to Charlotte and just auctions down there you can put money starts talking about NASA engineers some of the stuff it's really funny. -- sounds like you know as we start and asked the want to community who dug in. For.

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