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Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry

Dec 13, 2006|

John Henry joins the Big Show to talk about Daisuke Matsusaka and the current state of the Red Sox off-season.

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Joining us live on the phone line right now is the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox John Henry did John. I -- I'm always strike -- You've got sleep when everybody else when the work you're on the floor like every on power now I'd -- to sleep eight I don't think any of them. Me ask you -- you've been in contact with anybody in the airplane today after they took -- yeah. No that people sent me I -- the internet full links. I -- right now I would just going in Iowa right now. Going to landed two hours and 45 minutes but I'm sure. Those who just -- mr. Yeah that's. It's just Robin Wright so you know -- tomorrow upgrade your computer and got few blocks about -- I'd try to tell there was Missouri I thought you racing idol I listened to Jon attended the handles -- but he actually this is -- I didn't realize you can attract private jet top speed I don't know. I didn't either but yet guess what we know where you are all I -- now that you're right given that information erratic at the wrong state. Teachers like -- via your rights you guys don't always get it perfectly. Really haven't noticed that you gotta be Kabila started. Right SI dot com says six years 52 million dollars you guys have an agreement with -- soccer. Now let's go to plan B -- And I on exit directives that can be Ali obviously were close there all the plane. But there's there's been -- deal do you believe it and what happened in on the plane and they -- to call. Is that Normal procedure in the Red Sox organization. There's nothing Normal about us. He's 3048 seems like 40 days 40. Let me ask -- -- -- -- conversation that you -- -- your field before they get on the line would you anticipate that there might be some negotiating. Still to be done after that aircraft lands on him from. Well there's no way to know I'd just. Who's nose is still go into. You amazed at what you have seen. Here in the offseason and -- when I've had many conversations about the money and where it's going in in major league baseball you amazed at what has transpired here in the offseason. Every year I think helped in the off in this off season possibly top -- every year something he manages. Well we don't event this -- its incredible its just. That you look at -- you look at some of the deals out there. And at least -- guy here. -- talking you're talking about. -- -- supposedly about Red Sox -- Knocked out about the salaries that you wanted that going on right now major league baseball they pushed our guys just about everybody I've heard from his projecting him to via a helluva matchup a lot of marginal guys out. That are getting some nominal salaries right now. Well it's -- different process and obviously that's a free agent market 30 club on free agents people who are but you're right it's it's. It's it's surprising that we we did simulations that chilled that the prices this year we're going to be. Take it is answered players if we move forward according and we had -- themselves we did they have litre. I want to ask you about your initial interest in dice came we've heard read so much about this kid receiving your day and a half before the deadline and he's flying cross country coming to Boston hopefully to get a deal done we know Craig Shipley was out there watching them on a daily basis at the end. Can you take us through where the point is were you guys ended up sitting in a room together and by your actions I would imagine the conversation went to -- what number can we bid to ensure that we're gonna get this. Well you want to do then obviously you want sure -- -- that it's going to it has to be reasonable I've actually talked to a couple of other close to close at third did. We're all pretty. Much aligned what I think it's as far as strategy was going. We vote though with regard to sign occurred posted it's that we were. Sentence but I suppose you were aggressive. John much has been made -- this posting process itself what are your thoughts on it I know obviously Scott Boras says it seemed to be overly fond of it but what are your thoughts of the whole procedure in. In going for two major league baseball it is posting process. Well Japanese teams have have rights the just is too. In every years ago as a result of Larry lucchino what three. Came into into effect. It's it has its. It's been ineffectual somebody's with. Come out years and two intensity he's obviously having this side of the post is unprecedented but it. Eventually in just a president so it's pretty it's critical questions -- -- but it is what it is that's the -- to -- that you certain -- we've -- an -- -- years. People like it but you're asking about the rights. Believe that the united in the system. As a team that is done. Such a good job of being able to bring him. The Red Sox outside of baseball through lottery tickets travel the bars restaurants how much consideration when you put down that 51 point one million posting. Much consideration mistaken into how can we now brand our product both locally and more specifically over in Japan right now to re -- some of that 51 point one. Although a lot because frankly the brand that brand of our own territory means a lot of course it means a lot to us person. But financially it doesn't it's owned by major league baseball actually we don't know that it exclusive license to that we don't know if it. For instance has sales we get. Who because there's that the central fund revenues shared equally we -- at 130 so I don't I actually all the arguments that was going. To make old is -- in Japan because -- -- action but it I think it'll be dot com world. Rule make more money we will be nationals will benefit would we. As the Yankees certainly have made some money. In the way that they have had done extensive travel travel from Japan to New York City do you think that that might pay off that you might you might read that more in the cash registers back here in Boston -- you would over there. My idea of forming right. How are they doing that was. The divine right they're here apparently. -- working with the Japan tours. Industry over there and there's a lot of travel that comes faculty -- at the the United States and to New York to watch game spend weekends there in Yankee trips and I know you guys do a lot of that troubles -- now with road trips with local things. That's a possibility I have heard it discussed -- -- what is realistic it is but it ain't I don't believe there are currently flights between Boston Tokyo's -- so. A big juror aircraft we keep looking when. We've we keep track that wanted -- If we get put a few extra seats on your plan because we can fit the men. And -- attractive. Again in the branding that you guys have done it I guess it all comes with winning I mean -- if you if you like get the players and you can't win games. Eventually you know the the the success here economic success that you have probably start the dissolved. -- Connecticut. I think it's -- -- had brand news is it yes it is a lot that can be done to promote it's primarily what should you. Obviously two. John we take a hopeful view here and we assume that this is going to get -- I know that's a -- but let's say tomorrow we're ought to press conference -- he's going to get signed. Why are you so confident and obviously you guys are by the posting -- that that a guy has never thrown a pitch in the major leagues is going to succeed over here at -- level. I think a lot of organizations have scouted him a lot of organizations to leave the pitcher obviously we would his post the plus player by the time -- instant. But but if I guess -- can be more specific what did you have to be convinced that you have to look closer at the numbers in. Yes it's quite good money right. It's yes it became. So what what really convince you mean obviously had a scouts and but I can specific I mean did you look closer at the numbers yourself and compare. What he's done we know how passionate about numbers. It's an extraordinary amount of those therefore yes I had to be convinced by scouts -- it counts in the Craig -- difference there watching every game four -- -- -- we were. He was heavily scouted I don't know how good translation statistic is between I don't think I don't think. A lot of this is what you think of the the -- -- based. Certainly. Mansion like one more question about the marketing over Japan Yankees seemed to have an awful lot -- -- -- seen John a Japanese companies and you look around and you see it in and I'm wondering even with the virtual sign board that's behind home plate I'm wondering the stuff that's being back over to Japan whether they're even running you know American advertisement or or Japanese advertisement but is that a possibility -- -- -- -- site agent there and the games are are aired over their grant that MLB collects the rights -- What you're able once again to take your ballpark. And held virtual -- right there to an audience that's you know thousands of miles away. I'm not sure I know for instance in dopey dot com which takes -- like. They black -- -- worse so I don't know to what extent practice. I'm really I I just think -- what is overblown concept because it was such large different ways to chose to. We were determined to win did. Sure we have the rights to receive we felt it gaining control that are pitchers in the world six years do the same thing. If we were signing free agent pitcher. So that is free agent pitcher but amateur. It's it's really or can do amateurs and his two free agent and at least in an all an amateur just saying that the mechanics such that your gaining who writes -- -- extended period. So I think that's right justify 50 dollars to. How much but he -- Japanese so it's such I do we have fully explored it sure. Did you ever fear in this process that the agent might attempt. To try to challenge the posting system and use this it's as a catalyst to do so. I had to be very difficult period. So -- did that then it's -- for -- to say it would sports and still be. You said at the beginning of this conversation that you had holes and you guys had to fill holes and you certainly if you end up agreeing with this deal you field and other big hole there seems to be one. Weakness left on this ballclub and that seems to the beat that bullpen you concerned about that and that you're late in the process. And spent the offseason 200 and we're doing something like that a little bit concerned that that might be something that becomes a glaring hole despite the fact that you've. You're strong has so many other areas. -- let. And at -- -- like every team has pluses and line you'd see it through 62 games to my overly -- -- a very concerned about the pull at this point noise I think we're going to have a very durable. We haven't had a lot of successes passes hopefully were -- we've at some -- I think it's it's just it's hard to predict what the average if you look at if you look at relief pitching to number of innings which is limited if we see Corey Perry ability seasons which Willy Taveras who was who seller really he's and so he's. But we're hopefully not done that if we are I feel very committed oh very good things things things still may change. Indeed missing a closer and of ours obviously would be at the earlier in the dead ball but based on what you saw what we also all last year with Jonathan Papelbon was historically lights out. For the first 45 months of the season and I thought he was the guy that that -- out front the it is in first place for such a long period of time. You fearful that you might not be able find somebody that's going to be able to fill that role because that seems to be one of those rules that you're going to be a good team in major league baseball you indeed have a closer especially if you got a good starting rotation which it looks like you're -- Will -- be some development team right we actually coached but it's really not from need to make these statements each top field these -- but it. Ultimately shape oh are we going to have laws yet but every team. It it done what as best we could to to fill these holes. John the first meeting I'm California I'd like to go back to matches soccer. You were involved at that -- With the for after the posting process when you all went out California. To meet with Matsui soccer you were -- correct yes what are your impressions from meeting him I mean what did you get out of there. Very positive. Very -- He had to be in -- you'd like to see it major league pitchers he was. Quiet that they had no problem asserting himself well. Yeah it could -- he was. He seemed to be idiot it would we we all had I think we all on. Does speak any English at all to stop now and I is likely as -- as fluent in the language is that true. Yes I think often once someone speak so -- -- It's not their native language they they prefer to use trippers it will work for use interpreter is even speak to which well I don't really know well -- -- -- to see first. He is term partners to. -- just as good point because a lot of times guys are fearful that the going to be misquoted right right in the -- -- -- NC it win for example if you know I wouldn't but if David Ortiz doesn't -- view for example to finish in the Dominican -- and then we go through the little you know translator. It's ugly comes on the does that make an awful sense I can understand not John I understand it diced his wife is in news reporter should -- be calling the powers that be over fox two point five -- You know -- freaking created show over at. -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- before -- -- -- I have one last question about -- you talked about -- you had to be convinced and rightfully -- about him -- not you've met him. And now the more you've been involved with the assumption you've done more research and even Boston sports fans have. Why are you convinced why are you confident he will be a success here if this all finishes. I think you better off talking to a peaceful if they do a better job explain exactly why spice great confidence of people people attract and Craig view. I real reliant what they tell me the he should really should get up -- In his about it right now if that is what what's -- should -- the plane you know. We don't give that number police what what. -- a question there's a story out of Houston today and -- against is a blogger but it's Houston chronicle writers. Who was claiming that the Red Sox have already talked with Roger Clemens about a deal in which Roger we come -- not pitch for half of the season -- -- for two thirds of the season you guys had any contact whatsoever with Rogers. That it positions today. Only glanced it one step forward even if you end up signing lots of soccer tonight with they're still be interest in another pitcher who just happened to be a guy who pitched here for a while it was pretty damn good. What did you Frankie vial can be delicate -- in his 40s right. I don't -- I don't want to comment. Rodgers -- free agent. The purchase price at all they get out. All about how we're talking about yes I believe he has public talk about a player that that is on the team John you surprised that Manny Ramirez is still a member of your club. Did you have you know going forward would you you know any plans do you think it's it's set in stone now that he will be a member of your club. If there if there had been -- deal would be made that would be good for man it's for the club deal couldn't -- that. But how do you replace and force the do you he's going to have a deal accent so. -- I totally agree -- -- try to convince these guys that -- couple -- all right I don't I don't not I don't listen I don't want to -- either John but it is -- with keep on reading is true that. There are times when he doesn't want to be here do you have any fear. That come spring training these once ago and going to come to the brass and say he doesn't want to beat. You know if if if he comes to spring training I don't think he's going to. Do you believe that there has to be some type of communication here in the off season to try to prevent. An incident happening in the spring. -- you know and and I am have been able throughout very good relationship -- and what he's upset about something has no pro is not called it's the season and so I I don't anticipate problems that this. They didn't think -- the technical I think hopefully is looking forward to keep putting you choose should be. Should be exciting. My job it's always great talking to you as you said no agreement they're flying back we know the going to land some time between five and 530. Out -- about it hinske and hopefully they'll be some people out there as well by the way I am a little sense though that you in this. I had Harry connick junior all lined up like christmas party at her -- away from the and I got to move molecular on something like that second rated today. Well hope hopefully. People will show up just chose to -- -- welcoming. -- be nice because you know it there's a difference when you landed at at Logan you know there's there's always people stragglers you know people around out there. And our hands -- you know it's a little bit different out there so Johnny sound hopeful even though he said there's no deal you sound hopeful. I thought so well yeah -- you have to be hopeful there on the plane and you know if it it would have been easy to say no Ratko that would and that's yet to be hopeful I am hopeful. I think it's news it is very it's time to have physical. They could use -- -- not tracking the flight. -- a -- -- level schools that. And all I will tell you they were close though I'm hopeful. Well I did on the -- thank you very much have a great holiday need to -- -- you choose the principal it's judged on -- I do do. He's unique in Antonio -- it was not done not done. What you can on the plane you gotta feel good about

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