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Jared Sullinger, Celtics rookie, on being drafted by the C's

Jul 2, 2012|

The newest member of the Celtics, Jared Sullinger, joins the show to talk about his draft day experience, his excitement to be on the Celtics, and his back injuries.

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With -- when he first pick in the 2012. NBA draft. The Boston Celtics select. Jared sullen. -- David Stern Thursday night it's not -- not a 37 WEEI. Couple picks there in the first round the players being introduced today over it help lighten. When he first pick by wearing number seventy Brown's old number. The Celtics the rookie next year -- soldier joints on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible -- it's -- and rob -- Boston how Rio. How -- how much so they're wide number seven. Ahmad birds imam Ali. So you're okay with Dee Brown's old number -- has -- well we -- -- you can't find it it and followed it now the. Very pressure behind having the browser never to be honest technology at the pump shoes which are probably too young to remember pop up and do that'll Dee Brown donkey in the dunk contest to be good. Yeah I think I -- you Graham and me. Don't look for no doubt that's why are you good. It serves a draft now you heard David Stern's. Name their call out your number there are 21 to the Boston Celtics take this -- and and what it was like is your weight -- -- be called there on Thursday night. On and we absolutely. You know everybody came out in a show court. And like like my family it's that it created child. Everybody else. Making me hold me -- I am today which means. And so that those segments is as part of -- and also you know you may lack of my main cause I. Right it's just. I've opposed most. Incredible our allies. -- we're we're just listening before of the or if you heard that he analysts what do you think's been fair and unfair about how you've been represented. After being draft by the Celtics. Are they everything everything going on and on a landmark. I hardly ever it'll what it's their problem here so much wrapped it. He's not solemn -- -- small -- was -- -- -- that -- RI surgical want him out of that and let's put it -- On the right but. In terms of that night in your name being called how much contact charity how with the Celtics some guys say that they sort of know what they're gonna go we haven't of the -- -- feeling they of the Celtics if you were there. A twenty while we're gonna be interest in drafting. I don't have a little longer are we had no concept so it's. Let the England that was an -- because when and exactly. As when he aren't -- or at least one wanna play England. I kind of predict. It questions -- -- on the war now. Judges brought your least favorite subject but I'm gonna bring it up anyway the back. The -- that he did this is clear this up right navigate. How is the back right now when when training camp starts is the back going to be any kind of factor it is something that they have to worry about. Medical schools over that thought as bad about. Oh -- we'll -- over at let's look at we'll stay. I know how I feel absolutely great so I'm straight put out a lot of LP. Elect -- medical schools with a lot of teams wanna ask you about that Jared during this process of being drafted eventually overnight and Thursday. Yeah everybody everybody it was that anybody about I was out I laughed it off because of me if you look -- look at me workout street bank almost -- -- -- But MR so you know I have a I got a ball did the best that's about it. You say would watch your workouts nothing's wrong did you play -- lot of pain the last couple years at Ohio State. I would not paying. Are they there was no pay at all. And -- curious do you obviously you've heard about the camera on that agreement signing. Bomb have you been in touch with them -- he reached out to you -- -- have you ever talk to him at all. Adam supplemental all looking forward to. On into my eyes. One little word -- on keep asking questions. A -- are away. We're talking a Celtic strapping -- sellinger joining us -- -- number seven we saw that over the press conference. And Garnett -- for three years Jared the idea that you'll be able to work with them. And pick his brain for the next three years that's got to be. An exciting part of this process for. A great it is obviously. A process being looked at least for these are. That is part. Everybody says -- it'll look great but our. It back -- it -- -- game as well. The Jared you with a co MVP in the and a McDonald's all all American game 2010 correct it did fab Melo brought block your shot. Now it okay you remember him playing an active and it. It -- what was your impressions of. I mean are -- that the -- game. Luckily enough I was -- how -- he's. -- dialogue make it look like it. -- knew it all again I can't allow. You know. Religion and out like one. Danny -- say that the press conference they expect you to play a little bit of center are you prepared that the play will. Some senator -- power for for this danger. I don't mind. Let's look at the -- I am playing long moment now margin in the eighth and yet -- it at that. When the actual. What or did you have any kind of history with the Celtics in terms of did you like them do you not like them -- the ever -- player. Oh we are now you love -- are just let. As it is in my Rhodes scholar like all -- well. Meaning the -- all the Austria. -- Nolan at all. And and the -- I was -- -- not all -- had jumped it like. -- last month -- May -- -- Paul Pierce -- as a as a power forward was there a guy you looked up to. In the NBA who may have not been a -- you've tried to emulate your game after. Coming up the way you and obviously Ohio State. Are who hey you'll -- lot safety look at I'll bring it. And while -- -- break we're really about Obama may be about. You know he. He got a lot of respect because you are right same you don't Michael -- -- -- they. Not really athletic. Played blown around -- On the day in day out are. L Brent got it avarice or you can't -- we can all start out here. Is -- sellinger every -- number seven for the Celtics next year he joins us here on the ATP outlined Jarrett thank you so much welcome to Boston we'll talk you down the road. I Jared Jared Salinger house state big Elton Brand for. Comparison like that Paul -- a huge elm brands.

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