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Looking ahead: From this afternoon to the trading deadline

Jul 1, 2012|

Butch Stearns opens up the show by looking at Felix Doubront's impending start in the final game of the series against the Mariners. He also looks into where the Sox will be at the trading deadline and the pieces that will be in play.

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Afternoon. Well commanded WEEI. Fairness on the first Sunday in July. The all star announcements come out. Excitement. That you feel. My name is Butch Stearns are gonna be with you up until Red Sox game time. Against the Seattle Mariners. 6177790850. Thanks to. -- -- The Buckley. Rob Bradford for hanging around as a -- just barely made it in there. Make a lame excuse -- a lot of people do on traffic that there was too careful on the southeast express right. It's backed up if you're rushed to go anywhere care. 8885250850. Is toll free number if you'd like to chime in today. Or pound WEEI if you've got a Verizon cell phone. And text at 85850. So baseball. Basketball. Hockey. On the table today as he usually is on a Sunday so let's talk about. Let's start with -- baseball. Very interstate and Felix to bronze start today. For a lot of reasons not sure if you are but I am. Mainly because you couldn't make the argument. That -- to Brock has been in the Red -- best pitcher in the first half. Could you know make that argument. I think you can easily make that are -- now. He's not their base they don't have -- race. This year which may be a bigger issue come August and September. And I don't I get one so you gotta hope that Lester goes back to -- like status or Beckett. Goes on Iran or Aaron Cook takes that magic from the other nine -- a -- they do not have -- That said those of you listen to me often -- Borchardt hypocrite you've always said Lester is -- race. Not always said where I've said is Jon Lester. By the numbers. Has been an ace by definition for a good two -- three year here is not admission by the numbers he has been -- nineteen and nine year. Jordan and -- for 36 innings pitched or whatever was strikeout to walk ratio. ERA. Winds in September that was two years ago not last year. -- has been an ace like pitcher. So on the interest in fields to bronze star. For a lot of different reasons not the main reason is -- wanna see what the kids going to be down the second half I mean. Its interest in because young pitchers when they get to this point. Matter how you -- categorize it and been here before it's uncharted territory whether their college guys that pitched the number of innings. Within their career minor leaguers who haven't pitched that amount of innings with the Red Sox have done very well. Since. This ownership group took over and with Terry Francona EO John Farrell primarily at the Helm. -- what they have done primary very well I believe is handled their pitchers and have them ready to go down the stretch he did not work again last year or so again you can dispute this. All you want but -- homage to deceit do Brock has hit -- mediocre stretch. A couple of games got knocked around a little bit I like the kid is a competitor. I managed it for the main reason amusing to brown as a litmus point today because here we are on the first Sunday in July. The Red Sox -- play in the lowly mariners and now they have to win a game with him on the mound to split the series it's all about winning series and I can win this series. So they split it to be fine. So I would love to see how do Brock performs today let's see I was gonna performed on the stretcher -- I think about that. On how you gonna handle him and handle your staff going down. So the other thing it brings me to today's game two bronze star is the trading deadline which is still months away now. I -- -- July were in the month of the trading deadline while you look at that the Red Sox all of a sudden. Have a lot of things that other people might -- Other words the direct question is what would you be trading for. And what would you be giving up to get it. And if the answer is starting pitching. Well Franklin Morales. And Aaron Cook even though it's only one start. Our other team's gonna be comforting those guys. And a few other Red Sox and you were looking for those type guys. Wouldn't you want to go out and hopefully get. Franklin Morales and Aaron Cook if Fred Morales continues the way he's pitching now is he not Doug -- From last year. The Detroit Tigers picked up in Rhode all the way to a playoff for -- -- is he not. Why would you trade him. You might trade him because you feel like his value was -- now it may never be higher. Are you might trade Daisuke Matsuzaka because his contract up at the end of the year and get some conform announced it has something for nothing and addition by subtraction and if you trade Dice-K and get some other pieces. Now have starts opened for Aaron Cook and or Franklin routes. And or Felix -- -- So Red Sox pitching is a subject I would like to discuss with you today. And see if we we all believe I think the Red Sox have righted the ship you've seen the numbers in one blanked out -- born and the right back in the race and put themselves up there so they're six games behind the Yankees in the loss column. Yet seven I think write -- -- that. Come -- get Red Sox pitching is what it's all about. And that as far as the trade deadline the other thing is we think about it with Ellsbury. Crawford coming back coming due to we all believe. Does history doesn't history tell us that those guys both are not gonna just jumper and into the lineup hit the ground running and be that way for the rest of the year. That there will be some hiccups along the way. So while Europe one camper the other when it comes to the outfielders one campaign. Hey Al Rick Crawford go right backing enough chips to trade in Calif possibly and not. And Cody Ross wouldn't trade any of them but. If you're in that camp you say do that I think he kid yourself because there will be some hiccups along the way you're in the other camp. That Ellsbury in Crawford despite all the money they have. Owed and committed to them got to earn their way sort of speak back in this lineup because Bobby Valentine. Has created this interesting little dynamic with a team that's fun to watch all of a sudden and part of the reason is that anonymous. Andy Ross -- of the world are producing when they're called upon and it seems to be a quote different guy every game. So again it all factors into how do you feel of what you think about this team at the trading deadline. And quite honestly all factors into a picture that sort of shapes up for bench Harrington. With the guy with a finger on the trigger dealing from strength. Mean if charity and decided. That he wanted to expand to dealing used some of these ships that are very valuable to a lot of other teams. Being Daniel Bard as variables used to be. Not -- -- Brooks but Buchholz and others he's got some options to be able to do that some curious. How you feel about 6177790850. Our whole -- 88525050. Apartments opera TrueCrypt animal -- your calls. Com. And pound WEEI funeral Verizon cell phone tax. And a 5850 several techsters. Reminding me and you and us that the Red Sox are four games of the Yankees before the all star break coming up. Okay yeah I talked about -- owner Pete talked about that yesterday. -- -- says don't forget NHL free agencies in -- -- are now do you think there's any chance the Bruins can -- Zach Parise. The early word you look at from minimum ten year eighty million dollar deal. He also reporting seeking signing bonus of ten to fifteen million dollars. Obviously he would be an awesome addition to do they have the cap space I don't know. I'm not to -- ball just. Daily news. Your dale talking about a four -- my guess is that the Bruins could find a way to do that would have to. Dump some salary to do that IE trade one of their core players. John Lucic. David -- yeah I mean again you say it will -- -- which well yeah but I mean if you're if you're other teams when you're looking at this team who you look at. You look at that the guys that the Bruins value also if you don't sign a Max player guy. There's going to be a domino effect that may be don't need to maybe put you over the edge by the way speaking of that. Thought this on the way in so don't call me crazy or more you can if you need to have you. Would you consider. Signing Martin Brodeur. If you -- the bruins' -- -- doors -- his entire career with the New Jersey Devils a certain hall of -- A guy who. Has been the difference maker to win a championship before was not in this post season but got his team to another Stanley Cup final. He's a free agent and reportedly. Looking for the best deal in May end up signing elsewhere knock on back to New Jersey would you sign or make an attempt. To sign mark him Brodeur. Now I I know all. The people that say no and the reasons why. Thomas is gone. When he is gonna be traded you given the job to Tuukka Rask you -- as confidence by doing that. He's only signed to a one year deal you've already told him he gonna get a chance to prove that he's the number one guy doesn't make sense -- -- it does makes it. Especially Boston teams. Plenty of Boston teams have brought in veteran guys to help get them over the hump or help them win championships. The Celtics did it with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The Red Sox did it would Curt Schilling. Is Martin Brodeur not one of those guys who could win -- championship if you believe the of that championship close. Mean I know there's a risk would this would Tuukka Rask. Would you -- what to considerate which kicked the tires. Would you consider within without kicking the tires colonel -- free agency is here.

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