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Dale, Buck, and Bradford breakdown Pedroia and Gonzalez's struggles

Jul 1, 2012|

Amidst the offseason action for the NHL and NBA, the Sports Sunday crew discuss the offensive struggles for Adrian Gonzalez and injury woes of Dustin Pedroia. In other news, why were Lou and Nomar sitting at seperate tables at Strega?

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Our number three sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold rob Bradford WEEI dot com Steve Buckley. The pain medication adults Steve Buckley from the Boston Herald over there I think it's I think is from morphed into a good place now. -- -- -- -- yeah yes he's a very guys standards he's very nearly a million publicity now is today that the. He's become very zen like in the last few minutes there I do think you -- -- -- I always worry about these text messages that we think that I feel some obligation. To somehow move them forward to their intended recipient -- I'm assuming I'm not yet. Texas checking in -- UN NYC did you get home Friday night and I am worried that the person that was intended to it was not getting. So the person sending the text is not getting a response. Another going to be worried about some. Yeah while and the guy's wife is saying did ralphie get your chance that I -- The call the police I always worry about these things our first bit of news from the NHL free agency frenzy which begins at noon today. Bob McKenzie and I've I've said this in the past -- Bob McKenzie writes that I believe. -- -- -- and is that good yet he is he uses as locked in and tuned in as anybody in the business. Oh I told to the Zach -- it was gonna make a decision was gonna win -- the doubles of his decision. Of whether he was gonna re sign with the devils or was -- going to on restricted free agency noon today. -- say according to Bob McKenzie is going to market doubles not necessarily out but everyone else is -- MacKenzie completes the tweet by saying start your engines this -- this will be the most highly sought freeagent. And I don't blame Parise Purdue in this there is like contingent. From the Detroit Red Wings on their way to meet with -- saying now. And I'm always kind of -- the Detroit was maybe that likely place at the other place that I think is gonna offer him the sun moon and stars is the Minnesota Wild. Add famous hockey player for the wild back in the day GP batteries day I wouldn't be surprised if they were in on it as well but. There was some questions throughout the morning Lou Amarillo of the doubles met with Greece say earlier today. Greece it was gonna give the doubles his decision about whether he was gonna accept. They're very generous offer they've made a very competitive offer or was gonna go to on restricted free agency knew he is elected to go to free agency knew and before -- Tweet text or call and ask no I don't think the Bruins are in the running for factories. Think they're going there that would have been months and -- and -- going to be. You know these things up. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Rise and cellphone users can recall pound WEEI. Jemison Medford Jim I don't. I'm OK guys -- -- trivial thing for like the Maltese falcon and the day and that's what -- morning -- 62 and even. I just jumped up and now like my record. And also box game is great and I've been there. That some people some people think that as something like don't think it's an old timers game. -- just it's just the opposite. I can vouch for that Canada the -- at the gas throwing 85 dollars and forty -- us at the first time will play the game Maloney. But that it was an old timers game any good up there against some kid from DC throwing 96 yeah. And yeah it -- it is active for the most part it's active college players some. Schools in and around Boston. I'm and it's up -- is to not playing at the plate. Bill gap there -- the -- It worked well. No I I don't blame for last -- at all. Well really why at what's up the line I'm not even sure he fielded it cleanly he was gonna get him. I think he would have it beat it got all and turned around attacked the -- beat the -- beat goes up to help the market comic life. You know -- -- And the blame -- that play I don't put Saltalamacchia is number one. I. Ball right to be up perfectly Johnson typical with the seventh because as I said before our exit to give up a hit like that the show on figure a guy hitting a bucket inexcusable. -- exactly excitement. You don't blame Cody Ross from. I though you mean he did what he did just like he did the other night while I don't think that as -- that I don't think the two -- compare -- I think Thursday night. That was on Saltalamacchia. -- -- -- Com and Gonzales with somebody earlier trying to. A lump them all glad she was great but. That there were expecting too much is numbers just as full that immediately -- That -- PS something like 8840. And right now it's barely 730. It's a MacBook the guys are gonna be injured when something. Yeah it's hard for me to believe that though he's the only guy and the team who's played every game this year hasn't started every game but -- played every game this year. It's hard from Italy there's something wrong physically Wear them when he has missed a game. Like why don't they they shut down thought that about the joy of further on the put on the disabled list I mean. You know that it's the it is going to be -- and there's not there's no other excuse Ali you know I mean. All the thing was up until this road trip he was doing well that's the problem. And I mean yeah I did pretty good stretch there where he would seemingly found -- swing. So now you hill over the bump in the road and you say well is this because of the injury. You know he's still hitting the ball decently or is it does he doesn't like it is to put this way he doesn't look like that first week. When he came back from the injury. I do think I will say this though I do think this is something that he's gonna have to deal with throughout the course of the year and that is not something that just went away magically overnight. Yeah I know it's -- -- seemed to come back from this a lot sooner than I think anybody expect auto figures and we don't think there's any question. Don't let it -- you go exactly what kind of look at a poll my full armor now is it was a torn muscle in college it was a fair and but he. -- when he came back they gave him this contraption and use it for two games and -- it was chucked it yeah -- said it was like it casts a -- like throwing in one arm. Did something else kind of find a happy medium but it wasn't until almost the weekend. That he he really said he felt confident on inside pitches. He and I think that that's the work in progress that there is still going to be a psychological part of that he's gonna have to get over -- Of that hair he acts of terror and a muscle and it's I guess they said he can't hit it really Pinkett in the world can get worse but it. Hasn't gotten any worse yet but while he's playing my my my counterargument would be while he's playing it can't get battery -- absolutely. Absolutely. Appreciate call Jim thank you -- on nonsense got to know I was gonna say about that the thing is is that he keeps having these Ryan's Pedroia keeps having these Ron's. Of being productive which you say OK you know what he can he can medicis. And that's why I guess he you don't want it too much on the care in the months. I am and I I don't know what it is eaten certainly looks as though he still swinging aggressively which is obviously what Dustin Pedroia does. But he did it doesn't seem right he's he seems off and and I would say much more than Adrian Gonzales seems off to me. I mean Gonzales is certainly not having good year and I'm not trying to defend theories having my point earlier in the program was that unfortunately Dustin Pedroia is having the worst year. Yeah Bobby you're sitting at 263. With a 717 OPS that's not what you expect from Dustin Pedroia sir. And and if you could if you could get a Dustin Pedroia they ended up the year -- this ailment at 280. With -- OPS around you know high seven hundred's I think you would settle for that. Because he brings other things -- tell you want him on the field you want him -- now line up which it last night he would hit. He got the head even though we don't scuffle. 6177790852038885250850. -- on the cape -- Jeff. Paid -- particular called I sure you've all been watching. All -- -- compelling sports story in the long time when the -- and does he thing just to clarify. And earlier caller. Didn't dusk he was not once told he would not gonna get the head coaching job. And not quit. And he also -- job offer from terrible. Not so all trying to get -- -- -- -- -- -- But indicated that he wanted to stay with his second mile charity and we now know unfortunately we know line. Exit exactly guys great coverage can't wait to get that Jerry Kelly is back in nugget of up to date on the whole story but great show -- I don't appreciate call Terry won't be back this week either unfortunately a week from tomorrow is when it is on assignment. See what's in the sunset somewhere. Was not the thing a couple of years ago was that -- me listen was watching that the knowing -- takes vacations everyone's on assignment for you and I heard I ya there at the Lou -- was on assignment. -- a trench coat like you know that if it's. -- -- the for the game in Connecticut and by the way from the from the indications and not everybody gets our humor and I understand that. -- says Lou and his wife and family -- straight they're four separate tables. Us him you gotta you gotta push -- tables together -- I've I've given away as close -- we'll pretend that's the that's my take. The pals like all war maybe they were close but when movement that. And it was funny be as siren in the mindedness and colleague. Last building in Wakefield. A collar -- I denies that and and I -- and said hey welcome to the dark side and then. You know two hours later I see him on on TV with. Jerry Remy -- and releasing it just wanted to welcome Tim Wakefield to the dark side. Exactly are we here is that if you are not asked that we know obviously if -- may not according to a lot of -- players I thought he did he is did he stick around for the game Wakefield I didn't do post game and tonight he is doing pre and post vote this afternoon I should say he's doing both. Did you tell wake it would be real member of the media he needs to win mismatched clothes and put on a few that it if it. We'll work and up to that -- I mean I -- is here's a little longer is it and retire. Well. I mean at the full blown mullet here but -- a little longer here than he denies -- like the Gary anyway Tom Hanks Da Vinci code thing.

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