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Bobby Valentine with Joe Castiglione before the third game in Seattle

Jun 30, 2012|

Joe talked with the Sox manager about Darnell McDonald's departure, and about Aaron Cook's astounding performance last night.

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An obvious so is difficult to let somebody go and you need -- his -- as he did for Josh Beckett and certainly. Darnell McDonald was again I don't respect him very well liked. Good man good player. You know you're right when it this game is just a numbers game and you don't need to have so many spots on the roster and and our pitching right now is taking up. You know may be an anxious about it Russert and Els did everything and anything anybody can -- Reston. Hopefully -- live dynasty and days now with a -- get back -- us. There is a possibility he could go to protect it and come back later you know yes there's always a possibility. Well last night what a performance by -- -- you know what is efficiency rating be -- Very very very efficient. Had 37 pitches and he -- I mean he was thrown up there there's going and we -- -- and it was it was a beautiful things. Ground ball after ground ball fourteen outside ground ball so well. Obviously to -- it was where he wanted it to be down. -- -- hit his secrecy. You know it -- plus pitches a lot of people at the top of it and haven't seen many people at the bottom of it and you know when that happens they just hope it's at someone and we had few real good place last night -- Dustin -- making a great double -- Exactly and you know the rest of her fielder's they're terrorists do what they edited. That was a pretty good example of a pitcher and catcher being in sync right there with a percentage of those fastballs and sinkers -- Yes exactly having salty has gained the respect of those pitches stats and he's putting it down there saying yes and and throwing with conviction and I think that really helps the bottom line. As we head toward the all star break go use five or six starters -- the rest of the way if you figure that out yet without the injuries. We'll try to use you know six as we go forward and we might have a couple guys who missed them missed the last turn around and then we'll have them in the bullpen. How about Josh Beckett or any limitations on just coming up DL with a sore shoulder. We discussed that this today you know it's been since the eleventh that he -- pitch so. You know it's been a long time and that's either good news or bad news either he's real well rested. And -- airplane in the tanker he's really not used to being out there and you know he'll lose it quickly so will be will be watching them and take it as far as he can go and and maybe turn it over to a fresh bullpen. You get her as -- our whereas mole Ramirez is a Red Sox have never seen he struck out ten in his last outing what was his scouting report. -- he has good stuff it's. It it moves through the zone and you know you gotta get him in the zone -- historic swing at pitches out outside zoning to be really tough. You pretty much the same line happened after thirteen scoreless innings here bang three home runs in one inning of bomb by. Salty and this is a tough offense to keep boundary line. Yeah but it was thirteen innings and and it seemed like the ball partners getting in Terry -- because you know a lot of balls -- rates were infected men. You know will -- Again. 1400. Feet with one arm and it was -- But he. Cody followed. So and we did it opens production. In the first two -- just unbelievable bombs. It'll Brooks at the staircase out there Cody Ross 432 feet Apollo bought the on the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- Got into that in debt that was in Colorado it -- when you -- it was news hit perfectly. Time now for our Mercedes bands that question of the day yet Bobby. Number thirteen runs in your -- the Italian riches story about wearing number thirteen and that maybe there is a little tricks that a phobia. Well I don't know you know Ralph ranked as the I don't know if you were number thirteen and asked me -- -- -- about it -- -- -- retired in 1951. Dodgers were allowed to weird I was they're draft choice and sixty it has entered scenic and yet it is going in the thirteenth. I went over exaggerated to the angels they gave me never entered in -- and in so long -- like some of these thirteen heads of them -- have an announcer. Not superstitious. -- it did just changing number though after it actually they did change for a number yeah. Our Mercedes a question brought to you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer this won't take advantage of attractive offers on select models find your local dealer and scheduled a test drive today and MB USA dot com. Let's go back to Jack.

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