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What will happen if Ray Allen doesn't come back to the Celtics

Jun 30, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny are talking more about the Celtics moves and what they can do when free agency starts and where Ray Allen might end up.

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I see you all lined up on the fault lines -- low lug your red bags that calls a couple of but techsters. Here. Techsters his what are you guys think about Wilcox who showed me a lot once he got his legs under him and he's six foot ten the other -- amendment would. Hardy shoes -- -- I mean and Jeff Green and then woke are not -- man you know. And and it says I think bass is a good sign and trade piece the other way of -- and likely greenback as -- passionate player but has no low post game camp -- people doubted chewed over them. Read about that undersized for his position good shooter good mid range shooter I agree with that and a text what do you think yeah no I agree that. And then another -- says this organization as a shell of itself such lowered expectations instead of titles were content mediocre teams. When Gore's -- say that there mediocre -- you'd coming one game from the NBA finals. The and then it's as we're going nowhere Ryder wake up well. That Dexter I ask and judging by the fall as babies up on the upon all but the and matched up the numbers here but I am in what are you doing here in this situation. It's it's not like you know. Dreams of Dwight Howard or you know -- you know you're gonna have. All this cap space and all this Romany and you're gonna have a Dwight Howard and in which you know is not a free agent to after the season I think he will either get traded this off season. Or maybe. In the first half of the following season but what do you do there amid a -- that's not gonna wanna come play here. Exactly and that that's the thing the options here yeah they have options aren't abundant as abundant as people think. Now they've they've. They think it's easy -- don't know about matching up -- salaries and you think Ray Allen never thought it'd be three million dollar player I mean you know things change. I'm alive if he did not mediocre. That's I mean that's -- wrong phrase -- and I've liked. I like where they are right now obviously the big news today we KG coming back. That's terrific. You know they didn't they didn't hit a home run it -- him to bury themselves that -- and spending tons of money. On eleven current and -- still a nice. -- Change change forum there but at the same time you know three years 34 million dollars not kill them I want to see what green and Wilcox can do. Com dated his home Wilcox is okay united scene already look good because as wrote the forward -- and around our eyes. I doubt it I -- and team guy I know that that I mean that. You know dated in a home run in in the draft -- -- -- double may be and and January canola. It's unlikely that you'd hit a home run a 21 at 22 and oh the Celtics have done that it has with a Raj got around to where he was -- -- I mean it would have been guys as we know in the 23 if Iran to stop them but it's it's not and. The exception not the -- question in and this is kind of interesting as well. If the lakers. Retain plowed his solemn looking at some different reports here there's like going on a lot of buzz with regions starting at midnight and 9% will be false. They. The lakers are looking in and you know Toronto's gonna and it -- in the Steve Jose called the road as their point guard as they tried to attempt to -- Steve Nash from. And -- I thought Miami might have some interest in national Chalmers emerging in the post season but just as another guide there it. Miami doesn't have too much money to work -- -- thomas' and nothing like and national in terms of style of play. Right exactly he's an -- jump shooting point guard and drug -- -- early is a great shot he's a greater here is running -- porous pass first guy knicks would have some interest in Steve Nash they're not gonna win a championship next year as much as Carmelo it to -- thinks he says they have a shot he takes his time to take over to read a story it was a -- yes whoever listens to -- -- you think that. Maybe allow law does once too especially if she's gone out shopping bud. It's not a bad fit for for the lakers. Caller on -- as the. Point -- Win win Gasol and it couldn't have happened or not that's called -- again it's gonna put you over the top right. But iBook as though in Boston when that have been a great fit. I mean for the Celtics purposes. And to thank you and Garnett on the votes and time I think there are. I there's teams that make you put Minnesota is trying to make a push and a and -- in August follow woods you know he's event it would be inspired by KG I. You know I don't think he's inspired by Andrew Bynum. Donahoe. And it's if -- -- play but he's not the two most dominant centers are so frustrated. Great talents but. In terms of vote coach is dealing with a front offices dealing with a Bynum Dwight Howard oppression about it. And and a you know. I'm not. Yeah he's great plate right now bright ideas he's been enables through -- Alaska he really has -- I mean. They got healthy ice got a great personality great smile they can be fun the but you know when the series by it counts he just makes lot of -- miserable -- -- type -- -- -- very much also not you know I've decided I'll still take him on my team but does have quite a question about it you know you have to deal that -- just basketball throughout the MBA yeah I mean -- -- -- guys you know in in Major League Baseball and hockey at the you know not good team guys and probably don't fit in with. -- it's a good teammate but does does the job and it's a commodity and and right now it is is used commodity through the eleventh well it's Steve Nash is certainly to get -- the opposite well yeah in to get people in seeds here in Toronto. Being from candidate. And stand at about I don't know -- -- -- -- -- that's why they have so much interest right so I don't think that's gone away and I don't think -- it I would think at this point -- -- issued for a -- here in Toronto fans. They await the armistice out of Maple -- practice well -- police relate 20 Toronto like the -- sides here but here. Two people have other interest and and the others ST well there it's pretty much made believes that if they -- -- is gonna mean 5000 next if Andy's and I I don't think so may be that answer is that it is absurd that -- more than tickets. Leo all right but you know then the team is four games and 530 games in the season. I think that -- thing would Wear off and here's -- -- -- -- into fraudulent. It's -- in an old lady being named in the bought out the ticket. Odd as it all they've made it now -- that -- they'll think that the on the look blue clear up. Is reactionary leave it all -- one extreme to the next we all thought you know Ray Allen had been replaced but if you Bradley. And I can't but I'm thinking that our breakout concerned into it by the way. Oklahoma. City -- note in that he -- Perkins. -- -- again. With with this fire -- concerned if people demand that all -- -- that helped start to pull. But Ray Allen is not explain but the money point the championship. And you know that eagle at the Miami. That's what you went championship. And that is what -- think. It ain't you know if -- if the Celtics let it -- -- go. Could look forward like we got replaced you don't need to get someone else and then maybe another big got some like that. By now I don't I think hole and Arthur Ray Allen is now the key to keep them competitive. In that they can pick up. A standard part when things get at all squad. Well I wish they go Oklahoma city's gonna amnesty can Kendrick Perkins. I thought that's what they -- now. So they have. No and that. Now I'll always hear that it's -- because it ever heard that my friend in my yes -- strictly does that tell you the truth. Now -- outlook okay so. That would have been nice because -- -- they don't bet that this setback thought by the -- a -- theory but beside the point. It was the little -- of the city that wannabe amnesty in. Yet because they wanna keep that up. I think it barely got. Pardon but they want yet audit by the time you -- it hard not hi James Harden. Up well. Think it is if the Celtics Ray Allen Angola and he goes the Miami. Then -- it if it is going to be another championship at Miami that they -- that you know dealt with being competitive. Might be within that Atkinson. While wet weather Miami gets Ray Allen not they're going to be pre season favorites to win again and if they don't derail you know intervention that -- absolutely right. But at that the only thing I wanted to call and they can -- little. They'll tweak that team and -- in the major tweak is is re out here's a William and Portsmouth they William. And I knew it. I must admit that a and a couple of stray -- Belmont. Not patent without expired that it is looking to actually get and is there any chance. The majority. Of people trying to trick. Then not let -- be foolish to personal. Maybe a little too I mean I don't know what -- Betsy went out and we enjoy your list I noticed -- -- with these rumors out there now amid it's unbelievable and then he'll continue and I know that's the way it is and. You know through Twitter yeah. I didn't -- they said -- agenda spot that I -- that. But out here looking to trade him this year. Yeah well they're looking at it if they're gonna attempt to trade him. Again this is a guy that you'd have to involve. The problem with the big names in and bring them to Boston are. With a few exceptions I mean if if if teamster. Josh Smith. That possibility end. You know who knows if if they're going to be able to play of Danny Ainge is going to be able pull the magic -- a -- that magic trick again. And it get a judgment some sort of sweetheart deal that we way to Atlanta but. -- I I think as Philadelphia's -- a -- there's you know they might lose the Williams is a free -- very good player off of the bench but. Again. They're going to be looking for. Something in return here I don't think you could see some sort of big dollop Paul Pierce trade anything like that in 2000 make -- bit of money -- got to look at his contract but. Look at this very -- at night Taylor betray my idol and -- -- but now. It's not very good defender. Had a good policies would. I want I want that they're not everybody I think about it it will let debacle and should. And -- into -- That out loud. Not only that idea -- you -- that the Iowa a whole lot of that trip a little longer. Everyone wants to deal Josh Beckett right everyone wants to deal him ever wants to move Lester and -- -- John since it's because of -- but in their. The Red Sox haven't played great teams that are not out most of our budget granite and they're playing well they do what they should do is just everything can be seen to a dark on 88 and a half one not even talk about them make them -- -- at all you know so -- -- they -- -- -- these teams. But. Now if it's gonna get a little says first outing and you know well -- next weekend the protein -- It will be that's why we're gonna start to learn some things especially I was through with their cotton with their schedule. Coming up get the interest of Kevin Youkilis in the White Sox -- the first place steamy get Tampa Bay on the road after the all star break also up really July. You look at the teams they're facing coming up in July did get Texas on the road -- -- yankees -- yankees on the road Detroit I know has been a disappointment this season Woolsey if they turn things around in the second half of the season so. You start to play better competition here starting next week yet. Jump right next Sunday night after that last Yankee game I mean they could be one game out of it could be eight and a half games out I mean that's you know. Counting two more with Seattle -- entry with Oakland and the Yankees whoever their plants but so. Next on an island a whole lot more about the Red Sox and here's our Rick in Hanover direct. I got -- tonight what's the -- And then a little too optimistic about a little like what you know -- you're bringing him back to each EU I think you're you can only play the cards that you're dealt. And into the back into the Celtics right now literally think they should do going forward. Is to exercise those bird rights on I -- -- -- -- -- and that I think that raised out of public he's -- and embarked now you want the day. -- can keep those guys you gotta have your forward set near your big guys set and then you also are having not filed about -- Midlevel exception. Our focus on the guards there may be you know and it pretty good brain and a veterans to the minimum deal. Folk 12100 backcourt with those deals and -- a pretty well rounded team right now. Other team went to game several Miami without you every Bradley out without the rookies or the rookies from last year either the cut from Purdue they didn't use them. I think that I think that they'll be a little bit element or that last year and I think that would be able to contend in the. Yeah I wonder even of JaJuan Johnson's would this team next season or whether he's part of some sort of deal and Johnson. The Johnson JaJuan Johnson -- out now I I think youth he's gone. I don't he makes this the united there's room. I mean outnumbered registered its guilt what they do with regard to the -- and you think that he's far more at the plate summit -- Maybe that's another question. Another question mark I know they like him and they like what they saw from him this season. I'm sure -- and camp -- them I don't know what they can't put on the main issue that he had shoot that welding campaign's real sorted that sort that out then. And they start really committees that. Is C 64 it's not like he's you know not time of the six foot two shooting here now. What got you got that right no problem Rick thanks to --

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