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Will the Joe Paterno statue be brought down

Jun 30, 2012|

Pete talks about the story that has come out revealing Paternos emails encouraging college officials to ignore the child molestation allegations.

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Well hey Aaron very good after it hurt your speech jeopardy or WEEI support Saturday until 7 o'clock tonight than John -- I believe it takes over until Red Sox baseball at that night 25 so. Just a full day today and don't agree yeah I support Saturday were -- report calls are always are it's not a weak today it's I. I six point 777 died jury Trippi told -- 888525. Series -- -- notes on your still -- not from the last show. -- -- gonna get to -- -- policy just when you get settled here. And set the stage of -- gonna talk about which I think is very simple it's really going to be about 33 topics and I'm always open port every guys wanna I wanna talk about as you know. By Vic you don't no question that we -- -- still continue the discussion of this CNN report. Regarding this pence to cover up with the Jerry sandusky or alleged Penn State -- probably wanna take it. Our -- to somebody tells again and a lot of people stuck in traffic people tunnel from the beach. Or people shall try to get to the breach from this morning from what I understand and has been a mess up there be headed north up. To New Hampshire and if you're headed down the caper it's just been a zoo all day today from the traffic reports -- -- but. -- will get you through it obviously Kevin Garnett. -- group agreed with three year 34 million dollar deal that's been reported. Which I'm not surprised at all -- surprised at the three Euro and the money which I think it's great a sub two works out. Aptly fantastic saves a Celtics don't have to go anywhere near luxury tax or stay away from that. And you've got the Red Sox Josh Beckett. And go back returning to the mound tonight though for the Red Sox. And against Seattle team that bats in Major League worst 197 at home I mean dates -- It's king Felix and everybody else though. Really not gonna get really any kind of a good read on Josh Beckett tonight I don't feel in this game because -- he gives up. Abacha rising you know something really wrong and if you you know if Aaron -- and throw to get shot out. YTLE one pitches that show Beckett if he's halfway decent -- should be able come close to that I mean this Seattle team is really really bad. But 61777. I jury took a toll free 888525. Zurich fifty of that of course you have to Jerry sandusky. The story continues. And most of you just to the end or just the legacy getting in the via new cars from the beach or golf courses revenue coming from. Here's the -- -- gonna realize they're really tee off off CBS sports like they have a pretty good synopsis here CNN reported it Friday night detailed. How former Penn State officials responded today graduate assistant Mike McQueary 2001 account of Jerry sandusky abused. Avoided that -- locker room with an exchange of emails and eventually a failure to report the incident to state authorities. According to CNN sources emails show that vice president Gary Schultz AD Tim Curley. And president grant spent here at initially settled on a plan in which they would speak with quote thus subject. By the -- that's -- sandusky refer to these emails either as the subject or the person. And sandusky as well as a second mile charity at the department welfare of those -- took place sixteen. Days. Sixteen days after mcqueary offered -- account. -- early backed out of that plan and a second email exchange quote. After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joseph yesterday meaning Joseph Paterno. CNN reporter curly from the -- email I am uncomfortable with what we agreed to work the next steps I am having trouble with going to everyone. What the person involved. Unquote Ehrlich a -- later emailed that if the athletic department could quote war -- -- dusty and get -- quote professional help. They could avoid going to either second mile or the department of welfare. Edit email CNN reports were set two hours later Spaniard agreed with that plan. To be -- was quoted as writing. I am supportive the only downside for Ross. Is if the message isn't hurt at acted upon and that we've become vulnerable for not having reported that. -- also -- for a Q. -- be forced situation. -- clear reference to beat up -- forget about this one to the abbreviated 1998. Investigation into sandusky after an eleven year old boy told his mom sandusky had bear hug him naked in the showers a Penn State's last building. Know that the Penn State at that they would -- report the 2001 incident to authorities. Victim five would eventually testify that he was abused in the Penn State showers and August of 2001. Only months after the email exchange. Both -- and -- have been charged with perjury regarding their testimony or grand jury concerning the 2001 area it's -- it as well -- really to report. -- these suspected child abuse to authorities that disputed the charges and have their next hearing in her upcoming trial scheduled for July 11. The dusty of course you know convicted a 45 reported counts of sexual abuse on June 22. Entries a report reported -- I -- prison I mean it's just unbelievable. It is on believable so but most of us suspected and again if if if these reports that this report is true. I don't people bring up CNN and Obama care in the -- screwed that up and of the Supreme Court all that all that stuff. I'm I'm sorry. It's hard for me. Two. -- questioned. The kind of information that is in this story is not just one email this is a whole bunch of emails. I'm not surprised that this -- about surprise like we don't yell -- talked about. And in the cross over I think the people who were still defending Joseph Paterno. No offense are of the older generation. Ago men and women in the seventies and 80s6070s. And eighties. Who just held as an icon a legend. Again I said it's a set this dale I I had a cover heated argue with my dad about a month ago about this. Because he was bringing up the debate type situation what happened Syracuse and that you know player wide all that stuff. But the information that is involved in this story here. There's no question Joseph Paterno with the most powerful man not just at Kent State. And I mean more probably the president on -- most powerful and in the state of Pennsylvania. So don't anybody can ever be able to tell me that he did not know what the hell was going non. I just let it go naked nothing. They did nothing. It is an -- embarrassment. It's a joke it's ridiculous. It's absurd. And it's it's for anybody to say any differently I'll tell their day and you're sticking your head in the C and big time. There is no more a threat for Joseph Paterno. 90. Zero. Unless you're gonna to alleged in a while to say I just open leaving CNN says well I mean you're tout your opinion I guess that if you're gonna completely disregard the CNN report. I guess. You know that's that your right. I'll tell you this is only the beginning we all talked about this the last couple of months. So I don't know why anybody see what surprised you don't -- -- come -- -- related paternal knew what I was not. How did you he's the most powerful man at that institution and one of the most powerful man in the state of Pennsylvania. So we get that the talk about today. Again Kevin Garnett. Agree to a three year folks like 34 million dollar deal signed that shortly. You'd -- draft awkward -- soldier fab Melo KG going to be good mentor them and opens up by you know the ugly results and you know now spend. For the mid level exception which is good the Ray Allen situation is going to be a -- to see it looks like Miami really has his sights set on him. But -- it will make more money here if he wants to though there's still people think that you got to go along that well Rondo may not wanna come off the bench. Are or may wanna come off the bench for team like Miami which you might goes about his shot -- -- championship. Again it's all that is well and as a usual so much the one -- the Red Sox. Edit and last night to issue about Eric -- and 81 pitches to reach up and -- -- -- -- -- Seattle is terrible Seattle's terrible. So these games that I expected to win that's on my hikers said I'm not gonna get overly crazy there it's good that the -- a third place time now what Tampa. The Yankees won today but they were slow -- little bit but still it's it's Josh Beckett tonight is gonna be issued to see what he does he should have a very good game -- unless -- unless you -- Lets you still hurt or gets hurt again he should have a very good game this line states. Aura. For Seattle. And and yeah we shut them out once issued already believes vibe definitely back in the earlier this season. To what 777 nights early 5888525. Jury for -- that's the number. Look disappears after this game before him -- I have a -- feeling a lot of this is going to be. This show is going to be about the Jerry sandusky that's fine because its its passionate subject of people. I have a lot of opinions I'm just I'm just wondering Joseph pop colleges out there that still exist. Your only defense is you just don't believe it -- and it says. There's really if you if you would if you and and please look at the report forest or or watch it that's all over the computer it's all over online. Police read this is not just about one email this is the whole point to be meals. -- -- And then decide. And try to come up. With. It's some kind of an argument that that Joseph Paterno did not know what was going on I don't know how anybody can I really don't at this point. But it about threats -- real quick sox' problem for the last sixteen games tied for third Ortiz stuck on 399 home runs so limited its chance you could you know. -- -- Ramirez who might give it up tonight to Big Papi. But it mariners batting 197 at home I just -- just pathetic just pathetic. Daniel Bard and absolute freaking disaster last night talking I mean is -- of watching another. Watching barred morph into ridiculous. Is that what's happening here. It certainly seems like that it's just it's just crazy. The -- brought up the numbers last -- I know June July about not allowing runs I mean he was one of the best relievers in baseball. -- proportional last year. I never bought entirely into the fact that that he was being quote -- groom to be the closer. I never bought into that 100%. And I had mixed feelings about becoming a started to be honest with any noble we already know Bobby Valentine did want to be a starter but what has happened to Daniel Bard. Army comes in the top of the seventh last night he faces six batters he retires one of them. In Charlotte. Here's our went leadoff single and at Bristol Bristol second you fly out. Then a walk. It's another batter. And then a walk the walk to force in the a couple of runs. Only nine of his 26 pitches were strikes. Nine minor league appearances a seven point 15 ERA fourteen Kate's eight walks. And eleven at third innings that is horrible. Absolutely horrible. -- Agassi Daniel -- appear anytime soon thank god -- -- mostly right now they don't need him. And apparently at the department tweeted out the the urgent action about about Beckett. Is gonna involve blood Darnell McDonald than either gets tested for Simon -- on the -- I'm feeling will be designated for assignment but. We'll keep you updated on that are gonna take it very quick break -- these phones -- about a minute going to be only -- people lined up already.

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