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Friday, June 29th Whiner Line

Jun 29, 2012|

This week can't end soon enough for Michael Holley. Plus the wonder of it all.

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My view as an excuse music -- and -- blew my mind these aren't buying these -- TE Chris Cox -- We -- this discretion music box. -- And now golden. -- Hi I'm I'm a viewer of television and I noted that any rat creek that had these long long dreadlocks and now I don't know how many river cap half that. And -- he black or don't he'll be -- but you'd be able to have him. I wouldn't long hair WEEI. Lol you lie to -- again in the paint it. First second third -- and I get him out and it can hurt her I didn't say it could really hurt and importantly they have dreadlocks don't -- that air for two weeks. Dial 6177793535. I think there should be rules they have to have short and you're not long -- I ears and be able get on the start her -- and address. Blond hair and -- we all -- boat together. Yeah package. Jeter and I'll hire doctor -- it goes hand in hand one either lying there on it and trap on there right then and -- -- -- Alan Grant you that got cut that cancer we study this stuff. I am Armstrong but I I got cast. And now and then they think it into. People start okay abortion and gay married it a lot of that that is not. According to the Bible says do you yeah I'm a lady and I am not a. -- Adams announced ladies and gentlemen. Didn't -- have here he did he did -- -- -- while I would you know that -- -- might -- we call him was the apostles some credit -- but by the way we cover that -- water no wind it got a -- that we're getting some -- -- -- I believe male nurses who are not real happy with which you of their -- on site at this question -- -- if -- the hospital like -- -- things weren't going so well. And a mail list came minutes I've seen it I think -- Forward -- -- -- -- -- -- about in this kind of shape right need as much about it doesn't matter. -- pride in my though that's ironic that he -- -- doctor but. All the luck but my guess is that was you want and that was a restaurant finally locked down you. She went and -- is giving him she said you know you really have to stat master. Who -- that but the minute the lady doctor it. I said you know why. She's trying to examine you. Goodness Susie. You know Susie and I didn't he sees -- would now. -- -- -- -- the debate tonight we look at Michael's ex wife of the way. He could use sponge bath and then -- -- right now. Are right now we're gonna play the best you want to -- what you decide be one of the week what are by texting did you vote to 85850. Away we go. And get ready first nominee nominee -- We say goodbye to the apple guy who wasn't easy to -- it was this -- it's kind of second rate -- -- It hasn't sensation. O'clock puppets on ourselves with big -- and -- Again that is what I'm gonna. -- need me hey hey your president. Just screw you in the end. The pop up. You know he went public -- where Obama wedge and maybe. Nominee day produced really well here's now many bringing. Statement -- one. 40. I think. I wanted to. K okay. Don't these are caught what or maybe. No doubt they'll remember annualized. -- -- You won't believe. I can't -- a lot until I. Well officially you know and cable lines and subsequent. -- don't like sitting. Thank you can't live your own. Special thing it's a chaotic. She had to vote for Bobby is not fuel. And text me letter dated wait 5850. To vote for KY Dave at -- away. Text the letter 85850. -- until the end of today's one align text your vote to -- 5850 choose a heat or BR winter receives. A 100 dollar American Express gift card. And about -- Give -- which includes a K so vita Coco coconut water Dustin Pedroia autographed baseball and a fifty dollar stop the job guard. It up and. I managed to two amazing nominees by the way -- -- to -- amazing nominees. Utah and you go again you can't -- now he's at to see you soon amazing. Nominee. So in other words -- my friends. Eight and -- no I know. Gentlemen I'm gonna -- Jon Husted RC client would like an air -- copy -- -- finished -- OK and mr. ends finished Andean houses. You just you edited would have told that Michael's help right out of cut his now solid -- mr. France little rumble and they're -- mr. diligently -- -- -- -- -- -- That you can't buy stolen and their by the time it's done he'll get a complete answer right guard are what is also going to be eligible for the one in the year grand prize that and why that would. One year of AT&T service includes some -- wind of the week is now powered by AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to. Yes. Times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible and by about a golf live big hydrate naturally. Was vita Coco coconut water it's what Dustin Pedroia who drinks. In the -- and it lets just over. Yet affected. My. I don't know why you're out. They haven't thought about it. I don't know why. Spot right now. Yeah. No I don't hate mail is just that you can't used to be back in the day you can send books. The WEEI. And I encourage that but in doing so but soon changed -- -- extremely -- great respect for you -- and -- changed. Industry yet to be tested a letter reporters some company policy. I like you because I'll be honest that that doubled as to a seem to use the same. Suits. Right so I like because up piles of books opened it and it'll have to ask you. Remember you would have -- some extra yeah. Marco hole that they don't have. Can you grow up there in the AM man of the people we're proud you are -- mean these are quite good dog. Don't I don't ever did Pittsburgh all of it in some black. OK because it -- a -- you're not all with -- people confirmed mail. Try them and who live there why don't we. Came on you Michael. And I know war rewards for good move. But -- -- I don't read a book cool and it cannot. And message in the Russian stamps -- you. Thank you. Thank you so much. We've completed a bodily. It'll millionaire next week you want to open up your mail proceed he expects to now's the time. It's killing nine hours before the ship. And failed used to do that -- -- -- You do that it. McPeek had it's tough days -- holds some of them male. The ones that might -- -- there it is right now. Our audience me you'll. And it -- his kids. Origin -- you. Ever had -- OK that's -- Q and -- lot of stability. And -- -- -- that would occurred on war but what do you -- the Internet and we can't ask but on the. And -- actually pretty much the people would rule I got -- so far profile and I'm just surprised at the way the voting is gonna wanna on the actually pretty even thinking. No. -- -- so -- -- -- -- percentage I'll give percentages of that skewing the results chemicals known to do I don't know I just ask. 62% to 38%. Which is if that's a present -- your house right. I thought I -- anything I thought this one would be like 5149. Because these were too great to one where you're right to word the nominees. And beyond. Stuff in there and have started already -- you with us it's Friday it. It's wrong in -- human being I apologize and yeah. If you can axiom since that's my patient the fat bastard I'm gonna be off next -- he -- wanna leave the Christmas -- -- and actually bought him a nor Ted convention. What -- -- convention -- and Seth MacFarlane fan culture. Big copy may not have gotten them one bit because -- -- to pick up go to their head. You know -- it's. Steps at a later when -- historic moment he has 390 ninth home run and now he backed out of the -- And a message. To surprise show exit Leo -- but I'll put. Them. I don't could be. That's why dialogue they should I could peak came back. Hey good patient that I want to paint a lot of hip. And then -- the media one of us Hawaiian shirts these two world times -- an ethical. The Mo Ito assured yes it was here that I unsupported. Hey did you see that can't. All creative in -- well put a white I had. There's only one -- That. The guy -- -- that is being swallowed by his cheeks. Real nice having -- aren't a lot of morning -- Bennett you know maybe they have rarely came to donate it DD. -- Oh my god it's the level that I had the panel. My -- net realized but then it went on to compete prison -- -- our. And prickly pear 'cause this if you noticed that there are times where men and you can understand every word. And kind of speeds everything up and I almost believe that yes I'm on drugs or some -- what he's on diet pills brought this to go watch it's it's like the whole. The college summit took the tape and and then fast -- he can't speak as quickly as he thinks that's its products and analysis. Quality -- for good program they're disgusted and being. And say hey Andy and Andy. -- -- -- -- And after that -- You can turn -- that so -- just a little bit. Well supported by -- -- -- was -- -- reduction burger I know it was a woman and no different -- -- -- edited it and backhand but at. Talk about that they wanted to punch out I guess when it came up that to happen there and had you -- to a club. We'll. An -- wishful freaks from yeah I'll kick your ass like a no problem do an old who have -- Travis -- I don't -- I'll take all challengers. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message. They know many cancer awareness that's -- strong and weird opinion sometimes this happens threatened. That little borrowing would wait that's not about how. I'd it would drafted in -- -- about. Let it straight but the thing. And now I know I'm athletic now look I know hopefully better than anyone I know it's not strange it's ironic retargeting ironically. I think that that is they go -- thank you. All. I -- -- elaborate -- on the go back here about by the name of Christ and you kind of turned -- couldn't. Obama. And I can tell where this is from Mikey had a marvelous. And Randy says there talking about how great Abramowitz I don't know how you can based on what he was able. To. Mikey leading is little -- and a vote is audience. Is like the pied -- -- -- -- and that's what you -- I had a different opinion you do have a different I think he's been the recipient -- far too many -- in this entire life not just in the end. Privileged existence. -- -- -- -- around this -- we kept the planet Mikey you don't get good organisms are. And that was. All have -- they have they're tired of hearing about it but it that they don't know why it talking about it. Part of no talk about that bad but I don't wanna talk about people could be dead -- quarter along with deep ball. And actually -- it's similar to put the simple thing people if you don't want us to talk about that subject and move onto another side. But not son. Page getting pregnant. You know -- -- -- I don't -- pills when you pick a few hours. If you don't want to or the other cup guys. It's you know -- People are mad at themselves. For having opinions on topics that they think are beneath them but they're not beneath him. You know if you don't wanna have an opinion on you don't wanna be. There's a lot to it but your whole trashy TV arsonists Sports Radio -- just -- -- TV argument. You think you were you really wanna watch PBS you know what you want people to think you're watching TV -- lie -- We get -- as leaders now you're not you know the truth you know. And there while it. Everybody wanted any are there any sort of watching. Loving hip hop Atlanta is not always encouraging but it's crazy -- outspoken. Don't know it's better. But -- -- what do you tell your friends over the Hurricane -- I've watched those tonight and tomorrow off to an abrupt you know his huge arsenal lifeline program yeah I did -- programs -- problem. Yes when doctor problem please marry well people lie about having it like it when people called -- don't want you guys -- but at first but we talked about it for fifteen minutes yesterday. We brought it up again today because we -- is great everything we don't apologize reverend Jackson's mother don't apologize apologizing for editing. I'm going home watching masterpiece -- good. A big opera an opera but I want to. The scholarship probably -- But I wanna go back out of the temple mount an attack would claim that they thought that. And it and Georgia. Just he's no he's -- food not blues are innovation goes on boot pro at all ready yet to contribute to a soft issues is not funds marketing. Bob Hope wiped out in the event that he but I didn't know. About -- It that you have. -- I have. -- Okay. And the message. Saturday internal bleeding. But I didn't trust it and speeding. When he got there multiple part very weak dollar. -- get started activating. A Kate's been much talk about -- they and I. That -- about all of -- -- Need to buckle up pet rock blues. Guys like him light him up as a nominee very well as a nominee for it expects to record the thing I did it was our one of the week -- this week. That would be EU which is of them but. -- do they want a better -- so wonderful. Sixteen out. -- percentage. That's an upset. They were both great at. 140. Shia -- two to forty. To 5347. But I congratulations hundred dollar American Express gift card from AT&T about -- -- -- back. Eligible for the -- the year grand prize to claim your price in an email to whine of the week -- WEEI's ten times faster via a visual and what brought the black. A -- the year -- tonight to AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster Prejean. AT&T rethink possible.

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