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Buchholz attendance at a party creates firestorm about his health and free time

Jun 29, 2012|

Speculation runs rampant as the Clay Buchholz story won't die down. It has a lot to do with some vastly differing opinions out there on the topic. We take them all in and try and make sense of it.

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Yes -- great it's great that we we spent a lot of time with the Austin over the past few years around our facility. Doc was actually in our facility this morning. You know so we talked to him about players and if it was neat to see him on the others you know we talked about our stuff and we're talking about -- though. I'm sure it's exciting for the -- family to view this you know it's parents or siblings or whatever. And I think Austin -- a great situation you know -- and Anthony Davis. You know it kind of a young up and coming team. Ryan McDonough the assistant GM of the Celtics talking about there deal last night. Fab Melo equals ace Euro lycra that's certainly -- -- -- he actually liked. The -- -- -- he did not like zone hitter going he at all went off went Solyndra LL. Not listen we can't play but it is city -- recommends a players a forgot the medical issue and recommend a player. -- get -- -- some both of those guys that when he won at 22 but that's -- get -- when he wanted to wanted to go. Like I do believe people get a little carried away they do this every year we heard at last year. We JaJuan Johnson people did the exact same thing -- -- they got all excited this kid's gonna commit -- -- and tell you the NBA's two so much so much different. Com gently -- over alone. And Jerry -- -- got into a little bit at the count cast over the Clay Buchholz appearance at the charity event right now on their fox has got a little bit. -- -- -- -- I got a -- I I think there's these -- storing. I think it's a horrible move I think it tells airstrip the Red Sox haven't changed what I owed us. I have a number of problems within his first of all the fact that he's trying to hide behind a charity. Okay if you wanna do something charitable write a check in stay home secondly the traders should be fired. Are you kidding me the trainer out -- this -- trainer as opposed to a doctor Igor David trader. To ask him after being an intensive care for four days if you can go to a party. And what are talking about a sprained ankle here we're talking about internal bleeding. We're talking about not having the ability to get up and walk from the couch to your doctor's office the third thing that nobody is talking about I -- me this is the story. I don't care that he's pitched well for three games I don't care that the Red Sox have won seven out of nine I understand that you need to look at the bigger picture. When this guy was featured a double play put Trenton. And he went against Roger Clemens who was coming back with a Red Sox I remember rob Bradford went down there. And all of a sudden the story was and Roger Clemens or -- Clay Buchholz and everybody -- look at this kid the Red Sox have at this point time Clay Buchholz is supposed to be all star. He's supposed to be the ace of this staff and he's not. That's the problem and he's not because of the fact that he doesn't get it. He is never going to be a Petrie should -- he's never gonna take full advantage of the talent that he has an add on because he doesn't have the head that's the story Larry. Lol Bob I wanna I wanna ask you he he. Hospital said he felt good the last two or three days you make it sound like this guy I was on -- on his deathbed now the first few days you know what the hell was going on. But he's well enough to leave them the hospital to the hospital let this guy leave and it in the situation you're kind of describing here how does that explain that they haven't missed pitching staff hasn't changed him. He just -- all of the jump and a carnival this event was like is down that drinking all night long. Well well the problem is when you come out of the hospital and you're on the fifteen day disabled list carry out your stomach and your esophagus was the leading. That's not good that's not like a twisted ankle at that point in time if you're totally committed to your crap you don't what you do and what the traders should have told them is. You stayed home I want to go to bed early for what to -- to rest I want to start eating right and you need to change your lifestyle. So you can pitch. I mean obviously he's got a lifestyle issue here. I mean all of a sudden you don't get a suffrage ideas because what you ate up -- -- I mean there's an issue here. I mean there's a problem with the lifestyle whether it's -- and tobacco whether it's taking too much aspirin and Ibuprofen and not eating enough obviously his diet is a mess that's problem number one and you know as what was I do. If you're gonna be one of the best at this guy has the ability to be one of the best. You have to have -- one nutrition and you have to have 81 workout program and I think the guy has neither. Well I think a lot of people that happens to you do you look at media climates it would -- they were -- exercise on a Jews. You played with a you know that I was so that that was a workforce was in the gym every day he -- right he treated his body properly. He's an all these guys are the best of what they do it's because they treat their body like a temple they -- -- never -- they get grass. That don't really don't care to be the best that's all the luck to you please -- -- a lot of them chew tobacco no it is up to that is. I don't know how this thing happen but you know questioning lifestyles now -- -- is as any he's talking about the unit intensive care. -- -- -- I can't get arguments like these and we'll -- right -- Well yeah guns and -- and we could have an atheist and get a three guys for God's sakes they let. You -- Shaughnessy is there. -- Very in other years ago. He's still very. Close the book on this guy had done. The potentials. But this continent. -- and get on and even in Cuba on themselves. The guy put together a complete season -- -- seventy game but he started did you write that your. -- wire a complete season. -- Now if not I mean this project and the stress fracture in his back is not a -- I'm not -- to sit there yeah this pitching staff is is what it is and and his diet is one of the reasons why he can't be healthy last year with a stress fracture. It's sometimes stuff happens that. I don't know bwic let's -- there are used to have an idea. What have we all say about this guy we have and also a New Orleans ran again in creating this situation. Like it it is not you know -- all we want and we talked about. This is BC is not a nonsense at odd -- this is not an intensive care are you kidding me. He was he couldn't walk to his doctor's office of that's not a story for I'm with -- in the and the trainer David Leo yeah. I was I felt on his death bed I can't believe the hospital actually let this guy leave on the in the light of reality -- -- right now a pass out there and train. Possibly let him his condition. -- Had a backpack -- opera -- like I enjoy. It that's great. -- charity event. That's fine -- -- right -- that -- -- for charity event because of that day. This guy he's never going to be if it reaches the mark my words like you guys know it's as bad as I do. Would it mean for years ago he was too much -- -- and packets and packets ahead. You gotta be snuffed out about it and -- penalties of these opportunities but cut you off banker. -- we should bring. -- -- -- -- You know pisses me off I stopped eating burritos from a specific purpose and I still can get this while we're cards available it was great loser I mean the -- really fired up but now. I was for a light -- he's got to change his lifestyle. Saying there hide behind a charity. Trainer should be right -- Shaq and Buchholz is supposed. -- -- donated -- I find danger it was a -- that's great. I got it to charity event OK that's fine write a check what is funny exchange between now are a little Maloney. Gary tangling over that Comcast. I must say that this has become one of those where. This one's side. Or the -- I don't think. You and I talked about there's something in the middle you what are you what are you can order a battleground goes through it is a big deal -- bridge builder but now it really isn't a big deal. But it is one of those things at the Red Sox probably. Should have not let him go. I'm -- the charities get nothing to do it it's an -- you know generally you're not short it's a big deal or not you can sing a big deal but and you. When I hear you talk about it you think it is -- not my feeling is this. My feeling is that -- to get him back in the rotation as quickly as you possibly yeah. So you need to put all of your efforts into doing so you don't -- going anywhere now I want it going -- I don't want going anywhere I don't. Because the idea is to get him back out there as quickly as possible he would not have been going to that event. If you pitching for the reds -- reckless or why do you suddenly the social calendar if circumstances changed all my credit I don't you don't Michael when he was at how little. All right he was supposed inexpensive care. Right and you don't suddenly seems that you're getting you are not a legitimate or if you are you think it at the big guys because. I I do have a tendency to think that. Some people are making a big deal out of it when it's when it's not a big deal and it isn't a big deal I don't think he was in great danger by going. I'm not sure it's the right thing to do it wasn't the smartest choice not blaming him saying why would the Red Sox. Allow him to do he was not going to be at -- charity -- but what. About -- got to check that's an awful lot for charity I know I've seen him out there working -- Jerry. He was not scheduled to be at that event he was scheduled to be with the team in Seattle you know at this story is a function of how. Present the means charity event although that's quite a check I -- -- -- -- what what influence did the same thing they'll run up but it was shall have to do with. This story is about. The saturation. Of Red Sox media broadcast because if you use it or shouldn't go anywhere he should have done he should have been at that -- out of -- but this. If somebody had seen Clay Buchholz. At an early screening of it. And that would have been the story is quite buckles had Bennett -- videos and that would have been a story so it's not even foxwoods. You -- it comes back to what you say it's -- you don't want this guy believers -- probably it's. Probably. How Michael. You said yesterday and I disagree with you you get home from the hospital unless that 24 hours of your Ottawa hospital. Shortly before the U intensive care -- here you go women that you go to Doug -- you go to the ballpark. Cabin fever when you're trying to recover. From an illness like this that's not cabin -- yet that's taking -- it'll tell you recovering from the you know where you recover at all well. -- hospital months so it might what they let you let -- let him out they let you out of the hospital basically because. Of billing that's how it works well -- tell you yes you don't stay popular Red Sox. Red Sox have nothing to do OK so if this guy was not well -- to -- the hospital. You know I'll do you know hospitals -- outside a hospital don't try to compare this Red Sox pitcher you don't get a stop but they don't try to get Eric let's stop it we'll try to prepare to -- the average person -- -- hospital. -- You're special privileges the average person probably see a doctor for three weeks I got something going on the doctor says hey Austin you and all I did not you read -- -- I really didn't carriers distract not you get carried away -- -- -- -- like -- -- if -- get -- away with what the Red -- privileges that again I don't think. Do you think the Red Sox get privileges because they don't stay in a hospital to what they -- villages. Did he ask you think you have Red Sox privilege -- hospital yeah right don't you think he actually stays in the hospital for extra damage because he's you have Red Sox if you call it you don't think it has anything to do that -- -- digital Equus. If you call that the average person not theirs says you know my elbow is killing me right now and I see that doctor today. What are your sister and a doctor today. -- The doctor today even if you say I put my mobile but pop well. If -- buckles and says I have a problem. That's the doctor to get my police escort the -- -- Israel have doctors. Michael differences they have doctors once. -- work for that he did you have a doctorate. I think I know I have my own doctors don't let me doctor understand I don't have a doctor Mike talk to get me so you can go ahead -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where you -- -- -- it ought to try to write my report and it won't find a couple of -- pirate yes you don't. They get special progress obviously not been released. Michael do you think he stayed in the hospital for a longer period of time because he was a Red Sox player. What do you think he stayed in the air because he had a particular problem did you hear him over at Fenway Park and what he said the other day about his condition. I mean I think ten -- got a little bit carried away but he did talk about he couldn't walk over to the doctor the day before. I mean. -- -- I I don't think it's a big deal fox which has nothing to do -- I think when you are in that situation that you have a the only state he admitted. He admitted was very serious. Then yes the Red Sox made a bad choice they -- probably said. Stayed low key stay at home let's -- you well let's get you back in and proper condition. Let's do that yes I think that probably made more sense not deal but that probably made a little bit. What's so fitted in 72 hours 48 hours after leaving a hospital in Winston. When you knew it was less than 24. So he left the hospital they -- let's -- and historically they're within hours later he was off to -- -- course he was okay to leave. And then he did somebody did something socially. So you don't want to do anything social. Except in day he -- -- got to go home -- Michael he's and he's working for the Red Sox right. He's on the DL he was not scheduled to be at the charity event he would've been in his normal calendar in Seattle with the team are so yes. I mean I want them to get him healthy to get him back in that rotation as quickly as possible so I am going to. The overly cautious if on the Red Sox. That's the way -- would -- it now I don't think it's a big deal I don't think he was -- anything I don't believe he was out drinking and of using himself I don't believe any of that stuff was happening. But I do believe that the Red Sox by saying go ahead do that. I think they probably should have been a little bit tighter with the controls yes I do. Not a big deal but I think they should habitat it would control let's go to folk ultimately you chime in here is Mike and -- I'd like. -- -- guys very interesting night this one comment on the spot called bank -- -- -- -- on global checking out this saw the biggest issue. I don't think that garrido cars it the white a lot of Mexican Mexican in a hospital. I have a feeling -- call related I go back to two weeks old on Monday opting out there. A road trip where reported in The Herald are possible something had to camp out with Beckett and of course missed a -- I don't know what he's probably one of the worst influences on the. I hope not but Michael -- just dissect a catch it if he's going out with -- -- friends wins she's healthy. And then having a drink after a game -- off the lights or whatever with his buddies. What's wrong -- It strike until 10 o'clock at night it was a golf tournament. OK exhaust that right there was a German. The I would not okay so we -- Probably -- -- like like Lackey. Hamachi was drinking about three years apart and the what was going on. -- that we knew -- shot land you're gonna hurt your -- it get it in it I want. Does this thing it was going to went -- woods was put on by and NATO bought this. That's irrelevant. It was known not only a whole lot of all it was but Mike it was sponsor he wasn't sitting they're hustling blocked and. -- it had very elegant sitting -- guzzling vodka. I think even -- would be upset about this and what. You want towards my. Just don't don't doesn't necessarily give you -- fact. Old glad that we haven't been in a hotel room pointing out the line now are -- They have like -- hundred dollars to do Eagles. -- very guy it was if there. Gary art in himself into the grade -- Right so okay so you think so I think he's -- I wild -- I think we're getting carried away when you because you're basically. You don't take in this -- And claiming that you know he's getting a underage drinking problem that was the reason that the -- -- this issue we know that the one of the possible reasons you get this issue is because of strike. And we know that there was -- -- and we know that there's been some incidence before so we're gonna put it all together. I'm not ready to go I don't know what you on the ready to go -- -- that's a little too deep the try to put all of that together and blame for the I just it was a it was a bad choice of bad decision. By the Red Sox they would have its -- to keep them under control -- Weston 24 hours out of the hospital you're in intensive. Air. For numerous days to meet. That's -- our situation we you've got to be a little bit more options. At CNET doing damage so he's fine everybody seems to be fine. I think you've got to be a little bit more cautious about stock -- to get him back in a rotation escort these balls. There and he's not gonna give back in the rotation any sooner if he doesn't go to Connecticut we don't know me something we don't know that we don't know. We we don't know. That's why I'm saying you put more restraints on him to try to be overly protective. -- you do it back quickly. I just said nothing happened. Were you were you putting yourself in a position. Where it might have gotten worse may I'm I think the Red Sox made the mistake I'm not blaming -- -- -- -- put controls on him. I toll free 8885250850. Years evident goals and make yeah. As great today. So I won't say I hope that pretty Michael that kind of what I'd do if people. I'm an idiot not going over to agree with you I take everything away and giving it down so we are opening -- -- probably -- -- -- had eaten there. Yeah but see that's why he gets a break in the steel and if or Josh Beckett or John Lackey doing the same thing. You say it's a non story I'm not sure would be a non story I think part of the reason it's a non story is that Buchholz right now is 82. With crap they've won twice before once they don't want people from embodied the colony I told to be quite cute. You little drinking he's there with his wife. If it's it's it's 8 o'clock and you'll stayed home from school and in that opening. Kevin the team was out in Seattle -- repeated again. He's on the DL now he's just coming out of the hospital. I think you're more cautious about that I'm not sure there are a lot of people that -- get out of the hospital with a situation like that and run out to a party I'm not sure a lot of people. When you're looking at a party. Usually. You want to party. -- -- you know I'm at -- -- -- -- party. My outlook on planet aren't I was at a party I was splitting hairs that started -- -- at a party line he was at a party okay -- -- a party he was. Probably was driven there was driven there are driven home. Probably it. You know -- -- have it could speed up. It. It's just work Lackey or this were back -- would feel differently. And I hated that -- -- So would be different okay yes of course that's different that's the point. Is that what even if -- -- whether it that's it won't buy it but I certainly haven't favoritism to one lawyer whether it's a guy you like. Where a guy you don't want. It's a non story either way so if Claiborne went a bit and on stories -- Beckett -- -- that's the point of dramatic Michael when he does he's proved to -- I think if this were -- or this we're lucky we would go to nonstop for three days. Red Sox also told us that it was okay for Beckett to go play golf it was not a problem. NATO says they told us that after the Fed up we talked about the arrogant that they do the same thing apocalypse -- before he was going to support a complete -- it after the fact completely different situation why critics are completely different leadership. But with -- The Red Sox did the same thing. Red Sox headed up differently bracket that up he's gonna miss his start because he's hurt. In the end we see. He's playing golf. When he supposed to be pitching and then what do they -- and they don't I don't blame and it's just follow the timeline and then Bobby Valentine. Valentine -- -- -- -- that that wasn't the smartest that was not the best thing to do. -- -- He said. It about I'd never seen anybody get hurt. Playing golf. So the story took on when he different. Forms. By the time we got to the ending of Josh Beckett being booed at Fenway against the Indians they changed his story. Seven days -- -- -- -- it was impossible that the Red Sox just did a better job of spinning this one with -- maybe they didn't approve it maybe. That's good neighbor admin might they've improved the communique they did you know for that right may be barred from their mistakes quickly. There's like more like ethnic arts Mike but it was. Great great subject today great topic. I think it's a pattern here I think you know I'm 59 years all I've seen a lot of red -- In the last whatever years. And and this. And personal property on the Red Sox I believe -- you are correct. Which the Red Sox. Beat. -- to what they want here. Being held accountable which as I've heard on the radio station. And over again this year a chapter a week about accountability. And -- which. It's young kids don't bet and by. No he's being held accountable the Red Sox are you okay it was -- -- he made a point about the trainer. And doctors and such. I don't -- was building he's in the recovery -- on the disabled list I don't care what do you not little -- annual white. You cannot stay in the hospital anymore they want you all I had my high. I don't I don't have replaced my -- they want it -- storage side. Just Wickham it would even be worse for the Red Sox -- they would be showing preferential treatment. And hospitals don't necessarily work that way anymore you don't. Want to and -- straight guys they don't they don't like minister district as wanna get you guys that. So athletes. Professional athletes. And celebrities don't give preferential treatment. From hospitals who -- I know I think they do get preferential treatment -- -- I don't think Obama I don't keep somebody in the hospital. Longer than their -- You know he might get a few hours -- you don't keep them longer than the -- right. Yeah you just don't anymore they don't allow in any case. There's still dealing with health insurance over the it's not like the Red Sox -- -- a -- -- you're still dealing with a health insurance company. Another area got a Red Sox player I picked up. Yet they insult and anyway the bottom line is I'm I'm so -- -- -- The Red Sox are really I'm sorry to say the Sports Radio. I'm who are listening to the big chill so let each packet -- article -- a key or not what I agree with -- It costs and use it in a republic the -- such an Audi doesn't trust them. I'd already there. Never trust -- problem if this is an ongoing thing for awhile now there's Joseph always drive and run at a car what's up Joseph. -- -- I don't like anybody. May choose not QB sure that you show that that -- like Bob WEEI. That's not a good luck guys. They've got it to -- right. Well let's let's -- the fund raiser -- chair you are doing. They're making. A difference in the event because it was for charity. He he was not part of the event. A promoted in advance he does a lot of things for charity. This guy's been very good he's been very good with a Jimmy -- So nobody was looking at this saying oh you're denying the charity something we all know the charitable work he does I did not show. Yes yes you're glad. -- -- -- -- -- I couldn't -- But I it but what they stop the bleeding but not the type of all it can't walk and what -- stopped the bleeding and keep it secret march Cuba. Why isn't pitching in all budget wise and out they're pitching. Why did they client what they fly him if this -- What in this climb up the Seattle and haven't pitcher in the next few days. And got them. Out. He's not to walk -- -- -- toward that goal. -- -- stock to the shop and bought it. And employment outlook that he. They can't lie when they -- them like that. That the outpatient. And now that lie why couldn't -- -- I'm not sure I'm sure you sure that's true I'm not sure -- stroke. Yeah line now are one of our producers. Just at the same thing now can't fly into the blood sugar and we're not that they're doctors either but -- -- -- you're not the only guys saying it. It worked for what it's worth. And a -- -- Olympic village but that's why you're aware that you look at the repeat it on. Like make you know what I did he did and I. Mean I cannot believe. That people really against the at all. -- -- -- -- -- a pair believed if the topic yet every time that comes up and I start talking about it and glimpse of this or that guy arguably with the topic yet we keep talking about it and I don't. And and I hate to take it up. Our public yeah I'm I'm not as dramatic on this one is Garrett thing way to disappointed because I'm not sure it's a big deal. Other then. If you would do it all over again I wouldn't be surprised at all the Red Sox would have dealt with a differently. And I understand that he might want to do this my understanding is he did for friend and that's why he was there. So that's that's friendship that's a good thing loyalty got to. I don't think it was a Smart decision. By the Red Sox you've got to take precautions when a -- just released out -- hospital. Quick break we're right back to the phone calls to make calls and coming up next -- a couple of products for forty house were there. Never felt. The urge to move past our -- stand up and then -- know what was going on -- -- doctors and our we'll just come in my doctor's office and and we'll check out like I can't get there can't walk you know so it was it was pretty scary for for about three days and then. Think they're trying to downplay it but when you're playing nice you -- Where I'm from and using that stuff not vulnerable also. I'll answer out of there on you know the doctors were. We're pretty upfront about senate. When really life threatening at this point so. -- have to keep me in there to make sure thing was I was losing more blood and that's where we're Aaron. Was a life threatening at this point I mean when you hear him talk about that. And then just a few hours later you know he's. Act to me that's that's a little bit strange again not cause for a anyway explosion but. It's a little bit strange it really is and I had as evident by the the dances who have got from a couple of calls I think over the last couple days if it were Beckett if we're lacking. People would be up and arms they liked this guy they liked the way he's been pitching so they wanna give him a little extra rope again I understand. Com let's go to war Waltz in no rule on mr. Massachusetts next appear in a picture on WB yeah. -- -- I suffered -- traffic in what -- -- -- -- yet but sorry. If you know like Chang like. That earned -- baseball would get to it. But -- didn't put the socks. Week progression wit the train that they want to recap they -- let. They checked it at the craps table. Like you guys get reps didn't keep you all will soon. You might have been on that might yet. Our -- a deal would that your experience -- -- nominally westerly Rhode Island hello I'm. Guys you do tell -- And I called but -- handful. Now grown -- thirty years Celtics Bruins patriots -- red sex. Listen every afternoon do you guys most of the time you -- I have to admit that but really -- a situation that tomorrow morning. Garnett announcing whether he's coming back I'm going to go we just laughed. We have a brand new wide receiver recruit coming into the patriots and you've got to talking about -- sticking around the kind of for a couple of volleys. Where he did absolutely nothing to energize. It's their point so let's start let's talk about let's -- let's get another run on top of their point oh. Why did you change the topic I'm willing to change you mobile. Well that's the point I'm making is that if I try to listen every afternoon everything so fantastic. Move on week we're willing to move on Michael and I am willing to move on here. Let's. Let's talk about the wide receivers down at -- broke -- Maria business yeah. Our conversation this afternoon about the media and you guys. Have a tendency and I don't -- I think maybe that's unintentionally. Maybe penguins didn't intentionally did it -- doing to put it this afternoon. In reference to the fact I guess so riled up so will call in listen more but the guys there's no I would get that. No why would we wanna do that helps more people listen. I tell Ryan Grant. I golf professional don't -- and it -- -- 270 public facility and then I'm a professional athletes and I will tell you something right now. The whole scenario that's going on here -- it's things like. There's nothing positive in the world. It's only negative and there's a whole bunch of things government. I don't know how many reporters down there Arafat would but the guy forget it can go to a movie -- his wife wouldn't be having this conversation. Yeah probably yeah I think zero. It out of metal beat yet it's it's unfortunate but I think anything he spotted out anywhere. It is the story as. Why is he out an ugly end but it is unusual if you think about you and I if I I think the guy should be able to go have a problem with. Again not a big deal I -- -- have to say that over and over and over again because you know you talk about us -- dramatic or me getting dramatic you're getting dramatic about it. I do believe that if you think of any experience is huge -- Hospital experiences and I've been in the effort you know kidney stone attacks and a few other things. On his sounds even more dramatic when you hear him talk about it sparkles talk about it. When you get out of -- hospital you are usually down for a few days at home trying to recovering get back and when you're talking about a guy. Who you need to get back into the routine as quickly as possible he is gain weight I excuse me he's lost weight he -- lost strength. For a Major League pitcher. This may be this maybe 456 weeks to get them back anywhere close artillery what is this is it's a little bit out a little bit weird. Receive this is my problem with you right now you're playing a doctor. A psychologist. A moralist. And somebody else this rather play -- -- I'm not playing. Placed on them like you know I don't know what he should know you're saying what he should do it. Know -- the Red Sox should do with the Red Sox should we do we know the conversation as he was leaving him to the straightaway and he got. There's an event tonight. Connecticut. Chipped in which you're not scheduled to go to and I have known -- Did he have a conversation before. We. -- what am I allowed to do. We don't have got to go -- Your -- we don't even -- now. That's my point we don't know if it happens right so that's why not -- Michael that's why I don't care probably that I am not blaming him. I am saying that defy with a Red Sox it's not the way it would've handled I agree with you I am not blaming Clay Buchholz because if it is true that the Red Sox gave permission to do it. I don't think that was the smartest thing to do based on. Here's story. Of what he was in the icu for four days based on his story. And I think the Red Sox made a a bad decision I don't it was the wrong choice I'm not blaming him. And a seven consistently got in the blaming Islamic when -- in a while if you're gonna play if you have a problem with that and you know from a -- I -- from the -- -- twenty -- year old man known to man. No none of them there right now is a married man like of the training Saturday -- -- data Michael is the -- -- all of making. Adult decisions -- have a problem with what happened. Go to the adult don't go to the Red Sox since that you should have done that he's not a child he's the man the training staff. Should not have -- that's all saying at that point I think you wanna be extremely. Cautious extremely cautious to get him back as quickly as possible. I think a little rest and relaxation. Probably a little Arnault would have been the best thing to get them back up to speed that's all -- Now if they -- a shame on them that's what I'm not attacking him and there's -- Connecticut hi Brett. It and -- They don't particularly like you and I thought it is deployed -- just completing. It and not and that you're drinking as a human being beaten at least. -- ability not supported but they've been you'd like merely myself I think that they can get special treatment that England you know I don't know I. He was. Eat but you should complain to the hospital and -- -- -- if you almost cried wolf rattle out of fuel guide you to get into the -- then he should have a complaint about -- Brad I'm register with the so glad that guy is sold -- girls. Glad to have maybe the first thing you're doing it on the top hospitals called talk radio how are you glad he's with -- to fill out one of those coming in -- on the way out at Texas since you shall place. Job.

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