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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting divorced: Kevin Millar react

Jun 29, 2012|

Hollywood celebs Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reportedly getting divorced. Mut asks Kevin Millar what his opinion is on the break up.

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I give me hit on the big breaking story today Katie Holmes Tom Cruise. Kevin that thing is over filing for divorce where where did that thing go wrong and how shocked are. Wow how about that but I mean is this amazing. Look at this we're going on baseball to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and it's shocking. Well you listen you're right Alec Kenny -- we've seen the pictures you're you're you're -- LP Swine Flu have been able you don't what happens in these I. I did to get the inside story I thought I might know. Hey they're about the celebrity relationships are top you know -- stars in their their their work a lot next -- you know this one's been a movie at three months on the road and I mean it's tough it's tough and I thought they did a good job stay married this long and it seemed like Pleasantville on the media. But my goodness gracious he at all.

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