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ESPN’s Andy Katz on Anthony Davis, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, and the rest of the NBA Draft

Jun 29, 2012|

Andy joins Dino and Dale to discuss the bright future in New Orleans with Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers along with Eric Gordon, assuming the Hornets can get a deal done with him. Andy also said he thinks Jared Sullinger could be the biggest steal in the draft for the Celtics and talks about how Doc Rivers could do wonders for Fab Melo.

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Since ESPN and ESPN dot com's Andy Katz had nothing law last night -- -- doing anything we thought we don't give us something to do this morning and -- -- -- on the Dennis and -- program our friend -- that's from ESPN. And espn.com joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT TE good morning -- thanks take a couple minutes after a busy night last night. Welcome morning air force for a voluntarily can't ignore earnings 800 just call always sure to help. And we appreciate it I just by virtue of winning the lottery New Orleans wins the day with Anthony Davis did the enhance it even more with young mr. rivers attempt. It is I mean. There was almost no way that north commitment -- Obviously we have to think Davis they're getting the best player in the draft. The player that one -- we will have the most impact immediately because -- and on the defensive then. But also. Austin rivers here not be the best playmaker although it still could be I still think they got. The two most recognizable name than mr. -- And two players that I. -- think can really grow together. -- and already have a strong relationship. Rivers from them because of his father -- he had a relationship with my lawyers that are still down the GM. And he told me Wednesday he's become very different -- -- -- Davis. An inappropriate conduct from late last night. This is not going to be on the projector -- is going to be a championship team in the war like Oklahoma City. But it to a -- a little bit that they got fortunate the way Oklahoma City did by getting to the best players in particular draft. In getting it through the -- having a veteran that you assume will be helped in the first to be at all starter court. Much -- Oklahoma City got fortunate like getting Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook in the looking much better than anyone projected. And they took to the literature that particular slap it on switching partners well the time. And then Serge Ibaka. Who they got -- and they've got four quarters on an analytical points we hear the -- NBA championship but also last night. Things go right for them because once young leaders went to Cleveland that pushed up. The other play makers and -- Willard was pushed up to Portland a -- -- was is. The sort of curve ball in the -- and Deutsche Toronto. Because one of the good guards in terms -- rivers trick gone to eat off. Once again perfectly for them to get -- rivers. Number time. This is probably an unanswerable question -- 121 games last year with their new blood in this new system what do you think the number's going to be. I mean is it. Higher but also a lot of net new order Gordon felt healthy. And obviously he's on board then. I think we have an infusion of talent and it's obviously going to be a little more typical anytime. -- and last but. Acute think you've got a couple players come -- and -- -- rivers. Is that you can create his -- shot and your need to do that. In that position into war and he's got unbelievable competence. You know I referred to my colleagues and others say that it's a little bit too overconfident but particularly APEC summit as. Especially when you're going into the NBA such young age. It was so little experience he comes in very competent he's been around the NBA is entirely. And so nothing is going to face them. Because of his upbringing. Andy two guys fell precipitously on draft day because of physical questions Jerryd -- jerk pelted the Celtics Perry Jones the third felt that Oklahoma City. What do you think we'll have the bigger upside of those two. Well it's all under is the one player that you -- of the two that you know what you're going to get. Note yes. Is that was red flag out of Chicago. It's it's here looking at the -- I still got a question how high he would have gone had it not occurred to you would have brought higher. Maybe until the late lottery into the mid teens. But in this particular drill out based on the need for routine way up high I don't think you ever going to be top five or top seven player. For the Celtics -- the talking to games last eight I think they got a steal -- Derek that we do because. They're doing a player who's gonna work as hard as anyone who's probably. The best back to the baskets or in the -- -- no -- he becomes. You know whether he's mr. close Williamson. Or someone like that it doesn't have a high -- in order to become a player who. It is it's going to reach his potential and B is gonna start you're in the NBA at -- volume of two time all American. It remains to be seen I think -- get a steal injured soldier following all the way down 21. The so expressed on the plus side he is big top ten. Talent that felt for them -- Chipper Jones the third. It's a little or questionable because there were times when he took some plays off some games are I'd given the issue. But I think that the question brokerage and the third was more about. You you never knew what you're going to get with him out of Taylor Taylor won at times. In spite of him for Oklahoma City it was a good gamble because they don't need much they were just in the NBA finals. If you take your chance of a player who has the potential to be a top five player but never really -- like that -- think. You know it was fine and to take him at number 48 -- I think so into the player that you get more or shorter amount of time and sort I think arsonist. It came -- a little bit and. Some of the pre draft prognosticators said that because Danny had two picks in the first round he could afford to take a chance on one of the two picks that he take a chance on both. Well without Melanie -- to get a chance on them and get this. The academic issue that he had a certain regard really effective in India -- so. In the cheerfully taking on at the promoters. Not lead up to his potential. Until recently are you assuming you're a non factor earlier in his career or use. And that this past season he had eligibility issues we didn't play all season. But. You're lucky. That'd be it. New York and future outward up side. -- -- -- More defensive presence and his score where soldiers the opposite. Because services playing a little bit more below the rim. He's not gonna be shot blocker playing. But your trust in more sort of back to the basket. And the celebratory five players under contract will wait and see if Kevin Garnett. Does return although he just told Leo and -- everywhere else their boss and a peaceful expects. It started to return well latency for sure. But so what they've done more than anything. Is they've shored up -- -- and they spoke -- one Johnson who are very important summer. This summer. To see if you can be a contributor next season so it just added more depth to position that they desperately need it. We're -- with the ESPN and ESPN dot com's Andy Katz and any of the three big guys that were available on the Celtics made their second choice yesterday mellow. Arnett DoubleTree and -- this is the lead that they get the right one that they get the best one I guess a lot of masking. Well I would sitting up along with them and look with the most potential. And more tree. Is an older player. Played it to you except in Mississippi State. You know where the character issue there I don't think we're is that we can deal. So I think you could go either way with no formal street -- there's really. He was a player that I didn't -- ever really reached his potential -- mark court or I'll I that is. You were able player or an eager to get old Korean injury situations are you -- -- A very good very good college player I'm not quite sure how good an NBA player he will be so. I would have made the decision between small tree and -- Which are or think they were decided in and I think you can regarding glamour. No question that Michael Jordan and Charlotte -- worked as you say tirelessly trying to deal that number two pick and when a deal did not happen. They chose Michael Kidd -- Kristol made me scratch my head a little bit based on their offensive ineptitude. Did they not choose a defensive minded player and -- They get it -- public figure shoot is aware. -- Gilchrist. As you vote told Leo throughout the at the end torture and and the -- process doesn't like to lose and if you watch him play Kentucky. Where playbook breakdown he would make his way to the basket in some warm didn't matter where -- contact and so what -- was eight the player. Who will give them unbelievable energy -- The second hour practice. Well the first possession of a third of the thirtieth for the Iranians and for Mike Dunlap I think what they've done right now is they've added a player to practice. But he can count on will give him. The effort that it needed on day one in October and on the last -- in April. I -- make complete sucker for these types of stories. But I love the drafting of Bernard James I loved how was interest received in the in the arena and I I just loved everything about it last night. Sort of I would say here and first on the draft process by far. The best story that. I've covered -- are so it was a pleasure to deal with what you lose at Florida State. I -- point seven years old. But ultimately played the last four seasons in your -- and last month Florida State are served in Iraq way. Our -- water and key. There's a player that you don't. At a different sides sort extra Gilchrist. Where you'll -- unbelievable effort. -- -- -- He is in phenomenal shape and I really liked palaces throughout. Thirteen that. You know picking low and they -- betrayed. With stellar player that -- regular college player obviously in the player of the year they're not quite sold on what. He will be in India it's. And telescopic got a player and amber are -- cool deliver them. Tremendous effort and give them some defense and rebounding. They got here -- Cunningham -- first who I think could end up being one of the -- later in the first because he can -- the combo. He's a phenomenal athlete I think those doubts will really really enjoy watching him -- any secret -- -- the big east player of the year. Like for charging. Hard as any player in history. And really give Dallas a hospice. Winning on the court. -- Chris Joseph has not been -- -- much of this morning we've gone most of -- times talk about soldier -- -- -- have any kind of impact in the NBA at all in your estimation -- I'm not sure I mean he's a player that obviously you have to really earned it. You know it'll be just in the seat not exactly and think that this it is is E'Twaun Moore brought it for more. There in the public at least you wouldn't delivers in the Osce. Obviously there that we concede they reassigned teachers. You know -- much more swing like Chris Joseph so -- -- -- Christian also that the players have earned it as a -- Arctic during some really. He never really reached his potential during his senior season at Syracuse go to team those bird out but obviously we -- six in the Dion Waiters. So I like -- you know all the weight on -- 61 but he's a player that really you have to earn it at this point. But Andy ten years from now whose career will Anthony Davis whose career looked like. Look a lot he'd obviously -- someone like. And I'll get out there. -- as the offensive potential -- -- Duncan. You repeat that the potential of being someone like Dikembe Mutombo. -- -- -- -- Actually the surface on either one of those obviously -- -- stay healthy but done. What I love about him is he is just scratching the surface on his ability wasn't a player who shepherd along in that eighties circuit it was there and was spoiled and enabled. He was a guard just two and a half years ago so he has guard skills is still developing he is. Low post offensive game. He has instinctual habits. As a shot blocker and so he's got a great ability to really be a story this week obviously you're gonna need. To have that supporting casts not up to build them. He and the ownership there to make sure that the build around him enough to where that this franchise. Is admired the bottom. Too long and I like as -- General Electric cornerstone without river is obviously they've. If they ever court upheld the on their roster they've got three anchors that they can move forward and sort of built around. And if you think workers restart the left and on our air. Is very important. She is -- player they can draw other freeagent down the road. Stay there and plays well we want to see that other creating very would like to go to and so we've got to cornerstone like you can start to build your franchise that part of. Well I mentioned I I loved the story of the drafting of the Iraqi veteran the second favorite story for me last night. Was watching the river Stanley last night that was really fun. Yeah I would greatly exceed our -- He more than in the in Boston with the Celtics says they made their selection you with a -- last night. And you know it -- obviously applaud visibility. To make every effort possible to get to as many games of the currencies and I mean not only on Wednesday that that was the first fifteen games. That may be the most -- that it hasn't seen him play the last four years because of the schedule. And so the Bellagio was really -- that the benefits to that rivers family for allowing him to watching as much as he did and then there was the odd that it would block it was over. Still though the duke game just because coincidentally they did not fall on -- -- -- not as he has the means. To get to those gains were there on the road or more -- more up and down and there are. Any final question for me which of the top thirty guys chose -- last night not named and Anthony Davis we as a top 29. You think has superstar potential one -- that you say yep there's a superstar in the making right there. I could not be more impressed with the way Bradley -- handled himself off the court. He was next Michael Kidd Gilchrist the youngest players in history around. He started to become an elite player in college that's the last six weeks of the season helping them get to the the elite eight. He can carry him next to John Wall use in the elite point guard that can feed off -- -- shots. And I think -- help Washington become a -- in an excuse. -- -- always a pleasure talking basketball with you today and thanks for taking some time in the morning after her busy night for -- thanks and we'll -- -- down the road. -- -- from ESP and espn.com with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE will be right back.

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