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Sean Grande talks about the future of the Celtics

Jun 28, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by Celtics play-by-play man Sean Grande where they talk about what could be in the future for KG and the Celtics as well as talk about the picks the Celtics might make in the draft.

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Low blows up play by play today. The boys so this these. The grandy man is. On grandiose hotline apartments or call the eight he was AT&T hotline you know -- argued -- -- -- more than like six years -- -- how are you. It should be -- I'd like to. Live every night. -- -- wrote and recorded of that -- -- -- -- -- every game that's right certain individual or. I got him I do live in the arena have Eddie Paladino hammy that might just do it right there. Agree that a zero Caesar put the patient at. -- it got in there yardage book. For all those people who were accused me being unbalanced over the years they see that you're reminded me Indian he says while this guy has some it looks as if you had a clear and balanced the fighting is I don't do away from the arena that's more. Mr. Kutcher offseason dormant or Aussie. And -- -- -- I mean so far so good. So far so it's not yes it is a lot of -- vacation time leading up to combined trapped in this felt to be too. So -- -- being in Orlando the entire weekend -- -- great destination under. -- degree -- what you get if you start. -- -- we're Hibbert didn't rumblings on this event tonight based on goal there's rumors or do you could package and move all and all this stuff tonight you know I got to be honest have been in Ohio for weeks I don't know what's going on. You tell us what do you think the possibilities are of that happening or if not what -- the Celtics. Going in their first and their maybe number 21. I think that there are like you're all beat city. You know we put the ball -- -- yes -- are you looking at the top of the pachinko that you know the ball in the first couple would you pick 41 point two. There -- literally thousands of possibilities. Happened but on the world true dad picked with the other team in for a so there are couple players so it's likely that can move up that much -- Awesome really had not players on the contract right now to move up dramatically in the draft also not sure. They wanna add this early to working Putin and there's an opportunity trade gap outlet. All credit is that before today a lot of that in play but the odds of anything major happening or not not. Shall what do you think they're looking for here but it -- for size that it would confer shooter order what they look at -- Guys you guys. Upside. Apple felt that he had not. Get I've received at the younger have to get more athletic and they meet more so we saw a tiny -- -- like -- and you. Any power forward these guys that are in the 2122 -- all the -- throughout the there are in life. That's about what -- gonna get when you're off until he accurately. Particular about upside and -- and it'll be any trucker Jerry -- -- pick in the this first round late first round. Right now Avery Bradley now and over how much of the KG decision and its. Vastly different decision than one were so famous for having that name and thank god is is is this waiting game. Part of him. Let's let's ask it this way does he already what he's gonna do you think. I want you see that all hours ago I wouldn't let you know I won't surprise. I'm surprised about that about almost sort of blow up a little bit I was surprised. It seems to be -- Some rumblings that -- to -- it. Right because a year ago we got in the bowl where Doc Rivers Paul Pierce made their decision during the of that sort June 30 July. We're at a particular -- it was going to be Kevin Garnett doesn't operate on knows. You make -- decision when he makes you. Want that opening it to happening night. You have a lot to do what happened starting next week when he -- free so. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard rumblings today the decision -- Poke it down to it if the Celtics haven't inkling I'm understated noticing it now but. If they did let's say have a feeling that his his mind was already made up how would that affect what they might do tonight. I don't think it dramatically. Unless you know. To me the idea of make him move for him open up and trapped in the got fifteen that we want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the Celtics took. Early in how they might block out what rookies to. If they do that once. -- got I got. Some pretty nice all those two -- -- only -- better next year. It will probably a little -- -- -- the night about starting. Stock cap. The 1 guy that I am always getting calls on and everyone loves to talk but this fab Melo from us are accused shot. Do you think he'll be there and in what you think about his game I just they can't even imagine him at the practices and just trying to we're in the defense of rotations. The he will be able to. Certainly a star it's hard to say upside eat it how much -- -- stable sides it's -- idea. Here's -- -- you get your college. You were it will be envious or can be more marketable -- -- played a lot of people that you liked. -- you -- to -- why it's help but you really. Rebel stronghold of these guys watching like yours. Indicate that -- the short answer your question will be a little. Like she isn't as public. Do a lot of -- and I'm I'm sure the first domino that has fallen most of this in terms of free agents and other things the Celtics do is deathly Kevin Garnett there's no question but. There's a lot of reports out there sign and trades branded bad Celtics still interest didn't OJ Mayo what are your thoughts on all of that. Well the best access that -- At least -- -- moving government to reveal four different guys here all the names that keep being recycled air you know it's. Like that that you're. He'll eat most likely. Is society -- out -- about one -- so I haven't got a contract to be position. Can -- discussion at the -- I think it's it's like what -- like over and ask is it a pretty good that you asked about art as a draft night. The idea of getting some particularly the W and how old port. That they played if you had the ability. To treat labor. You know this name Arafat UConn you know maybe you can go of your Andre Drummond is reaches her -- -- -- -- he'll be you know it is a chance -- notice that is about performance now. -- -- our ideas are fortunate not none Sean. There's a better chance of him making them free throws and -- That -- help. Keep -- up to the upside is if you -- -- psychic -- and I don't think of all the guys that these people criticizing -- trading floor yet I don't I don't think he's on. Okay well that's what I was so I was thinking they're gonna do that maybe they did in big is what they're really a reason number one priority. Who else -- there's about some other names you think might be the ones -- -- might see when all ascendant. Well -- it a little community. Keeps cycling and I really find out that doctor -- To see things each year on the Tuesday Wednesday of the draft week. It leading up to track sometimes this is releasing source information should be overly an odd thing that happened. Like torture let it and it should fierce and. A player's career and I didn't look at the deck at the Berkeley I had -- -- had to be all right before I look at -- got partly. We put too much emphasis what's happening forcible -- like picked an actual yours ago -- -- -- -- If you wouldn't what what. The forces are gonna I'm gonna get credit reports we were -- -- to -- If you're getting a year ago -- ought to like pixel pure form -- -- picture and now now now everything I know -- the upside so we got sore -- or. But if -- when he -- And you're soldier got a low post game and we -- wore out the -- -- that. Look at all joking no -- about a year earlier in the Olympic. They've solved or flaw in the gate and dropped all the way to not and we know what kind of player so. Things. I -- hard to -- pitcher -- -- rise dramatically all we're pretty too much emphasis on last 72 hours now. Yes doesn't Bradley Bil to and and also it you know I know that Thomas Roberts dominated sellinger. Is in their matchup but still. I like guy I don't know about you shy and it would Danny's done this the second round of seeing him do this -- big baby it's -- against guys that have that turned it. And experts and have played a bigger schools. I didn't get. I really that played in the keys that they can help BL me analyze it absolutely. Clear about IQB or it will be enough. This is like it was probably five. Four I got cheers go up to get early built yet that the country. But to the Celtics get through the 41 tweak it up into made bilaterally that is. Actually nearly impossible. But I what you -- played -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Celtics are obvious here -- -- -- -- -- to you know it's win now it's you know a number of there 1819 you know let's let's do that but. Is there any consideration. At this point in time. Of the beyond the quote Big Three aero where you're really building around Rondo. I think Europe. But secure it's. Over almost -- again building out obviously that's the youngest of the major that you. So obviously what you think about players Alex certain got. Thinking you're looking at draft were not looking like guys to get it all -- -- -- -- -- It. You destructive 21 but might have been -- probably one of the top five picks the last. Course which yeah. Now what year in the draft and yet and rewarded for a LaMarcus Aldridge and attract argued on top. -- -- -- -- -- -- Little -- After the truck in the lot. Out of it but it's that -- Not you can talent and you're right in fact you've got one to the other piece -- you're building your technical problem you know -- building your doctor. Actor. What do you think about all these are reports or rumors flying about judgment. Up I think it -- probably war. -- -- that pretty much ready for me to that the W staffer for a cute thing about just. Who should be silica and all things -- Corey and again it all back Doc Rivers. And say -- what -- -- -- -- -- what he kept Kevin Garnett. For a year Howell the kind of looked at bat be on active robot. But you'd think that. We all about. He just got his job. -- -- first day on the job in Atlanta he's gonna sit down my old entry just as. You could start with -- I certainly. No we don't block and a political dignitaries get to. Yeah well I I died. New wouldn't have been denied down the road don't you think mid Atlantic kind of run and in place on this treadmill for the past five years it did that -- can blow up that team they will move Smith somewhere. I do I think that that has sort of run its course and these players sort of interest in the ACLU. Will. React in different department treats like where you. Where you -- Don't you know Kevin Garnett -- that those creepiest statistical milestone. On. March and the special. What could possibly get good numbers and a little -- one little bluntly Bruntlett recount. Re number we got 101000 -- but that was it could peak he'll block you really got. You could discuss the same conversation be about Al truck began as yours and yours ago Barry Bonds home run record somebody else to catch you. You look at the strategy in the agent Josh has got that all kinds of ridiculous. But it's. There's great potential numbers are aren't we -- that there's a lot of help that are still. Too much Leo or the ball quite a lot of people think he Italy any. I'm I'm sure. You know last year weird question because my final question you always -- and -- weird no Irish granny and -- this one. -- -- the NBA obviously every sport they want to draft the best players of the league has more lower in this so you watch and stars or any chance that they'll. Is it start aid he refereed drafts in the future so we get rid of some of the crap that's been apparent down out of the playoffs in the last few years in the refereeing ranks. -- -- It looked. Particularly unpopular -- so popular people reported and don't be popular. These -- the best officials in the world and I've -- different approach but different in hole she did not get an issue. Are feeling a -- as a lifelong old minority. I believe that we should difficult. Too fishy happened here we go searching whole block charge that he had. Too many. These a look at to reiterate the ex player bigger faster stronger than ever go to police official -- it back. As you know the plot that David Stern talk about that there is change coming in India for efficient. Guys. Or officiate the -- I think it's the way. We have. To meet game. And if somebody cracks Rondo and a face you know in the in a crucial part of a key play -- game that that you be noticed by -- or someone throws out four technicals. You know on one side -- the other should they be brought up on some kind of charges in the league. Well there ever -- officials are all just accept -- regain all seem great to ensure that they're there they're probably. Two scrutinized by -- it has been all changed last four years. Johnson -- military background. And he's I immediately -- little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Time to bad call but the thing is. If you're Celtics and he talked about that you don't talk about -- -- also went against Miami indeed for the Celtics survive. What I talk about six against it when I talk about your kid in my mind they won game two and then they went in in essence -- row and they're still not in there and you know in Miami years and I think that's a fraudulent championship pissed about it. Okay well that will be certainly wonder what Spain and you could project that the commissioner actually -- the -- Testing one -- which I believe that too geeky for each -- he or she -- and Celtics had a meeting here -- there she will greatest player in the best player in the world. Finding the explorer -- -- on top like that pesky first seen in person. How does go to a game seven -- -- without getting one single personal foul called on how is that possible where -- 48 minutes of play. It would seem they -- 40 eastern show okay well I'm well I'm gonna do that next time I get together. Aren't -- the other. Sean -- voices Celtics thanks for checking in by John I doubt they care.

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