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20 Minutes of Silence with Kirk Minihane: Eric Wilbur defends his Clay Buchholz column

Jun 28, 2012|

Kirk talks with Boston.com's Eric Wilbur, who wrote a column Thursday that was highly critical of Clay Buchholz for attending a charity event at Foxwoods just days after being released from the hospital.

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It's tools he needs some semblance. Wooten not meant literally between her and into the -- and it's certainly it's. Yeah -- done to. Careful what you call was the Boston -- on Thursday -- -- play buckles for attending. A charity event fox was so soon after. Eric how are you a good -- good all right so here we. But look at this story read it this morning pool party for Clay Buchholz you write that your average headlines for myself -- it last year. Sometimes -- Write them and sometimes -- -- written for our. System. Right like you know like when you see like -- dot com. Kim Kardashian is nowhere to be seen at the patriots game it really. Worked and it and it would. Now let's cue card -- Tim Tebow did not have dinner together last night and in the Supreme Court does not rule on. So did you write this guy. Okay so. Here's my my contention here this is -- recognize it. Disagree here that's what I look at this Eric and then in all I'll remove your quick to talk about you apocalypse thing we all know about it with. With -- Fox's last night that have been great kill all this. You come down to you say -- talking to -- court and you say I get it sounds malevolent complain about the guy attending something for charity and if he didn't drink what's the big deal. Opera the season turns out reports say so far he didn't drink anyways thank you record for buckles for showing support but what -- it. I guess when I look at Erica I see a guy who OK you know he was in the hospital no question is possible a couple of days before the day before. He gets in the car drives ninety miles -- sits at some events efforts for charity in the goes home that what's idiotic about the. No I just it it essentially. You know it that the a lot of immaturity frankly you know doesn't -- a lot of awareness of the situation that. You know meet the -- it -- -- -- -- it's gonna look that. At the core of it in a different social support. So this is planned appearance -- because you know. If you -- on the DL he -- a plane to Seattle so kind of storms in the timeline of how this the thing came up media was something. He told about months core and go. All the sudden opened up the ago I don't know but. He's he's -- hot the last 24 hours driving to etiquette -- and -- with you know people have a good time. It just it just shows the big black a big lack of understanding -- and you know what in the and that I kind of -- Red Sox medical staff more missiles situation. Heavier but it is it that you talk about you talk about where's. My giving buckles out swallowed chewing tobacco. Wherever causes by the -- the guys you spokespeople western bound plane -- yesterday's ten to four win over the duties now -- -- Red -- medical staff I mean I look at it from from the perspective of meet with the -- -- Clay Buchholz medals which you a doctor I think twice so I mean yeah you know they may just said you know your fine green light you know. -- rather clay -- drink right correction -- do any physical right correct Iowa and go sit sit at a table sat a few baseballs. It is nothing wrong with that the they had to understand that. What does not look good. Give -- medical the medical center to secure perception that's that's different than the front office. Last year -- -- -- perception well no but I mean but I mean does it doctor been. It's clear yet -- buckles to go to charity event is yet to think about public perception that he says yes we checked yes and -- -- I mean. But in the end with with the way this this team is running here maybe they -- showed in that state. I think if you -- certain medical people were in my perception I think that's when things get tricky you're talking about the Red Sox front office somebody calls. -- -- or Henry -- to him basically wants to do this right if they step back and say well you know after last year media doesn't look good you know like clay we don't think it's a big deal but probably best if you skip the that's different but again you're saying idiotic because of perception I think you're you're you're you're too -- and perception yours is idiotic. On its own for Clay Buchholz last night that on its own idiotic for -- do that -- That terrorists. Like I mean it just doesn't look. To go to public -- -- average economist -- I've been on. Why don't -- did you get the general feeling. That the public you talked about really really is against buckles or its Red Sox in on this one you victory on this one -- there really that much in tyrants such dark iPhoto initially that a public -- -- calm and Billy wrote. -- -- -- part of our policy thought because the public. Was he be cancerous that you write a story into Red Sox have to get well I mean it was all Asian but that was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This public sentiments on the side of this sounds like you just said the laws. Oh just -- So -- I said I was leaning in the direction because that's what four people talking about that was that the public perception -- -- I was I was clearly wrong because many -- percent of the fans. Don't see this big deal you don't -- I. See it as it's it's just kind of mature move to make it shouldn't be in the air -- what a struggle hospital was about what. Access to court it doesn't matter he didn't do anything wrong but it just doesn't look good in in. Are we doing wrong but it's a mature well. He's on the wrong so we can do anything wrong -- being immature by doing something that was not. Correct correct that we got what you're saying right or what what do you think. It was a big deal a million dollars -- air out after what you -- saying about about about. I thought a strange I don't that we goes straight I'll say this -- reserve my right the right to change my mind if I find out. The Clay Buchholz took one sip of alcohol or he should be absolutely blasted you know I'll be the first to do it. He should be actually blast for that but he didn't if it's true that he didn't. I can't it's something he sat in the car went to an event sat there got the karma if you got to see job. -- with some will be -- that's stupid Steve -- movie he had dinner with his wife had gone home Jim made a big deal out of that's for hours -- -- time six hours at a time what's the difference -- assuming you get into what. It just it looked it just looks like he went have a good time -- -- in the hospital. For something that seem pretty dancer so my first inclination again hostels not going to be to go straight to Connecticut and bodies in the -- Right -- and I do understand I understand what you're saying with that but if you felt that right he got there he went -- doing something for a -- was you know you could almost say. In a -- -- ago I read a hardball. Times -- -- Macy's parade for yeah. That's portion -- again and John winter to Rita but it was a feeling great he said you know what. I'm buddies with hill you must reduce from the -- I feel great you've done that before go to weddings sort of feel like crap. Pete did that then he did it again you think this could tell -- any risk. No I -- the -- I'm not Antarctica I I couldn't and one where the it would give us up. No matter. But if -- calling him it was according to us and saying internal problem -- them I didn't mean. It it yet but it is maybe a couple weeks and if you land the DL yeah I mean effort people bring -- up so we call them lately on the -- listen to buckles said no and in this would be capital. -- -- I think he looked at it in again maybe not eve I'm hoping it's idiotic but he's saying and doing which. And it got it changed your steps when you're done so you are correct -- -- -- -- -- We all right maybe -- maybe maybe they need to idiot or was -- -- and what an idiot and do what do aren't going to do but yet. If mediators to change. Here's here's were in Miss America average for a long time I like a lot of your stuff like you get the feeling and maybe you can correct me. Starting at the Brady thing and February missing Gonzales peace now this buckles and I do get the feeling that -- trying to create splashed. No not really and the Gonzales thing pistols were put to begin with that was. I mean you call I mean you you called the dial to -- -- a lot of facts and you could face of the franchise with no soul. I mean that that's currently it felt of that point and that kind of -- this franchise doesn't have. That. Central piece of that fact god he can look to it and say there's there's -- or winning. The second time in the week consults his failure to come through the flex spoke falling but to me it's charisma is charisma that good can come through -- clutch I mean what. Mean is there any facts behind the stats behind I don't know. What did you get the facts. All the setbacks and there I never -- put his whenever it's somebody's lack of charisma is the reason to come through in the clutch. -- -- It it -- spoke to wait you're a pro approach approach the game believe was approach doesn't do what would you do if you see him in in the first half this season he has completely lost at the plate and just. There was -- is that it was like political armed -- elsewhere. Charisma -- in the first half lost it still hasn't happened yet Christmas three years ago in San Diego but I don't know what happened what happened where we are again. It's not here for certain. In the Brady call center which. It looked a lot of stuff you compare and Jim Kelly you said it was loss -- that you -- embarrassment to the patriots organization and Bob Kraft I mean did you actually -- -- Europe. No I'm I'm I'm gonna talk about corporate backup that's why it because. You just -- arrow talk about just talk. I don't want to talk about sloppy ball because it's in the past done in which they was in the past we're talking about you know. I'm like no we're not we're talking. There also -- seconds also in the future when -- see. February may seventh 2019 know -- to dust off the past. Look -- I've I've discussed that people -- kind of -- on the Walt probably rewrite to write. It was what I felt I was trying to get a rise. -- -- fear is that what was -- -- all searchers okay -- to do it today as well not all don't you do what we want to do but sometimes you do some time. Eric that's always a cheerful I guess you. Erica. I read your stuff I want and you just sent so -- I read your stuff I want to know I agree Eric Wilbur. Up piece a boston.com is one of the ones trying to get a rise out of people to get a rise out of people were you -- which which one was to. Were -- I just told you want when America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't -- mean did you -- cannot talk. I'd are not Eric this is not a -- it's not the loss Kennedy assassination files no freaking out all of the Boston -- we talk about. I I'm not a PepsiCo. -- -- All -- orbiter not a right that -- -- -- -- -- it doesn't need to Erica. This are you motivated by page -- yes and stunt its. You're not I never vision is never crusher mine public across mine that called Russia -- in my department primary is what's up last -- Is is it is it is aid is a big a factor Saddam or something. Would not affect what is a -- write something of fact it has not exactly right we choose -- -- -- it's it's it's when you look at reaction -- Pending matter but now -- at the outset. Here's my thing and you know -- do the same thing you do where by and large it's is that. It's tricky right it's tricky is so much out there was a beacon right it was great story gain on the obvious it's great story about what a great story Scott -- things right it's a great story. But no cookies can freaked me that's that's the trick -- do that stuff all day no one's gonna -- we got to write like you know today -- -- thereabouts. We're no Red Sox in the trade Ellsbury because I know people are gonna read it in there's so much crap out there I mean you know I mean crap. There's so much stuff out did you feel -- you have to get your head. Above the weeks about the tall grass right I mean for me and maybe your different for me that's something -- battle with all the time but we. -- here why don't -- and I know it but but but come out and senior but you're the globe -- bigger platform may be in need and I'm in -- dot com like I do understand. But if you wrote about you know. Great schemes and all day you wouldn't be any right so I mean is not is not is not part of a part of the problem it's -- problem me I've admitted to be forced off. Have an opinion the first place don't know I mean yes -- can't create an opinion just based on. Someone else's -- process so. I don't understand week we think. That I'm writing something because some on delivering it. Look in the general -- a certain audience -- like you're accurate up the Utah Jazz for for a week and respect and get me. So of course -- got a concern what you audience wants at the same time. Can you can't -- with any semblance of passion don't have opinions I you know you gotta have that opinion and it's gonna be sparked. You know flesh out. And that's why you talk about it's it's gonna be. Bang my head against our pentagon. I. -- give me a minute and a half on a table never talk about again. As IPSec and simmer down -- you know I I I really don't look great but my point is you're saying it that it sounds like to me that you sort of orchestrated. Now note it was. Organic thing right. Also injured right he's ever calm after the game as well I ripped -- -- -- not the -- -- I said Brady got outplayed by Manning again in a suitable which is a big hit on him. Historically if you want to put him with -- can't do that right now right but. How soon after the dangerous. I was still in my head in the final minutes. -- game in and -- you should see Russia so angry you -- that's exactly what I wanted to do I wanted to release that anger and have. You know partnership that other. We've seen it probably wasn't the best platform note terrible employment a bit but did dollar was at the mean zeppelin T. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought okay how about this you can -- talk about this and we'll get -- -- -- -- so. There are guys in this happens to me. But there are guys in the globe on. The globe sports after you write something which you wrote today it was somebody did ability to themselves or guys with their every day. But the Red Sox you don't like Dexter which is that something and it and it went I don't right where that would clash of tolerance and have to be just like this. I just at a critical there at such live rob Bradford and Alex -- and I know those guys have to go in every day. But I gotta be honest I don't think about that -- right because I know those guys say there's gonna say you know your -- time but they know it's not them. How much pressure much feedback you get from your colleagues we write something like the Brady thing. Like the Gonzales thing and -- -- Are really like it partly gave him obviously talk about -- -- you know -- he's been super critical abuse occurred very group absolves things trashing you right now Twitter address. So what what is your take on the. No comment I guesses were meant to I I -- in ninety seconds again that's that's that's that's a no I think -- just leave it at no comment and and if I can -- his tweets I would. He'd be able to act and more but so just what we know common. Little blockage going a little blockage which are there while I appreciate your time thanks for come on export it to deal with me there's no probably aren't thanks like the.

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