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Chris Mannix, SI.com, on the NBA Draft and KG’s future

Jun 28, 2012|

Chris joins Dino and Dale to talk about the NBA Draft tonight and what to expect from top picks like Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, and Thomas Robinson in the NBA. Chris also discusses KG’s future with the Celtics and thinks the Celtics will aim for a big man in tonight’s draft regardless if KG comes back or not.

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Fourth and final hour Dennis without Callahan jury on some vacation time Dale Arnold in his seat. 6177790850. To 038885250850. On the day of the NBA draft to would you rather talk to. Perhaps except perception of Anthony Davis are Austin rivers but Derek from Chris back from a site outside dot com good morning Chris targets delegate John Boston. Greg guys are very very well -- I was gonna be a Smart Alec and ask you with the second best player in the -- get to that the second. Anthony Davis obviously the first best player in the draft by everybody's estimation head and shoulders above everybody else. New Orleans won 21 games last year with this guy Manning the middle comedy that we next year. Well that depends on and on material to sign you know -- court he's going to be a go to eat there apps but -- has yet to figure out where he would. If we gave it is -- -- I'll probably work by itself and wind you'd like to see them winning. In the thirty I agree. Get with it leave it alone without a cap -- it is legal Washington. Take -- -- local portrait -- -- their book exchange for sharp blow to their -- Leo I output in the world of flexibility. A lot to bring it the more players. But it because you can't beat him with the current roster I do believe he worked at winds -- that could mean I've heard they like Kevin Garnett. Tim Duncan you know that they are so many positive comparisons. Wicket he gave that one other thing it's gonna work its paper back. You've got training got it rob McClanahan and Robin we gotta train Russell Westbrook. Everywhere I can allow Al Horford Derrick Rose beat player network out he had every trouble with rob. And it -- to get better every single year -- -- it -- working with these guys now. You get the hot seat and he already great but the -- guys and I think -- quickly and much more polished offensively that people but. A lot of mock drafts and it's so much fun to look through all of them and see all the different scenarios but a lot of mock drafts have Austin rivers landing in New Orleans with the tenth pick. And be a pretty good situation for him would net. There will be great situation print -- -- that the better realistic possibility you know mart he wouldn't vote a victory Doc -- A strong friendship there and they need to guard. And and nobody really sure yet what the that you bought the reverend -- like -- you like -- -- ought to guard but whatever years. At the position supported -- you know that anyone. In -- backcourt right now -- are all at that point competition. Likely -- it Eric Gordon still aren't signed in and aren't sure what they wanted to put him. -- it would spend on in the in the long term I -- he would get immediate -- and that line at actually at that developed himself. Either one of those dark spots -- you look at the bet it's partly out -- -- rivers. Playing alongside it beat data in the war he would -- is probably the best -- want. Where do you think he fits him best as the one Horry to. You know you go like this they I feel like you. Point guard skill I don't look beyond the point guard mentality you have to be Rondo -- the point guard mentality in eagle putt that you want to make. That you want to make him make better what we get them pocket on every single time down -- are delivered at more than scored without a doubt that doesn't mean that -- exclude him from -- like RB look at dark road look at -- what brought the scoring point guard but he could still without into the act at a plant the question nor are going to -- -- And it will adapt and figure out if -- got a -- the player you guard spot meet. -- only about six or that might -- be a little bit generous and hype around that site. Don't -- selling it like being too dark but the physical -- -- Eric take their body -- can do it that exactly a great example okay male. Lot of you you feel a lot and there it is the -- scored the NBA but it yet fighting double repetition a vehicle at six foot three. And -- without natural point -- guilt that they give opted. Want to become a point guard yet how to do it yet committed itself out full time two important position learning -- -- that. Chris correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not sure my memory serves me correctly here but when -- came out. Was he not sort of between elect but we don't want it to and I figured out of position for a relatively quickly. He wanted me in great ought to be more like current acting not the mind. A good score Hewitt Hewitt of -- court duke last year. Beat it beat -- appetite they'll be at point -- you -- hear it erupt select particular quote log back. That -- doesn't type without a superior talent that you get away I think -- a -- to make a decision. That if you bought soccer liked it awarding the if you wanna come for a play maker beat guys. I think he'd be right back to point out besides at that position nowadays. It got a preview -- point guard that he wanted to sleek and a lot of love to eat all our big -- a lot go to earlier being brought collect look at -- All across the board 38 point -- out there I thought that it would be great -- physically that. If you -- Danny Ainge charismatic what what were you more. A -- whites fear of flying -- cylinders medical's or fab -- those trick or treat kind of play. I would be more -- -- -- -- a -- it's not a medical been in medical the become the the topic or right now at that -- -- you or -- on draft or well before that information released could mean. Every GM opt out every single 11 -- about who the big potential first round lottery spot would be a big effort so now -- now that got your reason why he slipped out of the lottery on remote rap port eight at. Spot in the early twenty treatment of the twenty in that totally into it blocked the current. Each adult that you could translate to a to become a good quality up and play. With a lot of better up there on the floor time -- undersized obviously I think I keep preparing up at a -- And that that exactly does that make any sense that I don't like was it more skilled player coming out of college and what they love it don't they want what you work in -- It's becoming a great player he -- everything at some point 530 pounds. I learned a lot a couple of summer even -- himself. The player hit today and I get a feeling for pocket PM that it will feel like -- -- that they've -- -- work ethic help. He got to hit it about -- Nadal. Warning content right like story so dark you absolutely think it's that it put up all the player. Yeah -- soldier because -- undersized in in the wait -- He scares me the most. If you're Danny Ainge does your drafts strategy tonight change depending on what happens with. With Kevin Garnett in other words if Garnett says on July 1 you know what I've had enough in BM out of here with net change how you how you approach tonight -- is at the same no matter what. I think it the same no matter what because I. I think that article big it is and that's assuming and I like a yacht and a Marshal Eric and some. Some really rapid slider fall off the plate all of them in their laps today -- take him out but I think that that little bit about what I mean what do Kevin Garnett returned without a return. Elite -- that are being in -- back. A power forward because they got everything guard spot are largely set and we starter -- -- -- the Iraq until they probably could use. -- a small or the -- it -- treat all your fault whenever I appear. Retired but I every every -- -- -- economic outlook the Celtics it's always senator round -- that and -- that -- are into -- or somebody else for that spot the ball down I always been about the big I think -- they put all -- -- equity -- -- with point one want to activate it someone's gonna -- -- -- -- our -- -- Does your crystal ball say Kevin Garnett is back here next year. Look up a -- awhile that. I think you're gonna require an -- yet to hear anything that this -- otherwise now. It's it's cropped up here from its friends in in May and in if you could be particularly. In July that make it that like it even. When he could make its brand that he thinking about hiring an it consultant publicly on the other principal me. Privately opt in the bat differently in the eighty corporate notebook -- blog explained our position is spotty on the petite. He might change until I went quiet at the -- And I get the separate from the game but you know everything up until that point with Becker and that -- -- put your body through. And number 82 games he's worked I think that any you're right in it where were any other project along that he does play again. You'll only be a block and there's no other team in the league. I think Kevin Garnett will play it for big -- so the or I'm -- right now you know I'd like and I thought anything in the wake beat my early prediction that Kevin Garnett walked away. If the Celtics get the size they're looking for orbit eludes them somehow -- have to go to plan B is there any thought in Danny's mind you suspect asthmatics that he has to start looking for the heir apparent to Paul Pierce if Jeff -- not that guy. Yeah I think you guys I think yeah I'm looking at applications like your small or can be summed it at -- -- slipped that far. -- the court very quickly and are pretty good Laporte up there and I don't know what any drop or looked like but. It's like Jeff Taylor from Vanderbilt guard almost I four year college player. I look at duke shot well. A lot people -- -- he can beat governor could hit it could be extended IP doesn't go go outside through the epic about the future let that he remained intact. You're not with with Garnett appeared app I think about. What you gonna do -- a lot because Alibaba -- I'm content. That -- North Miami I know they're gonna put our corps recruiting effort in the summer they know literally opera. About three million dollar per year Shane Battier had appeal. For the long term but I think they're recruit him hard and I think even at the break -- got back it can be so hard to compete at Miami next year I -- -- copper. I wonder where the other they are planning for the future that I look you guys who call can be -- -- the next five years not yet the next two. A speaking of size if indeed as some electric Perry Jones the six -- eleven -- out of Baylor is available is the one of those so I'm not sure where his head is kind of got it. It scared the crap out of -- that he's -- a lot of a lot yet because. Because we got the Biotech and at a better in the culture. Share a lot of -- quality the sense that people in school lack. Here are directly that the build up Victor apps that get a kick them -- -- lottery pick an old book I delete that -- that they'll go to work out of about the poll. Not look all that impressive if you -- a -- -- that led to the shot blocking their that the lock out there. Much the same way they're locked out a hundred -- -- it -- not it correctly and -- it is don't know it yet but before it. Could be great MD player now so. -- -- -- went straight obstacle what Joseph the problems don't running it through that you can interact with nary a lot of good big and a lot of -- senator John and then. The I would dollar all the way down the list you know I -- -- -- -- orbit at -- As well so -- in the middle of a very crowded apple players. At that hot spot -- you do you think I would outlaw a red flag around thirteen they're scared they -- to have that -- -- that. To be agreed NBA player. Is Bradley -- the best player in this draft not named Davis. I don't get a -- Bradley appealed our nation I don't doubt he he forgot it sure didn't shoot the ball very well last year it -- It's up all of my might eat it have a good shooting post even in the target but he didn't shoot the ball particularly well. The -- is that right around 30% now. Could be wrong to reveal what they under trying to move up get a number you pick because -- -- -- and and copy it from me ever question impact he does everything he does. -- -- the -- but I don't get -- Bradley appealed fascinate me pretty. I'd like Michael Kidd Gilchrist. It's a better player than I -- I pick it out on the blog the thin it's it's a better player than him right now in duke it out could be. I keep it -- keep the only way -- type comparisons and -- get don't get it because great. What the creature called -- with different type of player we're ready -- Has yet to prove -- -- -- -- a record jump shot the college level I don't know why we're all assuming it's gotta train but Apolo. A -- we on the other Reggie Jackson was still the draft last year. -- the Reggie Jackson this year I don't kid because I love but the unheralded guy and his draft UBC and next year man what a steal by fill in the blank GM. Why it's gonna be a it copycat league. Like the forty -- I think they're gonna be a lot of good quality players a lot of good starters. In that range I think it's a it is a lot of talent in the back into the strap like I think ought to get value with. The first -- at what they do at that point Berkeley but the point second exactly there are a lot of value right there I think. He. Might be called steel which and it's from North Carolina that the Obama worked out that he's looking up at a pilot -- He even at Carolina on the apple that the Detroit and it's snapped him up. Number not the -- guy. That's really -- in the last couple months you -- -- -- -- little kick Weaver state who came at a carpet as a scorer YouTube maybe a second round pick or come by. -- that the iiroc according Michael at high number six the Portland but I liked -- really cute thing that. We get the point forty arrange it that way wanna be bought it and equally particular. With their -- that they're gonna be able to get your -- up correctly vehicle the only kick Ike could be art that he. The next fight you're not that that's a particularly good topic you really wanna be. Chris at the planets and stars -- for Danny -- in the Celtics tonight and I know as a purely hypothetical probably no chance of this happening but -- both parents Ross and -- heartless to names I've heard. But the Celtics -- interest and in fall to them which is the better player who they choose Ross or heartless. But don't worry about that will go park with a little bit little bigger guy and I think that brought the good player and he's he's somebody epic is probably going to be well -- -- -- -- -- On Google is such a little unique it is different at a place where where acting like a good shooter eight I think it. Player at that they like art that by the market at more what Alex. And it -- Kevin Garnett back I'd love the idea of getting a player like chocolate and putting in Kevin Garnett called for -- and letting you learn from. I like Garnett what you get better at playing with -- Aybar Bradley. In the last few people the old little again. How much it meant in late -- -- at Garnett around in a player like -- mr. -- a young player like Sean Young coming up. He could really benefit from playing high Garnett are without Garnett the one year. Of that if Garnett comes back and and the Celtics end up somehow with a -- is one of the two guys that scares you because of their attitude Perry Jones -- fab Melo how long before Kevin Garnett -- those two guys. -- in -- -- -- pretty quickly admitted it was hard look at current court rejected about how gonna treat -- to -- because brutal. On the ball on the look you want but you don't -- and added that he recognizes how. That all those guys come in with a good attitude in the economy we're in a large I think that would embrace that I really do -- he comparable. In a way that led to a world he really want a mentor and -- park and even a look at what the playing that position. The -- market you're much better and become the player he is right now I really believe he can't seem politically it on a lot of play at the big -- compared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ate it up the Hungary Jordan at the back up -- -- a big mistake. That may mean yeah agreed to let -- go to Kevin -- college like -- Kendrick Perkins. It would have been a much better player or -- platelet elect ought to that it. One of the mock drafts that I saw this morning had VS Celtics taking Terrence Jones out of Kentucky. You like that. -- -- I don't like especially I think you go bigger I really do -- I I think that a lot of good talent. At the -- the swing a petition. I think that don't put senator. It's still have that option right now I feel like united last week it's like app mellow and much is. It at such an up and down the career here cute anyway. What and it's it's clearly all are you gonna beat you they legit pockets immediately monster at that pot is blocked shot is -- you -- In center might -- the next few years. It revealed about -- they can be pretty good player but I I don't like it's its potential much like sentinels. Are you his wowed by many by the U Royce light. Athletic schism and the one of his coaches and caught compatible LeBron James. -- -- -- -- That shore meet you that got the personality that dark story I would double your lines being in the and it's is that it but he. He's the guy that could go global equities are -- like. It is normal fluctuating got a couple -- go I number eleven or get all the got 128. I don't yet. What a lot of GM depicting what am I mean I -- several that they they liked him a lot but not a single one. -- put -- number one on their -- ports could be wildly. Fluctuated dropped it to be one look at the higher lottery pick quick look at all the 120 -- the help lap equity bill. All right so we're talking about him at 2122. If it weren't for the anxiety issues where would he be. I don't think anxiety issues. Concern. These ball that much I mean it's it's a great story -- no question about it I think they'll look at him the player -- almost. I think -- like that done in Victor. You know -- lying -- -- look at -- got -- from that moment where it that it can't work out here and there are a lot -- to work out he'd been at -- And it worked out but he he's been -- than an -- or. In very bad situation I think it's -- A lot of questions that they ought to come out boot licking the opening and they think he can be you know that wing man for their future you will think that the idea -- can hold up a paper wrapping up. You think Danny is gonna stay put a 21 point two. I think he will have a hard and it seems that in a lottery you know -- -- whichever one of them I haven't heard them talking about make it feel it ought to now. I get a lot mean. The bobcat but really it because they would wanna move down and they like -- they can get many app. And bought the lot that -- like Cleveland. They like him with their multiple first round pick in -- in the background now again I have not heard the -- associate with that number you pick but. If they were ever this happy Olivia and -- them about that election debate -- know. At their seem a bit more all the packet. Out I don't roster spot but there. He's very quiet mode that packet -- like -- -- it to put together and offer it really. Are so that begs an intriguing question that let's just protect yourself some fun here this somehow -- Charlotte Boston make it make a trade and the Celtics picked number two. Who's their guy. I'll probably I think -- -- you got all the fight out or probably the closest shortening abductor but a great numbers last year. And at the Garnett in the old. I think Robert security guy like him for a year. Stepping in the starter Rick inaccurately and -- -- like -- meet it Gilbert could be popular earlier where he played behind Paul you're an idiot take a little caught him. In a couple of -- year and Andre drop in the maybe -- it up I'd eaten at work the public does. A -- -- -- -- player update that such a athletic freak you're a reporter eat like a lot like Perry Jones and the -- not shortly hatred imagination. So I think it -- it would be a ticket number you can make a deal. How long after this draft do we start hearing the Doc Rivers is going to coach acts let's say New Orleans or were Everett is Austin rivers goes to play how long before we start hearing those rumors. I don't think we're ever gonna hear that I mean -- I think docket. It hit it to lock in after the team that contract be lucky go to Portland you know money lives there retrenchment situation. He's not going anywhere I mean the only situation I think might be. Appealing for doctor ridiculous from Orlando -- and I'm not -- -- to go back home and coached there aren't even at you know the good -- good young Jeremy interplay. I wary of history at that -- situation. Where I think there will be legitimate speculation. -- worker -- diplomat you know I think he he what you thought well it isn't the most I am obviously I don't think eagle putt on a. Our final question will spend it on Austin rivers I'd seen him as -- highest -- New Orleans and as low as seventeen to Dallas to go to seventeen. Now we didn't get the seventeen. Forget -- in the middle there but they really could be in my -- That perhaps in the if they had -- look at it like Jeremy lamb and the other later but it ought to river let him. Eminem and eject the player that they're looking organ -- -- the war at that they needed dynamic scoring combination I art. An operator kept it impact they're like bowl guard position if people that are they over the starter at wide need to put up. So long Serbia game like numbers play in that system in order to meet him but that it brought. As always charismatic a font of basketball information that Dennis and Callahan program appreciate the time Chris enjoy the table talked -- down the road. SI dot com's Chris medics with Dennis and Callahan -- about where your follicles DNC.

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