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Daniel Nava: Whoever is going to help the team win should play

Jun 27, 2012|

Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava joined D&C this morning to chat about current hot-streak. Nava discusses the factors that caused him to improve his game, what he thinks about potentially being traded, his thoughts on Crawford coming back into the lineup and his feelings during Youkilis' last game in Boston.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan it's John without Jerry. Dale is sitting in for the vacationing Gerry Callahan on meet a parole alongside as well. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Daniel -- joins us -- -- -- -- alleged John dale and John here in Boston power you. Could very very well easy question jump off point here -- ever ever had more fun play in the game in your life then your heaven right now. I don't think so. Linked to. Despite it never -- This has got some subsidy and in. Ratify I would bet. -- let it go on it. You know we're seeing -- so let Eric I was there a lot of it is lawful access -- -- a lot. And for your performance specifically do you know exactly what's going on Daniel with -- performance specifically how and why the light came on for you. Move. As it has a lot of factors that was going. From day one. I know I got got in -- although again the second round I was supposed to yourself a lot. And you can be itself. There's no question being where I guess that was that that allows. Anyone disable them into a fight but the -- and -- -- get. And language and -- -- In 2010 you played sixty games for the Red Sox didn't play game here last year bench Harrington the general manager told us on Monday. When we asked him how far down on the depth chart you're in spring training he said he wasn't on the depth chart at the -- get on the depth chart. Obviously. Things that happen ahead of you for that he would veto possibility then. I think when I was. -- Petraeus has looked at things like you know what there's there's not solution. Brought out by the side and get a shot it would be the greatest -- you know it's under -- -- we don't bother lasted I think that the another factor that goes a -- -- allowed me to. Played in the way it was. As well as they are now seeing that are put perspective. By your own admission when you were here the first time you didn't put enough emphasis on your defense of play. How did you figure out you had to improve on that part did somebody tell you edited to come to that on your round. You know my little little little -- I think you'll assistant in. Russia correct myself as as a citizen -- a understanding -- How important was overall do you know I've -- in every it's I think that. I realize that game or that such that make that a concerted effort you in every pitch. Working on the that the pilot was about was a big part in say the recession. Tried to you know ours but ilk that and yours is -- big picture -- -- As -- you're not conventional leadoff hitter when you do bat -- -- did you look at yourself and say hey man I could have a 450 obesity and I can be Wade Boggs. No that you know numbers mean has. And other recessions do I've never. -- but just because. Besides that -- it was does that on the field and you're worried about it I guess it's Ulanova -- do this I don't here is that so. I mean everyone knows -- -- to go wild as well go all their knuckle I'll let elected but I and number I never thought I'd better. By about -- that work -- about to get my pitch and then that's basically it. Our tech talk what -- annulment dented his does that ever Carty who receive a little unfair. Maybe counter intuitive but the better you play the more productive you are the more. Likely it is that other teams will call up to the trading deadline and ask about Daniel Nava. That's the first. Sorry the the I would. I was it's a realistic possibility and I would love the same box and -- great let's play. Like it was shot lately I think it's athletic bases. Back in the day. But if that's. You know. Is part of the business. To step -- when he. Thrilled that happened that it is that it would happen they'd -- go out that it may not. Based underperformance. And based on your production. Do you think Carl Crawford should automatically get his job back when he's healthy and ready to play every day. -- -- -- Yes our our properties starting. The study also there -- you again as all of you know before it happens that it's just position. And you guys -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you are arguably. This team's MVP or at least in the conversation -- David Ortiz so far this season Daniel. I think -- yet Eric is that it's for a lot private including mystery but it will see what. I haven't been at that -- -- -- -- about what it used to seeing. You know I I think that the decision that the guys in front office will make I think I'm very aware of the possibility is the only other decisions that. Whether you know called goals or are back -- as I left and it. Where else but listen -- it was is sitting on the bench I would -- Directive that Soviet you know they're gonna make those. Site hasn't feel. And -- got a little traffic and it all whatever else -- -- -- -- -- really what of so. Our job. And -- get it back you were about to get back in you know. Ten years of -- special baseball. Sentient being negated by injuries are a few words yes I definitely what we're able. Or three years. You left a ticketed every minor league ball -- for Erin Andrews. I'm gonna tell you right now you got a better shot of having your pick up that ticket if you leave them a Major League ballparks. You know that. Got engaged right now com. Dot might even say that I was actually looking forward. That's -- piece -- -- -- -- -- certain is that anything it was all right. But just -- out of blew up since there was so little. Situations so I'm happily -- that was it for you that next step -- in November but. That was out of five. The story that. We've got to -- -- sure. That's sort of like you'll football coach Jerry Glanville leaving tickets every game for Elvis Presley not really expecting the dead Elvis show up final thing -- I never knew that I never knew he did that that's I think there's. From what I've heard a lot of what I remember Jerry levels quite sure. Character is character it was -- Daniel. Daniel was playing -- -- knob in the day and a novel like story this is a film. Worthy production because -- have a justice tooled -- to -- -- arm of the committee Mark Wahlberg. To fit the role of your career -- if you wanna write this the should be written by Ron Shelton who -- pulled the arm. The particular. You've been approached by it but of course people. Addresses. You know that it happened. Single. War. I would say about that as well as it was part of it. You -- try to play it outside that you know. To pursue baseball I think it is -- -- Out there it I don't know it goes out but is that there's such as. People brought my attention. Who would play. I don't know. Hopefully that. Is -- the regular kid is. We look easily athletic in the movie. -- has a little too big and it. Is -- all Matthew McConaughey. Yeah yeah. Epileptic but kind of -- it right away but -- this is best excuse Xperia -- -- accuracy so it. -- tell me what it was like in the dugout as a player on the Red Sox in the seventh inning of the game on Sunday. When when Bobby's telling you guys were taken out of the game in and him coming off the field Kevin Youkilis tell me what it was like in there. And it was. I. -- assistant experience adding that we are in years. You know there's been a lot of groups rivers or not for awhile what has this happened in the sulfur. Something after the weren't. -- lobbyists you know it's safe and -- something happened. But the -- -- -- and it actually how about you -- logged in to be a part of the note the scheme -- -- but patience is that a lot you. You know the city for a lot so it was like a lot of healing and a -- that one out of this -- Finally taking place but it. That all the that they let. -- -- Why do you get hit by pitches so much is it intentional accidental you dive into the into the ball what what's what's your theory on that. Hey you know that. A couple years ago and AAA got a lot. At a rate was important getting inducted this year and I got this -- -- out of teenagers say glossary live flaws that by the China it's just. I don't know I I I usually just trying to see -- long like in terms of letting it travel sometimes. That means that that childhood it's really I guess. Are you more likely to get it left handed or right handed. I don't let it let our robot that yeah -- they. And in the odd correlation to that is every time you get hit you never swear correct. -- Search I don't feel good. I don't know how that. How did you get this ballot. We -- we found out you you do not curse of the club off or anywhere for that wanted to go to curse like a -- I don't know. But where you're in public you make it your business not to curse why is that it or your religious guy. Yeah well it's. As -- let's say you know I hear. There was this extra represented it doesn't go too well -- -- There cooling is good values you they believe in other. You know what they in that a big part of just I think why. -- -- to get back is something that I'm Lester Lester Lester I would think that miners. -- to that he knows that. You know I think we're got to let you know the rest is just allowed me to play freer outside it and not -- -- -- also questioned myself since. That correlated in trip itself sort of feel to be more relaxed. And not worry so much about you know one game one about it like that it just makes it all the fighting makes life a little we'll also put. So you ticket 95 mile an hour heater on the elbow and you don't say it hurts. At that that the. Well I don't know you know what let's -- in that moment. Why you have. Way. In the hey you're very first at bat in the major leagues the very first pitch you saw we all know the story is it true the -- stately on interviewing you before the game said. You might as well suing his party's CK and that first at Backus who knows. Yeah -- it is. Is it that he really -- as it's obviously. And it's something that was as you know pat -- that passively. -- joke and it rained out -- That app now they obviously have not actually the ball movement as. But. It's a situation you know persons that it was a good impression of the ball. They -- against sac fly it and it happened in the that's what -- -- that took place but. Yeah he did say that it was his. A final question for me -- Daniel does your faith your demeanor your department make you the Tim Tebow Major League based. You know I have no I -- though that. What I believe what I it's orange right as -- -- some of that out. You know I'm -- I would -- I -- I love to have but look into it it so if not trying to be since you -- this strategy myself and you know. In Tivo. You know let -- let me. You know represent very well. Obviously soldiers as China. Stress and I believe the way that we are itself. People Corley knew that albeit on different market and up and say I am which is all based on me. The road -- it is -- A product but it is about which was a little easier mean what. It -- -- 5000. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the comparison that's an insult myself. -- I know the answer this but we've been having this philosophical discussion all morning long on the heels of LaDainian Tomlinson doing an interview yesterday saying he would prefer to BA hall of Famer. As opposed to own a Super Bowl ring. Now he can say that because a he's retired doesn't own Super Bowl ring and probably will be a hall of Famer so maybe this isn't a fair question to ask an active player. But at the end of your career would you prefer to have a hall of fame baseball career or win one World Series. And he's setting rather. He would rather be a hall of Famer then win a soup horrible he hasn't won a soup horrible he's retired so obviously he's saying what I've done is what I'm happy where he's probably gonna get into the hall of fame. But would Daniel -- you know ten years from now twelve years from now whenever. Prefer to be in Cooperstown. On us on a summer afternoon or have -- -- one World Series ring on your finger. Yeah I'd rather have a world surgery -- -- as. That -- You know I I've got an excellent players Boston. What they have also equally as that I am loving the fact that winning is what maps and and smiley face bird opt in -- the possible. What if we can wherever you know lately affiliate you if I look. Bentley but what you get -- -- you realize although there's something about being -- part in -- you say you know we've we've we've we want one of -- Place for. The whole life that's so you'll you'll never forget an obvious you know forget being Albania's let it be a part of that which. So much history especially here you know that would be. That would be. De L I can tell you I enjoy watching you play but I enjoyed talking -- even more than watching a play that was an interesting conversation your mantra to young -- keep up the great work and good luck go forward. Thank you appreciate you guys ever go out there. Daniel novel but -- Cali hello AT&T forgy LTD. Is good pass to Bobby or just or that answered maybe a -- wants -- crop comes. What assurance that he thought it would drop the best ball left in the middle our interview -- about what he's telling him he's not play via.

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