WEEI>On Demand>>Curt Schilling says he is 'tapped out' financially and lost $50 million (complete interview)

Curt Schilling says he is 'tapped out' financially and lost $50 million (complete interview)

Jun 22, 2012|

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling came on D&C to publicly address the 38 Studios situation, his failed video game venture, and to respond to fans and critics alike. Schilling addressed who he thinks is to blame, how everything went down from his point of view and whether or not he is a hypocrite who has gone against his conservative views.

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If you've been paying even a little bit of attention to anything. You're aware of the 38 studios played in Rhode Island and curt Schilling's company. Curt Schilling joined us in the studio morning -- morning I would ask how you're doing but I think -- a pretty good idea about that and settle start this. When you embarked on this adventure when you embarked on this business idea I suppose if you write a business plan. You sit there and think what's the best that can happen and what is the worst that can happen. Did you consider what the worst could possibly be and did this scenario ever enter your mind free launch. Well you always think about -- the plan to consider things. You know this was always a potential but it never in my wildest dreams ever expected B either here or close to here. -- up until about two months ago. And then you know it all happened so fast and and it's just been. Spend kind of a surreal. In sixty days every five days. I'm gonna ask who will what does it been like for you and your family and your employees watching this thing play out so publicly. Come like a bad movie can make -- all of it. -- all of it do do. The employees got points did there was no. One of the many many mistakes I think here that was later that I made we made it. That's leadership team as was this is came out. And and you know all honesty we never. You know the they found out. Because -- -- he made a comment on Monday night's. About 7 o'clock. Am public comment which. Neither side ever publicly on anything. And it was based around keeping the company used -- salt and not word. Were like yeah it was an enormous. Problem for us the employees had no idea it was day. And -- going to -- and manages it just went down. Up personally this went haywire for you up politically it went haywire and certainly first and and foremost from a business standpoint it went haywire let's start -- -- what happens business wise but had this thing circling the drain and expect what we we. If you look at the original documentaries. On one of -- one of the going concerns from day one always something cartons. Needed we needed to raise capital of finals with the final capital between. Or -- money hand in hand on my investment in lots of via well. And you know we tried for for a long time Bermuda didn't come to fruition. And it's you know the challenges and I like I can understand people. You know questioning the validity of the comment that but it does the scenario as you could change in the final probably for five months dramatic. First game February. I'm incredibly lower seeds out forties lifetime sales expectations for ninety days. So the contacts in the velocity of the discussions that we were having changed dramatically and we ran out of time our. We felt like we were comfortable with the thought that. Sometime between mid April in the end of today we would either get three term sheet form more than one term -- or find 11. More best in the conversations were around. At the same time. The studio down in Baltimore had the literally we were we were waiting. Literally Tuesday morning meeting finals for a 3530. Or second game reckoning that's the game. For -- for. And the next morning. Late the next day after after the public commentary on the discussion and it completely went from. Kind of what was just -- Kind of a cursory meetings to give the final regarded or down over due diligence. We were talking in detail about terms completion. -- And I -- -- we. World that you know the challenge. In in in -- Again the employees. Got points they didn't deserve it it was not how we ever did business that we lead the point where it was that was the company -- hand. It was about and we were never concerned. Analysts are concerned we were never worried about actually getting money to make the payroll was we just assuming that. There was semantics -- some people work. Getting involved in in negotiating for things. Him during the -- tax credits. Just for that reason and then it became a potential no. Money in and I aren't fond of the company. For. And it just spiraled out. You you busted now and you broke arm I -- tapped out if that helps you didn't walk away with now. -- anything now nine put everything. -- -- I -- it and I believed in it but I believe in what we have built I mean item. Never took a -- from the company ever to prepare -- -- have to -- him for anything. In tandem but it but it was it was it was different it was it would will be built was so incredibly different from company perspective we atlas. It was a it was a -- mean it was it was Adam -- was a dream place to work. And you know you have past employees -- wonder -- or not but did everything we did was built around. Taking care of it it was a lot of lessons learned. In my career we we we spend. Five and a half years building a place that that wasn't a place to work it was it was a place -- -- belong and it was a very different place and we have invested are all of the time and money -- -- making and we -- a much of your money did you lose in his I'd I'd put in just north of fifty million dollars I think morals and around. The hole. So trying to figure out exactly what the door and got none of that fifty back no no -- right it was all well and then. It. I I don't. It's it I don't I don't wanna I mean obviously it's been a challenging couple months -- -- -- nomads in the but I don't I'm not. Asking for sympathy. And -- that was my choice I chose to do this wanted to build this wanted to. To create the jobs and create something that have a very long standing. World changing fat man and -- thought we knew we were close. We're close the during his typical power did you. Follow your heart too much and not your hand community you can and you made the comparison mccreery you could be passionate about baseball you can be emotional. We too emotional. About this company. And not. And and and maybe -- for an example. You talk about how much your police made -- in on the ice the studio was when these things that may -- went overboard on don't know. Jerry that that did the thing was we we did in if you look at what we've we we didn't help people we didn't we didn't by employees it was we we've paid them a very competitive salary in the industry and better. They deservedly make a lot of money I think our average salaries and it was 6000 dollars a year seems a lot and that's that's a lot of monies are kids that are unbelievably. Talented and can work literally anywhere they want and we worry -- revenues start and so. To get them to come to work with us and for -- they had either they'd be paid more a lot more than they are currently being paid. Or be believed in what we were building and we weren't gonna overpaid them and we didn't so so you know we put together an incredible place to work -- -- we are that we have an incredible help and benefit plan for for reasons. We went overboard suits it's not overboard but we did everything we can do to make sure that they understood that they would never worked for someone cared more about them than we need that wasn't a mistake to pay them what you pay them to invest relocation -- and -- -- become more fruit that was the only way we could get did build a team that we built. Lowest seed to do the things and listen there's. We actually made mistakes but it had everything ever done in my life span from our and that I mean that was why I didn't I was able to do I was -- over that was why it was the pitcher because. I feel like in my -- post -- do some things that I might not out of the way. On the post using my head. But. You know to to counterbalance that I surround myself with with the incredibly intelligent people on him in and software. And and and allow you know because this was you know it was a place where where I work in and I was. At the opposite every day for five -- almost six years but. But I have Peterson and allowed them legion in and do what it is they were supposed to do so what went wrong. I wouldn't raise capital we did not raise private meeting -- the -- but the end of the day when you look at all the things that we did. You know I'd I'd I'd put all the money I said I put in my -- a guarantee that things are guaranteed -- -- perspective in. I never took a penny out and we spent the money exactly how -- we defined it and all the documentation with the state. And the one thing that we always listed as a going concern weekly next and we could not raise private capital -- I'm for a for a litany of different reasons I'm sure if you ask anybody -- -- give you one -- one more reasons but. That the hard part and probably. The most painful part was we had we -- for the first time -- Raptors were so close and and it it it just didn't work. Governor Chafee is comment about solvency did not immediately flip the landscape. Oh yeah did it changed drastically changed and and a thirty million dollars you're gonna get the next day. Went away his deal all the yeah all the conversations we had stopped -- parts of my question to you is did he do that intentionally was -- a slip of the tongue was there. Was there malice aforethought here. Why did you -- basket right in -- IE ID listen. If you look at the last sixty days he's accurate comment that the state -- -- -- And -- and the the other challenges that when you when I say the state over Ireland I'm talking about her few specific people on the pocket taxpayers. I think that was one colossal mistake that we made from the outset was not engaging. The Providence. And bringing literally having is we need to have open house bringing them in to let them see what it is that we. And we were we were we were incredibly silent. Two point work cause problems. You know we have our grand opening at a store on grass. For the launch of our game unbeknownst anybody that wasn't our call that was this game stop was -- distorted where you have to open where the opening. And that was their decision on where we would do that we want its opener in Providence locally because that's where we belong. We -- we we made mistakes like that we just didn't we we we didn't engage the local community and to get them. That to see what it is we were doing this week we have 300 people studio work out in the business community every day once we made an impact on the local. In the technology district the dramatic impact from the day we moved do you think governor JP was disappointed when thirtieth studios -- no not at all. Now I think on. They do have an agenda and an excuse. And and 400 people out of work. Well yeah I mean they were right I think a majority if not all most of them. Again we have an amazing amazing team and epic team in. That's all power and picked apart are almost aren't our -- studio as a team. And the most though a lot of that the employees in the in the -- -- work elsewhere that's. And that's been the hardest thing is I've I've been in touch with hundreds of them on up on almost a daily basis and. You don't see too many disgruntled employees well I've seen they have every -- Trolling on. Twitter saying call me in reporter do this call me if Europe yeah oh laid off. Fired thirtieth -- and -- tell me your story and have -- form you don't see too many employees and Schilling screwed up the. They've made in a -- blossomed navy they have every right to be upset I mean I always told everybody if it's something we're gonna happen you're gonna have a month or two. The lead time and end and I east I'd I'd I'd. Bomb on the -- and an epic fashion and again. You know that if there's so many. Real life stories you know people talk about a lot of the incidents that came out in this. You know we'd we'd that we fired everybody by email. Which we ended up terminating people -- an open. The reason was but at that point they had received a paycheck almost three weeks and people were were out of money. And sold there were people that drove an -- out both ways to work and and they couldn't get to work on it if we were going to be able to save them and ends and you know that we left them without healthcare which we didn't we we were working diligently at the end to make sure that when. We did it right to make sure they're governor there healthcare extended past. When it was in end in a week. We have pushed tables like in its top on or talk to business people -- you always want to beat up bills that. You get to a point read you pushed things pushed tables among you put you know he put your credit card among this not. We've pushed -- -- point where it was it was it was potentially damaging situation and that's why again. If we had thought for a second we were gonna get extra money we we we -- have been different it was never consideration. I want to get I want to -- 92 time -- I wanna ask about the tax considerations the loan guarantees the move from Maynard to Rhode Island also burn rates as well it's gonna open the phone lines like you talked to -- 6177790. At fifty talk remember. 8885250850. Curt Schilling with you next. Welcome back Dennis and Callahan on a free form Friday Curt Schilling in studio with us and cal and open the fault lines like you talked to -- if you so choose 6177790852. Or 3888525. Series repeat. -- loan guarantees curt did the the -- the loan guarantees from Rhode Island in anyway quench your thirst for seeking out venture cap monument. Credits now I mean that that was part of loan guarantee the 7570. Absolutely I mean I had put at that point about thirty million dollars in my own money into the company. And we were looking for that we were looking for investment and and when they approached us and talked about the steal I mean obviously. It was incredibly attractive because we would have the state is a partner who knew initially we have him as a partner. And and there are I mean this is one of the private venture -- of the world Boston New England area and California. An and in initially that looked like it would be a it's a huge boon because. We would have them on our corner and working with us and in and -- and ended it just never ever materialized I mean that the you know when we initially signed the deal. You know the DC borders is I think a twelve member board. And the governor can turn over half of support so we knew that that some of the board would be moving and out. -- which is why we we made sure up from when we when we signed the deal couple years ago. We told them you know they were in first position for all the debt in the senior positions or call. And we made it clear to them at some point we're gonna come back to business because you're not gonna have a there's no public from the world's gonna -- in order bastards points subordinate -- -- and that was a that was a very easy conversation -- actually and when we went back have a commerce -- last year. It muzzle on him and and them you know those hurdles we saw at the outset but we always envisioned being able to pass them I'm. I'd be golden -- what makes you go to Rhode Island they call you Buren -- everything's you're happy and everything's working out you have somebody seeking no one know we will it was a conversation that I had with. Governor cart series and and an event for the -- Brothers. We we were discussing and I was parked in my company and you're looking for for private funding and they were looking agreed to say and we mean it was a priorities in the we have in and we just rolled off of that -- -- and an apartment a couple of people on and it just it just came out and and we tried to put together a deal that would work. It would -- create jobs and be. Help the company with with pimples with just payroll and development -- them and that's where we ended up it's very specific was there a specific person or group of people in charge of burn rate and did they not do their job well. Well you know listen I IE IR made a lot of mistakes and and I think one of the mistakes is a company that we made. You -- there're there -- too. Approaches to this week first subtle than there were milestones that we had a meet to get the money to -- down on the money. They didn't wanna be in the business of software development so we didn't wanna titles milestones to the product achieving specific places because they didn't have expertise stop. So we did was we do the logical step was the -- them to job creation. In hindsight that was a big mistake because we ended up putting together a staff rampant -- -- ramping up far too fast. And basically. The money they were investing in the company. We weren't allowed to use as we need to use -- about we had to use of the creek and he jobs we got too big too fast and you know looking back on -- that was that was probably one on the mistakes. That was made -- from the outset and. As far as -- goes. Was it him Adam obviously was against it. So was it like vindication why did he want to him did -- do you think in a way was stand ups and see I told you so -- Did he and you can I mean I'm not make an abuse and second read over the last sixty -- is -- -- that I was the one of the challenging parts was again. This was our partner. Suppose your partner in and there was not you know our first game was a failure. This is not a this is these are his -- -- and -- -- We we we we had that story out Monday and in the same story where he says the games of failure of an analyst. Of the industry video game industry analyst saying it was a success. Electronic arts exit political doubt in rebuttal to his comment because these base in the points have enough reaction on the become an extra people understand that's not the truth. And and so it as an investor from looking at a potential partnership of this company. Bit bit this senior debtor which is the state and the biggest partner is is downplaying the partnership and downplaying the company two and a such a place that. I've got to be concerned about. Becoming partners without if you if you were publicly held company stopped -- -- Why what did it and get out of what it would have been something somebody coming I would imagine you would have been able take action against somebody saying something like that do you think he'll run on this is that is motivational this is an I told you so absolutely. I mean this is this is absolutely I've been here and accompaniment or so and you know just. That's okay. And Romo are so the full lines and give you an opportunity to a chat with virtually Gloria kicks off from east province take -- good morning. Good morning good morning everyone and good morning Kurt -- I'm I'm interested in finding out if your relationship with epic games. Is really where the intellectual property that the people for an unpaid for is going to end up being. And then now. Right Gloria I I don't have the answer to that when we filed chapter seven the -- that was appointed to oversee that is it is it's my understanding. That they are into total control over every asset that the company owns and controls and so all of the technology it was created and proprietary in Baltimore all of the IT and property is freedom -- now is in the -- the hands of atrocity. 22. To go out and try and -- to recover money for the state a French in Somerville Franken actual Curt Schilling. I -- I'm just curious about the time line you were you were talking about governor chasing making those comments on Monday that basically ruined everything made it -- -- I think it would really. You know. Help people take kind of being your record if you talk a little bit more about who we were meeting with on Tuesday. And and where this money was going to have come from you know if you're so close to us. Either getting that they don't tax credits or the big windfall. -- where was this money coming. You know what I do it is it's Apollo well known publisher. And I. I don't know that that it would be okay for me to mention their name. I would imagine if something were to happen and I went -- -- it would amounted. But it was a publisher and a one of the one of the probably 45 biggest publishers in the world not not the original probably was not electronic -- wasn't drizzle calls from the first game. I'm but it was who was one of -- 45 biggest publishers otherwise. And then when I'm curious to it -- -- from report that -- admit payroll before that you know he'd admit. Payroll and -- out there right so that was the comment was made on Monday the fourteenth I believe it from a from our mistake was money in fourteen -- -- that -- Four to the fifteenth and the following that that next morning we we we payroll was the fifteenth and we were in discussions -- that -- that that that policy deal had nothing to do with us in the making or not making payroll. That policy deal was a deal that would end up making the Baltimore studio in neutral bar we would cover the costs of Betsy the next three years. Which reduced the burn rate overall for the company. Beat beat beat beat payroll piece was all -- and I -- attachment to a tweet about a month part of mid April. We were in the final stage and processes of of finalizing and finishing in and we assume would be done within a week of June mid April. And then. We got the default letter. Which was another you know kind of a stunning incident we lead they knew a week before that bit that was we were not gonna be make we had a meeting. And we told them you don't pass despite. As a partner we we you know what we here's where we are. And we made a mistake we didn't specifically asked them to give us an extension. And we just assume based on a conversation that they under so we will be able to make this payment on the first. But in sometime in the next thirty to 45 days we should be comfortably able to make that is that when the check. Allegedly. No that was actually sold so what happened was the first came in Lance. And and the fourth which was a Friday of that that may play. We got a default. Which completely blind -- us. And the default order triggered a lot of other things we revenge immediately and eligible for tax credits and all of this other stuff. We were actually confused as to what we got it because again this is our partner. And we're trying to work together to make the company successful they had every right issue it in the amendment that we never argued that that we just. Assume based on the conversation that they had your best interest -- absolutely and so. Well we ended up having multiple discussions they came back and he came to the table and you know we have a litany females and where we made multiple agreements in different places they came back wanted to equity. They wanted other things in and a week we -- everything and we have an anger multiple times in the and the fraudulent checks -- and and and that was probably. That's should have been the final red light -- somebody is doing something very evil we're. And that whole story was. We had to make the -- and and they. And we have had a couple special meetings with the DC united told them that I couldn't they kept just say it ended for awhile ago that they were planning a -- in the believed I had money. And just was thinking in the company and -- I can't do that. And the next night will we did was we had an extra step up and off for the money based on the state giving tax and we -- -- -- -- the DC with a one point 25 million dollar check he announced we got paired -- -- does not have sufficient funds. When these certification is -- and all -- And the money that they have the Pirates horrible wired money -- count at that point it's -- will be covered we will give it to you. Date we literally had people on the phone we had council we have our our the buyer or seller and our our people on the phone. And -- it was it was it does this was the last thing we have to have the money and by the wire that Davis was mr. panic because now it was really been in -- give the money. And the person -- CBC hunt for a it's on the phone personal conversation and fifty it's motivation personally saying that we -- issued a fraudulent act. We never should never have to detect any but RC a folk came back to the company with a check in his hand. And told us exactly what it happened -- and that's that was just that was when it's certain standards are real and and and I started to realize that there was something. Not good going on that more than a few people didn't have your best -- absolutely an end and at that point now now it's a little bit of panic because now other batter. They're making comments and and statements about us that are that we we've had committed basically checked for and and that was not the -- and that story comes out and then it's that we you know we moved we default on the payment we traditional fraudulent check neither of we did -- with him a -- but everybody involved knew that that was going to. And we didn't issue anybody fraudulent check so now it's like. Do I say something publicly because -- one of the things that happened is I've been. You know on and probably quiet for for two months which is not how I made but it but. Short of being able to us to talk through things and I couldn't do this and sound bites and and columnist Susan and there were small what's going on in this was changing every thirty minutes and most importantly to me was my team and their families were being blind side it was something that was going to be a life changing things are -- hardworking -- -- Like changing will take me to my next question we gonna take a brief sum up the full one directly jam -- Joshua -- -- -- -- job to all the questions for commercially I don't know how this has changed your life will be respects. It's really. -- Callahan out on a free form Friday Curt Schilling in studio did you know Kurt. That. Loan guarantees tax credits and the economic assistance at all was just liberals -- aware that cousins is broke. And that's like an answer every time. -- hip hit the critical for a small government conservative. Take any economic assistance and we know and tell the story in the globe the other day front page of all the companies on the waterfront and how much. How much have taken -- loan guarantees tax -- whatever you know how much the city the state the government has invested in the and I assume they're all being run by liberals. It's conservatives aren't allowed to -- but. -- during the -- this is I don't know because I've heard that as much as anything about I mean being hypocritical I'm not sure where my. My -- stance. It in in an opinion in that we need a smaller government I don't know how the -- leads to this one. You know this this was. In -- one of the amazing things these tax credits that that which were for 2011. Were unclaimed tax credits when the new budgets passed that money is lost and no one had applied for. And and in in our honestly if you are looking at how packed film and tax credits worker and entertainment moment that's for its work. Generally it's it's me it's a transit company that come from out of state. Come and shoot a movie leave and go home and and the money that they will crew or require from the tax credits his money that he spent locally. From from a from a perspective you can. The argument if you don't like tax credits he liked the program that's a completely different argument I understand that and if you have a problem that. The program was there for local businesses to use an end in this sense we were a dream company to use them because we were local that money was literally coming out of the budget -- -- more -- going right back into the local economy our employees live general I don't spend the money -- and in 99% of the -- sort of money was for payroll and developments all that money was spent locally for rent and all the things that you do to to keep the company running Portland D'Brickashaw don't ask about your family in and in your life how has this entire experience changed the Schilling family. You you you while particular in the family in general. I don't know I really I mean it's not over yet I don't know I would imagine and -- The next foreseeable period of time -- going to be. -- but. And you know because and again and I and I see some of the techsters. From commenting. I I am not blameless here and I think -- -- -- a couple I absolutely am am. Part of the reason that this field reichel as the leader of this company. I carry as much as I hate this I have to I have to take it it's it's on me and but it's. You know I I sat down with with with my family and explained about a month ago. In in Adam. To them that. Thirty studios was probably going to fail and go bankrupt them that money that I urgency during baseball was probably all gone and and it was -- and that you know they -- -- -- and some things in school and and things like Appleby was. A conversation and mr. In an industry that we're not talking about a terminal illness or or somebody dying misses it it's it's but it's a life changing thing and you know it's not a conversation -- -- father. Anybody. But but I had to do Witten and explain to them that that this was. No part of growing up as being accountable in this was my decision to do this and in -- as real and no light would probably start in can be very different for us I don't know honestly. How it's different how it's gonna you know obviously. You know people or are saying things about me in about us. That that aren't flattering and you know for whatever that's worth that but you know life is going to -- what would you be back on ESPN. It's -- -- -- where you are right what we you know we haven't we have discussion -- and we mutually agreed that we would we would back off and and let this thing play itself fountain. So does the dagger in the vitriol surprise you now none and now no I mean down. The that the joy in the shut -- now because it's it's you know what news this is. This is I've I've heard some of -- four irons and from the comment in -- for that I've never ever been able to walk away from. I've always heard things. Yet I I am. You know it's it's painful. To hear people wish. And -- I mean I I I've been in a lot of situations in my Elarton. And then probably the the fifteen or sixteen years since I've I've become Christian I don't know that I've I've ever said -- somebody. I I dislike people problem -- he missed it's much energy hate that the amount of hatred. Is. Is is surprising. Given that did I've never -- my wife I've never driven drunk I've never taken drugs I've never done and it's steroids I've never. I've never done things that a lot of people have done. Doesn't mean I'm always -- worried by make mistakes everyday and I've done inserted on some stupid stuff in my life but I've never done a maliciously and never done with the world -- won ten. I believe I've always have a pretty good heart and tried to be good to people. And and it it's surprising to some extent but it. When you see how other people. Get. Put in and part of it is is the god given ability I was given put -- a place -- not -- people get through them and I've always. Been incredibly appreciative of the fact that I got to experience what I experience when I played baseball and and I thought I was doing something. Good incredibly good and and I created -- company and beat created for our jobs in the worst economy of our lifetime. For over five years and we were in my mind we're on our way to building you know -- literally a world changing company. And -- I made a comment one when rice founded the company. I wanted to take a shot at getting built its roots in a lot of people -- -- things about them at the outset and the -- wasn't the for the reason people think. It was because. To open up the sound is showing -- -- brought his research for a quarter billion dollars you have to. Make a lot of money and and and we've been impacted and affected by some many things like we've had the ability to be involved -- for over twenty years. We've had we have an artist Exxon. My wife is a cancer survivor. On those are three things that are immensely important to us and I I've. And we have tried to do and make sure that the world and to be in a better place and we -- at that was -- and this was one of the ways to do that absolutely we have a Philanthropic arm of a thirty studios in my employees. Had an amazing -- in and a lot of effort and again as a start applauding young kids in this company but they understood that. We were building something bigger with much bigger goals on purpose and and that was one of them sucked adjusted in Peabody Justin your next with Curt Schilling. -- -- -- -- I think. Our district or that would be 02. -- -- -- able to play our home but my -- quick question for a ball. I got a little bit worldwide. Game such that we won't -- you in -- lightly considering that we -- -- oracle. Why -- helped more than it I mean obviously you would've estimated fell flat. -- -- -- what is the outlook but today there are I don't completely finished in the -- available publisher relationship. How -- home. BA come out of the game make money -- and money and then what you get old paint on working with yet. So so EA funded of the development first came to the tune of about 35 million dollars I think it was. And EA is the way it's set up in the in the developer publisher world this is not specific BA is that there's generally something along the lines of a 60407030. Split in their favor. -- revenue. On the -- that that split is recovered immediately on top of them recouping their investment so literally. It if you have a 7030 split and they give you thirty million for your game a hundred million of the first hundred million goes to the developer. It's say the game is built the industry is set up so independent developers can no longer make big budget products and and so. You know EA as they should have got all of the money that came from reckoning -- would've -- if we had sold five million they probably would have gotten most of all of that as well and and we that -- we never. We never minced words around it would. Reckoning was our way to announce ourselves to the world and to bring in. Awareness for the intellectual property and to get our names and and and our our our ability out there and and and all those ways I think -- succeed. Olympic -- up that would get the blade in province Josh would go on a John -- questions for Curt Schilling will be -- acts. Sports Radio telling you guys. I -- -- the lineup for quite some time what's let's go by the people who -- the longest Blaine is in Providence, Rhode Island hello -- your next with Curt Schilling. Blame it. Blame blame is not there. It's Joshua Cambridge Joshua good morning. Good morning. Would go to Joshua I should. There okay. -- no big -- -- and here thank you and it's worth I throw the endorphins and and -- the world Terry is ironically a couple of big big return. At the minute Circuit Court. Question political views of and there's a small business loan burden. You know merit -- -- yeah. Well. I don't know I'm I'm not business and -- road -- very very small business as competitive as slightly larger than eliminated them. I and I just don't understand our. You wouldn't let a few million of your own money and company just and an eight game like a military and yeah. Sort of like -- and -- and how much it would I think you know. So for a boxing yet -- -- so EA invested 35 million on the development of the game that was being built in Baltimore so that was that was but. All pro right not to that changes anything but but but for the period of time that the game was to be enveloped it was it was speed the development -- for. By idea. By EA. On the state ended up and it was one of the season and it and notices this sounds whiny but it was a very relevant piece of this we initially went to Ireland that we were going to be. -- -- -- five million dollars. On the aisle and we actually got 49 million from the -- back 26 in reserve are -- to get -- so -- -- -- I don't have an exact dollar amount and quality of your -- and plus. My -- my sixty plus plus we had a small number of and it with the -- I'm probably about a hundred and in in the game and ball in in the province studio in the game and in problem. Now the governor said you weren't eligible for the tax credits because you weren't incorporated -- -- problem is that this was this was the fourth time. We had already been pre certified three separate times before -- received tax credits so that and I or -- -- -- let them. I know important right we we were domicile and headquartered in Rhode Island I mean what we didn't have an employer outside of province of our -- -- Maryland ball and the money was spent in Merrill and -- in Providence all of it. On -- that was the the one of the multiple times we've already done it before this and we've been pretty certain which means we submitted all the applications all stuff that we did. And in the film and tax commission entertainment commission came back in and was OK -- everything. And and we didn't not divulge any information hide anything. We did all the things -- supposed to -- yet again. You know that this was a vehicle for us to to help. Keep in the company going to get to the public event and it is it's something any business that qualifies for catfish shouldn't and it interstate -- them you should absolutely go out and he's on claim 2011 credits. No one had applied. Stuck to what John and ballot join us and Curt Schilling. -- -- that's a couple questions. Just up first -- They are -- that were silenced it'll that was a business partner in Australia and then -- one press piece that you can't beat up people to make the jump that would be hypocritical with -- You're outspoken -- you admittedly you've been Leo -- -- -- small government not getting involved private. Bernard -- I -- us and I never said that I never said and I didn't have a problem with small government getting in I don't have a brought any problems. With government helping -- ignores it doesn't it probably ought to -- -- What about what do you mean the auto belt do you agree with your -- very well. I don't know enough in detail about any of that stuff other than to know that if they're successful and it works great. -- -- Well you're not going to keep party line you're right -- like you're on air right are hundreds of times -- you believe in small left government the government shouldn't. Before you started this business government and -- small business or large business shouldn't it shouldn't help one another -- Don't know -- not knowing what a joke -- and brought all of us not only rely on what you're lying you're lying he does. You line. Call -- second. -- or jump on the -- hold so we can have a conversation I'm not hang up on you all get your back on the year on hold because you're talking over there but if you're gonna -- gonna call me -- record please do that's fine I -- and if you disagree with being too hard to me that's fine -- Do not put words in my mouth and make me say things I didn't set. I am for smaller government always have been smaller government. It but your your making comments that I made that I didn't make. But that's because. Put your back pocket your fast talker and that's been incredibly governor Casey is certainly more -- yourself. Shot Johnny just I didn't blame yourself an -- if -- attention. And why did. Why did Rhode Island hand over -- in the 49 million to get -- to move there with 400 employees. Is that that difficult to congress and so I'm pretty sure -- -- GM you know it didn't move somewhere and take their business and -- -- tax base. The somewhere else every city does every city every statement I have an economic development office. I don't I don't know if they do or not but we you know when we were talking about you know one -- the other. Falsehoods around this was that. Massachusetts walked away from us we were never in in we never got in we had one conversation with people in the state of Massachusetts and it wasn't about anything specific there was no. I'm bartering back and -- -- your multiple conversations we had initial discussion looking at what the state. Did offer four or what I offer was indeed in the interest in offering. The help small business it was never a point specific conversation -- amounts -- studio lobbed a bit. It never went past that initial conversation in the conscious -- -- from the fortune magazine in now which allies fortune magazine says. Schilling. Has been an outspoken conservative loudly loudly endorsing limited government but he basically begged Massachusetts for subsidies. And when that failed -- massive loan guarantee. Far from -- island -- in terms they've gotten us to produce an old. And and again that's that's another reason why -- been as quiet as I've ban means that there's just no bench or much misinformation and and and you know you just heard him say that. I absolutely am to blame for -- bit of I I actually bear responsibility a lot of responsibility. For the company fail and end. I don't know how many of ways I can say that. And and in all honesty the state was our partner there was there was they have every incentive and every reason for us. 22 wanna be successful right big that we were asking them to give us another loan. We were taking advantage of the things that -- mechanisms they put in place to help businesses succeed. We didn't ask him for another Baylor and now I'm not sure how many ways since. We're up against -- top of the -- do you stick for one more segment or -- ago. I'm Eric okay our 3-D NC commercial on where your own battles yet but -- Red Sox to -- -- Full lines continue to be Jim talked to Donna in New Hampshire on your next. On my -- yeah I I'm here. And it. I don't forget my question I just aren't they thank you court staying beyond the 8 o'clock Al a year ago on holed a forty -- so I'm late -- work out or makes it worthwhile to -- That wanted to thank you cut your contributions and bring in the world period to spot in my skin is. You mentioned that you put it in million dollars and that's not your own aren't into the average fan like me that should we -- they are at the drop in the bucket but you feel personally obligated to -- some of the employees that we. Or heard in the news reports are no looting their home. And whatnot. Yeah are still personally. Obligated to everything I mean I I don't know how lost the put this amendment and this has been a devastating thing for for families. No one of the things that that we did when we move the company was down. We entered into to a business deal with a company to to handle the move we spent about 3.2 million dollars moving problems about a 160 families. We we worked with a company to assume the mortgages of the homes of the people were moving from. They closing on that sale and -- closing on the new one and and and reimburse them for up to 25000 dollar loss of home. But why it was one of the things we had to do that had to do that well because it it was a it was about the team it didn't matter if we move the company had money in the people didn't come with us in the team wasn't going to be there. The is that it was always my understanding -- when we entered into this deal that the big the company would assume the mortgages and paid week in and we would pay them for mortgages and told how salt. And we I think we did it for almost a hundred homes and at the when we went when we -- -- seven there were seven Stanley still in the -- in the process. And and the those people are being now called on to the two mortgages and they can't do this to be financially devastating. For those families and so were you know again once the once of the bankruptcy of filed it was up to the it's up to the -- To try and make that right and so my hope my hope is that that will be one of the senior priorities for for anything that happens from a monetary percent of those employees will be me at all. In addition to the wages that were paid at the end and that's. And obviously I feel. I don't know in in a way to put it I mean I'm devastated that they had that anybody has some thoughts -- so. Is this gaming industry which -- to understand if you said we pay you 90000 dollars over the average salary cap and the BB you've got to get to Rhode Island yourself. Knew that they do that they would become well as an option I never even consider that as an option because. Again this was about if we're not gonna overpay you there's things we have to do from a health -- perspective we have the best. As good health care as any company in the world we took care because again this was not. This one of the things I learned when I played baseball was that that when my wife and kids were healthy and happy and things for good. Bend it bend. Life was good and end the game was fun and in that wasn't -- there's no Corley sensitive to my paycheck and I know that sounds very. I don't know bill -- because I was always making obscene amounts of money to play baseball. But I assume that carries no matter how much are making it to -- helping your kids are healthy and happy Phillips then you're done like this getting your -- incredibly productive person that work and so we tried to make sure. That everything was taking care for the employees and their families so when it came to work they could be the creative people we hired to get. And and that that again that this collapse as fast as it did. And why inserted the employees the way it did his views is one the most devastating piece is the odd jobs at New Hampshire your natural Curt Schilling the morning Jim. -- Into sure I recuperate and to promote the sport. Waited a long term -- and that was it. It was all the way to. That action and -- -- a little problem with well I'm here today. It turned referring to it will island and your partner. You know the end of the day. I don't think that they wish stockholders I don't think they would have benefited. From across the -- Oh no that's incorrect accident without. They they would did did the way that did did -- everything was structured that that. When the company was selling -- that when -- -- one out and and we -- money they were going to be beneficiaries of us being successful absolutely. Are there yes absolutely absolutely. Yes. Perry it's early I think I get so there is that they could -- the part that I. That you talk. Actually in order to. Players such credits. In the date. The tax money -- taxpayer is a lot. Into your pocket. The fact that I actually feel like. That is what their government. Right no -- it was my understanding that the money was budgeted and and allocated. And -- I am I I'm not thoroughly. I'm not sure that I am that I'm I'm doing it justice but it was budget minority allocated. And if if the budget the 2012 -- gone through those that those that that would have them talks but but might I guess my meager point was that. It was money sitting up there for businesses RI businesses to use that nobody had claimed. And so we didn't push somebody out of the way or deny anybody else receiving big capital to end and again that I think one of the bigger things was. Wheeled world local company those tax credits weren't going to be put into the pockets -- going to another state to spend all the money was being put right back into the Rhode Island economy with the stock. Was an incredibly beneficial thing for -- for -- and -- kind of a rarity. And and is allowed to but nor would not be your fiduciary duty to claim -- trouble -- company is what happens -- it's it's not the Allison. The the bond deal the tax credits any entrepreneur or any business or the would've had access to doing those things that would have done the same thing might -- report my connection -- Mike. Might. Have -- whole problem here with his question was. Policy. Christine is in Rhode Island Christine good morning your broker. I like -- -- don't. -- continent and sure thing I'm not gonna do it thank you held them for what I'm going to do thank for coming out I was speaking about the and I just want to explain something really quickly which you have to understand here on the is RI was one of the hardest hit eight -- the economic crushed. Our model -- -- That's what we -- and you know. On the blame game has got stopped the 01. You can't blame our island -- -- it's the taxpayer at first and he's itself -- and that you don't know what he's really. -- okay -- -- RBI know they should be the Sudanese gently at all I want you don't knock it a little hill not gonna scream -- computer and -- Who am ill. In. The end a lot of -- -- explains all white dot what are we gonna hear it and we want you know Burton to -- We -- Il as Curt Schilling all. We got out. And and oh yeah you're absolutely. And where it's coming from try to kill. A hill but I hope you'll. No I endless -- you know now I understand and and man and I understand the animosity as well. Know the challenge for me is Andy you're right it did the hard thing to say. Is is it for me is is that bit there's a blame part of this failed in the as the reasons that field and there are people fall and and I am one of those people and so when I say the state of our island it's sounds like I'm falling off of the guilt and blame bit bit. You know part of this is it. If you remember. After after governor -- he went into office. He came by the studio and end and he had made a public comment that you know he was against the deal before he got elected but now that he was in the office he was gonna do everything you do to help this company succeed. And that absolutely unequivocally never ever happened in any possible way and and and that's not that's not the sole reason this company failed it's not been -- again -- I can say I'll keep repeating it. I was by you know I'm responsible for a spot or obsolete part of this it's just. It's it's it's crossing in devastating that it has to have seen it fallen -- exactly the way it did after five years of building. How many how many copies of the game sold. As of about among the NAFTA goes about one point three little over one point I'm looking a quote from chief -- called it flop yeah. And there's -- an analyst of the industry who said just the up this when he did you know access. I -- I know you're you're getting killed here call isn't and textures but I I just have a question for them. Why would -- called a flop why would you say it failed. The commitment you know -- -- one wanting it to fail he was happy that it failed he's happy that you failed. He's a politician to the -- this is a big. Political victory. Yeah I mean I I don't know I don't know how to aggressive and it is there there was there was a lot of situations where it stinky could've. Help us succeed in and probably the one thing at the end it that I and I said this earlier. That people don't understand is we have an investor at the end. That would right east fifteen to twenty million dollar check hold the state. Hold the governor he would rate this -- is his -- of the state was two b.s in senior position for the -- After the state issued the six million dollars and -- the clean up the mess that we had gotten -- to -- report me if they had that happen. He would come in and save the company. -- governor said -- nothing -- he was. We get calls wanna talk about the red sock yes I played I don't you don't watch each and every game but one that the you know her come back negative -- second timeout talk little reds have -- virtually next. It's really. Guys. It doesn't Callahan Curt Schilling remains in studio with us on -- on WG I FM 93 point seven points talked to -- our pal Brandon from East Hampton New York hello Brandon -- morning. Important victory -- -- call but it. Abduct does start -- but interpreting -- the Red Sox dirt to I've got to kind of separate questions. For -- number one not they've been busy doing business and everything that you had a chance to what the Red Sox yes that that you. And have you seen anything like that Jon Lester Josh Bard that maybe you saw that they need to change -- Fingertips and offered no reason they're not have been such a great year this year. And the second question is how many more can you -- Polamalu completely -- -- It will I think the thing with John is that -- -- there's that final step to take it doesn't taken and that is his fastball command. That did everything every pitcher whether it's Jamie Moyer Stephen Strasburg. Success is dependent on fastball command. And he is just not been able to make that final step and command the fastball to both sides of the plate I mean. Stuff wise he's as good as anybody in the game physically you there's nothing not to like a bottom. Park head everything but he he hasn't. Finished. It hasn't completed himself and and if he finds a way. Two to harness fastball command both sides of the plate and the upsides through the roof and ended just I'd expect -- that happened for us and hasn't. Do you look at just -- at the way we do like -- your eyes and sent this to mean when he in the the various things in the schools back to the playing golf with the you know after -- it was the last lap yeah -- You know blowing off the media that. Those same you know what I do in my off days mild day do you think he likes it here and do you think if he were to get traded Woody agreed it would -- of Clinton and five -- I think I don't know I mean that's a lot that's a lot of hypotheticals -- agreed it -- I don't know -- -- mean clearly his wife and his child our our our. -- his driving -- -- priority I don't know what that means I mean do they wanna play somewhere else does he wanna play somewhere I don't know wiping. He has some guys on this team he -- -- talk -- him in a long time and I don't know what his mindset is. You know when he's he's been right he's thrown the crap out of the ball. You know it's just get in that thirty to 35 starts and has been -- -- What do you make of David Ortiz standing up yesterday when the team was going very very well and and for a second or third in a -- dealing with the toxic in the tension questions about the clubhouse. And and and when you watch him and when you'll slump didn't really sound that nobody liked like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you said the opposite of what he said the day before in game four was this clubhouse is great everything's wonderful right. And then he said it's turned into a weekly poll -- used to be the next day yeah. Well I mean listen. That's always easy to do here 'cause in some segments in some places it's always right I mean that the media is a pain in the passenger and it's something that exists here that doesn't exist everywhere else and there are enough bad people in the media here for a -- Take couldn be relevant I mean any city with Felger and Shaughnessy -- you -- absolutely convinced by the media so. You know I mean did it it's just it's. It's a way to and David's OK with with taken heat and and and so I think it was more a matter of listen if you guys gonna bitch and gripe and make up stories about this that we have a thing could just you know here here's one for Bremen. Did get some people stop asking other people questions to look -- and shelves for your next with Curt Schilling pick Christen. Good morning one. Patrick I just wanted to say. From another look -- what I'm I'm a woman that's been in business for over thirty years up and down from the small business owner. And the only update I will not working into an island got. A worked. -- with a couple of good advice about three years ago and yeah you know I'm I'm I'm kidding no don't realize. How difficult it is fun to go into RI to work at. It's it's just it's different and I just wanted to thank god I got tired of listening to people -- -- Appreciate that and it again I presume but I also understand the anger and an end of the anger though when you when you sit around. It's of as much about if not more so about the misinformation people believed to be true rather than the actual starts without that we do some basic arithmetic here because they -- 23 -- 23 callers to keep saying where did the money go -- were all the money went and put fifty million dollars and he sold all these you just explain that right. -- -- -- -- noble assume that it that we use the most hypothetical business these -- can -- -- -- that every game of reckoning that sold for sixty box yes we got a 100% of that money right which we got none of it but but anyway that that one -- there's about seventy to 7570. Million dollars from the -- play that's -- get -- that actually -- that -- that again generally public generally the -- -- that did the developer will get about thirty to 35 dollars a game as opposed to the sixty. A bomb that that money was CAA's all of that money was the case of so thirties who has never saw any of that and sales of that product. I put in about fifty. The state put in another 49 and I had probably between five and ten million dollars from trying to worth investors and that's a 110 million dollars every penny of that -- into the deep payroll and development of the products the game. Building up the building all the things that went in to making the business go and moving growth. All of a pretty basic. Yeah well. To an end and you have said that the companies and honored I mean OK so this is -- -- -- people wanna what's the legal or illegal ram for so here's the follow. Here's what from from inception we have repeat ABC price -- Cooper as our auditor which is not a common thing. It's very expensive and and is a start -- generally don't put that kind of money but we always want it to make sure when we sat in front of an investor and you sit in front of sophisticated investors. That they don't -- they don't wanna they don't need to bring in an independent auto or two -- you wanted to have a triple a five star independent -- BC is one of those. From inception we always have one. About a month and a half two months ago -- governor Chafee demanded an independent audit which under the bonnet and -- there a lot to do once a year. The auditor Kaman and then they had a bit that the results of that -- they -- the likes of -- to third and that's when he started to hear conversations around. Working with the state police and bringing in fresh and mean that was where I started to realize that people can say anything they want. In imply anything they want. It's for for no reason. Because the auditor there independent daughter went back and said there's four problems the first is that he's invest every penny that he said yes. He's guaranteed the -- said he said he has the company he has never taken a penny from the company ever. And the companies spend the money exactly how they said they are going to spend in the bond document. And they were so unhappy at the results they ordered a thirty independent audit and when the same one came back it was the fourth. And and it's almost like they're they're trying so hard to find something that they're going to find something to something upon I never did any. Being a legal and again I never took -- I didn't get rich from this company M I actually did the -- In the end that was that was you know about when -- -- he's asserted it was an incredibly uncomfortable -- And and I think what and and where from a lot of Malone -- -- and doors are. In can sympathize with because a lot of people who have taken a chance and you know wrist at all lost at all. -- and it is still need him I mean -- we still only gone to -- is still only people out of who take chances out there and a lot of your your from a lot from -- and made a fall in my dream I'm broke the panel I sympathize. But. You know what do you do now we do now I know you'll be bet you going to be back and his guys. -- -- and hopes -- I again I've thoroughly. My my faith has got me through you know I I was amazing. IE IOR did a lot of praying during this initially was to. I was praying for this company to -- save these people's jobs it's in the future of the company to be there and eventually got to the point. Where I just wanted. Got some -- the past whatever whatever it is I needed to and does the stress was was I'd never been through anything like the former life and I wouldn't wish this on anybody in the and the employees and that's what they had to endure I just wanted. I wanted to pass in the end I wanted him to give ministering to keep my head up and walk and that's what I'm doing right now it's literally day today and wake him up and I don't know what morals and bring in so in on coaching -- softball travel team on quotes and wanna Garrett teams and and trying to him to be as strong as I can be my wife my -- -- are -- more like Terry Francona player's manager Bobby Valentine. Whatever he has. Minutes. It's awful I won't you know what it's. I meant it incredibly pivotal time in the boys' lives at sixteen to eighteen years old -- On it to me it's as much about. Teaching them to be men and and to be leaders as it is of the propaganda based on available -- lesson yes and it is it is in in in days you know there and the kids are incredibly respectful from -- my son being on the team and that's a little twist and I'm incredibly proud of the way he carries himself. A lot of talent to kids in midfield and my daughter who is fourteen playing on an -- team travel team. As an exceptional athlete and she's she's going to be a four year varsity player and also go to college and play in Pittston. Incredibly proud of both of them but that's that's where a lot of -- and there's times can soap opera now which I -- I'm grateful for. Well thanks for taking some time out to spend an hour and a half with us today thinking entered a lot of questions -- you -- -- clearly concisely as I think you possibly could not everybody heard -- understood were gathered when he keeps saying where's all the money you know where the money. Went at this point Curt -- thanks for the -- pinnacle for thank you Curt Schilling with Dennis and Callahan.

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