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Curt Schilling: Invested more than $50 million and haven't seen any of it - Part 5

Jun 22, 2012|

Segment #5 - Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling came on D and C to publicly address his failed video game venture and respond to fans and critics alike. Schilling addressed who he thinks is to blame, how everything went down from his point of view, to seperate fact from fiction and whether or not he is a hypocrite who has gone against his conservative views.

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Our 3-D NC. One lucky option better today and his guest at the total of two golfers will join Boomer Esiason next Tuesday June 26 it's got a -- DC -- -- an oversized and for great day of golf to benefit children's charities the winning bidder. Bitter and the guest to golfers will -- -- all day long breakfast lunch dinner. Complimentary beverages and cigars 200 dollar give credit in the tailor made a -- to shop reset up the tournament there as well. A bit line is 6179311856. Point 79311850. Were 500 dollars into a lot better than that. Before -- we get off the year at 10 o'clock artful lines continue to be -- -- talked to Donna in New Hampshire on your next. -- I want my -- here I I'm here. And done. I don't forget my question I just aren't they thank you are staying beyond the 8 o'clock hour here a bit on hold a forty minutes so I'm late for work now that makes it worthwhile to go. I want to thank you -- contributions can bring in the World Series to spot in my question is. You mentioned that you put it in million dollars and that's not your own aren't into the average fan like me -- we -- they are just a drop in the bucket. You feel personally obligated to -- some of the employees that we are heard in the news reports are no looting their -- And whatnot. The are still personally. Obligated everything I mean I I don't know how -- put this amendment and this has been a devastating thing for for families. No one of the things that that we did when we move the company was Saddam. We entered into to a business deal with a company to to handle the move we spent about 3.2 million dollars moving -- about a 160 families. We we work with a company to assume the mortgages of the homes of the people or moving from. -- closing on that sale and pay closing on the new one and and and reimburse them for up to 25000 dollar loss of their home. But why it was one of the things we had to do that had to do that well because it it was a it was about the team it didn't matter if we move the company had money in the people didn't come with us and the team wasn't going to be there. These it was always my understanding the when meandered into this deal this big big the company would assume the mortgages and eight week in and we would -- them from mortgages and until -- salt. And we I think we did it for almost a hundred homes and at the when we went when we -- number seven there were seven family still in the Q in the process. And and the those people are being now called on to pay two mortgages they can't do this to be financially devastating. For those families and so were I you know again once the once of the bankruptcy of filed it was up to the it's up to the trustee. To try and make that right and so my hope my hope is that that will be one of the senior priorities for for anything that happens from a monetary percent of those employees will be me at all. In addition to the wages that were paid at the end and that's. And obviously I feel. I don't know in -- way to put it I mean I'm devastated that that that anybody has and that's and so is this gaming industry which -- to understand if you said -- gonna pay you 90000 dollars over the average salary happens to be that you got to get to Rhode Island yourself. Knew that they do that it would become well as an option I never even consider that as an option because. Again this was about if we're not overpay you there's things we have to do from health care perspective we have the best. As good health care as any company in the world we took care because again this was not. This one of the things I learned when I played baseball was that that when my wife and kids were healthy and happy and things were good. Then it then. Life was good in and the game was fun and and that wasn't -- there's no Corley sensitive to my paycheck and I know that sounds very. I don't know -- because I was always making obscene amounts of money to play baseball. But I assume that carries no matter how much are making a pure -- helping your kids are healthy and happy -- less -- -- -- like this getting your -- incredibly productive person network and so we tried to make sure. That everything was taken care for the employees and their families so when they came to work they could be decreed of people we hired begat. And and that that again that this collapse as fast as it did. And blanks started the employees the way it did his views is one of the most devastating pieces it's a judge in New Hampshire your natural Curt Schilling good morning Jim. I. Into interest. Our current Peru and 2004. A little long term program that was. It was well Floyd. But that sure. I've got a little problem with welcome here today. -- referring to. It will and your partner. You know the end of the day. I don't think that they wish stockholders I don't think they would have benefited. From a profit -- Oh no that's incorrect accident -- They they did did the way that did the everything was structured that bit. When the company's. Who was selling skewed that when the imam went out and and we made money they were going to be better features of what's being successful absolutely. Or -- there yes absolutely absolutely. Yes. -- -- I get sent to clarify that they could do the part that I that you talk well. Actually in order to walk -- -- the -- credits. That date back. The tax money out of taxpayer -- a lot pitched into your pocket. The fact that I actually feel like. That is what -- government. Right no I it was my understanding that the money was budgeted and and outdated. And and I'm I'm I'm not thoroughly. I'm not sure that I -- that I'm I'm doing it justice but it was budget minority allocated. And if if the budget the 2012 budget had gone through those that those that that would have been lost but but might I guess my meager point was that. It was money sitting up there for businesses Rhode Island businesses to use that nobody had claimed. And so we didn't push somebody out of the way or deny anybody else receiving big capital to an end again that I think when the bigger things was. We'll the world local company those tax credits weren't going to be put into the pockets -- employs going to another state to spend all the money was being put right back into the Rhode Island economy with the stock. Was an incredibly beneficial thing for that for -- and a kind of a rarity. And and as an -- but nor would not be your fiduciary duty to claim that's trouble maker company is what happens is it's it's announced that Allison. The the bond deal the tax credits that any entrepreneur or any business or the -- had access to doing those things that would have done the same thing might sit Newbury port my connects -- Mike. Mike. The -- on -- problem here with his question was. Policy. Christine is in Rhode Island Christine good morning your broker. I like her I don't. Think content in different thing I'm not gonna do it thank you held them for what I'm going to do thank you coming out finally speaking about. Com. And I want to explain something really quickly what you have to understand here on the animosity. Is there were violent one of the hardest hit state with the economic crush you know our model is -- that's what we shall and you know. On the blame game has got to stop global one. We can't blame you can't blame our island -- yeah it's the taxpayer that -- and he's itself -- and that you -- know -- really. That OK and be quiet now they should be. These student should be able what I want you got a little hill not gonna scream it'll computer and being. -- -- -- -- If you the end a lot -- exchange all right got what are we gonna -- that legal eagle no burden to bear. The week you'll get Curt Schilling eat all we got out. I and ample and yet you're absolutely. And where it's coming from little try to kill. -- -- I hope you'll. No I analysts don't know -- now I understand and and man I understand the animosity as well. Know the challenge for me is Andy you're right it did the hard thing to say. Is is it for me is is that -- that there's a blame part of this fail than the as the reasons it failed and there are people fall and and I am one of those people and so when I say the state of -- it's sounds like I'm ponting off the of the guilt and blame -- bit. Part of this is it. If you remember. After after governor Chafee went into office. He came by the studio and and and he had made a public comment that you know he was against the deal before he got elected but now that he was in the office he was gonna do everything to do to help this company succeed. And that absolutely unequivocally never ever happened in any possible way and and and that's not that's not the sole reason this company failed it's not -- -- again -- I can say I'll keep repeating it. I was by you know I'm responsible source apart obsolete part of this is just. It's it's it's crossing -- devastating that it is who have seen it fall and fail exactly the way you did after five years of buildings. How many how many copies of the game sold. As of about a month and apple goes about one point three global one point I'm looking a quote from chief purity called it flop yet. And there's -- an analyst of the industry who said Tuesday up this when he did you know access. I and I know you're you're getting killed here and call isn't and textures but I I just have a question for them. Why would Chafee called a flop why would he say it failed. You know and you know he's one wanting it to fail he was happy that it failed he's happy that you failed. He's a politician to the core this is a big political victory. Mean I I don't know I don't know how to when you sit there and it is there there was there was a lot of situations where I think he could've. Help us succeed and and probably the one thing at the end it that I and I said this earlier. That people understand is that we have an investor at the end. That would write east fifteen to twenty million dollar check hold the state. Hold the governor he would write this check his his -- of the state was to be in senior position for the debt. After the state issued the six million dollars -- -- the clean up the mess that we had gotten into -- -- if they had that happened. He would come in and save the company. Annika governor said -- nothing -- he was. We get calls who wanna talk about the red sock guests please don't you don't watch each and every game what you wanna do that the you know her comeback triggered bloody -- -- -- -- local residents took virtually next.

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