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Curt Schilling: Invested more than $50 million and haven't seen any of it - Part 4

Jun 22, 2012|

Segment #4 - Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling came on D and C to publicly address his failed video game venture and respond to fans and critics alike. Schilling addressed who he thinks is to blame, how everything went down from his point of view, to seperate fact from fiction and whether or not he is a hypocrite who has gone against his conservative views.

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I -- of the lineup for quite some time what's let's go by the people who way to the longest Blaine is in Providence, Rhode Island hello blank you're next with Curt Schilling. Blame it. Blaine Blaine is not there. It's Joshua Cambridge Joshua good morning. Good morning. -- -- -- -- They're out there. I don't I heard a -- Bret -- and here thank you. I did what they had actually endorphins and and in the world has ever collaborate on the big big picture and and the budget -- a question -- a little -- -- arm. And managers -- business -- the burden. You know I'm that it is as sharp as normal work. I don't know I'm I'm not business and -- -- this very very small business and visited a slightly larger than -- Lebanon and I -- -- former -- -- UN that you two million of your own money and company yes and an eight game like a military -- little. Sort of like ER and -- and publisher writing you know. So although it's -- -- -- also EA invested 35 million on the development of the game that was being built in Baltimore so that was that was but low right not to that changes anything but but but for the period of time that argument to be enveloped it was it was speed the development aid for. By idea. By EA. On the state ended up in it was one of the season and it and notices this sounds whiny but it was a very relevant piece of this we initially went to Ireland that we were going to be. Issued 75 million dollars. On the -- and we actually got 49 million from the -- back 26 in reserve are needed to get out so Lipitor. I don't have an exact dorm companies are OK -- my -- -- MySpace MySpace plus plus we had a small number of and with investors. I'm probably about a hundred and in in the game and ball in in the province studio in the game and in province. Now the governor said you weren't eligible for the tax credits because you weren't incorporated -- Rhode Island -- problem is that this was this was the fourth time. We had already been pre certified three separate times before this and received tax credits so that and I were registered and run I'll win. Right no Oprah and right we we were domicile and headquarters in Rhode Island I mean what we didn't have an employer outside of province are or how are -- in Maryland ball and that money was spent in Merrill and -- in Providence all of it. But that was the the one of the multiple times we have already done it before this and we'd been -- which means we submitted all the applications all stuff that we did. And in the film attacks commission and -- him a commission came back in and was OK -- everything. And and we didn't not divulge any information or hide anything. We did all the things legally supposed added yet again. You know that this was a vehicle for us to to help. Keep that the company going to get to the public event and it is it's something any business that qualifies for outreach shouldn't and interstate ask them you should absolutely go after these unclaimed 2011 credits. No one had applied. Stuck to what John and ballot join us and Curt Schilling. -- term on ask a couple questions. Just up first person. They -- that -- I was able that was a business partner in Australia and then of one breast piece that you can't beat up people can make that jump that would be hypocritical with Europe. -- spoken and you admittedly you admittedly outspoken sought small government getting involved private. Bernard I can't hold us and I never said that I never said and I didn't have a problem with small government getting in I don't have a -- any problems. With the government helping -- ignores it doesn't it probably are built here. What about what do you mean the auto belt that you agree with -- real well. I don't know enough in detail about any of that stuff other than to know that if they're successful and it works great. -- -- -- -- not going to keep party line you're right -- like you're on air right are hundreds of times saying you believe in small less government the government shouldn't. Before you started the business government and armed small business large business shouldn't that should help one another -- Don't know -- -- and I can't tell you -- -- all of us you're not only relying or -- lying you're lying he does. You line. -- call a second yet what god or jump on the John hold so we can have a conversation a -- up on you all get -- back on the -- on hold because you're talking over everybody you're gonna if -- gonna call me up record please do that's fine I edit and if you disagree with being too hard to me that's fine. Do not put words in in my mouth and make me say things I didn't say. I am for smaller government always have been for smaller government. It but your your making comments that I made that I didn't make. -- that because. There -- a popular fast talker and that and incredibly governor Chafee is certainly more -- help -- the. Shot Johnnie can I didn't blame yourself an hour it to paid attention. And why did. Why did Rhode Island hand over -- in the 49 million to get you to move there with 400 employees. Is that that typical the congress and so I'm pretty sure you know GM -- it didn't move somewhere and take their business and that the tax base. The somewhere else every said he does every city every statement -- economic development office. I don't I don't know if they do or not that we you know when we were talking about you know one -- the other. Falsehoods around this was that. Massachusetts walked away from us we were never in in we never got in we had one conversation with people in the state of Massachusetts and it wasn't about anything specific there was no. Bartering back and -- -- your multiple conversations we had initial discussion looking at what the state. Did offer four or what I offer was in the in the interest in offering. To help small business it was never a point specific conversation make him council studio lobbed a bit. It never went past that initial conversation in the conscious Ryland. It's from the fortune magazine in mount allies fortune magazine -- says. Chilling. Has been an outspoken conservative loudly loudly endorsing limited government but he basically begged Massachusetts for subsidies. And when that failed took a massive loan guarantee. -- from -- -- mountains -- they now choose to produce an old. And and again it's. That's another reason -- men as quiet as I mean that there's just no there shall much misinformation and and and you know you just heard him say that. I absolutely am to blame for their IRA affluent better responsibly a lot of responsibility. For the company fail and end. I don't know how many of ways I can say that. And and in all honesty the state was our partner there was there was they have every incentive and every reason for us. 22 wanna be successful right big that we are asking them to give us another loan. We were taking advantage of the things that -- mechanisms they put in place to help businesses succeed. We didn't ask him for another bill on her hand out -- -- -- -- and say we're up against -- top of the -- can you stick for one more segment or -- ago. I'm okay. Our 3-D NC -- on -- your -- models yet but -- Red Sox to.

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