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Curt Schilling: Invested more than $50 million and haven't seen any of it - Part 3

Jun 22, 2012|

Segment #3 - Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling came on D and C to publicly address his failed video game venture and respond to fans and critics alike. Schilling addressed who he thinks is to blame, how everything went down from his point of view, to seperate fact from fiction and whether or not he is a hypocrite who has gone against his conservative views.

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Edison Callahan out on a free form Friday Curt Schilling in studio. I mentioned this indication -- the first time through have a great auction item for you a one lucky auction bitter today and his -- that be a total two golfers. Would join DCU for kids and Boomer Esiason for great day of golf this takes place next Tuesday. June 26 at sky medal. It's gonna benefit a number children's charities. The winning bidder and his guest will golf with boomer the entire day. Golfers who enjoy breakfast lunch dinner complimentary beverages and cigar teach golf forget that fantastic gift bag plus every -- -- It's a 200 dollar gift card to shop the animated beat -- shop that we set up but the tournament. A bit lines opened 6179311856179311850. Next Tuesday June 26 two of you can golf. With numerous -- did you know -- That. Loan guarantees tax credits and the economic assistance at all was just liberals we aware that consumes is broke. And that's what I gonna answer every time. Ode to hip hypocritical for a small government conservative. Take any economic assistance and we know and tell the story in the globe the other day front page of all the companies on the waterfront and how much. How much have taken loan guarantees tax credits whatever you know how much the CD the state the government has invested in the and I assume they're all being run by liberals. It's conservatives aren't allowed to pay well. Listen -- and it -- this is I don't know because I've heard that as much as anything about I mean being hypocritical I'm not sure where my. My a stance. It in in in opinion in that we need a smaller government I don't know how the -- leads to deaths when. You know this this was. In -- one of the amazing things these tax credits that that which were for 2011. Were unclaimed tax credits when the new budgets passed that money is lost and no one had applied for. And and in in our honestly if you are looking at how to -- on tax credits worker and entertainment film and actually its work. Generally it's it's -- it's a transit companies that come from out of state. Come and shoot a movie leave and go home and and the money that they will -- or require from the tax credits is money that he spent locally. From from a from a priest if you can make the argument if you like tax credits he liked the program that's a completely different argument I understand that ended you have a problem that. The program was there for local businesses to use an -- in this sense we were a dream company to use them because we were local that money was literally coming out of the budget into our company going right back into the local economy our employees live and Rhode Island spend the money and rademan. In 99% of tax credit money was for payroll and developments all that money was spent locally for rent and all the things that you do to to keep the company running Portland D'Brickashaw don't ask you about your family and and and your life how has this entire experience. Changed the chilling family. You you you -- particular in the -- in general. I don't know I really I mean it's not over yet I don't know I would imagine that -- The next foreseeable period of time analyzes going to be. -- but. And you know because and again and I and I see some -- -- techsters. From commenting. I I am not blameless here and I think it's a couple I absolutely am am. Part of the reason that this -- actual as the leader of this company. I carry as much as I hate this that have to that have to take it it's it's on me and but it's. You know I I sat down with with with my family and explained about a month ago. In in. Through them that. The thirty studios was probably going to fail and go bankrupt them that money that I currency during baseball was. Probably all gone and that it was my fault and that you know they -- -- and things and school and and things like -- -- -- was. A conversation and mr. And industry that we're not talking about -- -- a terminal illness or or somebody dying -- -- -- but it's a life changing thing and you know it's our conversation at trinity father. Or anybody. But but I had to do Witten and explain to them that that this was. No part of growing up as being accountable on this was my decision to do this and in that I -- and no -- would probably start in can be very different for -- I don't know honestly. How it's different how it's gonna you know obviously. You know people or are saying things about me in about us. That that aren't flattering and you know for whatever that's worth it but you know life is going to do what would you be back on ESPN. It's -- -- went where you are right what we you know we haven't we have discussion and and we mutually agreed that we would we would back off and in but this thing play itself fountain. So does the anger the vitriol surprise you now -- no no I mean. The that the joy in the -- for now because it's it's you know what news this is. This is I've I've heard some of this before and from the comment -- know for that I've never ever been able to walk away from. I've always heard things. I I am. You know it's it's painful. To hear people wish. And hate I mean I I I've been in a lot of situations in my life and and and probably the the fifteen or sixteen years since I've I've become a Christian I don't know that I've I've ever said -- somebody. Might I dislike people have a problem that he missed it's much energy -- that the amount of hatred. Is. Is it is surprising. Given that -- I've never hit my wife I've never driven drunk I've never taken drugs I've never done and it's steroids I've never. I've never done things that a lot of people have done. Doesn't mean I'm always worried worried by make mistakes everyday and I've done in seven wants a stupid stuff in my life but I've never done a maliciously had never done with the -- -- -- ten. I believe I've always have a pretty good heart and tried to be good to people. And and it it's surprising to some extent that it. When you see how other people. Get. Put in and part of it is is the god given ability I was given -- in -- place that not all people get through them and I've always. Been incredibly pursue the fact that I got to experience what experience when I played baseball and and I thought I was doing something. Good incredibly go in and I created -- company and beat -- forward jobs in the worst economy of -- lifetime. For over five years and we were in my mind we're on our way to building Euro literally a world changing company. And I -- a comment when when rice founded the company. I wanted to take a shot at getting -- its -- a lot of people will roll her eyes and said things about them at the outset and the the wasn't the for the reason people think. It was because. To open up the sound is showing -- -- -- says research for quarter billion dollars you have to. Make a lot of money and and and and we've been impacted and affected by some -- things like we've had the ability to be involved -- -- for over twenty years. And we've had we have an autistic son my wife has cancer survivor. Those are three things that are immensely important to us and I I've. And we have tried to -- and make sure that the world ends of being a better place immediately but that was a year and this was one of the ways to do that I absolutely we have a Philanthropic arm of a thirty studios and my employees. Had an amazing heart and in a lot of effort and again as the start uploading young kids in this company but they understood that. We were building something bigger with much bigger goals and purpose and and that was one of them sucked adjusted in Peabody just in your next with Curt Schilling. I think. Our district or -- vote it into a ball into shameless plug it. Com well it might take a quick question throw the ball. A -- on the world wide game such as that which was urgently need like -- considering -- -- -- Why do I helped more than he would I mean obviously you wouldn't estimated to hell lap. And sold more bright white and the outlook or estimate there are I don't completely and you don't developer publisher relationship. How -- home. VA come out of the game make money -- gave me money in Portugal. Can -- on working with yet. So so EA funded of the development first came to the tune of about 35 million dollars I think it was. And EA is the way it's set up in in a developer publisher -- is not specific BA is that there's generally something along the lines of a 60407030. Split in their favor. -- revenue. I'm -- that that's split is recovered immediately on top of them recouping their investments so literally. It if you have a 7030 split -- give you thirty million for your game a hundred million of the first hundred million goes to the developer. It's -- of the game as though the industry is set up so independent developers can no longer make big budget products and and so. You know DA as they should have got all of the money that came from reckoning in would have -- if we had sold five million they probably would have gotten most of all of that as well and and we that would we never. We never minced words around with. Reckoning was our way to announce ourselves to the world and to bring in. Awareness for the intellectual property and to get our names and and and our our our ability out there and and and all those ways that they could succeed. Olympic quicktime up don't get to blade in province Joshua Donna John more questions for Curt Schilling will be right back.

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