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David Ortiz: 'It's not fun playing in Boston'

Jun 21, 2012|

We discuss and play audio of David Ortiz expressing some frustrations over the atmosphere around the 2012 Red Sox, and how things aren't fun right now. Weird timing for a rant, after the team has been winning, but we listen in and delve in to the controversy.

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-- over at Fenway Park herald Mike but -- you from WB eEye dot com match rags is tweeting and we will have the audio for you. After week clean it up it needs to be bleep and -- quite a bit. David Ortiz apparently has said just sounded off. In front of the media over there ask. Asked if he was having fun. Not really too much bleep man people need to leave us alone. Let us play baseball. More David Ortiz. It's starting to become the bull bleep hole it used to be. Playing here used to be so much fun. What he's reacting to. Maybe it's the latest lead the -- McCadam -- where. We're now the players are being questioned by the fact that a local guy a -- you have the audio. But down there are few well. Leaps I think that there have to be inserted into a -- pilots go to what David Ortiz moments ago at Fenway Park. What condition it's -- -- the -- I -- -- -- they have then you're doing my thing. And it was New York. People working environment and -- into an -- them here. -- He just hotter than hot right. Government. Some of -- -- I gonna. You try -- leave Baghdad we'll let me me value words. Do you feel like you're in a position would you here in and year out you have to prove to people. If you can hear you do your job. And government. That was my. That's what led different rules wrong. He thinks it's. He went and -- here and you -- through -- that definitely reverend. I deal with them it. And make -- it came alive in Brooklyn and you get. We the owner. They don't get that motivates you hope you're back. Yeah. Equipment we. -- And you see you hopefully you -- Hopefully it's the last time you -- so you know. Election. Do. Very. -- Everything that goes wrong here. -- It would -- on things. And like them and be faithful to book. Our performance they're. That let me. Every creativity -- something news. Some survivors from. That is deeply grateful it up here. I don't know I think about it have you have vowed to calm and written about. -- the day that the February it was just on. And what you thought. No had no matter who had a few very at a group -- you do. Command and our notebook but it is very winnable game. I don't know where the comfort come from you know what what a are going to forward this. And my case. That's. -- wings. I the American bankers and think he unified do you think they've done. The for the Wimbledon. Is ready to go. He had -- I really want. And. What do you mean by. Wouldn't. -- -- come off the -- belongs to one whenever there's -- all of and I just gone through. We -- part. That period give them what they care about playing ball here -- in providing winnable thing. Anything like every -- is convening -- follow players. For me because you -- on the label what you're not happy how you can make that. I'm. You think you're mediate. If I think you think what. -- And then that would give them growth we're able. You get -- On papers. You can get the impression. Every year in year out. And become instantly that and we. One fan. Around. You know play here. You know -- to be so much fun now every day it's something you. Not related base that are innovative ways. Do people need to do so long label. And do we know that if you when you say people -- -- immediately and why. Our you have to quit smoking tomorrow -- -- news -- for the fans the media mean. I'm not sure that was David Ortiz. As it's described by via drag David Ortiz just won often which is because our guy uses. Language that you can't use on the radio or or TV it doesn't necessarily mean. That the guy. Went off he was answering questions right specifically about stuff that is transpired here in the last couple days and -- stuff that's been written. What would you expect him to react to it and he's doing it in a comfort. Level setting in the clubhouse. The Mikey microphones there he's also that you're around guys that yeah. Thanks guys for all -- -- guys what a guy. Gold is off trust me they go off. I've seen them I've heard -- heard and seen him before that's not hot. A player going off now did use some foul language yeah did he described the place as being eight ably all. Young he did he's reacting. To what is out here over the last couple of days he's. You know what depression. Yeah okay. And become instantly and -- will be. -- -- Around. -- Burton in there he's. -- -- He's not talking about where you live Burton okay it's not gonna happen. I mean you talk about players who are who are. Forced to ask -- forced to answer questions about the clubhouse chemistry in toxic environment on and on. And he's on the team Eminem what would you expect him to say I don't got some guys would say. That's not true we love each other than guys who say no comment in what he said was we Islam. Well now the question is. What does -- I don't think he was around when this was quote unquote the bleep hole now look here for that no he does not remember. Mean he's talking about -- -- what fun -- championships and and to be honest with you David really. If you're in first place right now. You'd be -- You'd be the the over achievers. Everybody will -- Fact that in all things haven't gone well you played around 500 ball. And people are accustomed to seeing this team played well above finer ball that that's the reaction to getting out. And the reaction is right it's coming from the media. What's nice the fans can feel that way to the not breaching his team that's -- well I don't know I think the fans who. The team's stars and music -- -- Well the team continues to win they have a great homestand. You gonna have a lot of people like -- Adams saying leave him alone we can we talk and if you got hot and while I'm talking the president right they want four games in a row which is not. That that's not all that impressive -- yankees won nineteen out of 23. And I think most but but. But I think and see through that I think the fans would. Much rather few when it went about picking sides. Thank the fans would much rather get on David Ortiz aside. In the media so. Right so if the teams start to win you have a lot of fans -- Anyway -- long look at -- -- -- my opponent the article it. They had some injuries that you know these kids get meadowbrook duplicate -- to try to give Daniel Nava. I think people wanna get on board the team hasn't allowed them they've been mediocre. A couple more games here. -- -- more games here on Monday. And a few more games on Monday and more people will be on David Ortiz -- Actually it's all about winning and David the reason you're not having fun right now we should not winning enough games that's what it comes down to but I'm not sure David Ortiz just went off. I don't know I don't think I mean instead of real. Italy and maybe the players get pissed off at some of that. I mean is he using foul language as using foul language -- -- -- first and calling which has been used and professional. Dressing room locker room and of being the last -- I really now why. And if anything is showing some frustration that's not going off that's showing a little bit of frustration well I thought we gonna hear something totally different. After you know reading into it well don't take it literally I think he's. He went away from your normal. Back and forth media session and said some things that are gonna get people talking about Texas says that -- he's better in the brown. Like let's break we'll get your reaction go to the phone calls with six wants 7779. 0850. Toll free 8885250850. Radio public opinion on. And aipac you're the big show it's Orlando -- it's excellent 77790850. Toll free 8885250850. There's only what they -- -- about -- -- comments that I'd disagree with said he used to be fun around here too much drama now. Even when they were in championship seasons there's always drama there's always drama right -- are national. You pick you think back to 2004. And 2004 was a hole but you Stearns. Pedro win. Curt Schilling. There is the idiot culture. 2007. There's -- Julio donors though for J. D. Drew always in this in this environment you have a team we have so many reporters around team. High payroll payroll team but personalities. Have told stories. Trade rumors. -- insiders who claim that sources who say that I mean David Ortiz says. -- -- -- as a matter of fact he's seen it involving himself. A few years ago that New York Times I was gonna say it was that fun. -- -- But most of well I started I understand what he's been seemed to be so fun that day was up on -- on the podium on the shores of funny answering questions about chemistry in this divisive -- -- of that. He's seen tougher he's been through tougher -- in this. I got a phone calls we go where we go -- strike David Jamaica -- David how. Greg then that lets do it. You know like I wanna know who or what orchard out back there and Leon -- So that's definitely two sides. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll listen whatever it you know what I mean incumbent Democrat who the leader you know that's -- scary to me to want to read it very clear that club. Yeah I I think he's got leadership qualities and I'm sure the players in there. Listen to Norman he'd take some of the the pressure off them. I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's almost from the you know aren't -- how you look at the right. -- you want to hold on with David this stuff he said today selfish. -- -- -- it you know. It wouldn't want outlook when it went out you know you don't like. -- -- cultural is that -- do you think do you think that at times in Boston. At -- the media scrutiny about him is overwhelming that Hamas and stressful but the media skirt the media scrutiny here. I mean pretty is pretty constant. -- content. In its intent to listen and you know it's. You know we were recruiting them not get to people operate but. Professional. Unprofessional it's it's a lot of that no acting in a professional -- according to the. Colin -- -- ignoring so what should be done disseminated it. Think that because you know he could gold like I think you're not but he got it told the company line -- thinking -- More like it would go with a lot lately you don't win this is what -- gonna make everybody happy. I think he kind of set what you're just saying right now. Little a little bit at the end you know they -- like the -- You know -- -- -- it's like you know I don't I look around I think don't you. Well I think TCI a -- well I think what he's trying to refer to as you Strider refers to the roster only peace even brought it up. The last couple days see here's where I don't think he was selfish and I think at times David Ortiz has been self visions at some selfish comment. Was asked twice about his contract about wanting more money. He's done this before worry where he's got into position. Where he's playing well. And that he suddenly showing a little insecurity and basically saying you know I should have a new contract I should have a little bit more security he was asked that question and pretty much said. But not to push to talk about not thinking about that right now. We've begun to believe that. And always will be. One -- Around. Run. And -- play here. You know he's to be some response now every -- it's something -- And they and I think it was Britain and actually after -- counteract any. Didn't wanna talk about what talk about practicing that to me if he started talking about that says yeah I should be hit at the should -- give me an extension right now that would be selfish. That would be only thinking of yourself and up thinking of the team I think he was thinking of team in the way he answered these course. If it was his very colorful way of saying back right. Here's -- Richard -- -- rich. -- -- guys Goodrich with them. You know I would Wear Cynthia. Our debate earlier about Michael and go abroad. And if I can both sides and sent. You know I think gold at Michael when he came incredibly. -- out the grand scale of LeBron no expected. That out of my goal that ought to be a good player but not what it turned out today but. And go abroad Gandhi lived up -- I think but I couldn't. It's didn't matter for either candidate. That I think that Michael. We have really. Seen anything like table full and they have been all these basic imitations. -- -- him since then but one thing that really separates the two. At the beginning and -- Korea and you see it obviously LeBron do more habit now. Is that might goal -- acted North Carolina obviously against Georgetown had absolute desire to take the big and the last shot. Right. Right that's separated him and that's the difference of LeBron. Here in the playoffs this year is up until this year you're absolutely correct. That Michael was the one that would would be willing to take the shot put the game on the line put it museums. To this point of criticism levied George LeBron. Has been fair. And that is he hasn't been that guy. During the playoffs this year he's been Mecca. Well -- you know. -- used to say about Wilt Chamberlain -- one thing he used against him all the time that he was. Inherently. A nice guy -- a nice man. It's so. If he ever if you -- Chamberlain were meaner. You know maybe wouldn't we wouldn't have as many championships as we have shaved his -- for off the -- I don't know well I think the same thing goes with LeBron not off the court put. Michael Jordan was I mean. This sniper. It is. At at a certain point he just wanted to prove to you. That not only with the great players did he wanted to prove that he was the best ever right he went to show it to you on that as as as Bob Ryan went that. Hannibal Lecter you know with your heart yet. So -- just the mentality. That. I don't think LeBron hands. Jordan and Jordan had it means headed. Pretty early LeBron is is is a terrific player gifted Dallas up but he can't. That's that's one thing you can't imitate know for example LeBron in game six vs the Celtics. In there and everybody kept making a big deal about the glare he had for that game. Jordan was like that all the time in the. Agree on the tour not just one game I don't I seem more morbid deal with LeBron in the playoffs this year not just one game is that. That layer from -- whatever the hell was it was a little too much that was a little too theatrical for me but I've seen him now. And not just that that the body language which is the way he's played. A lot neater here in the plants you know it's interesting because you and I were talking about the -- the year Colby after he was accused of rape -- cholera. Are really became the number one sports a one out there. People who hated and rightfully so specially with all of the stuff that they were hearing -- Colorado at that same time LeBron was coming on the scene. And he was that really -- each. -- all right well mannered you know sits and does interviews. That he was and they -- And I think of a big part of what you're getting right up there right now the hatred that that that exist with LeBron has everything has nothing to do with the game. Has everything to do with the decision. The way he left Cleveland went to Miami and how people think he was this nice young man who suddenly has gone on the evils. -- now. That's what they think and I think people. And -- I were a lot of flaws to his game. The biggest one being. I hadn't seen him take big shots at the end of games I've seen a short 38 for about 42 points of the game I've seen what triple doubles. But I haven't seen blocked when it is on the line make that big shot. He's done the playoffs he's taken a game over when -- team was ready to be crowned Eastern Conference stamped on their -- home floor away from them and he's come up with big shot after big shot. Late in games. But I am gonna enjoy watching game six in -- I hope you're right and I hope -- right garbage and I tell you what if Oklahoma City wins this game tonight. LeBron watch out. Because you go back to Oklahoma City you lose those two and you think life has been tough right now for you to get you just do. I tell you what -- better -- being Greg's steams them all right open your LeBron James. And you didn't come off the bench belongs to one more -- than -- And I just don't. We and quite. That period give them what they care about -- -- here in Zimbabwe and winnable thing. Crudely primitive thinking -- players. We need to do you on the label were you know happy on me that. I'm. You think -- mediate. During -- five and making things up what you're. We. Then that would give them growth we're able. We get from. Papers. He -- the depression. Yeah okay. And become instantly that and we. -- -- Around -- For a. The -- in a brotherly let's get the feeling Britain's offended by a point where reason. And it's of one point. I need to. You know Stevie cinema and I live here I mean this is my community Dexter somewhere in his text here on eighteen to two excellent rethink possible. One Thompson about this. Red Sox stuff the Red Sox coughed up is 90% media beyond -- Says he doesn't talk about it with its friends and family they talk about the games where fans remember us. No it's 99%. BS. A media creation. And that people are talking about the game -- It is it is odd timing I'm and you can say the cubs and Marlins are not Beckett. I would at least the conscious of the fact that you're talking about a divided clubhouse. In the middle of -- winning streak right weird admit that right yeah. -- if it's chaotic it's toxic. Well they -- last place for most of the year. And now they seem to be you know crawling at least. There's daylight now they can see some some. Yeah but you know one. The more I heard a -- only who who kind of clarified what he meant by it yesterday was more or Loney and then reading John -- -- CSN and he got count. -- feeling really has nothing to do with players and inflating of player on player crime none of that's going on. So what David Ortiz is saying what others are saying over -- that they all get along. Probably pretty accurate and I think you know rob Bradford -- some of that when he was -- with us -- two days ago. The more you read about this as more people now China. The the split here. Seems to be based on players. Who either don't like we don't respect the manager. The fact that the manager is dealing with his own set of obstacles in the -- only hand selected to of the coaches. And it may be some of the other coaches and on the same page with them. And that people are now Sean said. Players are going. Above. The manager to the general manager. To complain about the manager or the coach I would not play around player crier but it's it's the it's the management level -- layer. The staff member layer which might have some had to do with the trainers and some of the injuries did that and and the way the dealt with some of those. And the fact that this guy -- -- I discussed this last week and we thought it was part of the the issue. Is that Terry Francona. Went out of his way to communicate. It didn't necessarily do it -- other guys don't sometimes -- To communicate to a player you're not -- line of tomorrow it would give your day off. You're gonna play the next five days the next Friday -- they have is this guy is scheduled to pitch a lefty I want to be away from him. This guy apparently doesn't do this he's old school and Bobby just frozen on him when we get the -- line opening afternoon that's when reporters get. They ought and this and this is simple what's going on here part of it is the most -- entire story. But most of the story comes down and it. They missed the old -- yes. There it's like you have a boss you don't appreciate him or her until he or she is gone right. And you see how life is without the boss of bosses given you breaking you didn't even realize man he was a good thought she was a good boss. And then she went somewhere else and now you're realizing. You know at this kind of sucks in -- inevitably -- to get themselves right course I was gonna give an example one example from John Adams -- This is -- -- -- One player involved in the transaction the season for instance. Learned of his state through the teams when her feet. Others just like -- my Valentine. His unwillingness to tell players ahead of time that they won't be in the lineup the next things. That. Acknowledge one player generally supportive Valentine. Is not fair. -- -- -- -- I know that was the policy of Tito he'd tell you the night before it's not a birthright have to do that. -- what was -- style. So you actually think. It you can collapsed in September. Have a historic collapse. Bring in a new manager. Who is nothing like your previous manager and it's going to be business as usual and really why do you think that you think that's gonna have. What what is that they brought in new manager they didn't they didn't trust you with the -- They didn't trust. So they brought somebody in its gonna have totally different approach. To dealing with a stuff because. You've got screwed up last September. You could not great on -- But it if that is if that's the definition of chaos doesn't communal what do you guys don't know yet. It you have -- you -- they miss they miss Alaska. And you want something nobody noticed -- on notice the numbers aren't that were the same way and let it all. Then when they were in Chicago. And it's the middle of the season and -- just happened there. -- know Leo a must boldly -- -- the working on the. I. Guess to all and he sounds happy as hell on TV -- -- -- -- happy okay. I'm gonna take a -- take a year away from the game. I'm at a recharge. I'm gonna -- TV. Talk about decisions that are made in the game put. Just an idea that guarantee started out their guarantee some people not accountable now some people do it just out of out of courtesy other people do it because the genuinely mean it. Many of those players. You think who were on the team last year walked up to him hard -- -- the issue a measure really hammered on this. I never thought initiatives which rear of the news -- -- -- issue -- -- -- Majoli name of a lot of don't think it'll. There were a bunch of guys that did it just only is there he's watching all -- he seen the interaction. They're spending some time as part of the production meetings but forehand one on one with some of the players they get access that the media people don't get. You don't think conversations private conversations going back and forth just only is not making this stuff up Europe. You heard this I guarantee you we did and but you're right. I think a big part of what we're getting from most players right now is hey this heat but they blow it -- fault dammit.

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