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David Ortiz blasts the media and says he isn't having fun in Boston

Jun 21, 2012|

In the clubhouse this afternoon before tonight's game at Fenway Park, David Ortiz spoke to the media about pressures from the media, his future as a member of the Red Sox and why he isn't having fun in Boston

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It hinders you it's there in the a figure investment. They have then you're doing my thing. He was New York. You've been working environment and they're into and coach them here. And there. He just hotter than hot. Government. Some of the Wachovia. -- -- Did you try to lead by then we'll let me -- value words. It is. Do you feel like you're in a position would you year in and year out you have to prove to people. If you can hit you do your job. And -- -- That was my. That's what -- vegetables -- We think it's. He went and to hear you you're human contract definitely right now -- deal with them it. They're custody came alive in Brooklyn and you get. We the owners. Deep down did that motivate you hope you're back level about your contract. Equipment. -- Yeah. It could and you see you hopefully Cuba. Well. It's the last time you prove yourself you know. Phillips. Do it throughout my -- grateful. You know it's your right. Everything that goes wrong here. Like one of those home. That would effort the whole nation. And like them and if they -- A performance out there. That. Every creativity from the news on him some of survivors from and and it has -- deeply grateful to be here. I don't know I think about it have you thought about your comments written about that day that's the fact you were respectable -- And what you thought on -- Or. No had no matter who had a few very that it required to do. Coming in our notebook but it is very winnable game. I don't know where the comfort come from you know what quality. Are going to award this. And my case you know it is. Quite wings. Assuming they're playing great and think he unified keeping -- down. But for me Wimbledon. Is ready to go. And. Would anybody. Wouldn't. And he didn't come off the baseball -- 211 -- and then all of and I just gone through. -- we and quite. That period of the most take care about winning more here than in wedding winnable thing. And things like everyday is thinking of both players. For me because -- -- on the label were you know happy how you can make that. I'm. You think the media day out during if I -- make you think about what tiger. We. Then that would give them growth we've all. You get -- On paper. He hid your -- depression. Every year in year out. And become instantly and always will be. One fan. Around. You know play here. You know used to be so much fun now every -- something you. Not related very motivated rates. Do people need to do so long label. And we know if you do when you see people using the media or fans why. Are you have to quit smoking and c'mon wouldn't go with a for the fans the media and things. --

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