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Talking Hoops: NBA Draft preview with Jeff Goodman

Jun 21, 2012|

Who will the Celtics take in the draft? How good will Anthony Davis be in the pros? Who will go second? Jeff Goodman from CBSSports.com joins Paul Flannery to talk about all that plus whether the C's would ever take Duke's Austin Rivers.

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And now. On WEEI -- No ordinary in everything you wanted to know about the Boston Celtics and the sport of -- -- in general only one blaze Duncan who we've all Flannery -- WEEI dot com. Welcome back to talking hoops podcast joining me a good friend of the show Jeff Goodman. That those college class a writer for CBS sports dot com man about town no one knows more about these kids these prospects and Jeff Goodman Geoff how are you today. -- well -- well. You know MBA playoffs. One in that here in now we can talk about the draft reputed to please. A lot of highlighted its its fighters there like when the NFL -- like three months to talk about draft with with this -- like a week. If you're lucky I think you might get you know I was looking at -- that the NBA finals throughout the winner goes seven games. You get like a day. You get -- know I remember that 2000 -- it was like -- there's a draft tomorrow. There -- these kids which is a great segue into the Jeff who are these kids. Now I'm looking at this draft and Anthony Davis I don't think when you spend a lot of time talking about him I think he's going to be fantastic NBA player. But you have the two you're the number two -- you're -- Charlotte Bobcats who do you take with that second. I'm taken Bradley deal I don't think they're gonna take Bradley appealed but. He's the committee. But the most well rounded player and also has a really high -- he's got everybody wants to compare to Ray -- you not quite -- -- but. And everybody wants -- -- -- was shot 35%. 34% from three his freshman year is only your Florida but he is a terrific perimeter shooter. Who can do a lot of other things better there right now he rebounds the ball extremely well. He he defends much better than -- Again he's not the shooter parade but who -- hit some -- it's unfair to put that comparison on the kid. But he you know he's got drew a blank. He's high character kids are great teammate yeah yeah Erik Murphy kittens from around your employee if Florida and and it will be a draft pick a year from now. Worry about him and the whole team got -- got a bit everybody. As a kid I just think I mean they need debt more. You know the bobcat yeah this I don't know I mean again I think you're gonna go to Thomas Robinson here and how -- can go wrong lactic. -- -- -- -- Our our -- a crapshoot in terms of you know what you prefer every -- a little different from Thomas Robinson to -- deal. From my cookie Gilchrist the hundred drama to Harrison Barnes those are five kids that are probably there are gonna go computers kicking some mortar and they're all very different. I thought I loved Bradley -- I love that call. And I don't nearly I don't watch nearly as much college basketball as you do but I I'd like a lot things about my love that he can rebound I love these got a great shot mechanics to -- to think. I always feel that especially with freshman did the numbers can be a little bit skewed if they've got the mechanics -- shot is gonna is gonna work at -- -- Paul with two of the most selfish. Guards I've ever seen in terms Erving Walker -- point so I put a lot of that on them to as far as not understanding. Well brother below is our best player best -- maybe we need to get him more votes -- you know the twenty shots we take each game. So I can't -- make excuses for the kids but yeah I think. To some degree he didn't want to step on toes of all Barbara walker can abort and in and heard. Right now at the the most intriguing player to me. After Anthony Davis's whole draft does Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Because I I watch him play I mean every NBA person who watch Kentucky play which is -- -- causing me team anyway I loved this kid love the way he played loved the way competed defended all that kind of stuff -- clearly he's not a finished product offensively and I guess the question is. How good can be offensively but to me he can walking and at age 1819 claim BA defense is that too much. No I think he's brought our test without all the yeah BS the rapid product that he's he's between -- version of Ron Artest. Not a great offensive player not a good shooter. Particular trouble scored in the top court. Which is why I think it's slip a -- spot battle think he's the right people watching and yeah you look at what Washington in just did -- getting the respect getting Okafor. If you put Gilchrist on their -- like just felt secure enough skilled guys looking at a guy like Bradley -- people the three or even Harrison Barnes. That's kind of what they need -- watching and they need somebody tell Walt not a shooter we know that. Today needs nobody can really keep modest from the perimeter and I think -- does that and a whole lot more but getting back to Kidd Gilchrist high character. High motor. Again I would probably compare art test because you can defend multiple positions he brings toughness to the table. He'll help any organization goes through immediately. From the defensive and I just don't know how much of the B operates some -- except in transition. Right night I think I think I think that's probably right now love the fact the deal could either be which on Waller carried Irving. What a fine young. Guy really has but underage Romans. Biggest enigma in the draft help me out help me touchdowns. I wish I could listen -- ice the -- and a top seven at bobcat appeared in New England blows unable to run it anymore because certain college -- says it was a public interest. And that it that -- coaches now resides in Lexington Kentucky. Anyway getting onto other things. I shot under drama for the first time before anybody. After I believe that might have been in between its freshman sophomore year. He has not really gotten any better since that. He had a similar body armor were leaving me Kim Ng Kong did -- polite to work -- Now it DSD and recruiting national recruiting you're not -- -- -- I did not and a more power in the pots of it was 2013 that the -- reclassified. Maybe twelve and allowed the whatever was but are very common term nice ticket you know he's got that Dwight Howard -- body you broad shoulders. Good skill level can really pass the ball people don't understand that. You know people are trying to make excuses but the fact that he didn't have Jim Calhoun promote -- -- year in the chemistry was terrible. You know you had -- Jeremy lamb and is about Napier was a good leader. I just meant I'd have trouble dropping Andre Drummond in the top five list would that mean I know the potential there. And I don't think he's gonna be Kwame Brown I don't. I think he's going to be better than Kwame Brown but I don't think he's going to be a top. -- it'd be -- you either I think he's going to be somewhere in between -- he'll play really well some night. And then he won't show up that that the next I think top but it is going to be a major issue with him over the course in his career. And I just don't know he's got that that absolute low for the game. I think he's gonna break your heart you know captain I think right. -- -- -- That helps edit yeah it seems to me just at random observation seems to me in terms of the players in the -- their very few. There are questions about motor questions about desire but there doesn't seem to be a lot of wow watch out for the -- he's a bad it. I'm looking down the list now of like you know pop kids on the air and you know. Dion Waiters -- a few question mark sort of justice he's often you know he's from comes from you know Italy but. Yeah I don't lose the efforts to be some silly person Joan and might be warned that you question a little bit his character. You know our -- -- tree was a kid did Tim Boyd didn't want when he got the job it you to up you sort. Obviously you know employed and you know he's got will take just about anybody second tip kids and not eating -- poultry and Altria and a government to -- states. So so that's another one but for the most part. I think your enemy Royce White you question you know he's just the different dude but you talked to Royce White -- You'll ball well we're back in the and that's what it BAT's -- right now is that. He's he's really a charismatic engaging -- and he's got some issues but he's not afraid to say what position czar would. You know couple steps at a probably you're not. Yeah no I think I think that's stated that bracelets are really to sing it seemed dead and and which leads me now to the Celtics are going to be taking down that when he went twenty range. Because I got four names for you Geoff Andrew Nicholson from saint Bonaventure. Fab Melo -- heartless. And Royce White. I think they're all probably going to be at a table. And they can all be on the table I mean listen I want have a more probable would be off but these are right so. Mickelson mellow. Royce White and -- heart. That the most likely want to be optic they've bought picked up what is our. I think they take you Gallic Mel I figured that knows there I think they take. And you know why he he's better than what they haven't batter's box. Maybe got kids today. He's still got a little ways to open he plays hard. You'd think got it can obviously defensively give -- presents. Can block shots you can rebound. He got a lot better. I saw him -- remember seeing him. Like four years ago. When we first got over here indeed term it. That's somewhat three -- people rave about come came over from epic from Brazil and -- plates so part two of the games and then one of the game to just simply hard ought not to cut him but generally he plays hard on most nights in the in. In most plays and again a very nice kid got missed some trouble this year but. Honestly we just academics because you know the languages harper in the pick up and but again -- nice kid plays hard athletic which hit. In it would measure that it got because. Right and he would have a great suitor if Garnett comes back. Yeah when anybody would -- got to wanting these days like. Like who's I think about think about somebody plane went with KG and how much it would help you you know elected to kill like -- DoubleTree whoever. But the right you're -- get water two years hopefully with KG if they recital. And you get the right guy that -- just. I think he can bring them along and it's -- well you know what they like like what -- Andre -- never got a shot to play with KG. Like how much better now under drama goes to the wrong spot. You know what he's cement this with Zach Randolph forget about. Calero he'll never as the jets but I think if you put a good young player that we question maybe they're motor. -- -- I think it is certainly can can aid in that effort. -- and you'll need it or hope or -- get the guy have the lead in like a half second cancer either gonna listen or you're gonna be gone. And -- you what -- you talk more joint got a rave about a titular. I think he's mellowed a little bit with the young guys. I think he has to and I think he'd really like I I know he liked he loves teams and loved him yeah and the heat -- Bryant holds for -- and and he. Am. Sure. But he talked all year long about how how the young kids good group young kids -- at -- good group young kids -- listen they pay attention. So I've never. Packets. -- sinker by a big -- you beat you tell me about injured Nicholson little I'm intrigued by Andrew Nichols. Really -- probably the maybe the most skilled player in his entire draft that comes from Canada plated their bodies for your kid. Not. Overly strong and big and physical but. -- people who. -- way I'd never seen reports and believe it or not up until the Chicago -- but couple weeks ago. And not that's the best setting for Andrew Nicholson and every NBA team was there and he shot a better than anybody. Probably there including gaming Willard -- yeah you know terrific. Scoring point guard from Weaver state -- Prague -- a more ports are the draft. You know Nicholson. A little bit bray L I don't know how much of keep your right away that. And he's not a great aptly put it the better he's kind of a deceptive applicants who runs a little bit awkward you but -- long. He can score in the post these affected post moves he can step out really really shoot it from made all the way to three point -- So he's -- -- -- diplomatic. I get some worry about imparting. At the next level but you know what right now. The -- of these summits can score the basketball sure as much about Davis -- the ever rule like -- also and NF fab Melo and -- equation maybe a couple of years you know they're both good solid. At least rotation guys you you know I just significant can -- couple years basically for him to be able to handle. You know go up against some of these big strong man in India. Right that we we touched on -- well listen just so so people understand what what we're talking about with him -- about about about him and the the he has some anxiety does an anxiety disorder from a mistake. He does he does you know he he didn't make it. -- committed to Minnesota ought to heights school never played a game there for Tubby Smith. A role in a topic of stole laptop and as -- flying in these cities like adults sleep well at night right here -- he's on medication obviously for for anxiety and everything like that but. I think his biggest problem was come -- -- his voice too much. Back home in Minneapolis and I think he's -- not cut the cord but. Certainly become a little bit smarter. In the fact that it was but I got to -- mounting here. These come clean. -- all these NBA teams and admitted he's admitted mistakes but. You know 68 to ship indeed Paul. And he's -- point four. Yeah that's what he would he passes it well he can handle it well he's built like a truck. He's more athletic -- you'd think -- looking at him and his body. Now that the only thing I would say like with with the Celtics. Is you got a deal be utilized him well that means letting -- -- lights out I'll match your doctor to do that with him now but he got a little bit you know obviously they do that would KG. You know it's -- he'd be a second unit guy that can come -- off the bench. And really helped facilitate and make life better for some of those other got a second unit whoever they have that may be down the road you know. Could prepare him with a chip Korean that they respect Jeff Green and I don't know they're gonna have a second. -- -- tackle question. Yeah really a question. They -- shooter and that everything we haven't -- needs yet -- They need away you can keep the ball. The guy I want them to get if he's there and I'm not sure it's gonna happen. Is Derek Ross yeah like that's the guy acting like it they can ever get -- rob and fab Melo. Those of acute that I that I would upon the -- not be ecstatic with losses. Comes from Washington. Played two years. Out there and yes 66 long athletic. Can shoot it. You know I just think he -- a corporate got to commit to replace -- Right now it in so the -- into it -- it to a different question. Who's worth some who is worth moving up forks -- Terrence Ross would be there to when he won a lot things of that to happen. Somebody's got to let you kill that thing I'll tell you it's like you know I can read you -- forty games. -- like art we know right up about a and then no we don't want board Cuban people this but you know it but he Davis starts Roberts and Gilchrist -- -- straw men. And soldier. Should be up the board of what. With a recent if you involving his back if you ever went down minutes of that range up to grab him a heartbeat but he'll be -- Jeremy lamb will be god. You know -- hurdle -- on. You know and that'll be gone -- and Dion Waiters -- begun that's eleven dollars sellers twelve Austin rivers have become -- thirteen. Right there that's thirteen okay so odd that next group you've got you know Kendall Marshall you. Perry Jones Terrence Jones Meyer wondered should be gone. More tree. Heartless that's six -- we we've we've just got in ninety we -- amid -- for a -- court. That's all standard like you could have my god there and I think you will have a -- there that you did not expect to be either out of that group by adjustments and whether it's. You know what Terrence Jones Perry Jones some old tree. -- -- and and you know. Although it got that they can help. Yeah no I think they cut. I'd love to spend like and a half hour talking about each one of these guys those that on a couple that are that are pretty intriguing here. Perry Jones. -- and contract he -- and. -- like -- -- that I can I just replay what I said about Andre -- Yeah very similar there he had different positions. You know Perry don't put your years at Baylor. Very very nice kid just like Andre Drummond. Long looked the part. You know the differences obviously drama and if you hit it was a he's a five. It did it would Perry Jones. You know -- cattle liked it. -- to -- a little bit more skilled but like Brandon Wright became -- look Carolina and -- -- start to play better I guess suddenly -- autumn that closely but. You know he's been better this year they have been but again people question occurred on his toughness you. You know I think you've said -- the -- but it was kind of the craziest -- the best question you got from -- -- game. And one of teams out of is that water you play as hard as 28. He may prevail it plays hard all the dot. And he looked at me because if I could really answer. It's like that in him Mikey just say it's what's on his mind. And and again could get eaten up. In the enviable lifestyle. What like KG as you said you've got Perry don't. Katie would be to bring along and -- a mop or Perry don't would be a big baby look at puppets is -- -- I can't live akin to live there another big -- act occurred there it to your car got outmanned. Ohio let's talk about Austin rivers does a -- Celtics fans. Are fascinated by the notion of Austin rivers I don't think there's any way in. Hell Austin rivers plays for the Celtics. The best they would be if you from the port if they if they would -- given not like. I would die if you have available he's not going to be at what they want justice people that they didn't get. I don't know ancient docket ever had that -- really got but I think they've kind of BS about it a little bit like you know pretty coach -- could you know. I don't think it takes I honestly don't believe doc wants to coach -- It idea it would be too hard off. Authentic great kid. But he's got a lot more swagger -- is that ever. Literally every odd thing going into Italy has more swagger than dot -- Oscar you know tenure at Augusta -- got it. I think that's gonna serve -- them really well. Again my biggest questions were thought that are are are always going to be how -- -- And accept a role in the NBA at duke he was. Able to be that dot. If you got to be able to do that you know -- -- to -- don't let anybody tell you support the use it to go. He scored the ball extremely well. He's got a great first step is not like unbelievable athlete. But he knows how to play knows -- to -- to the -- -- Streaky shooter. Can be a good defender he wants to be. Any to kill the killer I mean he wants the ball would became an -- and he think he's better than everybody else in the court which is. Again I think that'll serve -- well the next about the Kabila Mondale. And out of up open up those weapon numbers. But I think that's a type -- players. What'd you -- -- like their two things here with this one is that on it when you have a team with Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. You don't want the coach to be coaching his own son of -- that there's a distinct. Not been so I know it's a vacuum Rondo. Dealing with Rondo in in in in is big enough about it. It's dated but I -- like is that. His mentality his mental approach and how he would deal would -- coaching gossamer. PP which probably try to take them apart every day in practice and we didn't do it now and it but then is the basketball thing which is especially if you keep Rondo the ball starts -- Rondo it ends with Rondo so he makes a task. You fosters the player that he's the ball in his hands about at this point and so they need guys who can play off the ball like you mentioned Terrence Ross I love that I love that call. Guy like you know Nicholson or or or whoever those guys that can play off the ball ball off and work off of Rondo. All trees secret -- Wall Street could get -- people because here's why I. I think he's one of the top three rebounder in this draft you I'm not sure they need to love so. But but I do permissible but the point that you know obviously -- in these three batting desperately. You know what god can really cooperate. Everybody -- not a -- you know -- area. More respect I think eleven. To give the age to forty to fifty. Again the big question mark for him come from character in in what happened at you to watch import would want -- but you know what. Other than last -- -- to you know prioritize drafting character. You know and I picked to be honest from last hearing getting JaJuan Johnson E'Twaun Moore. And I think there's certainly been some some global disappointment not to want jobs and so far it may be a plot to stop this I I could see. Ain't going back to the Opel lots of field of you know it would have taken the best out of belt a lot of care supports white. You know has all these these red flags from poultry or whoever I'm just you're good about the the god topic you can have a chance -- impact the most. Yeah I'm not at that considers this an interesting call. Jeff but it's out here on this. Anthony Davis -- bring it back to the top how good is this kid going to be I think he is going to be you know barring injury and all that I think he's going to be sensational. Yeah what -- the best yeah I mean one of the best in the league I'd be surprised if Anthony Davis were not talking about like god it's in the all star game every single year. You know maybe not the first or second year. But what he gets there that first time I think he'll be a picture in the all star game. I think we could be talking about he doesn't -- be -- game Kevin Durant obviously but he's such a great shot blocker defensive player. And he's got a much better opposites game the people give him credit for right now he -- A couple of years ago. On these circuit when he -- do anything he can break out about the triple. He was almost. In this is what made Kentucky so successful this is why people love these two guys that it is marketed jokers because they. They really did they put their teammates. Ahead of them. They didn't try to play for the NBA and in. You know this Spock or anything like that they just did they play the role and yeah deputy David -- taken a whole lot more shots early on this season. All it was honestly. -- the court and Duncan finished inside and then towards the end the last ten games in the its public tournament he started step out cal Perry's state. I think he gave the green light and told them it was and we need you to make some of these shots and and he can and he did it. Not that -- you know I I only think they comparisons to Garnett of that out of. They're not they're they're they're really not again I mean. David is in quite is. Emotional in the -- its fiery he's a better shot blocker. He's not quite skilled on the topic today and it in in the other thing is it doesn't take all around jumpers. He suffered -- boys also known as crazy probably scanned and put. -- and deputy David is they're really mellow. Really mellow created. But but they're they're gains aren't that far off I mean you're absolutely right he's got a -- a lot of -- -- some markets came -- Adam. From a stop blocking any skeptic -- -- Traffic he's got to Chris Bosh you know you it is a whole lot of different players but he he's he's fairly unique. Right Jeff thanks so much has been great and dabbled we'll -- catch up again soon Jeff Goodman CBS sports dot com follow him. I was a Twitter Jeff. It is could -- CBS. Absolute must follow that just thank you so much we'll talk against him and it got picked up.

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